Deidre Comes to Pismo Beach Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Summertime is winding down as another year flies by. The years seem to move faster since I retired three years ago. This summer has been fantastic here on the Central Coast of California. It began in late spring when I took my travel trailer out of storage and hit the road.

I spent a week up in Morro Bay where I met a nurse from Santa Maria, California. (Batteries Not Included) Sally was camping at Morro Bay with her cute little spaniel, Dixie. I invited them for dinner one evening and Sally arrived at my trailer with her very round large tan breasts overflowing her floral bikini top. Being a confirmed boobman, it was hard to take my eyes off her. We ended up making love in her trailer after she asked me if I had some batteries for her vibrator.

Sally had to go back to work and my number one gal-pal, Catherine came up to spend the rest of the week with me. (Catherine Comes to Morro Bay) Our time together always ends up with us sharing incredible orgasms, and this was no exception. We made love in the trailer and out on the beach under a full moon.

I thought it was going to be a quiet summer where I would just enjoy swimming in my next-door neighbor’s pool. Little did I know her mother, Marguerite, was visiting from Des Moines, Iowa. (A Sexy Neighborhood Surprise) I had no idea she was staying with her daughter until she stepped out onto the patio while I was swimming in the nude. Well Marguerite had no qualms about getting naked with me. That was a special day as Marguerite revealed her sweet pussy, covered in a thick mat of gray curls. After feasting on her juicy cunt, we made love on the grass by the pool and then she mounted me on one of the chaise lounges. That was the start to a memorable week.

Catherine recently revealed to me that she often fantasizes having two hard cocks service her at the same time. (Catherine Has a Special Wish) All our previous threesomes involved other ladies; I completely neglected her desires. She explored the possibility of visiting clothing-optional resorts in Northern California, hoping to find other couples who shared our passion for living. She discovered a resort just three hours north. A couple of weeks ago we spent two days exploring the facility. There was hiking, swimming, and dining, all enjoyed in the nude.

We met another couple from the area who took us under their wing and showed us around. Ted and Alice have been members for four years and were staying in one of the yurts on the property. They introduced us to the pleasures of swinging and Catherine experienced her first double-penetration. Ted and I took care of Catherine while Alice cheered us on. They invited us to stay the night where we shared many orgasms in the room and in the showers.

We enjoyed our experience so much, we ended up becoming members. We plan to take the trailer up there soon. We’ll camp and play all week knowing that clothing is optional. I doubt we’ll wear any duds all week.

This week, I’m home again and enjoying some peace and quiet. Catherine just left to visit her daughter in Southern California. To be honest, I could use the rest after our stay at the resort. Besides playing with Ted and Alice, we spent time with the resort’s membership director, Fran. She made us an offer we couldn’t refuse and after showing us her circular king size bed, we signed on the dotted line.

It’s Monday morning and I have a full week ahead of me with nothing on the calendar. I must be careful because it’s times like these that something strange occurs. My summer days never seem to be dull.

It isn’t more than twenty-four hours when my cell phone rings. It’s now Tuesday morning and I just enjoyed a complete day of solitude. I entertain the idea of not answering my phone. I look at the screen and it’s a local number ringing. It could be one of my other lady friends wanting to get together. Should I answer or not? That is the question.

Curiosity gets the better of me and I touch the screen to answer.

“Hello, is this Rob? This is Deidre Dwyer. You might not remember me, but we met a couple of weeks ago at the Lupin Lodge resort pool.”

“Why yes Deidre, I do remember you very well. You and your husband are fellow RV’ers. I always remember folks who share my passion.”

I met Deidre in the pool, not at the pool. She was sitting on the steps and whistled when she saw the purple cock ring around my cock and balls. I needed to get into the pool to quell my semi-erect shaft that was threatening to become a raging hard-on. I remember her winking as she splashed water onto her huge saggy tits. I guess that’s why I remember Deidre so fondly. I have a penchant for big boobs.

While I enjoyed watching all the naked bodies around me, Deidre made her way toward me. Her grey hair was perfectly styled. Her large pendulous breasts swayed with each step until they began to float on the water. She said she couldn’t help but notice my cock ring, as she has been trying to talk her husband, George, otele gelen escort into buying one.

Deidre told me she and George have been members at the resort for the past five years. They love the atmosphere and the people. As Deidre spoke, she moved closer to me in the middle of the pool. She smiled as her hard-pink nipples inched closer. Her tits were floating gently on top of the surface. I noticed she had no tan lines and deduced that she is a full-time naturist. Deidre was so close to me that I thought she was going to reach under the water and grab my cock.

She confirmed my suspicion and revealed they love to be nude as much as possible. They own a travel trailer and try to spend at least a week every month at the resort. They are retired and travel all over the west with the trailer looking for clothing-optional parks. Deidre will sit outside topless, whether it’s clothing-optional or not. She said the sun feels good on her tits even though they are not as firm as they once were.

I complimented her on her boobs just the same and said I’m a pushover for big breasts. She said George is a boobman too. I told Deidre that I own a twenty-five-foot trailer and love taking it out on the road. When she found out I live in Pismo Beach, her first comment was they love to camp at the Village RV Park and said the only beach they go to is Avila’s Pirate Cove. I revealed that it is my favorite haunt and wondered if we might have seen each other at one time or another. She said she would be on the look out for a gorgeous man wearing a purple cock ring. I told her to look out by the big rock outcroppings. Deidre knew exactly what I meant.

The more we talked, the closer she moved toward me until her nipples brushed against my chest. I resisted the urge to touch her boobs since we were surrounded by other swimmers. Deidre said that we should definitely buy a membership. She thinks the resort’s membership director, Fran, is a lovely lady and very sexy. However, she wishes Fran would shave that mop of hers (Deidre’s words). Deidre said she prefers a smooth pussy and asked me for my opinion. I do enjoy the smooth look, be it shaved or waxed. But, to be honest, there’s something to be said about a full bush displayed between a lady’s thighs, maybe it’s the mystery of what lies beneath all those curls.

Anyway, Deidre had to go check on George and reiterated that I should become a member of the resort and to be sure to ask Fran for a discount on the price. With that remark, Deidre wrapped her arms around me, squishing her huge tits into my chest and kissed me on the cheek.

I told her the next time she and George are in Pismo; they should look me up. I said I’d love to spend a day at Avila Beach with them. Just before Deidre turned to leave, she said something rather curious, she said she loves a good DP now and then. That left me scratching my head, as I never even gave that a thought. Well, you never know these days. I was still scratching my head as I watched her ascend the pool steps with water dripping down her body and her very generous wide ass.

“I’m calling from the front desk of the Pismo Coast Village RV Park, where we are staying. You told me to look you up the next time we were in Pismo Beach, so I got your cell number from Fran at the Lupin Lodge resort. George and I are working our way down the California coast with our trailer. We made stops in Big Sur, San Simeon, and Morro Bay before arriving here yesterday.”

“Sounds like quite an adventure Deidre. Those spots are some of my favorite areas to camp as well. I’m so happy you are calling. How long do you plan to stay here in Pismo?”

“We have a three-night reservation and would love to spend some time with you and your lady friend.”

“Unfortunately, Catherine just left this past Sunday to visit her daughter in Southern California. But I would love to spend time with you and George. I want to see your trailer too, I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about. Perhaps we might visit Pirate’s Cove together.”

“That’s number one on my list. We are thinking of tomorrow for a beach day and I definitely want you there.”

“Well then it’s a date. I’ll be there with bells on.”

“And I hope a cock ring too. Say, if you have today free, why don’t you come over and meet George. He’s always puttering around the trailer and would love the company. Actually, I would love your company more.”

“I can be there in forty-five minutes, I just need to finish some chores around the house. I live just ten minutes from the RV Park. Are there any other places in Pismo Beach you would like to see? I’d be happy to show you around my town.”

“Now that you mention it, there are a few places I have in mind. We can talk more when you get here. This is so exciting, I’m so glad you are available. I’ll let you get back to your chores and I’ll go tell George the news. pendik escort See you soon sexy man.”

“Bye Deidre, oh wait, what space are you in?”

“We’re in number seventy-nine. See you soon.”

Wasn’t I just saying that I must be careful because it’s times like these that something strange occurs and my summer days never seem to be dull? Well, this week just got a little more interesting. I finish working around the house in less time that I thought. I’m in my truck, driving over to the Village RV Park in less than thirty minutes.

I drive through the park entrance and pull up to space 79. I see a familiar face sitting outside a huge fifth-wheel trailer drinking coffee. It’s Deidre and true to her word, she is topless. Her huge tan boobs lay flat against her chest. They seem to shimmer in the sun, probably from sunscreen.

Deidre waves as I step out of my truck.

“Hello Deidre, don’t get up, I’ll be right over.“

Deidre smiles and holds up her coffee cup. Her gray hair is once again perfectly coiffed. She is wearing pink shorts that hug her thick thighs. She has a bit of a paunch belly, but I really don’t notice because my eyes are drawn to those big, fleshy tits with large pink areole. She has a smile that can light up a coal mine. I walk over, bend down and kiss her on the cheek.

“Hey Deidre, this RV park is not clothing-optional.”

“I know, isn’t it delicious. I believe I told you I love to be topless no matter where I am. It’s good to see you Rob; I’m glad we get to spend some time together. Grab a chair and have a sit.”

“It’s great to see you too. I’m so happy you called. When we were at the resort pool, I wanted to spend more time getting to know you. Now, I get my wish. Have you been enjoying your week RVing? You know you hit all my favorite camping spots along the coast.”

We’ve had a wonderful trip so far. We stayed at the resort two more days and then headed south. Big Sur was great. The RV Park wasn’t clothing-optional, but so many people were walking around naked and enjoying nature that it felt like it was. George and I didn’t wear a stitch all the time we were there. We made love on the beach at night; we need to take you there.”

“Let’s plan to hit both Big Sur and Lupin Lodge at the same time.”

“Speaking of George, he’s inside fiddling around with something on the trailer. Be a dear and hand me my top from that other chair, I don’t want to overdo it with the sun.”

I grab Deidre’s pink bikini top from the chair and hand it to her. I notice the tag that reads 40E.
Wow, she has quite the rack. I can only imagine Deidre in her 20’s, I’m sure she turned a lot of heads. She stuffs her huge tits into her top and we stand up together. She moves closer and hugs me tight. Our lips come together in a passionate kiss. I realize Deidre is almost my height.

“Gee Deidre, I didn’t realize you were so tall when we were in the pool. How tall are you?”

“I’m a perfect five-feet ten-inches.”

“You certainly are perfect in my eyes.”

Deidre smiles and plants another deep kiss on my lips. This time she slithers her tongue into my mouth. We stay lip-locked for several seconds before releasing.

“Come on in, I want you to meet George. I told him all about your cock ring and I think I have him convinced to get one. Maybe you could offer some encouragement.”

Deidre grabs my hand and leads me up the stairs of the fifth-wheel. I think to myself; George must be one hulk of a dude to be married to Deidre with her five-ten stature and 40E top. The inside of the trailer is amazing. Once inside, there are two steps to the right leading up to the bedroom and bath. To the left is the kitchen and then there are three steps leading up to the living area. I see George up in the living area working on a window shade.

“Honey, look who’s here. It’s Rob from the resort. We have a guest.”

Deidre and I walk up the three steps and George turns around. He is not what I was expecting. He’s wearing cargo shorts and nothing else. George has a bit of a spare tire hanging over his belt and a chest full of gray hair. He extends his hand and we shake. I surmise, he is about five-foot-seven. Clearly shorter than Deidre.

“Nice to meet you Rob. So, you’re the bloke who wears a cock ring. Do you have it on now?”

“No, not right now. I save it for the naked times.”

We share a hearty laugh and Deidre joins in.

“Well come on in my friend to our humble abode. I’ve just been adjusting the window shades; these darn things keep coming loose and won’t stay up.”

I offer George a hand and he shows me the loose strings that guide the shade. He tightens the screw that holds the right string and then hands me his screwdriver. I tighten the left string and then we test the shade.

“Grab the bottom of the shade, will ya Rob. I’ll grab my side and we’ll push up. These wide shades need two hands adjust rus escort them.”

George and I slide the shade up and it stays put. We move it up and down a couple of times until George is satisfied. I help George with one other shade and by the time we are done, Deidre has set out some chips, veggies and dip for us to snack. George offers me a beer which I gladly accept.

Deidre sits down next to me on the comfy couch. Our thighs rub together, and I detect Deidre pressing closer to me.

“This is quite a rig, George.”

“Thanks Rob, Dee and I really enjoy the travel. It’s the right size for the two of us, yet there is plenty of room for us to entertain. The couch you’re sitting on folds out to a queen-size sleeper, so another couple or even three can enjoy the space.”

“I have a twenty-five-foot Shadow Cruiser that I pull around the state. So how long have you two been traveling together?”

“It’s been four years now, hasn’t it Dee?”

“Yes, it has, four wonderful, sexy years. We bought this trailer about a year after we joined the resort. We met at Lupin Lodge.”

“You two met at Lupin Lodge?”

“We did. This is the second marriage for both of us. Deidre was a widow and I was a widower. Both of our spouses had heart problems and she lost her husband two years before my wife died. My first wife and I were members of the resort for several years and when she passed, I just continued to go.”

Deidre adds to the conversation, “A coworker introduced me to Lupin Lodge. I’ve always been a naturist and enjoy being naked. She suggested the resort to help get me back into society. I’ll admit I was in the doldrums for a long time after Jack, my first husband had his heart attack. I knew I had to get back on my feet. My friend and I spent a lot of time at nude beaches and she knew I loved being naked outdoors. A friend of hers was a member of the lodge and he got us passes.”

“I took one look at this lovely lady in the pool and was smitten. I’m a big boob man, and as you know, she has the goods. We got to talking and found that we had many things in common and before you know it, I added Dee to my membership.”

“That was a wild week, huh honey. George took me hiking on one of the nature trails and there is this big pond out on the property, must be as big as a football field.”

“I know the one you’re are talking about. Catherine and I hiked that trail and splashed around in the pond. There were two other couples there who were enjoying themselves to the fullest, if you know what I mean.”

“I bet they were doing what George and I did that first time we met. We were out in the middle of the pond splashing around too, and then I felt something hard press against my leg. I dropped to my knees and had that something in my mouth quicker than you can say blowjob. We went back to the pond three days in a row and made love in the water. We’ve been together ever since and have become regulars at the resort.”

“Wow, that’s quite a story. I’m happy to announce that I’m a member too. Catherine and I signed a contract after meeting with Ruth, the membership director.”

George smiles, “Say Rob, did you get a steep discount on the price?”

“I did. Deidre and another couple we met, told us to ask for one.”

Deidre nudges me and then says she bet Fran loved my cock ring and my big cock. She wants to know if Catherine enjoyed the session too. I provide Deidre and George some of the details of the meeting, but not all. I just say that we all enjoyed an orgasm or two and that Fran knows how to satisfy both the men and the ladies.

“Speaking of cock rings, Deidre says she has you talked into one. I must admit George, they feel great and the ladies give you a lot of attention. You should go for it.”

“Well, I’ll give it a try. I’m sure Dee will be happy.”

Deidre jumps up from the couch and climbs onto George’s lap. I watch her grind her body into his as she tells her hubby he will love it. Deidre looks back at me with a huge smile.

“So, Rob, on the phone you said that you’d show me around town. Does that include taking me to the local adult store? I hope you have one in town. We can go there and find George his new cock ring and we are running low on lube. I need to pick up a couple of bottles.”

“We do have a shop. It’s the Diamond Adult World, a friend of mine is the assistant manager. I’d be more than happy to take you there.”

George says Deidre and I can go there together, he has some more repairs to do on the trailer and then he is going to take a long nap. He has a feeling that Deidre may wear him out tonight.

“I’ve got to warn you Rob, Deidre gets very horny when she visits those sex shops. You might be in for a little surprise; don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Oh George, I do not. Don’t scare Rob, he just met you.”

We all share a good laugh and Deidre excuses herself so she can change into more appropriate clothes. I ask George if there is anything I can help him fix. He thanks me and says no, just go enjoy my outing with his wife. When Deidre returns, she is wearing a floral sundress with a sculpted neckline. I believe she is also wearing a push-up bra, because her tan breasts are squeezed together providing some tantalizing cleavage.

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