Deb’s Irresistible Urge

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Deb’s recent divorce uncovered in her the true joy of masturbation. The very messy end of her marriage and the reality of having to raise two teen-aged girls as a single mom made her decide to hold off on dating for a while. But her high stress level kept her in a near-constant state of sexual craving, and Deb had managed that energy by coming up with new and creative ways to please herself. It was a matter of survival, but she also loved getting reacquainted with this secret naughty side of herself. Deb also noticed that, even though getting herself off regularly did relieve her stress, her libido was actually more intense than ever. The stress seemed to be replaced by sexual arousal, curiosity, and fantasy that combined to unleash an inner slut that Deb had lost touch with a long time ago.

As a result, Deb sometimes found herself intensely aroused at inconvenient times: at the dentist, during a work meeting, or in church. It was one of those days. Deb had driven her teen-aged daughter to soccer practice and the soccer moms and a few dads were chatting away as the kids were on the field. Deb suddenly, and for no apparent reason, became very horny and had trouble focusing on the conversation. And every time a coach blew a whistle, Deb swore the high-pitched sound went straight to her clit.

With over 45 minutes still to go in practice, Deb was desperate. She made an excuse about needing to go to a nearby pharmacy and headed to the parking lot. On the way, Deb could not resist the urge to feel her own nipples through her bra and top and, by the time she reached the cars, Deb was rubbing herself through her jeans. She desperately needed to cum, and bursa escort her mind raced as she unlocked her minivan.

The parking lot was not in direct view of the field and Deb did not see anyone else in the lot, which let her give in to her lust. She started the engine to run the A/C, quickly unbuttoned her blouse, and undid the front clasp on her bra. The cool rush of chilled air and the anticipation of pleasure caused her nipples to stiffen. Deb fondled her tits with both hands, twisting and pulling her nipples which never failed to excite her. After surveying the parking area again and not seeing anyone, Deb peeled off her blouse and put it and her bra on the passenger seat.

Being so exposed in her minivan added immensely to Deb’s excitement. She spread her legs and one hand moved to rub herself through her jeans, and Deb immediately felt the heat emanating from her crotch. Her body was electric as she fumbled to undo and unzip her jeans. Glancing around again quickly, Deb lifted her hips and peeled her jeans and panties down to her knees. Unable to spread her legs, Deb pulled off her platform sandals and pushed her jeans lower and then off her right leg. That allowed her to open her legs, and her left hand immediately went to work between her legs.

Deb massaged her clit and ran her finger inside her lips along the length of her wet pussy. Then she moaned out loud as she buried two fingers inside herself. Her other hand was clawing at her tits, pulling and twisting her nipples. She settled into a rhythm, with two fingers in her pussy and her thumb rubbing her clit. Deb’s jeans still dangled from her leg but she was overcome by a need to be bursa escort bayan naked. She paused her play just long enough to pull her jeans off her leg, leaving her completely naked.

Deb then pushed a button to recline her seat to about 45 degrees, spread her legs, and shoved her fingers back inside her wet hole as she squeezed her breasts. She finger-fucked herself furiously and her thumb raked over her engorged clit. Even over the noise of the engine and A/C, Deb could hear the sloshing noises as her fingers moved in and out of her pussy. She shuddered as the smell of her sex filled up the van, and the muskiness aroused her even more.

With her eyes closed, Deb visualized her fingers sliding in and out of her vagina. Her right hand moved down to grope her clit as she slid a third finger from her left hand inside herself. Not long after that, Deb felt the familiar tension of an orgasm stirring in her midsection. She opened her eyes and saw a man walking through the parking lot toward the field. He hadn’t noticed Deb, but being totally nude and seeing him nearby sent a jolt through Deb’s body. She desperately wished the stranger had noticed her, and she fantasized about displaying herself to him and having him watch her masturbate and cum.

That thought brought Deb closer to the edge and she spread her legs even wider imagining having an audience. Her hands moved in synch, ravaging her clit and stuffing her sopping wet pussy. Deb glanced at the clock and saw there was less than 20 minutes left in practice, which meant the next wave of parents would be arriving soon. That real prospect of being discovered put Deb over the top and her orgasm escort bursa erupted. “Aaarrgghh, fuck…” Deb shrieked as the waves of ecstasy overwhelmed her. Her clit was throbbing and with each spasm her pussy clenched the three fingers buried inside her. The orgasm left her breathless and damp with perspiration.

In the afterglow, Deb trembled at the thought of being fully naked so near the crowd of parents and soccer players. While she wished she could just stay that way, she gathered her wits, untangled her jeans and panties and got dressed. As she finished buttoning her blouse, Deb saw two cars pull into the lot for the next practice session. She smiled to herself and opened the windows on both sides to get some fresh air in the van, before putting on her shoes, opening the driver’s side door, and stepping out.

As she gathered her bearings and headed back to the field, Deb noticed a car parked two rows directly in front of her, with no vehicle in between, that she didn’t recall seeing when she first got in her minivan. The man in the driver’s seat was adjusting the rear view mirror, and Deb wondered how long he was there. As her mind nervously rolled over that thought, the driver gave Deb a “thumbs up” sign, and her knees went weak. Deb was both very turned on and a little embarrassed wondering how long he had been there and, as she walked back toward the field, she was acutely aware of the tenderness in her nipples and moisture between her legs.

She arrived at the field with just about five minutes left in practice and exchanged pleasantries with the other parents until practice entered. Her mind flashed back to the “thumbs up” and Deb admitted to herself that she hoped the stranger had been watching her for a while. This time, when the coach blew the whistle to end the practice, Deb didn’t jump because her sexual tension had been relieved . . . at least for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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