Date with Penny

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I´m excited. Penny told me that she would be in town tonight and she asked me out. I discussed it with my girlfriend and she agreed, found it a bit exciting too.

So I´m now on my way to the café were we agreed to meet. Penny had told me how to dress up. The styling is quite new to me. I normally would not dare to dress like this. I wear Hi-heels, black stockings that end at my thighs. I do not wear any panties and I do not wear a bra. I´m dressed in a white blouse and a black, very short skirt, ending before my stockings start, so that a few inches of the bare skin of my thighs are shown. Through the thin fabric of my blouse the firm features of my B-cupped breasts can easily be guessed. My curled, over shoulder-length, brown hair is bound to a pony-tail.

When I look into the mirror before I leave my flat, I´m almost shocked how much I look like a slut, and how sexy and arousing I consider myself thus.

Taking public transport to the café I have to sit with my legs closed tightly not to show how naked I´m beneath my skirt. I don´t like the men´s lustful eyes scanning my body, but I get aroused even a bit more, as I´m already, when I recognize girls or women let there eyes stay fixed to my body. After a while a middle-aged business lady takes the seat opposite casino şirketleri of me. I see her eyes look up and down my body. I´m sure that she has never even thought of having sex with another women. I smile a bit and I get naughty a bit. I slightly shift my position in my seat and for a short moment I open my legs. I know she has seen my nakedness, as I see her blush. I never thought that I could be so naughty. The lady does not dare to look at me again. She stares out of the window.

When I finally reach the café I feel that I´m moist already. The short scene in the tramway got me quite aroused.

Penny is already waiting for me inside the café. She is sitting at the table. She is dressed as a strong woman, as she likes it. She is beautiful. I smile at her and try to walk sexy as I´m nearing her table. She remains seated and I bend down to kiss her. A slight kiss to her left cheek and to her right. But before I can remove my lips, her arm goes around my neck and tears my mouth to hers. Our lips touch and immediately her mouth opens and her wet tongue darts out to part my lips. I know all the other guests are looking at us now, as we fall into a passionate, wild kiss, that is fully dominated by Penny. The kiss last for two minutes at least. My nipples get hard.

I casino firmaları finally sit down very close to her.

“I brought something for you,” she smiles her naughtiest smile.

Out of her bag she produces a pair of Japanese-lust-balls.

“I want you to use them now. I want you to be very wet when you walk home tonight, I want you to be very ready for your girlfriend tonight.”

I want to raise and walk to the toilet to take the balls in.

“Just stay, I want you to take them in here!”

I deeply blush, but my arousal rises even more. I can feel a small stream of wetness slowly run down the insides of my thighs.

I take the balls out of her hands. They are warm already. I look around in the café. Nobody seems to stare at us. I lead my hands under the table and spread my legs. My fingers glide along my wet pussylips. I have to bite my lips when I finally insert the two small balls into my pussy. It feels good and it feels even more sexy that I insert them in a public café.

“Move your legs now slowly and gently, open and close them. You will like it,” Penny whispers into my ear. One arm lays on my shoulders and her hand fully on my right breast. Softly she starts to massage my breast through the thin fabric of my blouse, while we talk.

It´s güvenilir casino very hard for me to concentrate on the conversation as waves of lust due to the double sensations, coming from my nipple and breast, massaged by penny and the tingling, teasing feeling of the lust-balls inside my pussy.

For a long time we sit and talk like this. I´m very close to an orgasm all the time. My face must be deeply red. I can see a lot of guest look at us. Finally I see my girlfriend enter the door. She smiles at us, while Penny is still massaging my breast.

“I see you have made very eager to come with me,” my girlfriend smiles to Penny. “She looks very aroused. Thank you!”

My girlfriend bends down and only inches away from my face Penny and my girlfriend start a passionate french kiss. I can see there wet, red tongues move in and out of their mouths and lick their lips.

“Shall we go home now?,” my girlfriend finally asks me, after they break their kiss.

I can only nod. Penny smiles a greeting as we leave the café. I still have the balls inside of my pussy and get more and more aroused at each step. I can´t wait to come home.

“You have been a naughty girl tonight,” my girlfriend whispers, kissing my ear. “I think you have earned a spanking and you will still have your balls inside of your dripping pussy, while I spank your bare ass.”

Where will Penny´s games lead us?

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Your Pussylove69

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