Dark , Stormy Night

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The shrill ring of the telephone woke me up from a deep sleep, as I reach over to the bedside table and pick up the receiver I hear your deep breathing down the line. I am immediately turned on; I say nothing – only listen to your commands

“Leave the key under the front doormat and wait for me, don’t go to sleep”

As I lay there in the darkness waiting for your arrival I can feel myself getting wet with anticipation, the waiting game always made me horny and you knew it. I was prepared for you to make me wait and as usual you didn’t disappoint me. I thought of all the things you would do to me when you got to my room and all the discipline you would administer on my body and me. I had been going the gym regularly for about a year now and my body was in peak condition, toned and smooth with not a hair on my body, my pussy was shaved freshly that morning and I had gone to bed in nothing but my Chanel Mademoiselle perfume which you know bahis firmaları as my signature scent.

I could hear the door unlock and gently shut; you put one foot on the stairs and proceeded to climb, after a few seconds I hear you grip the door handle of my room and as you enter the door creaks.

Not a work was said; you looked at me for a brief moment and pulled the bedding back to reveal my naked, toned body. I felt your hands brush against my breasts and neck, you put a sight pressure on my throat and I gasped with excitement. As you turned me over on my front you went to the wardrobe and took out 4 silk scarves and took my left arm in your hand and tied my wrist to the bed, you did the same with my right and blindfolded me with the other scarf. I heard to reach over again and a few seconds later I felt the familiar sting of the leather whip. The whip was favourite of yours, it was a small cat-o-nine tails and felt and amazing when kaçak iddaa you spanked my pert ass with, you spanked me hard and feelings of pleasure and pain rushed through my body like a train. After five minutes of discipline you slip your fore-finger into my wet pussy and slowly slip it out again, firstly you taste my juices and then offer me your finger which I suck, desperate to taste myself.

As you pressed into me I could feel your rock hard cock through your jeans, I heard you unzip them and throw them on the floor, a second later you slipped your cock into my pussy I gasped again, this time with pleasure, you thrust a few times and withdraw, you knew I was on the brink of a mind-blowing orgasm but you make me wait by putting your cock into my awaiting mouth this being my treat, I love the taste of cock and love nothing better than sucking on yours tasting your cum and allowing it to dribble down my chin, I sucked your length tasting kaçak bahis both you, and myself.

As you pushed deeper into my throat I felt the final scarf round my neck, getting tighter and tighter and then release again. You ran your hands down my body and spanked my bare ass again with your hand.

With that I heard the KY jelly tube open and felt you put a glob onto my puckering ass-hole and another onto your penis. As you wanked over me I felt one finger slip inside my ass and then 2 and in one foul swoop you pushed you thick hard cock into my ass. You pushed deeper and deeper, harder and harder and then the familiar feel of silk round me neck again this time more urgent, you pulled tighter on the scarf making me feel light-headed but giving me the biggest sexual high in the process, I felt myself contracting inside and came stronger than ever before, a few seconds later I felt you fill my ass with you hot cum, the scarf loosened and you withdrew your penis and watched the cum run out over the bed.

You got untied me, kissed me once and got dressed. Not a single word was said as you walked out the door and down the stairs and out of the front door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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