Cornhusker Girl Ch. 03

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Big Ass

As she’d promised, Ashley continued to email me pictures up until right before she went into labor and her third daughter, Camy, was born. Understandably, during the following months she wrote as much as she could, but didn’t take any pictures of herself. Once she found the time to start getting back into what she considered good shape, she started sending pictures again and I was amazed by the progress she was making. It was as a result of one of these photo sessions that I found an article of her clothing that really did something for me. I knew that track pants were a big thing for the ladies during that time but Ashley had a short skirt that looked like it was made similarly; same type of material, same stripe down the side, and it absolutely hugged her ass. She wore it in a set of pictures, at least briefly and without anything beneath it, and when I told her how hot it was, she sent a few more pictures of herself wearing it and stripping it off.

It really came as no surprise that on the next hunting trip, which was the next time I was in Nebraska, when we came back to my father-in-law’s brother’s house, Ashley was not only there, but she was wearing that skirt. Fortunately, the weather was warm so it didn’t seem all that unusual. We shared a knowing smile and, as we were hanging around the trucks parked near the back porch, she sat on the steps. When she was certain that no one else would see, she spread her legs enough so that I could see up under her skirt all the way to her bush. She teased me like this until everyone was ready to start taking showers and getting ready for the night ahead.

When I was ready to go and shower myself I quietly let her know that I wouldn’t be disappointed if I found her in the bedroom I was using once I was done in the shower. I didn’t know if she’d be able to pull it off, but she’d managed to surprise me the last two years so I wasn’t going to put it past her. Sure enough, as I entered the guest room wearing only a towel, there she was wearing only her skirt. I locked the door and immediately went over to kiss her and fondle her tits while she removed my towel and tossed it aside. As I lowered my head to lick and suck her hard nipples while fondling her large tits, she started stroking my stiff tool.

Her skirt was calling to me like a siren’s song, though, so I was soon on my knees peeking up under it before I slid it up and buried my face in her pussy. She was dripping wet with anticipation so I lapped up her juices before slipping a couple of fingers into her and licking her clit. It was kind of different to gaze up her body and see it bathed in natural light rather than the dim light of the bedside lamp. I would definitely have to get some pictures before she dressed, but I also knew that we were pressing our luck way more than the last two times by doing this in the daylight while everyone was awake. Luckily, Ashley was as fired up as I was from nearly a year of anticipation.

She had her hands in my hair and was rocking her hips against my face while her eyes were cinched shut and she was breathing as though she was in labor again. I felt her pussy quickly becoming more engorged so I knew that she was on the verge of cumming and wondered briefly if she hadn’t given herself a head start before I’d come in. Knowing a quick ankara escort cum was a good thing, I concentrated on licking and sucking her clit and pumping my fingers in and out of her slippery pussy until she tensed up then began to shudder. She managed to cum quietly and, when she’d settled down, I climbed up onto the bed and lay next to her while inviting her to straddle me with her skirt still on.

She was up and on top of me quickly, her skirt hiding her pussy but her big tits right in my face. I licked and sucked her nipples again while she started riding me hard and fast. She was so wet and slippery and I was so horny for her that I knew it wouldn’t take long to cum which, again, was a good thing. I focused on the two beautifully full tits before me as I felt an orgasm beginning to build. It was like heaven to be holding her tits and fucking her pussy after only seeing pictures for almost a year. As I enjoyed her succulent titties, it suddenly occurred to me that I had never titfucked her. Of course, the previous year, when she’d been pregnant, it would have been difficult and the first year, I had just been stunned that we were together and just went with the flow. The immediate moment wouldn’t be the appropriate time, but I resolved to rectify this oversight when she came back to visit me that night.

My cock grew even harder the closer I got to cumming and I began pushing hard up into Ashley’s pussy each time she came down on me. She seemed to be enjoying herself as much as I was based on the look on her face and the enthusiasm with which she was riding me. As I was nearing the point of no return and fucking her faster, she suddenly told me to make sure I didn’t cum in her because she hadn’t brought any panties and my cum would just end up running down her legs. I told her that she probably would want to swing around to a 69 pretty quickly if that was her concern. She moved around, my cock popping free, and positioned her pussy over my face while engulfing my throbbing tool in the depths of her hot mouth. I immediately started lapping at her clit while slipping two fingers back into her.

She was holding herself up with one hand while the other one was alternately massaging my balls and pumping the base of the shaft. I was quickly right back on the verge of cumming as I slurped up her juicy pussy. I continued fingering her while letting my head drop back as my cock grew as rigid as possible before I exploded into her mouth. She swallowed my load, continuing to suck me off until I was spent, by which time I was licking her pussy again. My fingers were coated with her flowing juices, so I did something I’d never done with her before. Slipping both fingers from her pussy, I quickly smeared her asshole with her juices, then slipped a finger right into her ass. Her response was exactly what I’d hoped for; she sucked in her breath and suddenly started to shudder as she had an immediate and intense orgasm.

When she’d finished cumming, she rolled off of me and lay on her back trying to catch her breath. I reached over for my camera and took a couple shots of her lying there with the skirt I like so much up around her waist. She smiled but didn’t linger too long before she figured she’d better reappear lest someone came looking for her. I kept shooting pictures as she escort ankara dressed, then checked that the coast was clear for her. She slipped right into the master bedroom next door and into the master bathroom so if anyone asked, she had been in there. I went ahead and got dressed and shortly thereafter we headed out for dinner.

After we all ate, the guys who had all been hunting went out to a bar for a few cocktails before calling it a night since we’d be up early again the next day. Once I was in bed, I lay waiting for the house to quiet down and for Ashley to show up. I looked through the pictures on my camera as I waited and, when the door quietly opened and she slipped in, I was more than ready to go. She locked the door and, before getting undressed, climbed into bed with me and we made out for a bit while our hands roamed over each other’s clothed bodies. Finally, she pulled back from me, looking as though she had something to say.

“I have a request,” she said quietly.

“Really,” I replied, “so do I.”

“I wonder if they’re going to be the same thing,” she pondered, “What is yours?”

“Do you realize,” I started, “that I have never fucked you luscious tits?”

“You’re right,” she said, after considering briefly, “Well, that wasn’t what I was thinking, but I’d be more than happy to accommodate you if you are willing to accommodate me.”

“Sounds fair,” I responded, “What is your request?”

“Well,” she started slowly, suddenly seeming apprehensive, “after this afternoon, I have this desire I’ve never had before. When you stuck your finger in my ass, I came like I have never, ever cum before. It got me thinking and…would you be interested in fucking my ass?”

If my cock hadn’t already been hard, it would have been immediately after that request. I assured her that if that was what she wanted, I would be more than happy to take care of her. She hadn’t brought any lubricant, but as wet as her pussy got, I wasn’t too worried about it. I had her stand up on the bed and strip down for me, quickly realizing that other than track pants and a shirt, she was wearing nothing else. While she dropped to her knees, I quickly shed my pajamas and, by the time she was on all-fours, I was already behind her. The giant mirror was still against the wall, so we both turned to watch as I first slipped into her juicy pussy and got my cock all lubed up.

After a few good, deep strokes, I withdrew and scooped some of her nectar onto my fingers and smeared her ass, slipping my finger in a couple of times as I did. When I figured she was ready, I dipped my cock once more then lined it up with her lubed asshole and gave a push. My cock slid into the tight confines of her ass and I looked over at the mirror to see the look of raw passion on her face. I started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her ass and I don’t think it took ten strokes before she had her first orgasm. I watched as she snaked a hand back between her legs as I gradually picked up the pace. Her ass was so snug and plenty slippery, feeling incredible as I fucked it and gradually bringing about the first stirrings of my orgasm.

I moved my hands up from her curvy hips to fondle her swinging breasts, which limited somewhat the length of my strokes as I penetrated her ass. This was ankara escort bayan okay with me because it helped me to last a bit longer so that she might have at least another orgasm before I pulled out to fuck her tits. I couldn’t see her hand in the mirror but I could tell by her arm that she was working her pussy over pretty good. I made a mental note to suck her fingers when I was fucking her tits. Her breathing rate was picking up, so I straightened back up and, taking her by the hips again, slid my full length in and out of her ass. It took just a few more minutes of this when she started to tremble as she came again.

Since my own orgasm was well on its way by the time she finished cumming, I wasn’t disappointed when she pulled away from me so that my cock popped out of her ass. She turned around and, kneeling to face me, kissed me hard and passionately before telling me how incredibly awesome those two orgasms had been. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it while telling me that it was now my turn. She lay on her back in the middle of the bed and I straddled her, thinking for a minute about which hand she’d used to work over her pussy. I lay my stiff cock between her succulent titties but when she went to squeeze them together for me, I took the hand that I thought she’d used on her pussy, sniffed it to confirm, then slipped her fingers into my mouth.

While slurping the pungent flavor from her fingers, I took a tit in each of my hands and pressed them together around my throbbing member then started sliding it in and out between them. The soft, smooth flesh felt awesome on my achingly-hard tool and I couldn’t help but wonder why it had taken our third time together before I’d done this. I brushed my thumbs over her hard nipples as I continued to fuck her cleavage, but eventually let her fingers fall from my mouth once I felt I’d sucked them clean. With both of her hands available, she took over holding her tits while I leaned forward to support myself while sliding my cock in and out. My orgasm was slowly and pleasurably building.

I glanced over at the mirror and smiled at the erotic image of me straddling Ashley and thrusting my hips toward her impressive rack. I looked back down at her, but she was staring intently at her cleavage where the head of my cock was playing peek-a-boo. I thought briefly about whether I should just shift forward and cum in her mouth, but decided that I had done that already that day and my cock had been in her mouth several times. I continued to slide my cock between her fleshy globes as the level of pleasure built up higher and higher. The longer I fucked her tits and the better it felt, the faster I was doing it. It was taking everything in me not to moan with the amount of pleasure I was feeling, especially when I finally exploded, shooting a rope of cum up as far as Ashley’s chin. She immediately opened her mouth, hoping for another, but the next several shots were weaker and landed on her chest.

Once I was spent and had pulled my cock free, I moved to lie next to her as she cleaned the cum off her chin and chest, feeding it into her mouth with her fingers. I watched while fondling the closest tit. She turned to face me once her chest was clean and smiled wistfully, knowing that our time together for that visit was just about up. I reached for her and held her against me for a few minutes before she had to go. I took a few more pictures of her as she dressed then, with my own pajamas back on, snuck her through the house and said goodbye at the back door.

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