Cody and His Twin Cousins

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“No, mom, I’m not lonely,” Cody said into the phone.

“Well, Megan has been gone what, six months now, and you’re in that big empty condo by yourself. It would be normal.” His mother continued.

“Seriously, I’m all good, mom, but I get the feeling me being lonely isn’t what we’re talking about.” Cody always knew when his mother was fishing around one topic to get to a different one altogether.

“There is something.” His mother said.

He chuckled to himself. Of course, there is, he thought.

“Ok, so you know your Uncle Ted and Aunt Alice moved to Texas, right?”

“Sure, I referred Ted to a friend of mine in commercial real estate for his new office. Everything ok with them?” Cody asked.

“They’re fine,” she said, “I talk to Alice quite a bit.”

Alice was his Mom’s sister, and they were close, but he still wasn’t sure where she was going.

“Anyway, I’m not sure you remember, but Alex and Amber go to UGA, so they stayed here in Georgia.”

“Mom, what does this have to do with me?” He was getting a little impatient.

“Well, they’re going into their senior year, and they both have separate internships in Atlanta. It would be an hour and a half commute to Atlanta from Athens, and with their parents gone, I thought maybe they could rent a room from you for the summer.”

Cody laughed. All of that to ask him if his cousins could stay for the summer?

“Of course they can stay here,” he replied, “I’m not taking rent, though.”

“I didn’t ask you to let them stay for free.”

Cody was amused. He owned a very successful tech company in Atlanta, and his condo was in a luxury building in Buckhead. He certainly wasn’t taking money from college students or even his aunt and uncle.

“Mom, come on. You know I don’t need the money. Do you want me to call them?”

His Mom said she’d send him both of their contacts, and he agreed to get in touch right away. They made the usual goodbye noises, and he told her he loved her and hung up. His phone vibrated almost immediately with his cousins’ contact information.

Cody had always liked Alex and Amber. He mostly remembered them as little girls when he was in high school, but the two families were close and often saw them. The girls were twins, and he remembered them asking him all sorts of questions about pretty much everything. His grandfather commented that one of them would be President one day. That always seemed plausible to Cody.

After he went off to college, he attended UGA, Cody only saw them sporadically, but he did go to their high school graduation dinner a few years before, and they were still impressive and gorgeous. He didn’t figure anything had changed.

Three weeks later, Cody was proven right as he opened his door and saw two of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

“Hi Cody!” they said almost in unison.

“Hi yourselves,” He replied.

The first thing he noticed was that they were identical. He knew that, of course, but he had known twins that didn’t look as much alike when they got older. That was not the case with his cousins. They were tall blondes. He was guessing five foot nine inches or so and had long, athletic legs, which he saw because they were both wearing shorts. They had large breasts for their frame. One of them, it turned out to be Alex, was wearing a crop top exposing her perfectly flat stomach while the other was wearing a top that covered the area, but he was sure there was no difference. The blonde hair was shoulder length on both, but Amber pulled hers back, and Alex wore hers down. They had the same striking blue eyes and broad smiles.

“Come on in,” he smiled, waving them inside, “welcome!”

Alex knew that Cody’s apartment would be lovely when they saw the building, but it exceeded her expectations when they walked in the door. It was bright, tastefully furnished, and the open concept kitchen had all high-end appliances. She was impressed. She looked at her sister, who, judging by her face, was thinking the same thing. Cody motioned them to sit on the couch while he sat in a leather chair.

“Thank you so much for letting us stay here, Cody,” Alex said.

“You’re welcome; what’s mine is yours,” he replied.

“Let me show you your rooms.”

“I can’t believe this place!” Amber said. She was sitting on the bed in Alex’s room while her sister unpacked.

“Yeah, it’s incredible. Mom told me that his ex-girlfriend was an interior designer, and that shows.”

“I agree,” Alex said, “I guess she got a big job in LA, which is why she left. I remember her from our graduation dinner. I thought she was pretty, and now I see she’s talented too.”

Cody hated to admit it, he certainly hadn’t been lonely as his mother suggested, but he liked the female energy his cousins brought. He genuinely admired women. He looked forward to their time together.

That night he ordered Thai food from a place around the corner, and the three of them talked about everything, including the girls’ internships sahabet g├╝venilirmi Alex’s was in marketing while Amber’s was with a PR firm run by a female friend.

“You’re going to love Courtney,” he told Amber, referring to her new boss, “She’s one of my favorite people, and her husband is a softball buddy.”

“I’m excited!” Amber said, “She usually hires her interns after graduation, so I hope I impress her.”

“I don’t doubt that you will.” Cody turned to Alex, “I don’t know much about your firm except that they have a good reputation. I’m sure you’ll do great!”

“I’m sure going to try!” Alex said.

“So, do either of you have boyfriends who will be visiting from Athens?” Cody asked. It wasn’t that he would mind, but he wanted to know what kind of social life to expect from them.

“No,” Amber replied, “I just broke up with a guy about a month ago, and Alex has been smart enough to avoid those kinds of distractions for a bit.” She smiled at her sister.

“Yeah, you boys cause trouble!” Alex grinned.

“That we do.” Cody agreed, grinning.

The following week was busy for all of them, with the girls starting their new jobs and catching up with some of their high school friends home for the summer and Cody working late every night. On Thursday, one of his clients in New York needed to see him immediately. Cody flew out directly and told his cousins he would likely be back Saturday morning.

Alex had called Cody Friday morning to ask him if it would be ok if she used his desktop computer to send some email, and he told her to go ahead. Her laptop was having issues, and Amber had already left for work with her laptop. The office she worked at was work from home on Friday, and being an intern meant she had the day off.

She did what she needed to do and was about to shut it down when she noticed a folder called “Megan” on his desktop. She thought it might be some of his ex’s design work, so she opened it. The folder had video files, so she clicked on one. What she saw was shocking. The first one was Cody and Megan, with his head between her legs eating her pussy. Another female voice was on the clip as well, and she realized that woman was doing the filming.

“Make her cum, Cody!” The voice said, and Cody sure looked like he was trying. They both looked terrific naked, and seeing Megan’s body like that, Alex realized she was much more beautiful than she had thought. She had brown hair, big boobs, and a near-perfect body. Cody licked her through what seemed like two or three orgasms and then stood up. He pulled her to the side of the bed and, still standing, buried his cock into her pussy. The more shocking part was that Cody’s dick was enormous. She had never seen one as large. The girl with the camera was up close, and it looked like it was at least ten inches, probably more.

“Fuck her, Cody!” Camera girl said, “I want to eat your cum out of her.”

Alex unbuttoned her shorts and stuck her hand in her panties, rubbing her pussy with one finger. After a few minutes, Cody seemed to cum in Megan’s pussy, pull out, and take the camera. A thin blonde woman got between Megan’s legs and started eating her. After a minute or so, the woman looked at the camera and stuck her tongue out, showing Cody his cum she had licked out of Megan. It was crazy hot. By this point, Alex had removed her shorts and panties and was thoroughly working her wet pussy. She made herself cum quickly. She barely even noticed that Cody must have put the camera on a stand because he was behind the blonde fucking her from behind while she ate his girlfriend.

“Fuck, Cody!” the girl exclaimed, “I always forget how huge you are!”

Alex kept fingering herself and watching in amazement. Her pussy was dripping wet, and her clit was so sensitive she had to stop. She watched as they continued for a long time. Sometimes with the camera stationary, others with one of them holding it. She found out the blonde’s name was Marcy.

When the clip was over, she clicked on other files to find similar scenes. Sometimes with Marcy and other times with a pretty Asian girl named Olivia. This new girl was tiny, and Alex was shocked she could take Cody’s monster dick. She couldn’t even imagine.

After watching several videos, Alex decided she needed a shower, where she fingered herself to two more orgasms. She never watched porn, so it was odd that watching her cousin having sex with women she didn’t know her on so much, but it had. Even her nipples were rock hard and aroused. Alex couldn’t wait to tell Amber about what she’d found.

Amber had a good day at her internship. Cody had been right when he said Courtney was good people. Amber had worked internships the previous to summers where management didn’t even look at the interns, but Courtney was warm and encouraging. She was beautiful but had a commanding presence. It was clear who was in charge. Amber knew she could learn a lot from her.

Even the horrible Atlanta traffic didn’t bother her sahabet yeni giri┼č on the way home. She was in too good a mood. She played a Taylor Swift playlist loudly and looked forward to getting back to her wonderful temporary home.

Her listening was interrupted by her phone, and she saw it was Alex.

“Hey, sis,” she answered, “what’s up?”

“Do you even look at your texts?” her sister asked.

“Yeah, sorry, my phone was in my purse. What’s up?”

“Ok, well, are you coming home?”

“I should be there in about ten minutes. The traffic is nuts. Is something going on?”

“I found something,” Alex said.

“Ok, tell me about it when I get there.”

“Brace yourself,” Alex said and hung up.

Amber was stunned at what she saw on the computer monitor. On the one hand, it felt like an invasion of her cousin’s privacy. On the other, she couldn’t turn away.

“I can’t believe you, Alex,” she said, “I can’t believe you found these and that you’ve watched them.”

“Get over yourself. If you had found the files, you would have watched them too!”

“Probably,” Amber admitted, “I can’t believe they filmed themselves.”

“Hannah told me she and her ex-boyfriend filmed themselves,” Alex said, referring to a mutual friend, “I mean, knowing her, it didn’t surprise me, but Cody seems like such a laid back, professional guy. I guess I was just surprised. Not to mention that cock!”

Amber laughed, “Yeah, it’s enormous. Eric was big,” she said, referring to her most recent boyfriend, “but Cody’s is thicker and at least two inches longer, at least from what I can see.”

“You can see a lot!” Alex said, “There are a lot of close-ups. I haven’t even seen one close to it.”

“Did you seriously masturbate while you were watching?” Amber asked her sister. She had been genuinely shocked when Alex had said that.

“I did,” Alex replied, “A lot, and then some more. Now tell me you wouldn’t or that watching these doesn’t turn you on.”

Alex had a point, Amber thought. She couldn’t deny it. “I can’t.”

“Do you want to do it together as we did in high school?” Alex asked.

“Oh my God! No!” She said with more conviction than she was feeling, “I mean, we’re adults, and it’s weird, right?”

“No, not right. Who cares? I mean, we’re identical twins. It’s not like we’ll see anything we haven’t seen; besides,” she added, “I always thought it was hot.” Alex took her shorts and panties off, not waiting for an answer.

Amber was still wearing the skirt she wore to work, so slipping out of her panties would be easy, but she still hesitated. The more they watched, though, the more turned on she was getting, and she could not deny that her pussy was wet. She pulled her panties off.

Alex hadn’t seen her twin’s pussy up close in years. She had seen her naked getting dressed or coming out of the shower but never close enough to see her wet as she was now. Amber shaved her pussy completely bald, while Alex always left a triangle on top. Other than that, they were identical down there as they were pretty much everywhere else. They both had long slits with puffy outer labia and thin but prominent inner labia. Not long after puberty, the two girls had compared each other and looked up pictures of different girls to see the differences. Since then, Alex had seen a few other girls up close as she experimented with women several times, even dating a woman for a time.

The scene on the screen was of Cody fucking Megan’s pussy, and it was a close-up shot by one of the two girls that appeared in the clips. Alex started moving two fingers into her wet vaginal opening while working her clit lightly with her thumb. Amber was using two fingers and softly rubbing her clit. It reminded her of those days when they were young, but here they were, two grown women, sisters, masturbating together. It was both strange and exciting.

Amber had been surprised that Alex had masturbated to the video clips, but now that she was doing it herself, she understood it. Cody, Megan, Marcy, and Olivia were more than attractive. They were all gorgeous, and watching them play was hot. There was no use denying it. It had been over a month since she had sex last. She had masturbated, but alone and under the covers. Now, she was in the open with her twin in the chair next to her. Both of them had their legs spread and were working their pussies hard. At first, Amber had just rubbed her pussy with her palm but had started to work two fingers in. She saw her sister doing the same. They were both moaning softly. In hindsight, it was easy to see why they hadn’t heard the door open.

Cody had managed to change his Saturday morning flight to Friday afternoon. One of the advantages of living in Atlanta and traveling to major cities was that there were many flights, and you’d often get lucky and get what you wanted on short notice. Cody’s meeting had gone exceptionally well, and he was in a good mood. Not even the craziness of the Atlanta airport on a sahabet giri┼č Friday evening could spoil his mood. Since he was in no hurry, he stopped for dinner and a couple of beers before trying to catch an Uber. With the traffic, it hardly mattered.

In the Uber on the way home, he thought about texting his cousins that he was on his way, but since they didn’t expect him home until the morning, he assumed they had plans. He checked email, caught up on some texts from his brother who lived in Birmingham and sat back glad someone else was driving in rush hour Atlanta traffic.

The car dropped him off in front of his building, and he walked up the stairs to his apartment. He wondered if the girls would be there. As soon as he entered, he heard sounds coming from his little office off the kitchen. Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw.

Both of his gorgeous twin cousins were on chairs, naked from the waist down, fingering themselves with wild abandon. On the screen was a sex video that he and Megan had made with some female friends. He never considered themselves kinky, but threesomes and video were something they enjoyed. The problem was Cody never expected anyone else to see them. Then he remembered permitting Alex to use his computer and realized the files were on his desktop screen unencrypted. Since he lived alone, there had been no reason to hide them.

“What the fuck?” Cody said when he was in the kitchen several feet behind the girls. They jumped up and turned towards him, and it was impossible for him not to have seen their glistening pussies and wet fingers.

“Oh my God!” His cousins said nearly in unison.

“Get out!” One of them said he couldn’t tell which was which under the circumstances.

He couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity. “You’re at my desk, watching private videos on my computer masturbating, and I should get out?”

Both girls started laughing uncontrollably. He couldn’t help but keep laughing himself. They were both still mostly naked and made no effort to cover up, which he understood. What would have been the point?

He motioned them into the living room and, given their messy state, put a blanket down on the couch and urged them to sit down. Laughing had turned to tears for one of them, he was nearly sure it was Alex, and she was sobbing.

“I am so sorry.” She said, “This is the worst thing ever, and it’s all my fault!”

He noticed they had both rediscovered modesty and crossed their legs. Amber had even taken a corner of the blanket and tried to cover herself.

“Ok, so that’s dramatic,” Cody said, “Nobody has died.”

Alex had stopped sobbing and started telling him what had led to this point. Cody had counted at least twelve times she had said, I’m sorry. The reality was that the situation had him horny and his cock rock hard.

He smiled, “I accept your apology on one condition,” She looked at him, “I get to eat your pussy.”

Alex looked horrified, “Oh my God, no. That would be so wrong!”

For the first time in several minutes, Amber spoke. “Ok, he can eat mine then! I mean, you saw the video, right?” She uncrossed her legs and spread them.

“That’ll work,” Cody said and dropped to his knees, burying his face in Amber’s wet pussy.

If Amber hadn’t realized it from watching the tape, it didn’t take long for her to understand that Cody was an extraordinary pussy eater. He planted his tongue flat against the broadest part of her labia and started moving his head up and down. He would press his tongue firmly down and then ease up. The effect was exhilarating and was making her wetter. Unlike some boys who started flicking their tongues on her clit right away, Cody kept his flat and pressed harder when he reached it. After several minutes he had her on the brink of orgasm then suddenly changed his technique. Cody started taking the tip. of his tongue, running in circles first around her outer labia, then the inner, and then around her vaginal opening, occasionally darting his tongue inside. Then he put his lips around her clit and began sucking it. She almost blacked out from the most intense orgasm she ever had. He then started the whole thing over again, which allowed her clit to recover. The next time he reached her clit, she exploded again, flooding his face with girl juice.

“My turn?” She heard Alex say as Amber recovered. Cody obliged and moved to her sister.

“I thought you said it would be wrong, Alex?” She teased her sister as Cody began giving her the same treatment Amber had received.

“Shut up,” Alex said meekly.

Amber laughed and started suckling on her sister’s boobs.

If there was one thing Cody knew how to do well, it was eating pussy. He discovered how much he liked it with the first girl who let him take her pants off and got better from there. Cody loved the taste of a woman, and after going down on, Alex discovered a difference between the twins. Amber’s pussy was sweet, almost delicate tasting, while Alex’s was musky with virtually no acidity at all. He enjoyed both. After he had made Alex cum three times, he got up and walked into the kitchen for a drink.

“Can I get you, girls, some water?” They both answered yes, and he returned with three glasses and sat down, handing one to each.

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