Chase and Sharon

Chase and Sharon

Chase and Sharon were stuck in grid lock. He fidgeted as his bladder hurt needing to take a piss. Sharon rubbed his shoulder as he suffered saying, “My Baby, I can’t let you suffer like this”. Her hand fished his cock from his pants, she kissed his cheek before her face swooped into his lap saying, “give it to me, Chase”. Her lips locked on him as his piss exploded. Sharon sank alighting her throat as his fluids shot directly into her stomach. She held her breath a full minute letting him jet, then clamped her hand around his shaft while she breathed, then let him spray again. Chase uttered a long “ahhhhhhh” until he was empty. Sharon sat back, covered her mouth and released a loud burp! Uncovering her mouth, Chase grabbed her, kissing her saying, “Precious. How can I not love you”? Sharon smiled saying, “technically, you’re mine, you made that, therefore it’s mine too”. She snuggled under his arm.

At home, Sharon walked through the door amazing Chase as she removed her bra without taking her blouse off. She also stepped forward reaching under and removing her panties to step out of them just before she sat down. She always sat and “blew off” the work day before she did anything. Chase usually rested his head in her lap as they chatted about their day. He had laid 15 minutes when he pulled her skirt back and sucked her cock inside his mouth. Sharon said “Gosh Honey, that’s early. I wasn’t expecting it”. She caressed his face “but it’s yours and you have it when you want. Do you want it quick or do you just want to suckle me a while”? “Quick”, he mumbled. She looked into his eyes, grunted saying, “here, My Dear”. Sharon pulsed 6 cum wads into his mouth, then rolled his head over and leaned down kissing him. Chase said, “more, please”? Sharon giggled, “really
my Darling, more? You know how much I love to give it to you. You’re spoiling me”.

Sharon caressed his face telling him that she was totally ruined by him. That she couldn’t get enough of him. Couldn’t believe that he wanted her for everything about her. That he was a handsome, young, full stud that made her a woman in every way! She paused then gave him a squirt of cum and continued. “You suck my cock with “want and need” to have my cum and I love that”, she moaned and fired another slug into his mouth. She told him that she made it, always in hope that he wanted it and groaned another thin wad into his mouth. She laid back as her cock drooled inside his mouth saying, “Chase, you’re wonderful”. He was softly suckling her 5 minutes later when she said, “Chase, I want you to help me hurt. I’m empty but I want to cum again so keep sucking. I’m going to make it and spill it instantly. It’s going to hurt with delicious pain. I may cry out but keep sucking until I take it away. I may say anything but don’t stop! I’ll stop you”. Chase suckled as she moaned. “Yes my Baby, it hurts but I’m making….Ohhhh Darling, that hurts….. Oh my god, my gurl balls hurt so much, but don’t stop my love! Make them know that they are owned by you!…….Sharon started crying, “that’s it Chase, train them to give you cum on your demand”! Sharon was sobbing loudly “They’re hurting me chase. They’re fighting me! I want to cum but they won’t release!…… They’re full!…Squeeze them, make them give it to you”! Chase grabbed them, squeezed and Sharon groaned as her cock streamed a thin rope of cum inside his mouth. As the stream stopped, she lifted his face off her cock. He kissed her tear stained face then thrust his tongue inside her mouth. A minute later he sat hugging her.

Minutes later, he was nuzzling her, kissing her, groping her. She caught his face asking, “are you making out with me”? Chase smiled. Sharon laughed, “you are”! The next thing she knew, he was unbuttoning her blouse and feasting on her tits, she said “Baby, I’m salty, let me shower”? He kept on as she giggled. His hand went under her skirt, cupped her soft cock, then drove under her to finger her ass hole. One finger to start then 3 in all thrusting into her ass hole as she giggled. After a minute, she reached down, grabbed his hand, squeezed all his fingers together then pressed them toward her ass hole. Chase said, “are you sure Babe”? She nodded “yes”. In a slow solid push, his hand slid into her. Sharon leaned forward kissing him with a grin. “that will teach you to finger fuck my pussy, you wild boy”, she said. Sharon squeezed his wrist trapped in the grip of her ass hole. She giggled as she clamped it and released it. She grinned saying, “push! You can go deeper. You won’t hurt me”. Chase pushed until his forearm was inside her almost to his elbow, he asked “you OK”? Sharon smiled replying “I will be when I feel your elbow”. Chase pushed until her ass hole slid over his elbow. He laid on her 15 minutes, elbow deep flexing his arm muscles and slightly bending his elbow. “Oh Baby, you’re stretching me and it feels wonderful. Do you like it”, she asked? “Sweet Heart, I couldn’t imagine this! You’re such a toy, a gift! Yes, I love it”, He replied! Sharon giggled saying, “one day when I’m on my knees, I’ll take your whole arm up to your shoulder”.

The next afternoon Sharon was at home getting “cute”. Rodney an old boyfriend/work mate was supposedly stopping by after being away 4 years. She knew his real intention and had made a plan of revenge, shared it with Chase. Rodney came earlier than expected but she had anticipated it. He came in looking old, complimenting her, jealous of her home. He said something about it’s worth around 1.3 million, she laughed telling him that it wasn’t “her” place. It belonged to her boyfriend, she still had her home and together they had a Beach home on the coast. She flashed a large false diamond on her finger. Although she knew, she asked about the genetic girl that he married? She had come home unexpectedly finding them fucking in her house. She waited for him to tell her, they divorced and he remarried and divorced another girl. He asked about her boyfriend and was told that he would arrive soon. Chase came in a baggy work uniform, was introduced and chatted until he told them he was going to change and work out. Sharon replied that they were going in her office to review Rodney’s offer. Before they left, Chase came back through in gym shorts. His young muscular frame, thick legs, broad chest and full ripped arms made Rodney instantly jealous. He stopped, kissed Sharon on the forehead saying, “think about where you want to go for dinner later”.

Rodney said, “robbing the cradle”? She laughed saying, “no! He chased me for a year and wouldn’t take no”! She got up popping a gap and swayed her ass taking Rodney to her office. In the office, Rodney laid some papers on her desk explaining things as he looked down her blouse. She had on a designer lace bra which accented her full breast. His voice trembled and his breathing was fast as she said, “you may as well knock this off. You came in hope of getting in my panties”. Sharon got up, then bent over the desk telling him that he had at least 10 minutes left while Chase worked out. She raised her dress, pulled her leg opening to the side, fingered her ass hole and waited. Rodney was thrusting into her in seconds. “Damn Sharon, it’s better than ever”, he said. “Really? It was never good enough before. Those girls stole you every time”, she replied. “Damn it! I’m going to cum” as Rodney’s cock gushed cum into her! Sharon twisted her hips making him throw his cum out and on the last spurt, she stepped away saying “remember that! My man is the only one that gets it now”!

Rodney was sitting looking dejected when Chase came back through without a shirt, chest rippling and sweaty. He walked past them and Sharon crossed her arms as if she was waiting. Chase suddenly stopped, spun around, walked back and kissed her forehead. She unfolded her arms as he walked away. She winked at Rodney saying, “Do you think you can compete with that? He adores me”. As she escorted Rodney out, Chase came up lifting her dress and fingering her dripping ass cunt. Sharon said, “I got him! I paid that bastard back! All he can think of is that pussy you’re fingering and wishing it was his”! Chase slid his finger out and his cock in. He stroked her standing saying, “yes Baby, he wanted you! He left quite a load inside you. It’s old, thick like he’s not had any in weeks! Feels like I’m fucking with a condom”! Sharon clenched her ass hole tight making more friction for him saying, “knock his cum out of me! Give me some of your love”! Chase pounded into her until his cum jetted into her. He pulled free and she turned to kiss him. As they kissed, she flexed her anal muscles expelling their cum until it flowed down her legs.

Chase had anticipated this day for weeks. They were on the way to the “AGP”, the All Gurl Party. It was all couples, all gurls, and no genetic females allowed. All gurls had to spend at least one time, 10-15 minutes long in the “barrel”. There would be “NPZ”, No Pantie Zone’s and limits were personal choices. It was a casual wear event but required all gurls in skirts or dresses only. Sharon had chosen a Lavender strapless tube dress, dark garter style hose and shimmering white panties. They arrived to a nearly full parking lot and inside over 200 people. They mingled and drank an hour before Sharon went to affirm her time in the barrel. Finding that she had 20 minutes of wait time, she went back to sit in Chase’s lap. He would give her a short, quick spurt of cum as pre-lube. While on his lap, another couple came to sit with them. Noticing that the gurl had a wrist band that indicated she had already been in the barrel, she told them about it. She said it was the ultimate “cum dump” experience! They all came in different size’s, harder than steel and ready to blow! She added that she only stayed 15 minutes because she couldn’t hold any more cum. Hearing that, chase shot 2 thick wads in Sharon and remained with the couple while Sharon went to serve.

The gurl moved to sit on Chase telling him that she may as well keep his cock warm and not to cum as he had all night to cum. Tonight was for enjoying the “spice” of varied ass pussy. His cock slid into her with a loud squish. Her hole was wet with cum, loose, hot and seemed endless. “Ain’t it good! My Lady can break the balls of any cock she takes”, the man said. She rode him a few more minutes then got up saying, “hope to see you later” and they left. Sharon came back with a swagger and a smile. Chase asked “how was it”? She told him invigorating and it was true that so many came and went, dumping almost instantly. She laughed that it felt as if she had a pint of cum when her time was up. She added that she she sat and drained for more then 5 minutes after. They mingled again before going into the “NPZ”.

There were about 50 couples inside sitting at tables and booths. Each had a pair of panties as a center piece, if they indulged. They grabbed a table and Sharon set her panties on their table. Showing, viewing and public oral sex was expected in this area. Direct eye contact and mingling were the starting points. A young man immediately came to their table introduced himself and looked at Sharon. He pointed out his gurl who opened her thighs to flash her cock to them and wave. He told Sharon that he noticed her wrist band and perhaps he could clean her up a bit? Sharon spread her legs as he slid between them. He lifted her knees and drove his tongue into her slack ass hole. He probed, sc****d, licked and lapped her ass cleft as Sharon was kissed by Chase. He saw her cock dribble saying, “you haven’t cum yet? I’ll take a little if you want to share it”. Chase broke their kiss saying, “give him a taste, Sweet Heart”. The mans lips captured her cock and Sharon moaned saying “just 2 shots”. She kissed Chase and dropped a small wad on the man’s tongue. He smacked his lips, lapped her nut sack, then went back to her cock. “Oh god Chase, he’s good! He’s loving my cumming cock! Don’t kiss me or I’ll give him too much”. She spurted another wad into his mouth and pushed his head away. The man’s gurl came to their table saying, “Thanks! He’s always wanting to suck and I’m bone dry”. Many single gurls and couples came by to view Sharon. Several sucked her cock, ate her ass pussy and fondled her but she held her cum. They too mingled, viewed and both had sucked many gurl cocks before they moved on.

They walked arm in arm with Sharon giggling with excitement! She was taking him to the Gurl’s room. Inside was a single bed, which she had him lay on. In minutes another gurl came in climbed over him and sank her ass cunt down his shaft. He couldn’t assist them in any way, his job was to only provide them cock for their itching ass pussy. It was a reverse “barrel” room. Sharon sat in a nearby chair watching them ride him. “Don’t cum Baby unless you have to”, she said. When a dozen gurls had taken a ride on him, she locked the door and sucked his cock clean saying, “Don’t worry Baby! Our next stop is the Men’s room. You’re going to love it”!

Inside the Men’s room he found 12 gurls, shoulders down, ass up on loungers laid flat. Behind each one, a man or gurl thrusting into them. He could fuck as many as he chose, cum in any and keep moving down the line. Sharon would replace the first gurl in line and remain there as long as he was in the room. Chase fucked the first gurl but didn’t cum in her. As he stepped on, She got up and Sharon took her place. Chase moved down the line for an hour and came inside 4 of the gurls. Sharon had caught 11 cum loads in her ass and had been fucked by more than 26 different cocks. They left making their way to the Bar. It was considered a rest and flirt area.

As they entered the Bar, they were hailed by Ruth, the gurl from the couple they first met. They came to her table as she pointed down saying, “Burt’s under there”. She winked adding, “I needed to pee. If you got anything, I’m sure he wants it”. Sharon grinned, “Honey, I’m full! They had me in the Men’s room”. She was barely in her seat when she felt Burt nudging his face between her thighs. His mouth trapped her cock as his fingers trapped her bladder. Sharon looked at Chase smiling, he said “you’re pissing”? She giggled “yes”. Ruth told Chase that he had a really great gurl and asked if he needed to go also? She quickly added that she would love to sit on him and take it. He smiled as Ruth got up and slid into his lap. Seconds later he was filling her! Ruth said, “Mmmmmm, nice and hot! Just empty yourself, I can hold it. There’s plenty room in there”. Once both were done, the gurls went to the restroom so Ruth could empty herself. Inside, Ruth told her about a friend they had called “Black Samson”. He “stretched” gurls with his 6inch wide,17inch long cock and bull sized balls. She said that he literally gave back rubs from the inside out. Sharon grinned! Ruth told her if they were done here, they all could go visit him? Sharon agreed.

After a 30 minute drive following Burt, they drove on dirt farm road. As they pulled to a stop, they saw a Bald, stocky built black man in Bib-overalls watching them as they came in. He walked over to Burt’s car, opened Ruth’s door, lifted her as she wrapped her legs around him. They talked for seconds, then he slid her around on his hip holding her with one arm and walked toward Sharon who stood outside their car. Chase laughed “Damn”! Samson scooped Sharon up, sat her on his other hip and walked away.

Inside his house there wasn’t any chatting. Samson placed the gurls side by side, ass up on his king size bed. He stood stripping to reveal his weight lifter like body. Standing nude, his cock hung down to his knees, stiff but not pointing out. It looked like a 3rd arm. He coated it in simple Vaseline and laid a glob in each gurls ass cleft. Standing 1ft away behind Ruth, he laid his cock in her ass cleft and slowly walked forward. Ruth gleefully moaned. He sank balls deep, then stepped back 6inches and rocked his strokes into her. Ruth screamed, “Oh Samson! I’ve missed this! Missed your fantastic cock”! He plowed into her, slow, deep and with perfect rhythm until Ruth groaned. The men saw her cock spitting cum as he continued to stroke her. When she fell forward on the bed, her ass hole was red, swollen, gaped and turned inside out. It hung at least 3inches outside her anal cleft.

Samson moved over to Sharon saying, “ready”? She replied “yes”! He touched it against her ass hole and walked into her. Sharon grunted the whole time it sank into her. He asked “OK”? She moaned, “Hell yes”! Samson laughed and started his slow stroking into her. Ruth crawled next to her and took her hand saying, “isn’t it good being stretched”? Sharon smiled. Ruth said, “I told him to cum in you. You need to feel him splashing inside you! I swear it feels like a water hose spraying inside you”! The boys were watching as Sharon’s ass hole sank, then stretched back several inches as Samson’s wide black shaft contrasted against her reddening ass bud. After a few minutes, Chase asked her if she thought she could let Samson “unleash” his self and really throw a fuck into her. She asked him if he really wanted to see her do it”? He said, “yes”! Sharon reached both arms and Samson caught them, she said, “fuck me”! Samson pulled her back, circled his hips making certain she was bored open, then stepped back and slowly picked up his stroking pace.

Soon, he was pounding her! Shaking the bed with the power of his thrusts! He was literally knocking her away and pulling her back! Sharon screamed, “I’m cumming”! Ruth slid under her and locked her mouth on Sharon’s cock! Sharon fired cum wads until she was groaning. Just as Ruth let her cock free, Sharon started pissing! Ruth locked her cock again as Sharon hissed! The men watched as her bladder sprayed into Ruth’s mouth. Chase said, “He’s knocking the piss out of her”! Burt replied, “ain’t it beautiful”! Another 5 minutes passed then the room was filled with Samson humming. Burt said, “he’s going to cum! Watch his balls! They’re going to squirm upward and when they drop, she’s going to fucking scream”! They watched as his balls appeared to be fighting in his nut sack. Suddenly they slowly shook as they crawled upward. They stopped at the top and suddenly fell slack to the bottom. Sharon screamed loudly! Burt pushed Chase on the bed saying, “watch her belly bloat”! Chase gazed with his mouth opened wide as her stomach swelled bloating like a basketball. Sharon fell over with her back to Chase. He watched and heard her farting thick cum out of her prolapsed ass hole. He crawled over her kissing her as she said, “was I good? Did you enjoy me”? They kissed like lovers.

Samson was catching his breath as they viewed his white cum coated, black shaft hanging. Ruth was on her back as she said, “come wreck me Samson. Come fuck me like the Bitch I am. Don’t spare me! I’ve been such a whore today”! Samson crawled over, rolled her into a ball and slammed his cock into her! Burt said, “this is going to be good”! Samson raised his self above her to pull his cock completely out, then slam back into her saying, “how many did you fuck today? 10”? He pounded into her, she said, “more”! Samson rammed into her several times asking “20”? Ruth groaned, “more”! He was throttling into her, steady slamming his cock into her as he said, “you fucking slut”! Ruth said, “yes I am”! “30”, he asked? Ruth mumbled “more”. Samson started a “mean” stroke, throwing his body on her as his cock sank as deep as he could go saying, “whore”! Ruth replied, “yes”. Chase, Sharon and Burt were enthralled with their action. Samson fucked her unmercifully as she said, “that’s it, tear my ass cunt up! Throw a baby in this Bitch”! She knew she was priming him she said, “Yes, you Muthafucker! Plant a Baby in Burt’s Bitch! You know you want to”! Samson started humming with each stroke she said, “give me my damn baby”! Samson’s back whipped, then his body shook from head to toe! He came inside her throwing ropes of cum. H leaned back on his heels with his cock still in her as they watched it jerking with each spurt! One the last spasm, he slid his cock out and cum squirted out of the red mass extending from her ass hole. Ruth laid several minutes then held her arms up to Samson. He crawled over and they kissed like they were in love. Ruth said, “Thank you Samson”. Burt eased Chase and Sharon out of the room. As they waited 20 minutes, He told them that Ruth was making love to Samson because they were in love. He said that he didn’t mind at all because her happiness is the only thing he cared about because he is in love with her. Chase kissed Sharon saying that he understood completely.

Samson came out carrying Ruth in his arms. One arm under her knees, her dress hanging down showing her bare ass. Her legs together, soft ass cheeks jiggling and below them hanging a red, dripping mass of inner ass tube. From the mass dripped a stream of whitish cum. As Samson stopped, Burt dropped to his knees lapping her drooling ass, cleaning her and easing her prolapse back inside. Done, he moved away as Samson sat Ruth down and walked away without a word. The group sat, chatted and made future plans.

***** Burt and Ruth****** will follow this story

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