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I was 18 and, unfortunately, still lived with my parents. On top of it, my parents, especially my father, were extremely protective of me and rarely let me leave the house unsupervised.

They had always been strict, but in the last few years my father had just gone over the top. It wasn’t just with going out and dating either; he would flip over the smallest things. If I walked out of the bathroom with a towel on, headed for my room, he’d scream at me not to walk around the house naked! I was 5’8, 130 pounds and wore a 34 C, but I mean sheesh, it wasn’t like I wasn’t covered.

On top of it all, I was an extremely sexual girl and finding a safe time or place to masturbate was becoming a major problem! I took every opportunity to play with myself. My father would go to work in the morning and my mother’s grocery store and errand trips were heaven to me.

You see, my father was a geek about electronics and gadgets. We had a satellite dish and he paid for an illegal card so that we got ALL the channels, including pay per view and porn.

So, with the house to myself, I’d grab my vibrator (bought in secret for me by my best friend), spread out on the couch and flip it to one of the five erotic channels we got. I’d recline against the arm with my legs spread and my left hand gently rubbing my clit while I flipped through the channels, finding a scene that I really liked.

Once I had gotten really wet and found a good scene (my favorite was a girl sucking on another girl’s pussy while she got fucked from behind by some random stud) I’d turn on my egg-shaped vibrator and start rubbing circles around my clit with it.

In my right hand I would continuously be flipping through the porn channels and often, I would even slow down or stop masturbating for a while until I found the best scene to cum to.

I did this so often that even though I’m right handed I still to this day masturbate with my left hand!

Depending on how long my mom would be gone would dictate how many times I would get to cum while laying on the couch in nothing but my t-shirt with my hand in my cunt.

The weekends were the worst for me though. With my father off work and home, my mother would suspend her errand trips till the weekdays. So for two days a week I was stuck!

Eventually it became too much for me to handle. I would pretend to go to sleep when my parents went to bed, but I would lie there for several hours, waiting for them to pass out. In the early hours of the morning I’d sneak quietly out of my room, pausing to make sure their door was shut.

I’d creep downstairs to the living room and grab the remote. The trickiest part was turning it on and then quickly turning down the volume. Mute was too dangerous. I might accidentally hit the button during an orgasm or something and the house would be filled with the sound of some chick getting thoroughly fucked.

I would wear nothing but a nightshirt and would grab the blanket off the back of the couch. Slipping under it, I could spread my legs and play with myself and still hopefully be able to hide in the event that my mom or dad did happen to walk in on me.

Unfortunately I couldn’t use the vibrator I loved so much on these occasions because the house was too quiet at night. Nevertheless, these late nights became a regular occurrence. So much in fact, that soon they weren’t strictly limited to the weekends. Nearly every night I was sneaking down to the living room and playing with my pussy and watching porn.

It had been several months and I had gotten away with it for so long that I guess I got careless. Sometimes I would forget to check my parents’ door and I rarely ever covered myself with the blanket anymore. I paid for that carelessness.

It was a Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning actually, since it was about 2 a.m. I was reclining on the couch with my head on the arm and my legs spread wide. My left hand was furiously rubbing my clit and I was focused in on a scene of a very busty blonde getting fucked deliciously hard and deep by a tall guy with tattoos while her tongue flew around a tiny brunette’s bald pussy.

I was wearing only an oversized white t-shirt that came just below my hips and it was pulled up to the middle of my stomach to give me plenty of room to rub my pussy. I was so close to cumming. I was dripping wet, my small nipples were tight and hard and I was completely tuned in to the t.v.

My father’s voice cut through me and sent an electric current of fear straight to the pit of my belly.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

At first I was stunned into paralysis. I just stared at him standing at the bottom of the stairs as his gaze went first from me, my hand still between my casino ┼čirketleri legs, to the lusty threesome on the television. It didn’t take but a moment for me to shake out of my frozen state and slam my legs shut. I sat up and started stammering.

“I… uh, I mean… I was just… flipping through channels… and it, I mean…”

“Shut up,” he said, furiously.

I hung my head and said nothing. What was there to say anyhow? I was so ashamed. I couldn’t believe I had just gotten caught masturbating by my own father. I knew I was blushing and I couldn’t even hide it. My long red hair was gathered back into a ponytail on my head.

I heard my father cross the room until he was standing before me.

“Look at me damnit,” he said crossly.

I slowly raised my head, terrified. There were tears slipping from my eyes and I could still feel my nipples hard under my shirt, more from fear now than anything else.

I looked up at my father. He was 41 but carried his age well. He stood about 6’2 and only had a small gut to ruin his stocky physique. An ex military man, he still shaved his head even though it was receding slightly in the front.

I couldn’t look him in the eye. I focused my gaze at his mouth until his hand came down and grabbed my chin. Roughly forcing my eyes to his, he asked, “How long have you been doing this?”

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. My embarrassment was immense and all I could do was cry and look dejectedly up at him. He dropped my chin and exhaled in disgust. My head lowered again.

“Lay down.”

What? What did he just say? Did he tell me to lie down? I looked back up at him questioningly and he was staring at me.

“I said lay down. Now.”

He did! But why? I opened my mouth to ask him, to question what he had said.

“Shut up and lay the fuck down.”

I immediately did as I was told. I had spent my entire life being trained to do as my parents told me and it was a command I couldn’t ignore. I reclined back on the couch again and tugged at the bottom of my shirt, trying to cover myself from his eyes.

“Put your damn hands down and lie still,” he ordered me.

I put my hands on either side of me on the couch and lay there shivering, not understanding. His eyes raked over me and I knew that both my hard nipples and my shaven pussy were visible.

He knelt beside me and reached his hand out to my face. Grabbing my chin again he looked me in the eyes.

“You want to act like a slut, fine. I’ll help you.”

I didn’t know what he meant. I didn’t understand what was happening. I looked up at the ceiling, tears still streaming down my cheeks. I jumped and gasped when I suddenly felt his hand on my tit. He had cupped my entire left breast and was squeezing my nipple through my shirt.

I looked sharply at his face, but his gaze was on my chest, my nipples poking through the thin shirt.

“Daddy… I, uhm…”

“Shut up,” he replied.

I quickly returned my gaze to the ceiling.

He continued to fondle my breast, rolling the nipple between his thick fingers before moving to the other one. Moving from one to the other he was tugging and caressing them till they were long and distended, clearly visible through the cloth.

“Take off your shirt,” he told me.

“What? H-here?” I was so nervous.

“Yes, take it off now,” he replied.

Not knowing what else to do, I complied. Sitting up slightly to pull it over my head, I lay back down and placed one arm over my breasts and one hand cupped my cunt.

“Move your fucking hands,” he ordered me roughly. Again, I did as he said, turning my gaze up once again.

He sighed slowly and I could feel him looking at me, raking my body. Then his mouth was on my nipple, moist and hot. I gasped and squeezed my eyes closed. His tongue was licking me, making slow circles around my small, hard nipple. His other hand went to my other breast, squeezing and rolling the nipple.

I was breathing fast, scared and nearly screamed when I felt his hand on my belly. Rubbing softly before sliding down. First his big hand only cupped my pussy, squeezing gently. Then one of his fingers slid softly into me. I knew I was wet from earlier but his thick finger slipped into me so easily that my eyes flew open and I moaned slightly.

My father lifted his head from my nipple and laughed. “You like that, don’t you? You’re such a slut. If you like that, you’re going to love the dirty shit I’m going to do to you.”

His finger began to move in me, sliding slowly in and out. Deeper and deeper he burrowed his thick finger in my little hole. Then his finger slid wetly out before moving up to circle my hard clit.

I casino firmalar─▒ moaned again and my hips bucked softly. I couldn’t believe myself! My body loved the things my father was doing to it. I was a virgin and had never so much as slipped one of my own fingers inside of myself. To have my own dad’s big hands sliding around inside of my wet cunt was too much.

I felt my body blush with embarrassment again. My father only took my moans as encouragement and began rubbing my clit harder. Using two fingers he squeezed it between them and rolled it slowly. I began panting and he quit his onslaught on my breasts to focus more attention to my aching pussy. Standing up and moving to kneel on the couch, he spread my legs with his hands.

The only light in the room was from the television but it was enough for him to be able to see every detail of my 18-year-old pussy. I tried closing my legs but he growled and shoved them open even wider.

Still staring at me, he slipped one finger inside of me and began fucking me with it. He was watching his finger slide in and out of me. Seeing it glisten with wetness. Pulling it out he raised it to his mouth and sucked it in. He could taste the sweet tanginess of me and he couldn’t resist.

Leaning down he shoved his tongue inside of me, deep and hard. I cried out softly and tried to pull my hips away. Grabbing my hips, he raised his head and snarled at me.

“Shut your fucking mouth. You’ll wake your mother.”

With that said he went back to tonguing my cunt. Plunging in and out of me, tasting me. He licked up my slit and furiously flicked over my clit. I couldn’t help myself. I began to respond to his mouth. I was breathing fast and moaning softly. His tongue was wet and warm and it felt so fucking good!

I had been so close to cumming before he had come into the room and my body was begging for release. As my daddy’s tongue flew over my cunt I began to build. I could feel it begin in my belly. I instinctively reached down, grabbing his head. He moaned into me and licked me faster.

I began to beg. “Please. Oh god Daddy, please… please.”

My hips were rotating under his hands and his tongue was so hot and fast. “Daddy, oh fuck Daddy I’m going to cum! Please don’t stop!”

His mouth was all over me and I was exploding. Biting my lip to keep from screaming I slammed my cunt down on his lips. His lowered his head and shoved his tongue deep inside of my contracting pussy and fucked it in and out fast, licking up my cum.

Soon he stood up. He was wearing a white undershirt and pajama bottoms and I could see his hard cock through the thin pants. He pulled off his shirt, exposing his solid chest and thick arms. I lay there, still breathing hard and throbbing, confused.

He untied his pants and knelt back on the couch between my legs. Sliding the pants down to his knees, he freed his dick. He was stroking himself and looking at me. I could see his cock was only about 6 ┬Ż inches long, but was very thick.

“Oh you’re one hot little bitch, you know that? You loved your daddy licking your wet little pussy didn’t you? Oh fuck yes you did. And you’re going to love getting fucked by daddy too.”

With that, he placed one hand on my inner thigh, pushing it open farther and with one hand on his cock, guided himself into me. Slowly his thick cock sank into me. We both moaned at the hot feeling of hard cock in soft pussy. Leaning over, he pushed further inside of me before coming up against the barrier of my virginity.

My father laughed. “So I’m the first one to get a taste of you, huh? Good. You’ll be Daddy’s little whore then. I’ll be the only one fucking this tight little hole.”

Then he plunged through my hymen. I screamed, but he was prepared and shoved his hand down on top of my mouth. “Oh fuck yeah baby,” he moaned, sliding the rest of the way into me.

It hurt so fucking bad! It was a scorching throbbing pain and my pussy was too full. I whimpered under his hand and moved uncomfortably under him. He ignored my discomfort and began to move in me. Pulling his cock out before gliding it back into my hot, moist hole. He spread me wide so he could look down and see his dick moving in me.

It was wet with my cum and a little bit of blood. He threw his head back and groaned. Picking my legs up he placed them on either side of his head and then leaned forward, pushing my knees back into my body. I grunted in pain, but he only pressed them down harder before ramming his cock into me deep and hard.

I gasped and whined softly as he began to thrust into me fiercely. His breathing became ragged as his dick drove into me over and over. He began talking to me as he fucked me.

“Oh shit. Fuck g├╝venilir casino yes. You like it when Daddy fucks you, don’t you? You like Daddy’s big dick in that little cunt of yours? Tell me. Say it. Say you like it when your Daddy fucks you.”

Gasping from the pressure and the pain, I hesitated. He impelled me roughly on his cock and insisted, “Tell me!”

“Yes Daddy! I love it when you fuck me.”

He moaned again and began to plunge into my tight wet hole faster. He grabbed my outer leg and put it down, holding my calf to keep me spread for him. Using his other hand he reached down and began to play with my clit, rubbing it with his thumb as his cock continued to thrust deeply and wetly into me.

My pussy had stretched and become accustomed to being filled. When my father started rubbing my clit, I responded. I began to meet his thrusts with my hips, panting and moaning as his fingers moved over my clit. It felt so fucking good! His cock was so hard and thick and I could feel my pussy clenching around it wetly.

Seeing me beginning to enjoy the feeling of being fucked, he pulled out of me and stood up. His pants slid to his feet and he grabbed me by the hand, forcing me to stand up. Pulling me forward, he moved me out of the way so he could sit on the couch. I looked at him, confused.

“Sit on my cock,” he told me as he sat there, stroking himself.

I faltered for only a moment before taking a few steps and straddling him. Placing my knees on either side of his thighs, I lowered myself slowly. He was holding his cock steady by the base, guiding it up into my tight little hole.

I slid down on him and moaned as his hard length filled me again. Grabbing my hips, my father leaned back against the couch and began to guide me. Showing me how to raise myself and slide back down on him. I began fucking him slowly. His cock was so deep and hard. I began to tug on one of my nipples and threw my head back.

Seeing me play with my nipple, he reached out to the other one and began to squeeze it and roll it between his fingers.

“Oh yes baby. Fuck Daddy like that. Play with your tits for me. You like my cock being inside you, don’t you baby girl?”

“Hmmm… Yes. I love your cock Daddy,” I moaned. I was so turned on and into it at this point. I wanted to fuck my father. I wanted his dick, hard and deep inside of me. I began to bounce faster on his lap.

He put his hand on my belly and using his thumb, began to rub my clit. The added stimulation caused me to cry out softly and I began panting roughly. I was sliding my wet cunt up and down on the hard length of his cock faster and faster.

Soon he reached around with both of his massive hands to grab my ass and help me move on top of him. He was pulling me up and shoving me down on him hard, bucking his hips and thrusting into me on every downward plunge.

I could feel my orgasm building in my belly again as I was filled over and over with my father’s cock. I was roughly tugging and pinching my small pink nipples and my panting and moaning was becoming more and more labored.

My father’s breathing had quickened to match mine. As his cock suddenly swept me over the edge and I began to cum he pulled me tight against his chest, one hand still on my ass helping me fuck him. With the other hand he grabbed my long red ponytail and forced my head down to his, capturing my mouth in his and stemming the scream that had begun to build.

His tongue plunged into the wet crevice of my mouth as he pounded me ruthlessly from beneath, shoving his thick cock into me over and over. As my own orgasm was still washing over me, he moaned into my mouth and pulled my hair hard, forcing my head back.

He pounded up into my cunt fiercely several more times before releasing my hair and grabbing my hips, holding my pussy down tightly on top of him. The contractions of my tight hole had been too much for him and he came hard, sending one hot streaming burst of cum after another scorching up into me. I could feel his cock, hard and throbbing, release inside of me and I moaned.

He let go of my hips and I collapsed against his chest, his softening dick still inside of me. We lay panting against each other for a few moments before he spoke, lifting my shoulders off of him.

“Go get your ass cleaned up and get in bed damnit. It’s late.”

With that he lifted me off of him and stood up, pulling his pants up also. Leaning down to grab his shirt, he patted my ass and then headed up the stairs.

I just stood there, his cum still dripping out of me, and stared at his retreating back. What? That was it? No fucking way! What did this mean? What would happen tomorrow evening when he came home from work? What about tomorrow night? Should I sneak out to watch porn again? I had so many questions.

I leaned down to grab my own shirt off the floor and sliding it on, did as I was told. I was, after all, nothing if not a very obedient daughter

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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