Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 06

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I really thought I was nuts and I sought help. I picked a psychiatrist out of the book and made an emergency appointment with a receptionist.

How was I to know that Dr. Bumgarten would turn out to be in her early thirty’s, five foot nothing, ninety pounds, with long, red hair, full red lips, and an ass that I could cover with one hand.

I almost walked out as sweat began to pour off my forehead while my dick strained against the waistband of my jeans.

I got a grip on, sat down and, as she urged me on, explained in graphic detail the situation I found myself in.

As I got further and further into my tales of depraved ass rape she got redder and redder, squirmed in her chair, and her breath came harder and faster.

By the time I was pouring out the tale of the out of town whore who was so accommodating to my hand, the doctor ripped off her blouse and skirt and came around to where I sat in a chair. My head was down and my eyes were shut tight. I couldn’t look at this woman as I poured out my tale of shame and degradation.

My eyes flew open as I felt her hot breath through the fabric of my jeans. My dick was rock hard, even as I tried to purge myself of the guilt of my desires. She reached up and put a finger to my lips and I quit talking. She undid my pants and pulled them down to reveal my straining, still raw dick. I raised my hips to let her slide the pants off and spread my legs as she knelt to lick the tender underside of my cockhead. In a sudden gulp she swallowed my length and held me soaking in her warm, soothing spit. She slowly worked her tongue around my shaft and began a gentle sucking that started at the back of her throat where my dickhead rested.

I reached down and lifted her up so that my dick slid out of her grasping mouth. I turned her around and pulled down the skimpy frill of her underwear to expose the tiny cheeks and clenched crack of her ass. I leaned forward and ran my stiffened tongue down her sweating split. As my tongue touched the hot flesh of her cheeks she bent at the waist so that her crack spread wide. My tongue flew to her perfect pink pucker and I licked into the steamy hole.

She was sweet, with no hint of any flavor other than salty sweat and warm skin. I went lower with my tongue to bury it between her cunt lips. At the same time I put my hands around her tiny, perfectly shaped thighs and lifted her up as I leaned back in the chair. She put her hands on my knees and helped as I positioned her legs over the back of the chair on either side of my head. I pulled her back so that my tongue had access to both her slick holes and her mouth settled over my upthrust dick. She tightened her lips around my shaft and started a vacuum cleaner suction on my cockhead, raising up to get her tongue tip into the leaking hole at the end.

I licked at her clit and swabbed up and down her cunt slit. I rammed my tongue deep into her snatch and my nose met the tight pucker of her asshole. She pushed back against my nose and the tip stretched out the ring. She rode my nose with her rectum while my tongue reamed deep into her pussy. Her tongue worked up and down the shaft of the dick she had swallowed deep into her throat. I bucked my hips up and crammed more of my straining bursa escort cock into her mouth as she ground her pussy on my tongue and her bung onto my nose. I sucked air into my lungs through my gaping mouth and outstretched tongue. Her flowing juice streamed into my throat and I almost choked on it as I gasped for breath. My nose was tight against her pucker and no air could get into it. We rode each other until the shivers of pending orgasm began and she sucked and swallowed my pulsing dick until the cum boiled up from my sack and shot into her throat. The slick, hot juices of her clenched snatch bathed my aching tongue as her uncontrollable spasms of ecstasy jerked her asshole on my nose.

Spent, we rested for a few moments. She kept a gentle steady suction on my dick and it stayed hard in her hot mouth. I pushed her forward off my face and admired the perfect, pulsing holes just inches in front of me. I held her cheeks in my hands and put my index finger against the pucker of her asshole. She groaned as I gently massaged her anus and squeezed her taut cheeks.

I stopped poking my finger at her tight bung, lifted her legs off the chair and helped her get into position so that she sat on my stomach, face forward and laid back against my chest. As I took both petite nipples between my thumbs and forefingers she took my stiff dick in hand and slid down so that the cockhead pressed just inside her soaking pussy lips. A fresh flood of juice gushed out and bathed my cockhead. She moaned with anticipation and eased her ass down my stomach. With agonizing slowness she worked my dick into her clenching pussy and I pulled and twisted her nipples as I resisted the driving need to pound back into her slick, hot snatch. After an eternity that only saw half my length encased in her pussy I could stand it no longer. I jerked down hard with both hands wrapped around her tits. With a cry of pain she pounded down to ease the agony in her breasts and rammed the rest of my straining cock past the end of her cunt tunnel and deep into her cervix. The tight little hole expanded and contracted around the head of my pecker and she gasped at the fullness in her. I let go of her left tit and ran my hand down between us until it cupped the straining cheeks of her ass.

I pushed with my middle finger into the crack and found her rubberband sphincter. I stabbed and twisted my finger into her asshole and she raised her hips and moved her ass to rotate around the stiff finger in her butthole and the pulsing dick in her cunt. I moved my own ass to work my dick partway out of her sucking pussy then rammed back and up to the hilt. Over and over we ground against each other with my finger trapped deep in her butt. She raised higher and higher off my dick until each withdrawal left only the tip between her cunt lips. I used the hand under her ass to hold her up in that position and slipped my index finger up her bung to join the one still in her. She tightened down so hard on the two fingers penetrating her anus that I thought I would lose circulation in them. I crooked the fingers in her ass and pulled back down to drive her deep onto my cock. I pulled my other arm around her stomach and heaved up out of the chair. My fingers and dick drove deeper bursa escort bayan into her grasping holes as I turned her face to the chair. She grabbed the back of the chair with her hands as I dropped her onto the seat of the chair with her straining ass in the air. I pulled my fingers out of her butt with a sucking sound and placed both hands in her cheeks.

We sweated and cried out with effort as I began a long hard pound deep into her slick cunt. I pulled all the way out after each thrust and drove back through her pussy lips to bury my cock deep into her. She held perfectly still with my hands tight on her cheeks as I slammed again and again into her tight depths. My cock was so sore with all the raw violence of the last two days that I was sure I could never heal. But, the woman I was pounding at was irresistible to me. I knew that I would fuck her until we both collapsed. I slammed deep and held her tight against me as her pussy muscles spasmed up and down the shaft of my dick. I felt the boiling in my sack as her trembling body worked up to a second coming that threatened to drown us both in it’s blind intensity.

I pulled back one last time as the cum worked it’s way down my shaft and hesitated at the door to her pussy until I felt the stinging at the end of my cockhead. At that moment she pushed back against me and I slammed forward. I filled her way past the end of her cunt and she shook in spasmodic jerks as my prick pulsed and shot hot cum deep into her. Over and over our orgasms shook us, while sweat poured out of us and the jiz flowed out around the base of my deeply buried shaft. Even before the last of the cum oozed out of my aching cock I pulled out of her fiery hole. I took the base of my dick and pulled the head up to her asshole. She was clenched so tightly as she continued to shudder from her orgasm that the pucker was only half as big around as before. I gave a push and the head of my dick entered the hole until it hit the ring of muscle that held her tightly shut. A last gob of hot cum splashed out and at the feel of the burning liquid against her hole she gasped and relaxed her tight grip. I lunged forward and drove half my length into her anus. She screamed with agony and threw herself back on my raping prick. I was buried to the hilt in her spasming asshole. The stretched walls of her butt clenched around my bulging shaft and her sphincter squeezed the base of my dick. The blood engorging my pecker was trapped from the pressure of her clenching muscles and my swollen shaft grew even larger.

She ground back against me and worked my shaft in her asshole. I pulled out of her hot dark hole and her grip was so tight that the skin of my crotch was stretched tight as her asshole sucked back at my rigid pole. When the ridge of skin at the base of my cockhead hit against her clenching sphincter it took all my strength to finish fucking out of her. My cockhead was pinched by her clutching hole and I held it in that grip so that her spasms massaged the tender underside. I pulled the rest of the way out and her muscles snapped her hole tight with a pop. I reared back and lunged. My pole drove deep into her hard, rubbery shit tunnel, the friction of my long, fast slide pulled the head of my dick escort bursa back and opened the slit hole at the tip. She cried out at the savage pounding against her cheeks as the base of my cock was engulfed in her butt.

My thighs crushed against her and I ground deeper and deeper into her hot hole. I twisted and thrust and pulled back to fuck deep into her again and again. She grunted with the effort as her muscles kept up a rhythmic spasm up and down her asswalls. The massage on my shaft was excruciating. My already raw, tender bung splitter was taking a beating inside her but I gritted my teeth and started a long, hard, fast fuck into her shithole. All at once she gave a great shout and tried to pull away from me. All her effort had drained her and her asshole was sore and bleeding from the pounding thrusts that I gave her. I straightened my legs so that I stood at my full height and the base of my dick pulled up inside her abused tunnel. She raised up off her knees and again tried to move away from the ravaging dick slammed into her butt.

I fell forward with her thighs gripped tight in my hands so that her chest hit the back of the chair and her head hung over the edge. I kept her suspended with my dick in her ass and her upper body on the chair. I twisted her torso so that she was suddenly laying on her upper back against the chair and her legs followed around to poke straight up and rest against my chest. The feel of her tight hole twisting on my flaming dick was unbelievable so I put my hands under her ass and twisted her back and forth on my stiff shaft. The change of direction must have triggered a reserve of pleasure for her and she groaned and used her stomach muscles to help me get even more motion into the twist. She started to milk at my shaft with her butt muscles again. The delicious sensation started the juice in my sac to stir and look for a way out. She shuddered and shook with the effort she put into milking my prick.

I pulled back and jerked her down so that her back was on the chair cushion and her legs were shoved back over her head and spread wide. I looked down into her slime coated cunt that pulsed and gaped, past it to the massive shaft crammed into her shithole. I got down on my knees and let her ass settle into the cushion. Then I thrust and thrust deeper and deeper into her asshole. Her asswalls clenched tightly around my shaft as her orgasm built and the cum leaked out the tip of my straining prick. I pulled out of her and my dick was coated with a brown stain that dripped to the floor and filled the air with the perfume of well-fucked asshole. I plunged deep into her reeking shithole, she bucked up to meet my thrusts and together we burst into an agony of orgasmic spasms. The fluid spurted out of my throbbing shaft and burned into her bowels. She screamed with ecstasy as my shaft swelled even larger. She lunged up with a shudder and gripped her sphincter tight around the base of my shaft. I held tight into her asshole as the last of the juice shot out of my dickhole. She gasped one last time and collapsed into the chair as her legs dropped to the floor. My dick was still trapped in her spasming hole as I fell on her and reached for her mouth with mine. We kissed deeply and our tongues intertwined as my prick relaxed in her still tight grip. We slipped off the chair to the plush carpet now stained with our fluids. I caressed her tits and kissed her until my limp shaft slipped out of her leaking asshole and dragged on the carpet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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