Camp Out

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I woke up this morning in our tent in the woods, the faint clinking of camping cookware being arranged over a crackling fire, the sun barely visible through the treetops on its approach. Forest sounds so comforting, campfire smoke wafting through the screened “windows”… I smile, remembering where I am, pulling your pillow close to hug and inhaling your scent from it.

Outside the tent, your soothing voice is humming some song we’d made fun of last night, singing it over and over until I was laughing hard. You told me my laugh was one of your favorite sounds, I had blushed. You’d taken my hand in yours, stroking it gently before kissing it, and then all the way up my arm to my neck, face and lips.

I had whispered I was scared: I knew what you wanted, I wanted it too, but my heart was pounding so loudly I couldn’t think, my head was spinning from your touch and I…

You told me everything would be ok, you’d never hurt me, or make me do something I didn’t want to,… that was the key. I had pushed you back on our sleeping bags, already zipped together to form a king sized bed, I straddled your crotch, and leaned down to kiss you deeply.

Your hands slid under the back of my shirt, and released me from my bra, which made me shiver with excitement. I pulled back from our kiss, stared into your eyes and turned off the battery lantern, leaving us bathed in moonlight and the occasional golden flicker from the dwindling campfire.

I sat up, and pulled my shirt off over my head. You helped me the rest of the way out of my bra, and just admired me for a minute. You moaned and smiled, I knew you were pleased: fuel to my fire! I pulled your hands to my bare breasts, closed my eyes and enjoyed your strong touch. I reached down and undid the buttons on your flannel shirt, opening it to reveal your absolutely perfect, hair-covered chest.

“You’re going to keep me nice and warm tonight.” I said as I pushed my hands through the mix of brown and gray hair, feeling your heart pounding through my fingertips.

“Absolutely, Baby Girl.” Your voice was low and determined, it made my pussy even wetter and a whimper escaped my lips. Your hands left my chest and opened my jeans. I watched breathlessly as you moved to your own zipper. Before I realized it, we had switched places and kartal otele gelen escort you eased my head down on our surprisingly comfortable camping bed. A smile curled your full lips, and I couldn’t help but lick my own. You leaned up and kissed my forehead.

“I’ve wanted this for so long.” Your voice was needy. I nodded. “Me too!” You moved back a bit and took a hold of my jeans at either hip, slowly but firmly you pulled them downward, which left only my black lace panties separating you from my dripping cunt. You moved off me and slipped the denim past each of my feet, tossed them onto my duffle bag next to the bed, and removed your own pants.

I watched you slide them and your boxers off your legs in one quick, smooth motion. I gasped as your thick, hard cock jutted out into the night air; I was almost panting and looked away when I realized you were watching my reaction. I heard you chuckle and I was so glad we were in relative darkness so you couldn’t see my blush.

After slipping out of your flannel shirt, you lowered yourself onto me once more, and the head of your shaft dragged along my inner thigh. I whimpered and squirmed the closer you got to my lace. You moaned, rubbing along the dampness seeping through my panties.

“You’re so ready, aren’t you…?” Your voice said you knew the answer but I nodded and moaned anyway, my big breasts heaved in the moonlight. You reached down and tugged at my lace panties, I raised my ass just enough, and you slipped them down my thighs and past my knees, helping each foot out as well. You inhaled deeply.

“Fuck, you smell so good Justine.” I whimpered again at your words, and reached for you. You leaned near and I wrapped my arms around your neck. “Awe, you’re shivering Jus, do you need a blanket?” You asked. I shook my head.

“Just YOU!” I wrapped my legs around you, pulled you closer, a slight wiggle and another pull set your head at my tunnel. You reached up and caressed my cheek.

“You ready for this… Hmm?” Your whispered question made me nod wildly as my fingers raked your bare back. “You want my thick cock to press inside your pussy?” Your voice got deeper and I whimpered again, my legs and arms pulling at you but your strength so much more than my own, istanbul kartal escort resisted until I answered.

“Yes!” I managed to exclaim. “Fill me!” I almost whined, writhing beneath you, desperate to be one with my Lover. You pushed a little and your head sank into my cunt. I gasped, again and again the farther you pressed into me. My whole body was trembling by the time you stopped.

“You feel ok?” You asked. I stared up at you with wide eyes, and my mouth hung open. I did my best to answer amid my short, gasping breaths.

“You’re… perfect!” I said, overcome with emotion, my chin quivered as a happy tear slipped from the corner of my eye. You moaned, caught the tear with a fingertip, and smiled. “You take such good care of me.” I whispered, caressing your face.

“You have no idea.” Your voice grew hoarse with hunger, and you started to pull out of me. My mouth again open, I gasped at the sensation as you pushed back in. “Fuck, you’re so tight and slick!” You admired, moving faster. I relaxed my legs and spread them wide so you had full access and freedom to move.

My fingers moved to your chest, and I enjoyed your hair and warmth, as I felt your body nestle onto my lips and your thrusting worked to expose and stroke my throbbing clit. The heat that glowed from my core, forced my hands to the blanket beneath me and I gripped handfuls of our bedding, our breathing ragged and shallow as we both neared the point of no return.

“You want my cum, Baby Girl?… Hmm?” You almost growled. I whimpered. “You want me seed?” You asked again, though you could hardly speak then, but I found my voice.

“Yes, Baby! Fill me, make me yours!” I answered breathlessly. You cried out as your load flooded my cunt. I felt it splash against my womb’s gate and it pushed me over the edge. My hands went limp as every cell in my body exploded with the tingles of orgasm, our bodies bucked and rocked together, finally one.

We’d held each other all night, woke only enough to fuck when our bodies became aroused from our closeness. At least once that I remember, I rode you, and you were so deep inside my cunt. The last time, we’d fallen asleep again before your perfect rod slipped from my pussy.

The tent zipper slowly opening brings kartal rus escort me back to this morning as you peek in. I smile when I see your face.

“Good morning, Beautiful.” You say softly, kneeling on the bed and crawling up to lay beside me, your hiking boots hanging off the end of the blankets. I snuggle into your arms, your fresh flannel shirt giving away the breakfast menu.

“Mmmm…” I inhale. “Potatoes and sweet peppers, mushrooms and onions… Breakfast burritos!” I exclaim. You laugh.

“Indeed! And hot chocolate.” I give you a squeeze and you hold me closer for a second. You kiss my head and pat my arm. “Better get dressed, Kitten, and come eat; I’d love to take you to see the peak, and that fire watchtower, before lunch.”

I nod and push back the covers, revealing my naked form. You moan loudly, enjoying the view. I laugh and grab your discarded flannel shirt from the night before, wrapping it around my front and hiding my body from your eyes.

“Go!” I laugh, pointing to the door as you reach for my bare ankle. I shriek as you grip it and tug gently. “Breakfast!” I say.

“I’ll just eat you…” you growl, pulling me back towards you as I put the flannel shirt on, leaving the front wide open.

You dip your head between my legs. I sigh as your hands reach behind me, grabbing my ass, and I whimper when the strongest sensation changes from the scratch of your beard on my inner thighs, to intense flicks of your tongue on my clit. “Oh.. OH! … BABY!” I whimper, falling backward on the bed.

A half hour later, I step from the tent in a pair of jeans, hiking boots and your flannel shirt, front panels tied in a knot by my zipper. I turn and close the tent door, laughing when I hear you whistle behind me. When I turn around, you’re right there and take me into your arms, kissing me deeply, your tongue playing with mine.

“Mmmm…” I pull back and smile. “I taste even better when I’m on your lips.” You laugh at my realization and nod, taking my hand and leading me towards our camp chairs.

After we eat and douse the fire, we fill our water bottles from the cooler jug at the end of the picnic table, and shove them into a backpack with some energy bars before we climb into your truck. I slide to the middle, resting my hand on your thigh as we pull away from the campsite.

I look over at you, telling me the history of this area and about some of the fires that cleansed these hills in years past. I smile, wondering how I got so lucky to have found you, so lucky to have someone who really gets me, wants me,… loves me so completely. I’m in awe, and lay my head on your shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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