Call me, lover. Chapter three

Call Me, Lover! Ch. 03

If you are just reading this I suggest you read the two previous chapters to get up to speed.

This is a work of fiction and all persons involved are 18 years of age or older.


Jenna made the first move, as Trish was dumbstruck.

“Hello, my name is Jenna.” She said to Trish and me.

“Hello.” Trish said when she regained her voice. “This is my husband Kevin, and I am Trish.”

We exchange small pleasantries for a moment then decide to retire to the dining room for dinner. Upon leaving I notice the drunks mumbling about how “some guys have all the luck!” I just grin on the way out.

We have a lovely dinner, nothing elaborate, but tasty just the same. When the waitress asks if we would like any dessert, Trish quickly replies;

“We will be having dessert at our home!”

I am momentarily stunned by my wife’s statement. But manage to ask for the check. I pay, and we all walk out to the parking lot. For a second we all stand in silence not knowing what to say. Then boldly Trish swoops over and begins French kissing Jenna. To my surprise Jenna is kissing back without hesitation. Then as quick as it started it was over and Trish say’s;

“Follow us home!”

We arrive home in record time, and barely make it in the living room when clothes begin to come off. Not theirs, mine. They both were stripping me down. I sat on the couch and the two began to share my cock. Stroking and sucking playing with my nuts, and all with the fiery seductive eyes looking up at me. Then Jenna got up and eased up her skirt to reveal she had no panties on either. Upon seeing the Jenna’s nine inch cock, Trish got up and ushered us all in the bedroom.

It’s amazing how fast these two can strip off those skirts. In a matter of seconds I was staring at my wife and my lover both naked except for garters, stockings and stiletto’s. Trish, without hesitation, locked on to Jenna’s cock and sucked like a porn star. I was so hot, just watching. Jenna appeared to be having a great time, as she moaned, and staring at me with those “I am going to fuck you so hard” eyes.

Trish suddenly looked over and said;” Get over here and kneel down.”

“What do you want me to do?” I said as I kneeled next to her.

“I want you to suck this cock, now.”

I stammered and protested as though I never had done it, and Trish forced my head down on to Jenna’s huge cock. I began slow, keeping up the façade that I was a cock virgin, then slowly began to improve.

“He is a fast learner.” Jenna said.

“Yes he is, replied Trish, and we are going to teach him good tonight!”

“Yes we are!”

My dick was jumping at hearing them speak of how good they were going to teach me. I was on cloud nine, sucking my mistress’s cock in front of my wife, with permission.

“I don’t know what happened, Trish said, but watching you suck cock has got me really hot.”

She got up and walked to the bed side table. She returned wearing her big strap on and carrying the lube. It was apparent I was getting fucked.

“Get up!” she ordered. “Jenna, would you mind sliding up the bed some? I want him to suck you whilst I fuck his ass!”

Jenna moved with just a grin. Then Trish threw me down face first on the bed.

“Put your ass up you cock slut!” ordered Trish. “Now suck that dick good and get ready, I am going to tear your ass up!”

With that she applied lube to the mammoth strap on and a healthy amount on my ass. Then without ceremony she began to push it in. I stopped sucking and winced. Seeing this Jenna said; “Easy Trish, if you hurt him on entry it is not an enjoyable experience.”

“How should I do it to not hurt him, normally it just slides in?”

Jenna looked at me with the twinkle in her eye, knowing it was because she had been opening me up before Trish had been fucking me. Jenna got up and went behind me with Trish.

“You do it like this,” She said as she started by putting a finger in my ass. Then she put two fingers in, and finally three fingers in my ass. She then looked at Trish and said; “Ok, now he is properly lubed and stretched you can ease in like this.” I could tell right away Jenna was fucking me, you can feel the difference. It felt so hot and my dick was rock hard. Trish noticed this and commented.

“You got rock hard! You are a cock slut aren’t you? Do you like having a real cock up your ass? I bet you do, and when she is ready you will eat all her cum!”

I was in heaven. My wife was in total control and my mistress was fucking me. I wasn’t sure how things could be better.

Trish moved away and began removing her strap on. “I don’t need this!” she said. All the while Jenna was slowly fucking my ass. She would pull out until the head was almost out then push it in until our balls slapped together. She really knows how to fuck me.

Trish came back wearing just her garters, nylons, and heels. She climbed on the bed and positioned herself so I could eat her pussy.

“Taste how hot I am, honey. I think this may be a regular thing from now on!”

I couldn’t believe I heard what she said, but neither Jenna nor my self showed any signs of surprise. I noticed a change in the way she fucked my ass, her cock swelled and she picked up the pace. I also began to devour Trish’s pussy.

“I guess you like that idea, Trish said. You haven’t eaten me this well in years, she crooned as she came.”

Jenna was going to cum soon so she pulled out and cleaned off. She then came over and we ate Trish’s quivering pussy together. She came with such force that Jenna and I we coated with her spray.

I laughed and looked at Jenna. “You look like a glazed doughnut!”

She didn’t speak but we began to lick all Trish’s cum off each others faces.

“Oh my god, that is so hot! Trish said.”

“Come fuck me Jenna, please!”

With that said I sat back and just took in the view. My wife was on her back being fucked by my transsexual mistress. Trish was in heaven; her beautiful hairy pussy was being plowed deep by Jenna’s nine inch divining rod. I knew my wife was in heaven as her toes were curled, she rolled her hips for maximum penetration and her pussy was just free flowing at this point. They were making out ferociously and sucking each others tits.

I was relaxing nicely when they both decided for a change. Trish climbed on my cock and slid me in her amazing pussy and began to ride. Then Jenna began to ease in to Trish’s ass. Trish was having constant orgasm at this point. And I could tell Jenna was holding back. I felt my own orgasm ready so I gave Jenna the nod. She began ramming her cock in and out of Trish’s ass fiercely, Trish was gasping for breath. Then Jenna pulled out and rushed over to my face, cleaning her tool as she went. Then I was being coated and having my mouth full of cum.

“That’s so fucking hot! Trish moaned, as her pussy milked my dick. I came almost instantly, wave after wave. I filled Trish with my spunk. Without skipping a beat she, when I finished cumming she slid off my cock and moved up to straddle my face. She never lost a drop, until she was on my face. Then the flood gates opened. I was cover in cum and choking it down. She squeezed every drop out of her pussy before she and Jenna began to eat the rest of it off my face.

We collapsed in to a pile of post orgasmic bliss and fell asleep almost instantly. I awoke in the morning crawled out of bed and looked back. What I saw was a sight I dreamed off. My wife and mistress both cuddled in to each other in the same bed.

It has been a month since we met Jenna for dinner. Not much has changed, except Jenna lives with us now. We all sleep in the one bed and lead a pretty normal life. I still have 1on 1 sex with both of them occasionally, but we all play together most every night. Jenna got Trish to go to the adult book store. She sucked five cocks on her first time, seven if you count Jenna and me.

I said it before; I don’t think my life could get any better…

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