BSTC Day 02

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The boys woke up to the sound of giggling moms and watched as they filed into the room wearing nothing but white transparent nylon body stockings. They each carried a breakfast tray as they strode across the room in bare feet.

Todd sat up as he watched his mom prance towards him. The site of her nylon encased tits and the V of her cute little, nearly bald mommy-pussy was sending the blood rushing to his cock. He smiled to himself, knowing that it was one of the cunts he had pounded the night before.

“Morning cutie.” She said, setting the tray down on the bedside stand.

“Morning.” Todd said.

“Sleep well?” She asked, leaning over and giving him a sensual peck on the lips.

“Sure did.” He smiled.

Like the other moms, Vicky pulled the blankets back and climbing onto the bed straddled her baby boy.

Todd sighed as he felt the heat of her genitals. The bottom of his now hard shaft sunk between the thick squishy lips of her labial meat as she rested her weight on him.

Looking straight ahead Todd stared at her bulging breasts as they pushed against the mesh-like fabric.

“Think I could get away with wearing something like this at home.” She smiled down at him.

“Probably not.” Todd chuckled.

Vicky began to spoon feed him as the other moms were to their sons.

“So how did I do last night?” Todd asked.

“You were making twelve grown women scream. How do you think you did?” She asked sarcastically.

“I wish I’d have known which one was you.” He said, as his mom fed him another spoon-full.

“Why, so you could have given my poochie some extra attention.” She smiled.

“Yeah.” He said.

“Well don’t fret too much, sugar. I’m sure you’ll be spending plenty of time up inside mom’s squeeze-box the next few days.” She said.

“I hope so.” Todd said, flexing his cock against her quim.

Vicky responded, crushing her clit against his bulging barrel.

“Me too.” She smiled, staring down at him.

They glanced over at Jeff and his mom who were on the next bed over. Michelle was laying flat against him, her big tits sandwiched against his chest as she whispered naughty things into his ear.

“Hard to believe that’s the same mom who used to ground him all the time for coming home late.” Todd said. “Now, sweetie, we moms may ground and scold you once in a while, but inside…we’re all just horny little girls…that’ll never change.” She said.

Vicky brought her soft chest down onto her son’s, snuggling against him.

“Horny little girls in big girl bodies.” She said.

“Naughty little girls that crave big dick.” She whispered, kissing at his ear.

Todd wrapped his arms around her voluptuous body, holding her tightly against him. Soon they were making out like young lovers, their tongues dancing together passionately.

Vicky gently rocked her hips, rubbing her swollen gash against the girth of Todd’s fuck-steak.

As his mom flailed her tongue against the soft of his neck Todd smiled. As the rest of the world went about its marry way, here were twelve lucky boys, tucked away in a secret compound with their big breasted, overly horny moms showing them the pleasures of manhood.

After about fifteen minutes Monique entered the room and smiled as she saw the moms loving on their boys.

“Boys…how was breakfast?” She asked.

“Yummy.” One of them sighed, making all the mom’s giggle as they sat up.

“Moms, if you’ll follow me, we’ll prepare for the first exercise of the day.” She said.

Vicky climbed off her son, gazing down at him with hearts in her eyes as she drug her long nails across his chest.

“See you in a while.” She smiled.

“Okay.” Todd muttered, his heart pounding with excitement.

After the boys were prepared Monique came back for them.

“Boys, follow me please.” She said.

They followed her down the hallway and into the hall of the Goddess. The moms were all waiting, standing by lounge-chairs completely naked.

“Find your mum and embrace her.” The Goddess said as she stood at the front of the hall.

Todd walked over to Vicky and faced her, placing his arms around her soft hips as she threw hers around his neck.

“Hey.” She said, in that cute little mommy-tone.

“Hi.” He smiled, a bit nervously.

“Today, with the help of your mothers we will be teaching you the various positions of sexual intercourse. Once each couple has take the position you will have one minute to practice it. Pace yourselves, boys. Remember, a true cocks-man can fuck for hours without blowing his load.” The Goddess explained.

“Well, look at that…back inside that squeeze-box sooner than you thought.” Vicky whispered, gazing up at her son.

“Mums on your backs…boys, cocks out and ready for penetration.” The Goddess commanded.

Vicky stepped over to the knee-high lounge and laid down on her back against the soft mattress-like cushion, her tits rolling across her chest.

Along with the other boys Todd removed his shorts, releasing his big bobbing casino ┼čirketleri erection.

“This first position is the most common. It’s called the missionary position.” The Goddess said.

A large image was projected onto the wall. It showed a couple engaged in missionary position intercourse.

Vicky parted her legs and Todd crawled up in between them. He heard a few of the moms moan as their sons slid their cocks up inside them.

“This position allows a great deal of body contact and a good depth of penetration.” The Goddess continued.

Vicky let out a cute little squeal as he son’s cock split her quim and rose up her clutching birth canal. She slid her long silky-smooth legs up around his waist as he brought his weight down against her.

Todd touched bottom, feeling his blood-engorged cock-head curve slightly upward as it squashed the head of her cervix.

“One minute of practice…you may begin.” She said. The row of twelve teenaged asses began to slowly rise and fall as they fucked their cocks in and out of the matronly holes.

Todd looked straight down into his mother’s eyes as he slowly sawed his big dick in and out. Her mouth was slightly agape, her pupils glazed over, her lips curled slightly into the naughtiest smile he had ever seen.

“Yessssss…oh, sweetie, that’s good.” She panted.

“Oh God, it feels incredible, mom.” He muttered, his voice quivering.

“Long strokes, boys…let her feel the power of your manhood.” The Goddess said.

Todd rested his head on Vicky’s shoulder and he felt her lips at his ear.

“Faster…fuck it a little faster.” She whispered.

Todd complied, putting a little more power in his hips as he fed his strong, blue-veined cock through her velvety socket.

The sound of balls slapping against skin filled the chamber as the boys hammered away at the hungry pussies.

Like many of the others Todd and Vicky had now fallen into a rhythm, their nude bodies bouncing against the lounge as they did the mating dance.

“Boys, keep your cocks inside mum as you move her into the next position. This one is called the side-by-side.” The Goddess said. After looking up at the monitor Todd and the other boys fell to their sides, with their moms legs still wrapped around them. Now he and Vicky were both on their sides, facing each other.

“Boys, notice how your mums are keeping their legs wrapped around you to facilitate deeper penetration. As you thrust she’ll use her legs to pull you towards her to achieve greater depth.” The Goddess explained.

As Todd began to fuck in this position he realized that his mom knew exactly what she was doing. She had had years of experience in these positions and didn’t even need to look up at the monitor as he did.

“Oh, baby…you’re doing sooo good.” She moaned.

He could feel the heels of her sexy little feet, pulling him in each time he thrust forward. The silky feel of her freshly shaven legs coiled around him was amazing.

As the minute went on Todd heard one of the moms pop, her cute little scream echoing through the hall. A few seconds later another mom began to howl.

“Ohhhh sweetie.” Vicky cried.

“You’re gonna make me cum.” She panted.

Hearing this Todd increased his tempo. Five seconds later he felt her clutching twat begin to spasm around his pistoning cock.

“UUUUUUNNNGGGG, GOD!!!!” She screamed, clutching her son like a spider would it’s prey as she creamed.

Todd had enough time to ride his mom through her orgasm before the Goddess moved them on to the next position.

“Moving your mum back onto her back our next position is called the butterfly.” The Goddess said.

Vicky lifted her legs and placed her feet on Todd’s shoulders.

“Place your cocks outside the vagina and slowly begin pushing forward. This will cause the cock to plow against the top wall of her vagina and stimulate the G-spot, which we discussed yesterday.” The Goddess said.

As Todd began to stab at her clam, his eyes were drawn to his mom’s tits as they rolled up and down her chest. The were like fleshy waves rippling up and down.

The teen felt his cock-head dragging across the wet rubbery texture of Vicky’s most sensitive spot and like most of the moms in the room, she spent most of that minute howling in orgasm.

“Now move to the edge of the lounge, boys kneeling on the floor for the vertical missionary.” The Goddess said.

Todd knelt on the floor between Vicky’s legs as she sat on the edge of the cushion. He clutched her meaty buttocks and drove his cock home.

“Boy’s again you’ll be doing most of the work in this position, but be careful…it can produce a very quick orgasm.” The Goddess said.

Todd looked down past his mom’s dancing boobs and watched about eight inches of glistening pipe glide in and out. Vicky’s cunt-lips were stretched obscenely around it’s girth. She sat up as their genitals bucked together.

“Havin’ fun?” She smiled, her face still flushed from her recent orgasm.

“God yes.” Todd said.

“I’ll casino firmalar─▒ show you a variation of this that I like.” Vicky said, throwing an arm around him, bringing her legs up off the floor and enter-locking her ankles around his ass.

“Oh yeah.” Todd moaned as his mom began licking his neck.

Vicky’s breasts were now flattened between them as she held on tight to the hard-bodied teen.

“A few of you mom’s have moved into more of an armchair position. Very good. Show your baby the different variations.” The Goddess said.

Todd felt wicked as he thought about what his dad would think if her could see his son balling his wife with a monster erection.

“Both of you back on the lounge now for what’s called the spooning position.” The Goddess said.

Todd glanced up at the image then found his mom on her side waiting for him. He slid up behind her and she sat up slightly.

“Put your arm under me.” She said.

He brought his arm up under hers and wrapped the other one over the top so he could clutch her big tits. With her butt against his genitals, Todd fumbled to find her gash. He felt her tiny hand grasp his rod and feed it into her waiting hole.

“Uuuggg!” He moaned, as he felt the better part of his ten-inch rod search for bottom.

“Boys, kiss and lick her neck while you squeeze her breasts. All of these are necessary skills to becoming a true cocks-man.” The Goddess said.

Just as Todd was beginning to get the hang of the spoon, the Goddess directed them into the next position.

“Mum, on your tummies for the spread eagle.” She said.

Vicky rolled onto her stomach, her heavy breasts bulging outward as they flattened against the cushion.

“Boys you will sometimes here this position referred to as ‘riding a woman’s ass’ because you’ll be straddling it like you would a horse.” The Goddess explained.

Todd climbed on his mom and fed his cock into her steamy split. Vicky had a big meaty ass which provided just the right amount of cushion for his thrusts. As Todd drove his boner deep he felt like king of the cowboys.

Vicky rested on her elbow. She peered back at her boy.

“Hey…lay down on me.” She whispered.

Todd brought his body down on hers, resting his head on her shoulder as he continued to thrust.

“You’re getting pretty good at riding that ass.” She winked.

“I have a good partner.” He said.

Todd moaned as he suddenly felt his mom’s fuck-tube clamp down on his cock as she flexed her coital muscles.

“You have no idea how good I can be.” She smiled.

“The next position is call doggie-style. It allows for deep penetration when having vaginal or anal intercourse.” The Goddess said.

Vicky got on her hands and knees and Todd knelt behind her, wasting no time getting his cock back inside her wet warmth. The middle-aged mom’s dangling tit-sacks swung wildly as she thrust her ass back, meeting her son stroke for stroke.

The hall filled with the sounds of flesh beating against flesh. Todd held his mom’s soft hips, watching her ass cheeks ripple as they slapped against his abdomen.

Buttery froth began to form on Todd’s cock-pole as he and his mom’s cream began to churn.

“Now we’re going to start with more of the female dominated positions. All the boys on your backs. Moms, take the standard cowgirl position.” The Goddess said.

As Todd fell onto his back Vicky crawled over and straddled him. He stared in awe at her huge wobbling breasts and the long cavernous horseshoe-shaped cleavage that formed as they drooped down about his face.

“Holy shit those are some big league boobs.” He thought as he felt his pecker being swallowed by his mom’s warm fuck-tube.

“Moms let’s do one minute sitting up and one minute laying against him. Then we’ll sit you back up for a one minute grind.” The Goddess said.

Vicky began to bounce on her son cock, her tits flopping about wildly. Todd just laid there, flabbergasted as he stared up at the wobbling wonders.

Gradually, the middle-aged mom began to pick up the pace, her ass beating down hard against her son’s balls.


It was becoming more and more obvious that Vicky was an absolute fuck-hound who liked it hard, fast and deep.

“OHHH GOD!” She cried as her beautiful body bounced up and down at a desperate rate.

“OOHHH SHIT!” She screamed, as she felt her son’s huge iron-hard organ scratching her orgasmic itch.

“OOOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEAHHHHH!!!!” Vicky howled as her body began to convulse.

Todd smiled as he watched his gorgeous mom ride through her orgasm. She looked as though she were possessed by an evil spirit as she threw her head around, crying like a little girl.

Todd heard Jeff’s mom scream and looked over to see that she too was cumming as she bounced on her son’s cock. Michelle’s huge alabaster 38DDD’s were jumping across her chest much the same way that Vicky’s were.

“Now laying against him.” The Goddess instructed.

Vicky came g├╝venilir casino down against her son, still panting as her body was hit with post-orgasmic contractions. As intense as it was Vicky didn’t miss a beat. Her ass rose and fell as she continued her assault on her son’s dick.

“Oh Davy…OH DAVY, I’M CUMMING!” Came a mom’s voice from across the room.

“OH JESUS!!!” Came the shaky voice of another.

“Now sit up for a one minute grind.” The Goddess said.

The mom’s all rose from their sons chests and began to rock their hips up and back, plowing their cunts with the big teenaged dick.

Todd gazed down at the soft rounded contour of her pubic bone as it rocked up and back against his.

He felt her coital muscles flex, compressing her soft vaginal walls around his meat.

Sighing, Todd gazed up and found Vicky smiling down at him, her heavy breasts bobbing across her chest. Moments later, her mouth slowly fell open and her eyes began to roll back.

Her hips began to rock violently as she used his ten inch monster to plow her depths.

Within moments of each other twelve middle-aged moms began to pop. Soon the entire hall was filled with grunting cries. It was like a choir of orgasmic mommy-screams.

Todd watched his mom’s body convulse as she came hard on his cock. Her face was red and contorted as she shook and screamed.

“My own gorgeous mom. What a fucking rush!” He thought.

“Look at those boys make you mums cum with those big cocks!” The Goddess shouted.

After the wave of orgasms had stopped the Goddess directed them into the next position.

“Ladies, you’ll now be turning around and riding him reverse cowgirl.” She said.

As Vicky fought to catch her breath she gave her son a smiling wink and turned to take the next position.

Todd had a great view of his mom’s big meaty ass as she faced away from him. As he plunged back down into the wet warmth the plump cheeks of Vicky’s ass completely smothered any sign of his erection.

She glanced back, feeding him a naughty smile as she rocked on his strong blood-engorged fuck-stick.

“The next position is called the lotus. Boys, this is one of the more intimate positions so don’t be afraid to kiss and suck.” The Goddess said.

As Todd crossed his legs, Vicky turned and sat on him, coiling her long legs around his waist. As his cock struck bottom, mom and son began to slowly rock.

“I’ll have you know, son of mine, that this is your mom’s favorite position.” She said, her face a foot above his.

“I can see why. I like it too.” He muttered, resting his face in the deep cleft between her spongy-soft boobs.

“Gets my baby closer to those big soft boobies.” She smiled.

“Mums, I think these boys deserve to cum, don’t you?” The Goddess said.

“Yes.” The ladies said in unison, with a few little giggles.

“For our last position then we’re going to let them pop. We had a dry run with this one yesterday, boys. Today, however, it’s balls deep.” She said.

A few minutes later the boys all had their moms pinned against the padded wall. The women’s arms and legs were wrapped around their sons as the boys hammered away at the dripping pussies.

Vicky sloppily sucked on her son’s neck as he held her up off the floor. Todd’s glistening cock sawed in and out of the steamy cunt. Most all the boys fucked like this for a good ten minutes, the juice and sweat literally dripping from their balls.

One by one the boys began to groan as great geysers of liquid love began to pulse from their cocks.

Todd’s body shivered as the first long milky strand blasted from his piss-hole, splashing against the head of Vicky’s cervix. It was followed by another…then another.

For what seemed like hours the boys penis’s lurched and spat, filling the matronly holes with potent baby-batter.

After a short rest the Goddess separated the women from the boys, but kept them in the hall.

“Now that you boys have been instructed in the various sexual positions, your mothers and I are going to work with you to develop what’s called staying power.” The Goddess said.

“How many of you like to fuck your mother?” The Goddess asked.

All the boys raised their hand.

“How many of you like to fuck her hard and make her cum?” The Goddess asked.

Again, all of them responded. Todd glanced at Vicky who was feeding him a cute little smile as she knelt with her hands in her lap.

“Located between your scrotum and your anus is what’s called the PC muscle. Those of you who learn to affectively flex this muscle during intercourse will prolong your orgasm and bring greater pleasure to your partner.” She explained.

The Goddess had the boys form a line.

“You’re going to practice flexing your PC muscles. If you are squeezing properly your erection should rise high into the air. Ready….FLEX!” She said.

The teenaged boners jumped at her command, pointing straight to the ceiling.

“Hold it…hold it… Now release.” The Goddess said.

Each of the twelve boners fell, bobbing as they again pointed straight at the women across from them.

“FLEX!” The Goddess commanded.

The women whispered to one another as they watched, mouths agape, as the big teen cocks responded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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