Brother and Sister Love Pt. 02

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As we move forward some 7 months, my sister Leanne and myself had pretty much been fucking whenever we could. Unfortunately it wasn’t a daily occurrence but it was frequent enough. She was 18 and I was 20 at the time and our mother knew about it and told us to keep it low key.

One afternoon after our ‘after work-after school’ fucks my sister turned to me and said. “Hey. I have two things. Number one, I want to go to a sex shop and number two, I want to fuck other guys.”

I pulled my pants up, kissed her forehead and replied, “Yeah sure. We can go to a sex shop this Saturday if you want and I did expect you would want to fuck other guys. I’m fucking other chicks from time to time.”

Leanne looked at me half shocked and with a twinge of anger.

She shook her head and said, “Had I known that I would have fucked some guys at school! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t know really.” I replied. “I guess I didn’t want to upset you until you were ready to fuck around.”

“Yeah well I’ve been ready for a while. So now what?” Leanne asked with her hands on her hips.

“Well I obviously want to keep fucking you. That’s a given.” I replied. “What about you? What do you want to do?”

“Well.” Leanne replied with a sigh. “I obviously want to keep fucking you too. You know, I was feeling bad because I sucked off some guys at school, but now I’m pissed. I could been fucked during lunchtime in the utilities room. Thanks!”

“That’s cool. Look sorry. We will keep fucking, but hey, how many guys did you blow?” I asked.

“What? Oh I don’t know. Six or seven probably.” Leanne responded shrugging her shoulders. “Does it matter?”

“Well no.” I replied smiling. “It is kinda hot though.”

“You what?” Leanne asked in surprise. “You don’t mind and you think its hot? So what if I fucked all seven? Would that be hot too?”

“Well yeah.” I replied giving her a wink. “The more the merrier. Haha.”

Leanne came closer to me and gave me a deep tongue kiss. She then laid on the bed and opened her legs and held her pussy open. “Fill me?” she asked.

The next day at work I just couldn’t function. I was thinking about Leanne and her new found sexual freedom. The sex we had last night was hardcore. She was going off and scratching my back and digging her nails into my arse and telling me to fuck her like a slut.

When I usually get home, both Leanne and my brother Rick were home. Tonight it was just Rick.

“Wheres Leanne?” I asked Rick.

“Not sure.” He replied. “I think there’s a message on the machine.”

I went to the telephone to check and three messages were flashing up. The first was for dad about a foundation job. The next two were from Leanne. One was “I’m at Patrick’s place doing homework.” The second message was Patrick’s address and Leanne asking me to pick her up.

I ran for the car and told my brother Rick “I won’t be late. Getting Leanne”.

It only took me 10 minutes to get to Patrick’s parents house. They must have some money because the house was huge. Triple garage and a long driveway. There were two cars in the drive that didn’t match the house and a pushbike against the wall.

I rang the doorbell. A young blonde surfie looking guy opened the door. He smiled and held out his hand.

“You must be Leanne’s brother? I’m Patrick.”

I figured as much. “Yeah hi. Wheres Leanne?” I asked.

“Hey come in. Shes upstairs.” Patrick replied standing back so I could walk in. “Straight up the stairs and turn left.”

I walked upstairs and Patrick stayed downstairs and went to another room. I assume a kitchen.

As I got up the top of the stairs I could hear the sound of Leanne groaning. Obviously being fucked.

I got to a bedroom at the top of the stairs and the door was open. Leanne was on her back sucking a guys cock while another guy was fucking her hard. I stood there and watched. There were another 2 guys in the room sitting on the edge of the bed naked watching Leanne being fucked. One guy looked up and waved me in.

“Hey join the fun!” he joked smiling. “Plenty of pussy for all.”

Leanne didn’t stop or even look at me. She kept her eyes closed enjoying the sex. I instantly got a massive hard on.

Once the guy blew in her mouth she looked over at me, smiled and waved. She then pointed to a guy on the bed wanking and waved him towards her. She then güvenilir bahis started sucking him off.

Patrick came in the room, put his hand on my shoulder and said “You’ve got a fucking hot sister mate. She told us you like her fucking other guys. If only we had known sooner she was a big slut.”

The guy fucking Leanne stopped and turned around, looking terrified.

“Keep going!” Leanne demanded.

The guy looked at me and I gave him the ‘thumbs up.’ From that moment, everyone was relaxed and were keen to fuck my sister and of course I thought I should get in on the action. Once the second guy was finished, I walked up and Leanne had a massive smile on her face. She held open her legs and her cunt was dripping full of cum. They were all doing her bareback! “Fuck it!” I thought. I was so damn horny.

After I came, I shoved my cock in Leanne’s mouth for a clean up. The guys looked shocked.

“I didn’t know that was an option?” One of them said.

“You didn’t ask.” Leanne replied with a wink.

I told the guys I had to spoil the party because Leanne was wanted at home and we left straight away.

During the trip home Leanne was quite excited telling me how now she was ‘accepted’ as one of the ‘cool chicks’. She also told me that she fucked those four guys plus Patrick at school during lunch and then Patrick invited everyone back to his house for ‘fun!’

She couldn’t stop smiling and my car seats were getting drenched.

“I’m glad you had fun.” Was all I could think of saying. “Your knickers must be drenched?” I asked

“You silly boy.” Leanne replied. “I haven’t worn knickers for three maybe four months I think. That’s why I always get fingered at school! That group sex was great.” Leanne sighed looking out the window.

As soon as we got home, Leanne rushed into the shower. Mum was home in the kitchen and called me over for a ‘chat.’

“OK, whats going on?” she demanded. “” The truth now!”

I told her Leanne has a ‘boyfriend’ with a car and she was at his house and I went to get her.

“So!” My mum said in a terse tone. “He couldn’t driver her home?”

“No, That was Leanne’s idea.” I replied. “She wanted me to meet him and for me to see where he lives.”

My mother accepted that and then asked “So. You two still at it?”

I nodded and started to walk away half embarrassed. My mum grabbed my shoulder to stop me walking away. I turned around and didn’t make eye contact as I was still a bit embarrassed. She then rubbed my cock in a playful way.

“You make sure you keep this under control. OK?” she said jokingly.

I smiled, nodded and quickly walked away. Like… what? So What was that about? Did she have a quick brandy and was tipsy? I mean I wasn’t hard or anything. I think my mum was trying to either mess with my mind or make sure I got the message. The main thing was I wanted to talk to Leanne. She was still in the shower so I went to my room and laid on the bed.

10 minutes later I heard Leanne get out of the shower. I was going to give her time to dry herself then talk to her. Instead she came into my room, closed the door, dropped the towel and said “fuck me!” So I did.

She was so stretched and still smelt of cum. She still had some cum inside her and it was just so warm and slippery. It felt amazing.

“I loved it.” She whispered. “I loved being fucked. I loved being filled. It was so much fun. Can we go back there tonight?” She pleaded.

Leanne loving to be fucked by so many guys got me off and I just had to blow my load straight away.

“Wont it just be Patrick? I asked panting.

“And his brother.” Leanne replied smiling. “The younger guy. He was Patrick’s brother.” She explained. “Or do you know some guys? Oh my God! I just realised that including you, I had sex 11 times!” Leanne laid back looking at the ceiling with a broad smile on her face.

“Don’t you feel sore or anything?” I asked.

“Mmmm yeah a little I guess.” Leanne replied frowning. “But in a good way. Like its not really sore but yeah it kinda feels nice.”

“Hey maybe we should leave it for a while and it can just be us tonight?” I asked giving her a wink.

“I guess.” Leanne replied looking a bit disappointed. “But tomorrows Friday and Patrick said his parents are visiting friends. He said he wants me to come over because hes never had a girl do group sex before except türkçe bahis me and his four friends think I’m awesome.”

“What. Are these the guys you blew at school?” I asked.

“Yeah some of them, but they were the only ones Ive had sex with.” Leanne replied.

My mind felt like it was ready to explode. Information overload. Do I let her set her boundaries or do I help her push them? The way shes going, my sister will become a full blown nymphomaniac or at worse, a single mother with 10 kids.

“OK.” I replied. You ring your ‘boyfriend’ Patrick and I will drive you over and look after you.”

“Can Rick come” Leanne asked coyly.

“Rick?” I exclaimed “How will that work?” I asked.

“The same as with you!” Leanne replied with a smile on her face.

My brother? Me fucking my sister in front of my brother? Could I? Should he miss out? I don’t know if hes been with a chick before.

“OK!” Leanne declared. “Its settled. I’ll ring Patrick and let him know I have you two coming over. Oh yeah then there’s his four friends. I should be fun!” She exclaimed.

“I think we will need some lube! Can we buy some?” Leanne asked me.

Friday came around. Leanne had already spoken to Rick by the time I got home because they were both in Leanne’s room. I knocked on the door and I said it was me.

“Come in.” Leanne said in a ‘girlie’ voice.

Leanne and Rick were both sitting on the bed. Rick’s face was red and he looked guilty. Rick and I both looked at each other and said nothing. Leanne stood up and went to her wardrobe. She pulled out a clean school uniform, held it up to both of us then started to get changed into it. I was confused. Why get out of a school uniform to change into another one for a party?

At about 8pm we pulled up Patrick’s parent’s driveway. There was no conversation in the car on the 10 minute trip over, although Rick seemed a bit edgy. There were two other cars in the drive.

Patrick answered the door and said “The woman of the moment!” Leanne blushed. “please come in” Patrick gestured towards the stairs. “I’ll bring drinks. Make yourselves comfortable, especially you.” He said rubbing Leanne’s pussy.

Rick stared at me in fear. I think he wanted to run home or hide. Leanne made her way up the stairs. I followed looking at her naked arse under he school uniform. Rick followed but kept looking behind him as if he expected to be attached by the hounds.

Patrick’s younger brother, Tim was upstairs plus the three other kids that were fucking Leanne last time. One started rubbing his hands together. I wasn’t impressed. Tim waved at us both and said “Hi”. I nodded and Rick waved back. We all stood in awkward silence for about a minute then Leanne went up to the ‘hand rubber’ and started kissing him. He immediately started fingering Leanne then they both laid on the bed.

At that moment Patrick walked in carrying beers. “Oh!” He exclaimed with a smile. “Starting without me. OK lets party!”

Hand rubber went down on Leanne while Tim slid up for a head job.

Rick looked at me with his eyes wide open. “So.” he asked in a whispered voice. “Like. What do we do now?”

“Well.” I said looking past Rick to see what was happening on the bed. “We join in and make sure shes OK.”

Rick make his way over and opened his fly. The little fucker had a hard on bigger than mine! “Ripped off!” was the only thought that came to mind at the time. The other guys seemed impressed by its size too.

“Wooo!” Patrick exclaimed. “No wonder shes been getting stretched!”

“Umm yeah.” Rick replied. “I haven’t fucked her yet.”

Patrick tapped ‘hand rubber’ on the shoulder. “OK” Patrick said waking his thumb towards the wall. “Its time to let the brother in.”

Rick just stood there for a moment until Leanne stopped sucking cock, looked at Rick and beckoned him in with her finger. She then pointed at her wet pussy smiling and gave Rick a wink. He slowly lowered himself between her legs and directed his cock into her cunt. Leanne grabbed his cock and slid it in.

Leanne tilted her head back and moaned. She then kept feeding his cock in. Everyone, including me tried to get a better viewing location and watched. Unfortunately, one dozen pumps later, and there she blows! Rick looked a bit embarrassed and with Patrick saying “What? Is that it then? Fucking big load though!” made Rick feel even more güvenilir bahis siteleri embarrassed.

As the evening progressed and after we all dumped at least a load in each, we sat around chatting for a while. Then someone would get hard again and everything started up again. What surprised me was how casual Leanne was about the entire night. It was like we were playing cards or something. Every time someone wanted to fuck her, she would accommodate them by either sucking cock or just laying back.

At about 1030pm there was a break in proceedings as Leanne had to go to the toilet to ’empty excess cargo’. Patrick looked at the group and said. “I think we need back up. Not sure about you guys but I’ve had a bit to drink, emptied three ball sacks and getting tired. Who knows some guys?”

I’m thinking. Who is this jerk? Sure nice house and all but how fucking arrogant. He was right though and got me thinking.

Rick stared into space and said “Jacob! Hes got two older brothers as well. They might know people.”

“Excellent!” Patrick called out.

“Hey!” I replied. “Take five dude. We don’t know these guys. What are they like Rick?”

“Yeah good.” Rick replied. “I think one guys like, you know 25 and the others 28 or maybe older.”

“Phones over there on the side table.” said Patrick pointing towards the bed.

“You have a phone in your room?” Rick said in amazement.

“So.” Leanne said entering the room naked rubbing her pussy. “Whats going on? Who is next?”

Hand rubber replied “Rick has got a couple of new guys showing up. Jakob and his two brothers. Hes ringing them now. Is that OK?” We could hear Rick saying “yeah man its for real” in the background. Leanne smiled, walked over to me and sat on my lap.

“SO.” She whispered into my ear while licking it. “Is this what you wanted? How much fun hey?”

I whispered back “Yeah are you OK? Can you go again?”

Leanne wrapped her arms around my neck. “I think I’m a little drunk but. Yeah. I want to keep fucking. I’m liking it!” With that Leanne stood up and stood next to the bed with her arms open. She then fell backwards onto the bed and said “Will someone fuck me please?”

We all managed to go again expect Patrick. He just sat in a chair against the wall, drink in hand watching and cheering us on. 20 minutes later he disappeared downstairs then returned with Jacob, his two brothers and another two guys I have never seen, all around their mid to late 20’s.

“Oh a party girl!” said another hand rubber. “And it looks like shes had her fill and all!” He then pulled down his fly and started fucking Leanne. He was rough and just slammed his cock in. The other stranger said “Yeah give her a good one Evan!”

I walked to Leanne to ask her if she was alright. Her eyes were closed and she started groaning and calling out “Oh God yes!” just as I got there. I figured she was OK and Evan was really giving it to her. He wasn’t the best looking rooster, but he fucked hard.

After Evan came, Leanne put her hand up trying to get her breath. “Guys!” she panted. “I need a drink and five minutes. Like wow that was great, but yeah gimme five.”

As some of us sat on the bed and some on the floor, Rick and Jacob were in the corner whispering about something as they kept on looking at Leanne. She was covered in sweat and cum and a bit red in the face. I asked her if she was OK and she gave me the ‘thumbs up’ and blew me a kiss. I was wondering where this would go to as it was around midnight and these new guys wanted to play.

At around 3am Jacob his brothers and their two friends finally left. Leanne was cramping up and feeling sore and Rick wanted to go home. Patrick had passed out hours ago and hand rubber 1, Rick and myself were the only ones still awake.

Rick came over to me and asked “So how long you been taking Leanne to parties like this?”

“This is only her second one.” I replied.

“No way!” Rick said frowning. “There’s no way this is her second, umm group sex thing. I know you two have been fucking for a while but, c’mon. Two?”

“Lets go home.” I replied. “And yes. This was number two. She did it with ease I know but you can ask her when shes back from the toilet. We’re going then.”

Fast forward two months and Leanne was regularly going to Jacobs place with Rick. Sure I was still fucking her but not as often, which I guess was fair considering I had an easy 7 months of fun with her. Now it seemed Rick, Jacob, Jacobs brothers and a growing group of friends, not to mention Patrick and his group of deviants had Leanne come over as a regular visitor.

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