Born to Suck Ch. 09

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“Easy there, Kid,” Sven said with a warning tone to his voice, just as I was about to stick my tongue into that drooling strand of seed. After he’d brought me to a screeching orgasm by massaging my prostate with his thumb, I’d turned over to see his long majestic cock drooling pre-cum; badly in need of my sucking lips. I looked up at him imploringly, anxious to get more of his succulent cum into my mouth. “Just flip over and lie down on your back, I feel like doing a little face-painting.” I’d never heard that expression before, but I figured it out pretty quick. I rolled over onto my back and moved down a little bit until my head was positioned between his spread knees, my face right below that distending strand of silky pre-cum.

“That’s it, perfect,” he said softly as he reached into the jar of Vaseline and scooped up a generous handful. I watched him wrap his big mitt around that thrusting long cock of his and start stroking it. The warm slick corridor of his hand soon had that tremendous cock glistening with a shimmering coating of the slippery gel. As he stroked that beautiful hard cock, he moved it around so the silky strand of pre-cum was drizzling all over my face.

“Mmmmmm,” I mewed in pleasure as the soft warm fluid started to cover my face.

“You like that, eh Kid?” he asked as he continued to pump out a continuous flow of the silky goo all over me.

“Oh gosh, yes. I love it,” I said softly as I looked up at that shimmering web connecting the enflamed tip of his cock to my face.

“Yeah, I can see that,” he said as he started to stroke more vigorously at his throbbing erection. “Would you like a little more?”

“Oh yes, please,” I said as I watched his hand move more rapidly along the glistening shaft of his rigid erection.

“Yeah, I think it’s time to give that pretty little face of yours a full paint job,” he said as he raised himself off his haunches onto his knees and pointed the tip of his enflamed cock downwards. I looked up at the drooling pre-cum oozing from the gaping red eye down onto my face and eagerly licked my lips in anticipation of what I knew was going to happen. His hand had taken on a smooth insistent motion and I could see from the engorged red crown that he was ready to shoot.

“OH FUCK KID……HERE YOU GO,” he said with a groan and then I watched a milky-white gob fill the end of his piss-slit for just a split second before the first thick ropey strand jettisoned forth. It almost felt painful as it smashed forcefully into my cheek and spread out over my skin.

“Yes,” I said with a little hiss as the second rope shot forward as he directed it over my nose and onto my other cheek. I could feel the warm masculine fluid clinging comfortingly to my skin as he continued to unload all over my face. A large gob filled up one eye socket as I instinctively closed my eye. Through the other eye, I watched as he moved the spitting knob of his cock all around my face. I felt the silky fluid continue to rain down upon me as he absolutely flooded my young skin with his warm creamy semen. His stroking hand moved the ejaculating knob all around as he continued to deposit his milky seed over as much of my face as he could.

“Oh yeah, I think you got it all,” he finally said as I watched through my one good eye as he took a last slow firm stroke from the base all the way to the tip and flicked the last drop down onto my lips. “Stay just like that, Kid; I want to take a couple of pictures of this.” I lay still with the comforting feeling of his thick cum coating my face. There was so much, I could literally feel the weight of it. I loved the feeling of his milky semen upon my skin, it made me feel so special that Sven had chosen me to do this to.

As I lay there blissfully relishing in contentment, I watched as he reached into the bucket of warm water, pulled out the facecloth and cleaned the Vaseline off both his cock and his hands. He then grabbed a digital camera from his desk and leaned over me. As he turned on his camera and looked down at me, I could feel a couple of strands of his pearly seed start to run down the sides of my face into my hair and down my chin onto my neck.

“CLICK!…..CLICK!” I listened to the sounds of the camera as he moved all around my prone form and took picture after picture. He stood on the bed with his feet on either side of me and took some pictures like that before dropping back to his knees and moving in for some real close-ups.

“Yeah, my friend Hugh is gonna like these,” he said as he straddled my chest and let his thick flaccid cock rest on my lips. “And just a couple more to show him who’s cock is responsible for this masterpiece…..or should I say masturbation piece.” He took another five or six shots with his cock lying on my face and then set the camera down on the bedside table.

“You look really good like that, Kid,” he said as he sat on the bed beside me and looked down at his handiwork. I watched through my one good eye as he reached forward with his big hand and started sliding his fingers through the thick goo covering my face. casino şirketleri “Yeah, it looks like I covered most of it, let’s just make sure we get this good stuff everywhere for you.” I felt his fingers slide into my overflowing eye-socket and scoop up the heavy gob he’d deposited there. It felt absolutely luxurious as he took his cum-coated fingers and started to spread the silky cream all around my face. I felt his fingers run over my forehead and slide through the slippery cum as he covered every last square inch that he hadn’t covered with his initial blast. I was able to open my second eye now and watched him look down at me approvingly as his fingers slid all around my cheeks, nose, chin, lips, hairline……absolutely everywhere as he smoothed the warm silky cream all over my face.

“Who’s Hugh?” I asked as he removed his hand from my glistening face. I stumbled over the words and it almost sounded like I’d said his name twice in a row.

“Who’s Hugh?” he repeated with a big smile on his face. “Say that three times fast.” We both chuckled when he said that after my bumbling attempt to ask who he was. “Hugh’s friend of mine from the marines. We haven’t seen each other in a while but stay in touch via e-mail. Yeah…..Hugh’s gonna enjoy seeing those pictures of your pretty little face with my cum all over it. Maybe you and I’ll pay old Hugh a visit sometime. I think you’ll like him.” He paused for a second as he turned off his camera and put it back on his desk.

“We can talk more about that later,” he said as he got back up onto his knees beside me. I looked at that majestic cock hanging heavily down towards me as his big rugged body loomed over me. “We’ll just leave all that cum on your face for awhile and let it soak in. Right now, I want to feel that little tongue of yours working on my ass.” He lifted his leg and swung it over my cum-covered face until he was straddling me, his body facing away from me, the succulent globes of his big round ass-cheeks right over my face. I knew what was expected of me and I extended my tongue as far out of my mouth as I could. He lowered himself down until my tongue slid right into his deep dark crack.

“Mmmmm,” I let out a little moan of contentment as he gently sat right down on my face, not hard enough to hurt me, but just enough to let me know that he was in control of the situation and I was his to do with as he pleased. As he rolled his wide hips slightly, I feathered my tongue right up into his moist masculine crevice.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he said as he started to slide his hips back and forth as the tip of my tongue caressed the hot moist flesh deep between his big round cheeks. I loved the intensely masculine flavor of him. It wasn’t dirty at all, just the clean hot taste of this big man’s rugged body. With his hips rocking slowly forwards and backwards, I took long loving swipes all along the full length of his hot hidden groove. For the next few minutes, I swabbed that deep hot crack as he continued to slide it back and forth along my protruding tongue. The gobs of cum that he’d deposited on my face were rubbing off on his own flesh as he rolled his bum around on my face. My searching tongue was quick to lap up the sticky warm semen off his skin. Finally satisfied with my efforts, he stopped with the tip of my tongue poised against his tight pink pucker.

“Now, let me feel that tongue of yours work on my hole,” he said as he wriggled his bum downwards. With his rugged body covering my face, I slowly licked the tip of my tongue teasingly around his wrinkled bum-hole. It felt sinfully wicked to be licking at his most private area, but I loved it. I licked at the hot flesh surrounding his tight pink hole and then brought my lips up and sucked at the hot opening as my lips adhered around it in a wet searing kiss.

“You like that, eh Kid?” he asked as he rolled his hips against my pursed lips.

“Mmmhhhmmm,” I purred in response as I pressed the pointed tip of my tongue right against his pink rosebud. Intent on getting it as deep inside him as I could; I wormed my tongue upwards against his constricted sphincter. I felt his body relax and all of sudden, my tongue made headway as it slid into him. As my tongue was enveloped by his tight gripping hole, I could feel how incredibly hot and moist the membranes lining his chute were.

“Oh yeah, that’s the way,” he said with a sigh as he settled right down on my probing tongue. I thrust it even further upwards until I felt the tight ring of his anus closing down around the base of my tongue. With it buried inside him, I swirled it around in slow agonizing circles as I tried to bring him as much pleasure as I could.

“Oh Jesus, that’s good,” he groaned as he rolled his bum down against my circling tongue. I reached up with my hands and grabbed the sides of his hips and tried to pull him even harder against my face as I continued the slow pleasuring torture as my hot little tongue serviced his succulent hole.

For the next half hour or so, he rode my face as I continued to slavishly worship his ass by licking, casino firmaları sucking and probing deep inside his hot moist hole. He’d occasionally lift himself off my thrusting tongue and then instruct me to take those long wet swipes along the full length of his crack; and then when he’d have enough of that, he’d sit right back down and let me slip my tongue deep inside him again. It was incredibly hot and sweaty beneath him, but I loved every minute of it. Finally, I felt him swing his leg across my body as he lifted himself off me; and as he did, the cool air bathed my glistening face refreshingly. I looked up at his big rugged body looming over me and could see that his cock had once again come back to full erection, the enflamed head dripping pre-cum onto the sheets next to me.

“You look a little bit worn out there, Kid,” he said as he looked down at me with a wanton leer on his face, “maybe you’d enjoy a nice deep massage.” I could only think how good it would feel to have his big manly hands on my body.

“Sure,” I replied excitedly, “if you think so, sir.”

“Yeah, I think a nice deep larynx massage would make us both feel a hell of a lot better,” he said as he reached over and grabbed a pillow. He had mentioned that term before and I still wasn’t sure what he meant. I seemed to remember from health class that the larynx was a fancy name for your windpipe.

“Wh….what do you need me to do, sir?” I asked as he brought the pillow towards me.

“Just lift your head up…..that’s it. I’m just gonna slide this pillow under your shoulders. Good….good. Now just let your head hang back over the pillow. Good boy…..that’s perfect. Now your neck is stretched out in a nice straight line….perfect for being massaged.” It felt kind of funny to be lying there with my head tipped so far back, but I could feel what he meant. With my head in this position, my neck was in long smooth line with the rest of my body. Kind of looking at him upside down, I saw Sven move behind my head and I looked up at that magnificent erection of his poised mere inches above my face, a glistening strand of pre-cum falling onto my upturned chin.

“Yeah, that’s real nice,” he said as he reached forward and I felt his calloused fingertips slide over the smooth skin of my neck. It felt so comforting as I lay there peacefully while he traced his fingers tenderly back and forth along my neck, from my jaw-line, all the way down to my shoulders.

“That’s a beautiful neck you’ve got there, Kid,” he said and I was thrilled by his words of praise; his two big hands warmly caressing my neck. “Now it’s time to give that larynx of yours the nice deep massage that it deserves. Just relax your jaw and let your mouth hang open as far it can.” I saw him raise himself up onto his knees behind me and realized he was going to stick his thick rigid cock down my throat. A shudder of fear went through me but I was also placing my faith in Sven. He had said he would never do anything to hurt me, and I believed him to the depths of my very soul. I knew he wanted to do this and I hoped I would be able to please him. I was more worried about possibly disappointing and upsetting him by not being able to do it than about own discomfort.

“Uh…..I…..I,” I stammered as I looked up at him as he started to press down on the top of his stallion-like cock.

“What is it, Kid?”

“I….I’m just afraid I won’t be able to this the way you want me to. If I do it wrong, I…I don’t mean to,” I said with a sincere note of trepidation in my voice.

“You’ll be fine, Kid,” he said with that warm calming tone in his voice again. “Just relax when I tell you to, and I promise you, this is another thing you’re gonna end up loving. I can tell, you were made for this sort of thing.” Once again, his soothing words made a world of difference. I could feel the initial anxiety seem to just wash out of my body and I looked up at his big masculine body longingly.

“Okay, I think I’m ready,” I said as I eagerly opened my mouth as far as I could get it. As my lips stretched open, I could feel traces of his drying cum still clinging to my face from when he’d pasted his load all over it earlier. It still felt warm and gooey; I loved it.

“Now put your mouth into a pretty little “O” for me like you did earlier.” I pursed my soft full lips into the shape he’d asked for and looked up at him anxiously.

“Oh yeah, that mouth of yours is the sweetest target I’ve seen in a long time,” he said as he pushed down on his long stiff cock until the engorged tip was pointing right at my open mouth. “Now, let’s just get you used to the head again.” He leaned forwards and slipped the broad crimson crown right into my mouth. Once the whole knob was inside my mouth, I instinctively closed my lips around it and felt it rub against my tongue. It felt different since with my head in this position, my tongue was pressed against the top of his cock instead of the underside. He hunched slowly back and forth an inch or so at a time as I worked up a mouthful of saliva and used my tongue to completely güvenilir casino bathe the big red knob with my spit.

“That’s it, get it good and wet. It’ll slide right down easier that way,” he said as he leaned forward a little bit more so the tip of his cock was pressing against the soft sensitive tissues at the opening to my throat. With my lips stretched wide open and clamped tightly around his velvety-smooth shaft, he held still with the hot flared crown poised right against the tender membranes.

“You’re doin’ great, Kid,” he said softly. “Now I’m gonna start to loosen up that throat of yours. I’ll just take it nice and easy. Now, take a nice deep breath and as you let it out slowly, really concentrate on relaxing the muscles in your throat. Okay?” He looked down at me and I could see a look of pure wanton lust in his piercing blue eyes. Barely able to move my head, I simply hummed in agreement against his rock-hard manhood.

He backed off just a fraction and I breathed deeply through my nose. I then let it out slowly and tried to concentrate on relaxing my throat. He leaned forward and I felt the wide flared head start to press against the virginal opening of my throat. I tried to relax and felt his cock start to move inwards.

“Uuunggghhh,” my instinctive gag reflex took over and my throat closed and automatically expelled the intruder. He backed off entirely and pulled his cock right out of my mouth, a glistening web of my spit connecting his engorged cock-head to my lips. I coughed and sputtered for a second before composing myself.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry!” I apologized profusely; thoroughly embarrassed at my behavior.

“That’s okay, Kid,” he said with a note of calm understanding in his voice. As I looked up at him, I could see that although he was trying to make me calm and relaxed, the intense look of lustful urgency on has face was readily apparent. I could see that he really wanted my throat….badly. “Now let’s just try that again.” He pushed down on the top of his cock until the spit-covered knob slid easily back between my lips. He leaned forwards until he was once again poised at the entrance to my throat.

“Okay, now really concentrate on relaxing that pretty little throat of yours as much as you can. You do want to make me happy, don’t you?” I nodded in agreement and took a slow deep breath. “Good,” he said as I started to let it out. “One……two……three….” On three, he started to press it against the opening to my throat once more. I willed myself to relax and when I felt the initial twitch of my instinctive reflex, I suppressed it and felt him start to slide further inwards.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” his soothing voice said from above me as I felt my throat stretching to accommodate his hard thick cock. He slowly moved forward until I felt the hard thick ridge of his corona pop right into my throat. He stopped for a few seconds and let me get accustomed to the amazing feel of that massive knob filling my throat. For some reason, I instinctively swallowed and I could feel the massaging tremors course through my throat right into the silky smooth membranes of his cock-head.

“Oh fuck, that’s beautiful,” he said with a groan and then I felt him withdraw. He moved back until the huge knob was back in the warm moist confines of my sucking mouth.

“You did it, Kid!” he said with a huge smile on his face. I could hear the sincerity of praise ringing in his voice as he looked down at my full pouting lips wrapped snugly around his gorgeous manhood.

“That was absolutely fantastic, just like I thought it would be.” As I listened to him speak, a proud feeling of accomplishment came over me. As he looked down at me with a big smile on his face, I could feel myself welling up with emotion under his kind words. “Do you think you’d like to see if you can take more?” Once again, I could see the wickedly sinful look of desire in his eyes and I knew I was willing to do anything this beautiful man asked me to do.

“Mmmmhhhmmm,” I hummed in agreement against his rigid cock once more.

“Good,” he said as he leaned forwards once more. “Yeah, keep your head way back like that…..that’s it….keep that neck nice and straight……now breathe deep….good…good…now nice and easy….just relax…relax……” His soft lilting voice helped me to control my instincts once more and his broad flared crown seemed to slip into my throat easier this time. He pressed forward and I felt that tremendous knob stretching and filling the opening of my throat until I felt the ropelike ridge slip in again.

“Oh yeah, that’s it….now just relax….just gonna feed you a little more…..” he said softly as he slowly but insistently moved further into me. I could feel my throat stretching more and more as the huge knob slid deeply into me. The feeling was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. It felt incredibly hot as it moved further into me, so hard and yet so velvety soft at the same time. I was totally under this man’s control and my throat had become a willing receptacle for his lust-driven needs. As inch by hard rigid inch went deeper and deeper into me, I felt more and more enraptured by this big rugged man as he took full control over my body. I knew deep in my heart, this is what I was meant to do, to serve a man like Sven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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