Booth 5

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It’s Friday, noon. I’m off work early. I drive for awhile to a college town with a decent movie theatre and a favorite adult book store. I catch a movie. It’s 3:30 when I get out. Should I try the book store arcade, or just grab dinner and head home? I’m hesitant. I don’t make up my mind for sure until I’m passing the book store.

I pull in.

I purchase my card and enter the arcade. No one around. I slip into Booth 5 and lock the door. Booth 5 is my regular booth. It’s at the end of one corridor and has a single gloryhole right by the bolted down chair. The other booths down each row have two gloryholes, one on either side to the adjacent booths, until the other end. People can watch their neighbor suck or get sucked. But my booth is as anonymous as it gets.

I slip the card into the reader. 40 minutes pops up on the countdown display. I flip through the channels on the old CRT monitor and settle on a man sucking on a trans girl. I mute the sound. The store’s background music provides white noise.

I pull out my phone and check my e-mail. I hope I didn’t casino şirketleri pay ten bucks just to sit here again. It’s been dead the last couple of times I’ve been here. It’s been months since I’ve gotten to suck a cock. I hope things pick up again in the Fall when college starts.

As if on cue, the door to the next booth opens. My heart skips a beat.

I hear you getting situated. I wait a few minutes before peeking through the hole. You’re sitting in the chair, your black shorts still on, as you watch your porn. I turn back to my monitor.

I wait a few minutes more. I hear some shuffling. I peek again. Your shorts are dropped and you’re stroking, but I can’t see your cock. I hesitate. I don’t make the offer until I see the merchandise.

A few minutes later, I hear more shuffling. Are you leaving? I peek again. You’re not leaving…you’re standing in front of the hole, stroking. Ah, there we are! I put two fingers through.

You move your cock towards the hole, but only peek the head in. Tease. You pull back before I can do anything. I’m starting casino firmaları to wonder just what it is you want. You poke through again, and this time I get a couple of fingers around the top of your shaft. You let me stroke it. I lean down and lick your head. You groan.

Your head is gorgeous. It tastes clean. Not musky or sweaty at all. I slide out of the chair and onto my knees. I suck your head into my mouth. I can’t get further down the shaft due to the wall. I have my fingers around your shaft and come to figure out the problem is your cock just isn’t that big. That’s okay, we’ll work on this.

You slip your head in and out of my mouth like you want to mouth fuck me. I press as close to the hole as possible and let you do the work, pulling your head in with my suction, then you pop it out. You don’t have the best aim at getting it back into my mouth, and I have to chase you a bit.

You back off. I peek through the hole. I see you jerking before you push one of your balls at the hole. Your balls are HUGE. I lick one through the hole and suck on it a little.

You güvenilir casino return your head. I eagerly suck it back into my mouth. Enough of your shaft is through that I can get my tongue down the base a bit, your head moving against the roof of my mouth. That seems to be the magic spot for you as you moan and say “Oh yeah!” in a muffled tone. We have our rhythm. You do all the moving. I simply suck you in and nearly out. I’m enjoying this as much as you are.

A few minutes of this and you whisper “I’m gonna cum! Will you swallow it?”

My reply is to increase my pace. You respond with a groan and your load shooting into my mouth. Your cum is sweet and amazing. I keep my sucking pace and take every drop. I slow my pace as you come down from your high, still holding your load in my mouth, savoring that sweet taste.

You slip out and whisper “Thank you!” I slide back into my chair and finally swallow your load. I lean against the wall between our booths as if I’m snuggling it with a big smile on my face. You put your shorts back on, unlock your booth, and exit.

I’m happy things went so well so early. It’s a refreshing change. You expressing your appreciation boosted my ego.

But I’m hoping for more. Maybe a nice long cock that will choke me a bit.

I wait…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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