Bisexual Black Man’s Soul Mate

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The things I do for love will never cease to amaze me. Seriously. Right now, I’ve got my husband Stephen Vincent on all fours, face down and ass up. I’m kneeling behind him and spreading his ass cheeks with my hands as I thrust a seven-inch dildo up his butt. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Dominating a six-foot-three, 250-pound Black man with my newly acquired special toys. Our Back Bay townhouse is sound-proofed, so we don’t have to worry about neighbors hearing. Not that we’d care if anyone heard us. We’re adventurous, you see. You do what you got to do, you know? My name is Shavona L’Heureux Vincent and I approve this message.

I grip Stephen’s hips and thrust my plastic cock deep into his ass. He sighs as his body experiences pain and pleasure. If only his friends could see him now. They would be absolutely stunned to discover what kinky stuff this deeply conservative Black man is into. When we first starting dating, he couldn’t get enough of my ass. Patting it, rubbing it, kissing it and yes, fucking it. The guy loved anal sex so much I thought he was addicted. And now this. I didn’t see this one coming. We’ve all got sexual secrets, I guess. Seriously. The more normal the person seems, the freakier they are deep inside. My friend and former co-worker Marcy Yasimoto, a short-haired and steely-eyed, openly gay Japanese-American chick, seems quite imposing when you first meet her. Tall, muscular and stern-looking. She’s a former professional bodybuilder and model now working as a fitness trainer in downtown Boston. She’s one tough broad, let me tell you. Yet she’s recently confessed to me that she’s a total submissive in bed. Her girlfriend Maria Fernandez, a short, dark-skinned and big-bottomed Hispanic chick, totally dominates her. In and out of bed. It’s funny to watch them interact in public.

Marcy and I are both into the bondage, dominance and submission scene. Yet our relationships with our partners couldn’t be more different. Marcy has always gone for domineering broads with fancy accents. She’s a total submissive while I’m more of a switch. And she tends to date Black and Hispanic lesbians who are also into the Boston-area BDSM scene. Marcy loves to get absolutely dominated by the women she seeks. Once, I had to take her to a hospital after a particularly brutal session she had with Moira Antoine, a stocky Black lesbian dominatrix from Provincetown. Moira whipped Marcy so hard, she left some permanent marks on her back, buttocks and thighs. If you ask me, I think Moira was a psycho but Marcy didn’t seem to mind the scars. Nor did she seem to mind that she walked funny for three days after Moira sodomized her with an oversized strap-on dildo. I thought she ought to press charges but she declined to proceed with my suggestions. To each her own, I guess.

I like the wild women I meet in the city of Boston. They’re everywhere. In malls, at the park, bahis firmalar─▒ on the subway and in restaurants. Boston is teeming with female freaks. The BDSM scene is packed with women of all races and ethnicities. The kind of women people would never suspect of being into this sort of thing. Especially the eternally horny and sexually adventurous African-American, Asian and Hispanic Soccer moms. For a long time, that’s the kind of person I sought too. I dated a wide variety of women. Athletes. Models. Waitresses. Teachers. Cops. Firefighters. Social workers. Lawyers. Black, Hispanic, Middle-Eastern and Asian. I didn’t discriminate. Besides, I attracted a lot of dames and I liked it. A five-foot-eleven, busty, voluptuous and big-bottomed, dark-skinned sister like myself definitely looked exotic in the streets of Boston. And I swear every white lesbian in town catches Jungle Fever the moment our eyes meet. Sometimes I give them a little taste, and sometimes I don’t.

My husband Stephen is screaming as I ram the dildo deep into his ass. I smack his buttocks and tell him to shut the fuck up. He relishes how dominant I am with him. And I’m really getting off on fucking him, a big Black man, with my dildo. My pussy is all wet with excitement as I pound the dildo up his ass. Hey, he asked for it, he got it. I don’t do anything halfway. Seriously. He’s not the first person I’ve sodomized with a dildo. Merely the first man. I smiled wickedly as I drove the dildo even deeper inside of him, causing him to scream like a little bitch. I’m usually more ruthless with my female submissives. Stephen should count his lucky stars. He’s lucky I love him. The last person I took like this was this blonde-haired and green-eyed, kind of plump white chick named Summer Randall. She’s the wife of some accountant in Milton. Anyway, I picked her up at a dyke bar in Boston’s South End and brought her home.

We got our freak on and Summer stunned me with a request. She wanted me to completely dominate her in bed. This white housewife wanted to be dominated by a strong Black woman. Hell, she wanted me to be her mistress as she played the role of my white female slave. Are white people weird or what? I easily got into the role. A certain amount of dislike for pampered white women came to me naturally. You had better believe I dominated the hell out of her. I put a collar around her neck and made her follow me on all fours as we played in my house. Then I smacked her ass and whipped her. For the grand finale, I put her on all fours, face down and ass up, and fingered her asshole while spanking her fat white ass. She wanted more, and since I was down for it, I whipped out my strap-on and shoved it up her ass after lubricating her asshole. I’ve never heard a woman scream so loudly. I slammed my dildo so far up her ass, I’m surprised it didn’t come out of her mouth. Yeah, I fucked her good and made ka├žak iddaa sure she remembered my name. Afterwards, I told her to leave the premises and she did. I don’t like the suburban white soccer moms. They’re fun to play with but way too fake for me.

For love and for play, I like Black women and bodacious, big-bottomed and dark-skinned Latinas. My last serious relationship was with Stacy Morgan, a six-foot-tall, sexy and big-bottomed, stunning Black woman I met in the city of Atlanta. One of the famously gorgeous Black lesbians of the South. We had some fun together. She’s the first woman I ever played sub with. Oh, man. I get hot and bothered just thinking about it. Kneeling before my gorgeous Black mistress and giving her pussy a good licking while she tugged on my collar and urged me to continue pleasuring her. Oh, man. I opened myself to her completely. Mind, body and soul. I remember the first time we tried anal play together. Stacy put me on all fours and spread my ass cheeks wide open. She licked and probed my ass with her fingers. It felt so good I couldn’t stand it for long. Then she introduced my ass to its first invader. A very thin, eight-inch blue dildo. She worked that dildo up my ass, introducing me to the other side of anal sex. I got fucked in the ass for the first time, and I absolutely loved it. Stacy was a lot of fun. Until she dumped me for some Arab chick she’d been seeing behind my back. It took me a long time but I got over Stacy.

That’s why my choice of life mate absolutely stunned my friends and family. Seriously. People thought I had lost my damn mind. I surprised everyone, including myself, when I fell in love with Stephen, a very normal and conventional guy. Tall, good-looking and Black. Just the way I liked my men. When I like men, that is. He used to play football for Northeastern University. Now he’s enrolled in the school’s MBA program. He works for a corporation on State Street as some kind of executive in training. A lot of women, especially sisters, would be impressed. I wasn’t. I fell in love with him but his high-powered world never stunned me in any way. It left me cold. Why? Simply because I’ve been there before. I majored in business administration at Suffolk University and earned my bachelor’s degree in it three years ago. Rather than working for some big company, I created my own business with some like-minded lady friends. An all-female company of fitness trainers. Working with executives, athletes as well as regular people. We were definitely a unique company and our business was doing good. We have locations in Boston, Brockton and Plymouth. I tried telling the instructors, especially the lesbians, not to get involved with female clients. Nobody stuck to that rule, not even me.

All these thoughts ran through my head as I continued my domination of Stephen Vincent, the Haitian-American guy who stole my heart. ka├žak bahis Suddenly, I pull out of him. He gasps in protest as my dildo leaves his ass. I ask him to change position and get on his back. He’s puzzled, but he obeys. I plunge the dildo right back inside of him. He squeals. I smile nastily and hold his face in my hands. His legs are dangling in the air. I look deep into his eyes as I drill the dildo deep into his ass. I wonder how many other Black women would do this. Bang the hell out of their boyfriend or husband after he’s admitted to having role-reversal fantasies. Lots of Black guys are dying to get fucked in the ass by a dominant sister wearing a strap-on dildo. They just won’t admit it out loud. But that’s okay. Every time you see a Black man walking funny and smiling oddly, maybe it’s not some swagger thing. Maybe he’s walking that way because his woman rammed a dildo up his ass last night.

Hard and fast, I pound into Stephen. Until he begs for mercy. I sigh. I am slightly disappointed in him. Even though this is our first time doing this sort of thing together, I thought he could take more. Oh, well. Each person’s limits are different. You learn that as you play with different partners. What may seem okay and even light for some people might be too risqu├ę for others. That’s just the way people are. I slowly pulled out of Stephen and we spent several seconds simply staring into each other’s eyes. Without a word being spoken, I kissed him lightly on the lips. It seemed like the thing to do, I guess. Stephen looks at me and smiles. He’s so strange, this husband of mine. He’s a staunchly religious and deeply conservative Haitian-American with core beliefs very much different from mine. Yet he’s the one I chose to spend the rest of my life with. That’s because deep down, we’re very much alike. We’re both bisexual, for one thing. He swings both ways, but doesn’t think I know. He considers himself a Republican, yet he supports Same-Sex Marriage, Affirmative Action and voted for Barack Obama. Republican my ass!

After recovering, Stephen tells me he had a great experience being dominated by me. I am not a bit surprised. I should do this professionally someday, seriously. I am quite good at it. We kiss tenderly, and he puts his arms around me. He tells me he’s lucky to have me. Well, duh. Of course he’s lucky to have me. All the guys and half the chicks in Boston want a piece of me. Stephen tells me that he loves me. I look into his eyes. He means what he says, though I don’t give him too much credit for saying it after I’ve just fucked him. He’s so secretive, and I am as open as can be about my life. I have a bet going on with some friends of mine as to when Stephen’s going to muster the courage to tell me about his bisexuality. I swore my friends to secrecy, don’t worry. It’s just one of those fun things my inner circle and I like to do, you know. Some people bet on sports, we bet on who’s queer, who’s not and when in hell they’re coming out. It’s how we do it in Boston. I’m an openly bisexual Black woman married to a bisexual Black man. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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