Biochem Boys Ch. 04

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“So, what you said in the bathroom. Was it true? Do you want to go up to my office?” Ryan gave Nate a questioning glance. “Maybe finish what we started between classes?”

“Fuck, yes.” Nate couldn’t believe it. This time Ryan wasn’t toying with his thoughts, Ryan wasn’t pushing him into a stall in the bathroom. He was going to Ryan’s office to be fucked, and he was going willingly. It was taking all his will power to keep from ripping off Ryan’s clothes and jumping on his cock right there in the hallway.

Ryan held open the door to the back stairwell for Nate. Nate passed him, his body heat gave Ryan an instant erection, the short blond hairs on the back of his neck tingled with excitement. As the heavy fire door closed, Ryan grabbed Nate and kissed him heavily. Their hands moved quickly and with purpose. Each man trying to explore as much of the other’s body as possible.

What started as a simple passionate kiss between new lovers became a lustful moment. That lustful moment on their journey to their first time together, completely, became a powerful and aggressive make-out session. Ryan’s tongue grappled with Nate’s. The sound of wet lips and moaning echoed in the stairwell as they made out. A series of popping sounds broke up the reverberations their ravenous love making. Nate had ripped open Ryan’s shirt. Buttons ricocheted around the stairwell as Nate flung the shirt off of his lover’s body. Before the shirt hit the hand rail he playfully bit at Ryan’s tongue. Nate quickly traced his tongue down over Ryan’s lower lip, then his chin, and ever so sensuously down his neck. Once reaching his chest, in seconds he was covering Ryan’s left nipple with mouth. His tongue played with the rock hard nipple while his hands ran up and down over Ryan’s smooth abs. With each pass he ventured closer to the Promised Land only to be denied by Ryan’s tight belt.

Ryan pulled Nate back up to him, he wanted to get out of public and into the private of his office, and they stumbled up the first flight of stairs struggling to keep upright while giving into their lustful male urges. On the landing Nate gasped for air, Ryan tugged him to go up the next flight, but Nate held his ground and took off his own shirt. “I’m so hard Ryan. I need to cum.” He looked into Ryan’s eyes. “I need to cum now. Please.” Ryan smiled, and stripped off the remainder of Nate’s clothes. He dropped to his knees. Ryan looked up at Nate, past his hard cock and into his pleading eyes. This was the second time he was going to suck on this man’s cock. He has never sucked dick before this night, and he was about to receive his cum again. He ran his tongue along the length of Nate’s shaft, precum dripping onto his cheek as he worked his way slowly along.

Ryan lay back against the stairs, looked at Nate standing naked against the railing in front of the bank of windows that lined the stairs. Nate’s erection was straining for relief and his face begging for release. Ryan smirked, “Fuck my face, buddy. Fuck my face until you fill my mouth with your delicious seed.” Nate practically leaped into position. His hard cock was inches from entering Ryan’s wet mouth when Ryan grabbed his cock, keeping him from relief. “After you cum, baby, I’m gonna take you to my office throw you on the desk and fuck you until I can’t cum anymore.” Ryan swallowed Nate’s cock.

Ryan leaned his head back onto the stairs and Nate pounded into his mouth. The aggression and lust that fueled Nate’s desire to cum was so much more intense than he could have imagined. The tentative lover was gone and replaced by a sex crazed maniac. Nate’s cock got harder and pushed deeper with each thrust into Ryan’s mouth. Ryan could barely catch his breath, but the sensation pushed him to levels of pleasure he didn’t know existed. His own cock was fighting to break free of the prison of his khakis.

It didn’t take Nate long. After only a few minutes of violent face fucking, Nate exploded. Cum streamed into Ryan’s mouth. The guttural screams from Nate as Ryan drank from his lover’s cock echoed through the stairwell. Ryan swallowed and drank as much as he could. Blasts of cum from Nate’s still thrusting cock soon filled Ryan’s mouth to overflowing. Nate pulled out, allowing Ryan to swallow. A final stream of cum splashed across Ryan’s face.

Nate stared down at Ryan. Below him was the perfect man, a body of no less than perfection, and a face of pure boyish masculinity. The white cum from his orgasm struck a bright contrast against Ryan’s smiling tan face. Ryan looked up at Nate. This lean beautiful man that was the subject of his first gay fantasy was standing over him, eyes filled with lust and cum dripping from the tip of his rock hard cock.

A loud click snapped the two sex crazed men from their haze. Two floors down the door to the stairwell had bahis siteleri opened. Ryan jumped to his feet grabbed Nate by a hand and pulled his naked lover up. They ran as fast as they could, up two more floors. Ryan’s shirt and all of Nate’s clothes littered the stairwell which smelled strongly of sweat and sex. Ryan opened the door to the top floor and stuck his head out; the hall was clear.

They ran to the middle of the hall. Nate watched Ryan running just in front of him. His firm back glistened with sweat, his shoulder blades moved in a way that pushed his eyes down along his spine. As they ran, Nate became transfixed on Ryan’s rhythmic pumping ass. It was as if Ryan was using this escape as a means of turning him on even more. As Ryan fumbled with the keys in his pocket, Nate slid one hand down the back of Ryan’s pants. He felt the smooth skin of the firm flesh in front of him and using his other hand furiously jerked on his throbbing erection, he wanted to cum again. Ryan was going to be an addiction. Just as he felt the familiar electricity of an oncoming orgasm begin vibrating through his core, Ryan found his keys and pulled him, naked, erect, and gasping for relief, into his dark office.

Ryan slammed the door shut, locked the deadbolt, and flicked on the lights. They were exasperated from nearly getting caught and their hearts were still pounding from their growing lust. Nate was coming down from his thwarted orgasm, but now he wanted release, more than ever in his life. Nate stood naked at the window, bent over so that his raging boner wasn’t drilling a hole in the block wall. Ryan came up behind him. He slipped out of the remainder of his clothes as he closed the distance between the door and his lover. He pressed his nakedness against Nate. Nate could feel Ryan’s thick erection against his ass. With his chest against his back Ryan gently pecked at Nate’s neck, and held the full girth of Nate’s cock in his hand.

“Fuck baby, you drive me crazy.” He whispered gently in Nate’s ear and then sharply threw him back onto the desk. Nate saw Ryan’s full erect glory for the first time. Ryan put Nate’s legs up on his shoulders. Ryan looked Nate in the eyes, his nine hard inches pressed against the warm opening he had been lusting over for days. “What do you say?”

“FUCK ME, RYAN!” Nate commanded and Ryan obeyed.

The spongy head of Ryan’s cock pressed with lustful intent. It compressed, the virgin hole was resisting his entry. The resistance was firm, but Ryan’s cock was more firm, and he was not turning back. He slowly rolled his hips forward and stared straight into Nate’s eyes. Nate stared back waiting for that moment that was inevitable. The tight rim of Nate’s hole began to flex open, as Ryan pushed his way forward. He felt the embrace of pleasure as the tight ring spread wider and wrapped itself firmly around his steel member. Wider and wider Nate opened; guttural groans came from his mouth as he was filled. After passing completely over Ryan’s burning mushroom head Nate unwillingly clenched down and Ryan quickly thrust completely in. Ryan let out a long drawn out moan as he gave in to the decadence of the warmth enveloping him inside of Nate’s virginity. Nate simply screamed “RYAN!” as his hot pole invaded deep inside.

They hung there in the moment, both young men feeling a passion they had never felt before. After rolling his eyes back in his head, Nate’s eyes regained their focus on Ryan. Nate could barely breathe; the intense feeling of being completely filled was beyond anything he could have imagined. He saw his own erection, twitching gently, and bouncing up against his smooth white stomach. He was harder than he had ever been, in his life. Almost out of body he began to feel the moment. The gentle caress of Ryan’s hands where he grasped Nate’s thighs was the perfect companion to the burning rod inside of him. He felt Ryan’s bare balls pressed tightly against his taint. They felt so full and heavy; they seemed to add to the enormity of the manhood filling him. Ryan’s abs were completely tensed, sweat ran down the crease above his belly button. The blond happy trail and the v-shaped torso of his lover just focused Nate on the feeling of being filled by Ryan. Ryan’s chest heaved in the enormity of the moment and then the two boys locked eyes. Ryan’s piercing eyes seemed to penetrate his soul almost as deeply as he was being penetrated by the thick cock of the perfect man. Ryan’s eyes asked the question; Nate gasped “YES” in reply.

Ryan grabbed Nate’s thighs tightly. He slowly began to withdraw; Nate’s tight hole pulled the flesh of the retreating rod, trying to keep the throbbing member inside. The cool night air was an exhilarating shock compared to the warmth of Nate’s tight ass, and it drove Ryan’s lust. When his cock was nearly free, in a confident canl─▒ bahis siteleri and firm voice, he said, “I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you’ll never want me to stop.” Nate grasped the table and even pushed a little back onto the cock he craved. Ryan slammed himself back inside. With little warm up, he began fucking his best friend harder than he had ever fucked before. Nate whimpered, part in pain, but mostly because he was overwhelmed with pleasure. He had never gotten soft, and now with each thrust of Ryan’s erection his body quivered with a rapidly growing cascade of pleasure.

Ryan fucked hard, the friction of Nate’s widening hole was keeping him harder than he would have thought possible. He could see Nate shiver each time he landed home inside of him. He saw Nate’s cock grow harder before his eyes. He fucked harder. Both young men were drenched in sweat.

“Your ass is incredible Nate.” His pace quickened, his body was alive with the pleasure of it all. “You’re the best fuck I have ever had.” Not more than a minute in and he knew Nate was already on the edge. He pumped with force, hitting Nate on the spot harder with each thrust.

Nate screamed. “RYAN, YOU ARE FUCKING INCREDIBLE!” In that moment Ryan watched as Nate’s cock began to pump. The desk creaked with the fucking as Nate held on with both hands. Nate clamped down on Ryan’s cock, and Ryan forced himself deeper. “FUCK.” Nate threw his head back. “GODDDD!” Ryan opened his mouth in awe as he watched Nate orgasm. Cum shot onto Nate’s chest, his face, and his hair. “YES!” “RYAN!” “OH RYAN!” Nate was drenched in cum.

Ryan continued fucking him with force. Having seen Nate cum, solely because of the fucking he was taking, blew his mind. He didn’t think it was possible for a man to cum without any manipulation of his cock. Thinking about making Nate cum hands-free nearly pushed him over the edge, but he didn’t want to cum yet. He wanted to revel in the pleasure of Nate’s ass so much longer.

He pulled out, jumped onto the desk, fell to his knees, and then pulled Nate’s face to his own. Ryan kissed Nate more deeply than he had kissed anyone in his life. He pulled Nate’s head away from his own by his hair. He licked the cum from Nate’s face, before plunging back in for another kiss. Nate reached for Ryan’s cock. The red-hot erection felt so good in his hand. He could feel Ryan’s pulse through his stiff rod. Ryan let him get in a few tugs before gently removing Nate’s hand, he didn’t want to cum yet. They made out for several minutes. Despite having just cum for a fourth time in just a few hours, Nate was getting hard again, and Ryan’s expert hand guided it to its revival.

Ryan leaned back on his knees. His rock hard body towered over Nate on the desk, his hard prick was an exclamation point to pure sex he embodied. He scooped up the remaining cum from Nate’s chest and wrapped his cum coated hand around his shaft. He applied the cum to his cock and then licked his hand clean. The cum-slicked cock glistened in the florescent light of the office. He leaped off the desk and returned to his home between Nate’s quivering thighs. Nate sat up quickly as if to stop Ryan from leaving, then he watched as with one had Ryan pushed him to lay back and the other guided his firm tool back inside.

Ryan quickly returned to fast pace of fucking he had established earlier, Nate’s hole still held tightly to his driving member. Nate and Ryan still stared in each other’s eyes and exchanged in a sexual banter that pushed them both further. Since cumming in the hall, Nate’s infatuation with Ryan had only growth. With each thrust, he only wanted more. Moans and groans echoed through the room, just slightly louder than the rhythmic pounding of balls against ass. Gasps, sharp inhalations, and a chorus of “Nate!” and “Ryan!” and “Fuck!” would have been audible to anyone happening down the hall past the office. Nate felt raw but whole, the pain had gone almost immediately he could feel only the friction and the heat from Ryan’s organ. Ryan felt only the moist warmth of the hole and the spread of electric pleasure boiling up from his core.

Nate saw Ryan’s eyes roll back as he started to sharply thrust deeply inside of him. He vocalized his pleasure in sensual grunt followed by a powerful “FUCK! NATE!” Ryan’s tan chest reddened as he thrust in and released stream after stream of hot cum into Nate’s tight hole. Nate watched Ryan gasping for breath while his whole body quaked from the power of the orgasm he had chased all night. Nate only felt Ryan pressing tightly inside of him, but knowing he was being filled with Ryan’s cum sent a tingle through his body. Ryan came back down from his orgasmic high and saw Nate below him, in bliss and impaled on his cock. He rolled his hips back and slow-fucked Nate while he began to come canl─▒ bahis back down. His body still rippled with pleasure as he penetrated Nate. His hot cum slicked along the length of his shaft, he was still hard and before he came back down he had a special surprise for Nate.

He pulled out and hopped up onto the desk. It was a skill he had only recently achieved, but he wanted to show Nate. He straddled Nate’s chest and intensely stroked his thick erection, he could feel the high returning. Multiple orgasms always heightened his sexual experiences. Nate looked up in surprise and opened his mouth to receive Ryan’s second gift. In just a few seconds of frantic rubbing Ryan groaned and let loose a torrent of cum. Most of it landed home, giving Nate the first taste of cum fresh from the cock of his best friend. Some splashed on his face but it didn’t matter Nate wrapped his lips around Ryan’s convulsing cock and drank from him. When his cock was clean, Ryan slide down Nate’s torso and licked his own cum from Nate’s face before feeding it to him in a deep and passionate kiss.

When they finally came up for air, their two naked bodies covered in sweat, Nate was the first to speak. “That was fucking amazing Ryan. I have never cum so hard in my life. Your sex is divine.” While Nate spoke Ryan had reached behind himself and was stroking Nate’s cock. Nate was still very hard; Ryan was softening a bit and still dripping cum onto Nate’s torso. Ryan still wanted to experience all of Nate.

Ryan smiled down at Nate. “I’m still not done.”

Before Nate could respond Ryan stuffed Nate’s cock straight into his virgin hole. He forced his weight down, completely taking Nate’s tool inside of him. The pain of the instant penetration of his virgin hole nearly overwhelmed him, but he wanted this so badly. Nate watched, as the guy all the girls wanted, the guy who just so completely fucked him, rode his cock like it was his lifelong dream.

“Oh Fuck! I love your tool.”

Ryan thighs flexed as he ground down on Nate’s erection. His abs rippled as the golden haired god of men bottomed out again and again on Nate’s hard shaft. As he bounced on the cock inside him, Ryan’s own was beginning to get hard again. Soon he was fully erect and frantically stroking his meat. Nate fucked up into Ryan’s smooth, firm ass. He knew what Ryan was feeling, being filled with cock for the first time. He knew Ryan felt amazing riding his dick. The friction of Ryan’s gyrating hole was working its magic, and he knew Ryan wanted his seed. He could see it in Ryan’s eyes, from behind the blond hair dancing in front of his face. He could hear it in Ryan’s groans. Ryan desperately wanted to be bred.

Ryan was the first to explode. “FUCK ME NATE.” He screamed his orgasm as he jerked several steaming hot loads of his cream onto Nate’s chest. Watching the thick jizz spraying from Ryan and then feeling the heat of the load on his body pushed Nate over the edge. He forced his way up as Ryan crammed down and Nate growled as he unloaded inside of Ryan. Both young men grunted, groaned, and expressed their pleasure.

Ryan collapsed down onto Nate. They kissed again. Exhausted, covered in sweat, the two young men were completely and utterly sexually satisfied. The sound of sloppy kissing, gasping for breath and the creaking of the desk as the still bucked their hips together was the only sound for a few minutes. Finally, Ryan rolled off of Nate and landed beside him on the desk.

Two men in their sexual prime, two men in peak physical condition, two men lay side by side with their legs dangling off the edge of the desk. Pale moonlight flooded the room accentuating their masculine forms. Their labored breaths, their toned muscles, and their cum and sweat coating was a testament to their sexuality. Virility was not a problem for these two studs. Even now, after so many powerful orgasms, their erections were growing again. They were aroused even by their proximity now.

Ryan reached off the desk and pulled the blanket on his chair (from the nights he slept in the office) and covered them. Together, the two men turned lengthwise on the desk. Ryan behind Nate, they spooned. Their smooth, hard bodies pressed together and Ryan wrapped Nate in his arms. Ryan’s erection continued to harden between their two bodies.

“What were you thinking when I was riding you, stud?” Ryan asked as they relaxed. “I was so lost in the moment I couldn’t tell what you were thinking.”

“I thought it felt amazing.” He replied. “But honestly, I was more jealous of you. After having you inside of me…I can think of nothing more that I want. I loved having you inside of me. I loved watching you cum inside of me.”

Ryan whispered in his ear. “Then do you want me inside of you now? Until we fall asleep?”


Ryan pushed his erection inside of Nate. When they found a comfortable position they drifted off to sleep. Sometime after the clock tower struck midnight Ryan slipped out of Nate, but in their dreams they were always connected.

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