Bikinis Are Dangerous Ch. 03

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“Hon, did you pack any of my underwear?” I called from the hotel bedroom into the living room.

“Didn’t you pack your underwear?” I heard the amused reply and knew with a sinking sensation that all the underwear I had for this trip was what I had worn on the plane.

I looked around the nice bedroom I was in of the Plaza Hotel in New York and realized I was in a bit of a quandary. We were scheduled to go out with friends of my girl’s and I didn’t have a lot of time. I certainly couldn’t go out and shop for the underwear of choice, Victoria’s was probably closed at this hour anyway. Dammit! I knew I should have packed for myself but I had been in a hurry and she generously had offered, so to save time I made assumptions. It wasn’t like I could borrow her’s though, she was way more petite than I was in the bottoms and way bigger on top. I’d look like a clown and I really wanted to impress my girls friends from when she lived here.

Why is it when we know something is not where we put it we continue to look anyway? It’s like when you do find something you say “it was in the last place I looked,” well, do YOU continue to look after you’ve found whatever you were searching for? Fruitlessly I searched through my suitcase for the missing underwear. It wasn’t there. Slacks, blouses, jeans, shirts, and shoes, but no underwear. I wanted to rant and rave about the oversight but she had helped me out by packing for me so really I couldn’t. I seriously considered wearing one of my blouses that had a built in shelf bra but it didn’t go with the rest of the outfit I was wearing tonight and I didn’t have a lot of time to change my mind about what I was wearing, she was waiting to leave to meet up with them and as I am NEVER late, I wasn’t going to start NOW!

That’s when I spotted one of my bikini’s. Well, bikini’s are like a bra and panties aren’t they? Without a second thought I grabbed a matching pair in royal blue. They would hold the twins up and I wouldn’t have my crotch rubbing all night against my skirt, I just hoped for no panty lines. As I slipped the bikini on and then the skirt and blouse I gazed into the mirror and was relieved to see no lines. Only I knew that I was wearing this sexy little bikini and it actually made me feel sexier with it on underneath my clothes, like good Victoria’s Secret underwear does for you.

Quickly I put on heels, brushed my hair and applied eyeliner, shadow, and lipstick and I was ready to go. I checked my teeth to make sure there was no lipstick on them and slipped the makeup into my bag and slung it over my shoulder. I was ready and I looked nice, for my girl, to impress her friends, and for me to feel good. I was wearing a pink satin blouse cut down to there. The bikini top was raising the twins up to a good degree and it’s cut allowed the buttons of the blouse to be open down to there too. A hint of the royal blue satin could be seen if you looked down my blouse but I didn’t care about other’s looking, only my girl, and this would entice her if she saw it. My black wrap skirt swirled around my hips, held up by a shiny leather belt. Matching heels and I knew my girl would be proud.

She whistled at me when I came out of the bedroom “find that underwear?” she teased and promptly forgot the question since she must have been sure I was teasing, if she only knew!

“You look nice!” I complemented her looking at the black crossover dress she was wearing. She looked hot actually but I knew I would want to touch too much to emphasize my words if I told her so I refrained.

We actually complemented each other nicely. Me, with my red hair, white skin, pink blouse, black skirt and shoes. Her with her Latino looks, her black crossover dress, emphasizing those delicious orbs, small firm waist and buttocks, and black shoes. She was a few inches shorter than me but we looked great together. We both felt great too as we left the little suite we had rented for the weekend.

“So, where did you say we were meeting them?” I asked to make conversation. I knew we were headed into the Village as we got into the cab.

“A little dump called Presley’s and then later we will hit some clubs” she said as she gave the cabby the address.

I looked around curiously as we hurtled through New York traffic in the city. It never failed to amaze me the amount of people, day or night, who were driving or walking through this city at all hours. It never seemed quiet and yet I enjoyed the chaos, on a limited scale. This was the first time I was here with my girl but I had been here before on business. New York City could be frightening but I was fairly well traveled and enjoyed it in small izmit escort doses.

Presley’s turned out to be a pleasant little dump. It was off the main drag and you had to really know it was there to find it. Apparently everyone knew about it though as the place was packed. My girl’s friends had commandeered a couple of tables and we were welcomed in as though they had seen us a few hours ago. Introductions were made all around and I felt like I was among friends in no time. I knew it was because of my girl but I accepted it at face value anyway. We snacked on chips, dip, and salsa and drank beer before they brought us dinner. Some ate steaks, some just salads, some a mixture of the different items on the menu. I chose a steak and salad and washed it down with Corona, my beer of choice. I have a thing for all things Latin…but then you know my girl, lol.

The place was really a hole in the wall and yet all of New York seemed to be there in some shape and form. I enjoyed people watching and chatting with my new found friends. Dinner was delicious and I was delightfully surprised. I was feeling mellow from the beer and good food and looking forward to the rest of the evening, someone had mentioned dancing.

“Hey, she says she hasn’t ever been into the Village for the shows!” one of them shouted across the table to everyone who could hear. New friend’s and strangers alike all heard it was loud enough despite the clatter of dishes and the chatter of people.

“Well, then we have to show her the SHOW!” someone else called out to immediate nods and a few laughs.

I smiled my approval of the plan. I was looking forward to anything they wanted to show me. Some places were like going to the zoo, you enjoyed the animals, you watched them do strange things, and you laughed about it. People watching was the same and I figured wherever they wanted to go was fine by me. My girl would make sure I was taken care of. She glanced at me and gave me an odd little smile.

Settling up after our dinner we left the place en masse and our table and chairs were immediately confiscated by the crowd.

“Should we take a cab or two?” someone asked.

“No, let’s walk off dinner and the booze and save the fare” someone else suggested and everyone else pretty much agreed.

I held my girl’s hand as we walked among the crowd around us. We bantered and chatted with her various friend’s as we walked along. I assumed we were going to ‘the show’ and wondered what it was that we were going to see.

“Are you sure you want to go to this?” she asked me soto voice so the other’s wouldn’t hear.

“Sure, I’m game” I told her, willing to go wherever she wanted to.

“I’m not sure…” she began but someone interrupted and whatever she was going to say was lost.

We walked for quite a ways. I got lost as avenue this and street that came and went. Wearing high heels wasn’t as good an idea as it had seemed earlier when I had dressed. I hoped we were getting wherever we were going soon as I didn’t want to have to take off my heels when we got there. Dancing in bare feet didn’t appeal, especially in some of these clubs I knew it would be pretty gross.

“Here we are” someone called and someone else said “10 bucks cover charge everyone!”

Each of us got out $10 and paid as we went in and got our hand stamped and each were given a token for a free drink. It was painted black in the entranceway as we walked down some steps into the bar. A muted light came through some 60’s style hanging beads, layers of them that we pushed through into the main room of the bar. I stopped astonished as I looked around. Now I like to think I’m fairly broadminded but I have never seen anything like this.

The place was painted in red’s and pink’s of fluorescent hues that the strobe lights bounced off of. There were mirrors on the ceiling, long furry material climbing the walls, like shag carpeting only on the walls, couches absolutely everywhere, but predominantly in three conspicuous locations over the dance floor were cages. Inside were three lovely women dancing to the raucous beat that pumped out of speakers all over the club. I didn’t want to act like a country bumpkin in the city for the first time so I barely kept my jaw from hanging open like a fool. My girl gave me a grin and now I understood everyone’s anticipation about me coming here. They thought they were going to shock me. I smiled and laughed delighted at the almost obscene decor as I looked around. It was like the 60’s had thrown up in here. There were a few platforms high enough that girls could dance on and I shook my head laughing at the go-go boots. One gal even had an afro, I was sure it was a wig, that had to be over two feet from her head. The place was amazing, it was ridiculous, and it looked like a lot of fun.

“Ever see anything like this before?” one of my girl’s friends shouted in my ear over the music.

I shook my head as we made our way to a couple of vacant seats on a couch. One izmit kendi evi olan escort of the girls pulled over a couple of tables and pulled up some chairs as well so we had our own little area to ourselves and could people watch. A waitress was immediately there to take our drink orders.

“Want to dance?” someone asked me and I found myself out on a flower power shaped dance floor. I don’t know how they did it but the lights reflected those flower shapes that were popular in the 60’s all over the floor. It was fun, the beat was loud, and we were having a good time.

I had to sit down after three dances though, I felt hot and sweaty and way out of shape for some reason. Maybe it was the two shots of tequila, maybe it was the shots I couldn’t identify in their neon blue glasses. Anyway, I was feeling good and enjoying our little group.

“Would you like to dance?” someone not from our group asked me politely. I looked up into amazing green brown eyes and a round faced woman who looked intently at me. Her shaved head with the mohawk didn’t do a lot for me but I was with friends anyway so I tried to politely decline.

“Thank you, but I’m with friends” I indicated the group that was still at the table although a few were around the bar and out on the floor.

“Maybe later?” she asked hopefully and I smiled non-commitally. I didn’t want to insult her but I was in a committed relationship and wouldn’t hurt my girl for the world.

“Hey, they’re having a dance contest” someone in our group shouted over the music.

“Oh yeah?” my girl answered, she was sitting down from me having just returned from the dance floor with a couple of the girls. “What can you win?”

“One of those” she indicated with a finely manicured fingernail as she pointed at a beautiful leather jacket with an embossed yin yang on the back of it.

It looked expensive, it looked fine, and I knew immediately that I wanted it. I caught my girl’s eye and knew she knew I wanted it. Anything with a yin yang I wanted for my karma. I’m not superstitious or anything but I really do believe that there is an equality that balances everything out in the universe. Maybe not right away but the symbolism of the black and white, yin and yang, I believed in.

“What do you have to do?” she asked helpfully.

“You have to dance” the other gal answered.

“Just dance?” she glanced at me, I am not the greatest dancer but even I could do that.

“Well, you have to dance in one of those” she pointed at the cages hanging from the ceiling.

I looked around interested at the spectacles that the girls in them were making of themselves. I am not an exhibitionist by any stretch of the imagination. I glanced back at my girl and knew she thought the jacket was out of my reach, I wouldn’t put myself on exhibit like that.

“Then everyone takes a vote, the girl with the most votes, wins. Oh yeah, your also entered to win some vacation too, apparently they’ve been having these contests for weeks. Your automatically entered to win for that too, they are just going to pull names for the vacation though.”

“So you just have to dance up there and everyone votes on how good you are?” I asked to be sure I was understanding the rules clearly. I was a little buzzed and enunciating very deliberately.

Everyone made it clear and discussed the ins and outs and who they would love to see in the cages. I got the full rules somewhere along the line and gazed thoughtfully around.

“Would you like to dance?” my girl asked me and I smiled up into her face as I looked into those amazing Latina eyes I adored. Damn, I love brown eyes.

It was a slow dance and I loved the feel of her against me. Someone went by with those neon blue drinks and I signaled them for two of them and dropped a bill on the platter as we both polished them off. That led to her buying me a set and then I bought another set. I lost count as we danced a few dances together and bought shots. We were laughing at the blue that coated our lips from whatever was in the drink and dying our insides blue. I was sure I would be peeing blue later too!

The music stopped suddenly and a hefty but attractive woman got up on the bar with a microphone. “Hear ye, hear ye, all you cats and dolls, we got a dance challenge coming up and I need three of ya’ll to volunteer for the ‘cage’ match!” she laughed as women shouted out suggestions and pushed friends up but only one woman volunteered, a beautiful Oriental woman who had a sleek body I admired. I watched her get up on the bar next to the announcer. “We have one, I need two more to make this fair ladies, come on, someone must want to win this beautiful leather jacket, it’s worth over five hundred bucks!”

I looked at the jacket and I was tempted, I sorely was but to be on exhibit like that! I shuddered at the thought.

“You gonna try?” I heard women discussing it with their dance partners and recognized the voice of one of my girls friends.

“No way!” I heard just as often and then a big black woman bounced her way up to the bar and I looked in surprise that she would have the guts but then thought why the hell not, she was attractive despite her weight.

I think that was when the shots all caught up with me. My arm shot up all by itself and I found myself yelling “I’m in!” as I left my girl holding my purse on the dance floor, surprise written all over her face.

As I climbed up on the bar I was met with cheers and a few jeers. The other two women were dressed a bit more provocatively than me. I was definitely dressed way more conservatively than they were or for that matter, anyone else in the bar. But as I gazed around the dance floor at the women I saw my girl and her friends and they were laughing and cheering me on. I knew I could count on their votes even if they were biased.

The rules were explained one more time for everyone’s benefit and pencil nubs and a vote sheet were passed out to everyone who wanted to vote. Each of the three of us were escorted to a cage and it was unlocked, the go-go girls let out and each of us locked in ‘for our safety’ or so I was told. I didn’t really understand that as the announcer said into the mike “Ladies, start your engines” and a roar of approval met her announcement as the music started and I watched dumbly as the other two started dancing sensually to the music and I started rocking to it. Let’s face it, sometimes white women just don’t have the rhythm necessary to look sexy in a moment like that. But I desperately wanted to win the jacket and I certainly didn’t want to embarrass my girl in front of all of her friends.

It was then that I got my moment, I thought of Demi Moore and how she had looked in that movie. No way am I close to her in appearance but with all the shots of who knows what liquor in me, I was a lot braver than I had ever been in my life. There were more ways to dance than the Oriental gal dancing sensuously or the black girl enthusiastically. My two step was boring the observers and I began to dance more enthusiastically as I used the side of the cage to begin a strip tease.

Slowly but surely I began moving my body in a way that one by one the observers began to turn back towards me as their friends noticed and started looking themselves, some pointing. I looked only at my girl though as I unbuttoned one by one the buttons to my pink blouse. My hair I wiped around provocatively as I shimmied my hips and shoulders to the music. I heard vaguely in the background the catcalls and yells from the women as they realized my blouse was slowly coming off. I remembered movies with harem dances and hoped my body moved in the way I remembered as I danced provocatively to the music.

“Take it off honey” I heard the announcer shout into the mike as she needed to be heard over the blaring music and the calls of the crowd.

This made everyone look around to see what she had meant and that was when my blouse slipped off both my shoulders and I began to shimmy it down my torso to the music. My eyes never left my girls face as she looked at me, first with shock, then with humor, and finally with admiration at my daring.

My bra came into view as I rocked to the beat, my hips causing my skirt to swing provocatively, the blouse I slowly lowered, revealing my bikini top. The royal blue satin shone beautifully in the lights of the club and shimmered, helping me make my case for the expensive leather jacket. As I dropped the blouse to the bottom of the cage eager hands ripped it through the bottom and pulled it apart like animals. It would have frightened me if I had thought about it but at this moment my eyes were locked on my girls.

Her dark eyes looked black in the lights as she watched me strip tease for her. The intensity is something I will never forget. It wasn’t anger, it wasn’t just the admiration, it was something more, something intangible, primitive, and oh so arousing. I knew without her saying a word that she was loving every moment of my strip tease, that this public display while very uncharacteristic of me, was thrilling her.

Hands were reaching through the cage, the blouse wasn’t enough and I soon lost my high heels but I didn’t care.

The girls screamed themselves hoarse as my hand went to my belt and began to loosen it. The music changed as the first song came to an end. The DJ was contributing to my strip tease as a beat came on that allowed me to whip my belt around the cage simulating something in the minds of a few women that had them on their feet and screaming wildly. I couldn’t see what the other two women I was competing against were doing but then I didn’t really care. I let the belt go and eager hands stole it from my cage. Women were reaching through attempting to get at my skirt, to look up it, to pull it from my body.

My breasts rose and fell from my exertions. It looked awesome under the lights as I broke out into a light sweat. The bikini top was holding them high and making them look voluptuous for the first time in their lives. The twins wanted to come out and play but I was careful in my dance to show but not spill out.

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