Big Jenny

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Jenny was fat. She wasn’t obese but she was a big girl. She stood 5’10” tall and weighed in at a deliciously curvaceous 200lbs. Her tits were big natural 40dd, she had a big round fat ass and a positively beautiful face framed by long straight brown hair. If she had wanted to she easily could have been a plus sized model.

I was a skinny 6’1″ 165 pound geek who worked 30 hours a week and went to school full time.

We met in the fall of 1995 at work when I was sophomore in college. Jenny was two years older than me and she already had a four year old son when we met. She was sweet, sexy, sometimes domineering and always bat shit crazy. She was the most open minded woman I had ever met but she had a cornucopia of sexual and emotional issues that helped shape my sexuality.

I was wildly attracted to her the instant I saw her but I admired her from afar for a month before I finally talked to her. We worked in the service department of a car dealership where I was a part time service writer and she was a full time cashier. Once we started talking Jenny took the lead. I was shy and insecure but she was a tremendous flirt. I spent many nights in my dorm room with my hand on my cock and my eyes closed imagining us fucking. I wasn’t a virgin but I was far from experienced. I’d only had sex with three girls but I read sex stories all the time and I had what I thought were very kinky fantasies.

Jenny’s flirting got more explicit with each passing day. She started to take liberties with me by discretely touching my ass and my cock through my clothes every chance she got.

One Tuesday night in October my boss had to leave early to take his kids to the doctor and he asked me to close up the shop. The shop was in the back of the building that housed the dealership show room but it was almost like a separate building with only a single door connecting the two areas. All the technicians had left for the night and I had just shut off the main lights when Jenny walked into the shop. The place was deserted and the sales staff rarely ventured into the shop after hours.

Jenny walked up behind me and pressed her big soft body against mine as she reached around me and rubbed my dick through my pants. She was wearing a thin silky dress with a low neckline that had driven me crazy all day. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her warm breath on the back of my neck.

“I’ve seen how you have looked at me all day,” Jenny said as my dick grew painfully hard in my pants. “I’m so wet. Do you want to feel my pussy.”

“Yes,” I replied tentatively. I had dreamt about her so often I was afraid to scare her off.

Jenny sensed my fear and took charge. She spun me around and guided me to my knees on the hard concrete floor in the back of the shop. She lifted her dress over my head and draped it like a tent over me. She wore no panties and her pussy was wild and unshaven. Her musky scent overwhelmed me as I knelt beneath her dress.

“Eat me Richie,” Jenny said softly as her hands guided me to her furry mound. She parted her legs and I enthusiastically pressed my face into her fragrant muff.

My tongue sank deep into her soaking wet hole and I nearly drown from the flood of tangy delicious juices.

“Right there, a little higher, yes, harder, just like that,” Jenny directed as my tongue slithered over her wet musky folds.

I found her big hard clit and sucked on it as she moaned loudly. Anyone entering the shop would have seen us as a loud silhouette in the back of the room, but I didn’t care. I could get a new job but Jenny was a goddess.

I flicked my tongue over Jenny’s clit until she came hard. She held my head tightly as her body quivered from the waves of pleasure.

She backed away from me and smiled as I continued to kneel on the floor. “Thanks, I really needed that. You are much better than I thought you’d be.” Jenny giggled. She turned and left the shop as I knelt dumfounded.

I jerked off three times that night thinking about the feel, taste and smell of Jenny’s delicious pussy.

Jenny didn’t talk to me for two days after our first tryst. She was friendly but disinterested and I thought I had done something wrong. I was a mess but on Friday she walked up to me a few minutes before closing.

“Why don’t you follow me home,” she said flippantly. “I need some more of your special talent.” She smiled and sauntered off. Her big round ass swayed under the silky fabric of her dress and I felt my dick twitch.

“Okay,” I stammered as I made my way to the parking lot behind her.

Jenny’s apartment was on the first floor of a three family house in an okay part of town. It was sparsely furnished with a couch, an end table and an old 24″ TV on a beat up dresser in the family room. A queen sized mattress and box spring sat on the floor in one corner of the bedroom and a department store child’s twin bed in the other. There was a galley kitchen with no room for a table and there was no place to eat except on the couch.

She pulled her dress over her head and walked over to the couch in just a bra. Despite her size, her body was canl─▒ bahis still surprisingly firm thanks to her youth and she was incredibly sexy. Her big beautiful tits were restrained by a white under wire bra. Her waist was nicely tapered with just a small belly and her hips were wide and full. She had trimmed her pussy fur for her bikini line since our first tryst but the remaining hair was thick and dark.

Jenny lay on the couch and spread her legs wide. “Come on Richie,” she said softly as she ran her hands down her body to her fragrant pussy.

The thick pungent aroma of Jenny’s arousal hung heavy in the air as I approached the couch. My mouth watered and my dick throbbed in anticipation of tasting her delicious pussy again.

“Take your shirt off Richie,” Jenny said as I stood beside her.

I peeled my shirt of and climbed between her big splayed thighs.

“You are so skinny,” she said as her fingers touched the bare skin of my pale sinewy chest. Her hands caressed my pecs and I moaned softly as she pinched my small nipples.

“You like that huh baby,” she teased and I nodded. It was the first time she had called me ‘baby’ and I was elated.

My cock throbbed in my pants as I lowered my mouth to her furry muff and tasted her sweet tangy juices. I sucked her clit and nibbled on her lips. I plunged my tongue deep inside her as she moaned her directions.

“Harder, faster, suck it hard, yes, yes, right there,” Jenny groaned as she came. She pushed my mouth away from her sensitive clit. “Lick my asshole.”

I had never licked ass before but I didn’t hesitate. My tongue slithered across Jenny’s sphincter and she moaned loudly.

“Push it inside me,” she groaned and I did.

I sank my tongue deep inside her ass as she pulled her knees up to her ears. I tongue fucked her tight asshole for an eternity until my jaw ached.

Jenny made me lay on her floor and she straddled my head. She ground her pussy hard against my face until her body shuddered with another climax.

“Take your pants off,” she directed when she finished cumming.

I thought I was going to fuck her and I anxiously shed my pants and boxers.

“You’ve got a nice dick,” Jenny praised as she stroked my thick 7″ dick and I smiled with her approval.

“Stroke it for me,” she instructed.

I wrapped my fist around my cock and slowly stroked it. I used long slow strokes because I didn’t want to cum before putting my dick in her sweet pussy.

“Turn around and let me see your ass,” Jenny directed.

I turned around as I continued to slowly jerk my dick. I felt her hands on my ass. She squeezed my cheeks and rubbed them as I stroked my dick.

“What a cute ass,” she coo’d as she parted my cheeks and touched her fingertip to my asshole. “You are so skinny and muscular your ass is like a hot girl.”

Jenny eased her finger inside of me as I continued to stroke my cock. She pulled her finger out and covered it with saliva. She pushed two, then three fingers inside me and fucked me hard. It felt incredible. She pumped her fingers into my ass as I stroked my cock.

I lost control and came on her floor. I was completely embarrassed but I new I could get hard right away.

I prepared to tell her not to worry because I could get hard again but she cut me off.

“Oh honey,” Jenny said softly, “that’s too bad. I was going to let you fuck me. At least this way we both had fun and there is no risk of me getting preggers.” Jenny giggled and tossed me my clothes. “If you get hungry for more give me a call. If not I’ll see you Monday.”

She lay on her couch naked as I dressed.

I was confused and upset as I slowly pulled up my pants. I wanted to stay but I was at a loss for words. I drove to my dorm in a daze and I jerked off three more times that night while my roommate was out with his girl friend.

I didn’t call Jenny that weekend out of embarrassment and she called out sick on Monday. Tuesday, one week after the first time I tasted Jenny’s pussy, she invited me back to her apartment again after work.

She got completely naked before I had shut the front door and I saw her naked tits for the first time. They were spectacularly huge, perfectly shaped and totally tan unlike the bikini tan lines on her pale white ass. She went into the kitchen and poured herself a beer.

“There’s more in the fridge,” she said as she walked back to the couch and sat down with the TV on. She was completely comfortable being naked and that really turned me on.

I grabbed a beer and followed Jenny to the couch.

“Take your shirt off,” she told me as I approached. I pulled it up over my head and waited for her go-ahead to lick her pussy. I enjoyed her body and I wanted to lick, suck and nibble every inch of her sexy curvaceous form.

“Play with my tits,” Jenny directed as I knelt between her thick splayed thighs. I could smell her arousal as her pussy left snail tracks on my naked stomach.

I licked and sucked Jenny’s big perfect tits until she pushed me down her big, curvy body. I kissed down her round belly to bahis siteleri her furry pungent pussy.

“Not yet,” Jenny panted, “lick my feet first.”

I obediently moved down her big thighs and past her surprisingly delicate ankles to her pretty but ripe smelling feet. My tongue slithered over her pedicure toes. I sucked her foot into my mouth and noisily slurped on it. The ripe fragrance enhanced the erotic experience and I alternated feet until Jenny directed me up her body to her delicious pussy.

“Make me cum Richie,” Jenny said softly as my tongue slithered over her soaking wet pussy. I licked her pussy and ass until she had cum four or five times. Each time she came she grabbed my head and ground hard against my face covering me with her juices.

She was covered in sweat and her chest was still heaving when she pushed me away from her drenched pussy.

“That was good baby,” Jenny said as I sat on the floor at her feet. “I’ve gotta pee. Be naked when I get back.”

I was sitting naked on the floor when Jenny returned. She had me lay on my back and I trembled in anticipation of finally getting my dick inside her. She straddled my face and lowered her pissy pussy onto my face. I had never tasted pee before and I was surprisingly turned on by the smell and salty flavor as I licked and sucked her to another climax.

Jenny lay back on the couch and instructed me to play with my dick. I slowly jerked myself as she spun me around.

“Bend over and show me your sexy girl ass,” she instructed. Jenny parted my ass and dribbled a cool viscous liquid down my ass crack as I continued to stroke my dick.

It felt surprisingly good and I moaned as she rubbed something smooth over my exposed asshole.

“You like that don’t you?” Jenny teased as she continued to play with my ass.

“It feels pretty good,” I stammered nervously.

“Do you want more,” Jenny queried.

“I, I guess so,” I replied.

“Relax that pretty asshole honey,” Jenny said as she pushed a 6″ dildo into my virgin ass.

I groaned from pressure and pain as my ass filled with her dildo.

“Relax sweetie, jerk your cock while I fuck your pretty girl ass,” Jenny said as she fucked my asshole with graceful fluid strokes. She was clearly experienced with a dildo.

I stroked my dick furiously while Jenny fucked my ass. Her dildo touched me in ways I never imagined and it wasn’t long before I was pushing my ass back to meet her thrusts.

“Are you close?” She asked as I approached the abyss.

“Yes,” I cried out as she pounded my ass, “I’m cumming.”

I grunted and groaned as my cock spasmed in my hand. My ass rhythmically clenched her dildo as my dick spit cum all over her carpeting.

“Look at the mess you made,” Jenny said as she scooped up my cum in her hand. She brought her hand to my face. “Open wide,” she said as she poured my cum into my mouth. “Clean up time. Lick up the rest.”

I did.

My mind was racing. I had swallowed my cum. I had licked her palm clean. I didn’t want to and I didn’t like it but I really liked Jenny and I didn’t want to lose her.

Jenny kissed me for the first time that night before I left. We kissed like lovers. Our tongues entwined and my heart pounded fiercely in my chest.

“I’ll see you tomorrow sweetie,” she said before I drove off to my dorm. I jerked off two times that night. The disturbing part was that the second time I came while recalling Jenny feeding me my cum.

Jenny was sweet to me all week but we were both busy, me with school and she with her son, so we didn’t get to spend any time alone together.

We flirted each day at work and she touched my body every chance she got.

I jerked off several times a day after work in my dorm. Often times I thought about licking up my cum or Jenny fucking my ass and other times I thought about eating her delicious pussy. I also thought about how intense it would be when we finally fucked.

Friday afternoon Jenny invited me to her place after work. She told me to go to my dorm first to get a change of clothes and my tooth brush.

I was stoked. I knew I was spending the night and I thought I would finally get to fuck my beautiful amazon goddess.

Jenny was already naked when I arrived, suitcase in hand.

“Take your clothes off sweetie,” she said as she greeted me at the front door. She kissed me deeply and her tongue dove deep into my mouth as we stood in the doorway for all to see.

‘This is it,’ I thought as I followed Jenny to her bedroom. I left a trail of clothes on the way and stood naked by her bed as she lay back on top of the comforter.

“Lick me Richie,” she said as I settled between her big legs.

I lowered my mouth and licked her delicious pussy to two thunderous orgasms.

Jenny pulled me up beside her and kissed me deeply. It gave me a wicked thrill knowing that she was tasting her own juices on my lips as we kissed.

“I love the way I taste,” she giggled. “Probably because I love licking pussy as much as you do.” She went on to tell me she was bisexual and she had bahis ┼čirketleri been having sex with girls since high school. It was the first intensely personal thing she had ever revealed to me and it made her even sexier in my eyes. Like most men, bisexual women were a tremendous turn on to me and in 1995 they were rare.

Jenny continued to kiss me deeply as she reached down between us and grabbed my cock. I groaned as she stroked my cock. It felt so good to feel her hand on my dick and in seconds I shot a thick load of cum onto her belly.

“I’m sorry Jen,” I said softly. I was embarrassed. “It’s been so long since someone has touched my dick.”

“That’s okay baby,” she answered, “Just get down there and lick up your mess.”

I didn’t want to but I was afraid to upset her. I felt like I was falling for her and I would do anything to make her happy. I slid down Jenny’s body and licked all my cum from her sexy hips and tummy as she coo’d encouragement.

“Roll over baby,” Jenny directed. “I just love your ass. It reminds me of my old girl friends. Do you like when I play with your ass?”

“Yes,” In answered honestly. Fantasies of her playing with my ass had become a dominant theme when I masturbated. They had largely replaced fantasies of fucking Jenny and on some level that bothered me.

I rolled onto my stomach and Jenny spun around and started to play with my ass. She drooled spit onto my asshole and eased two fingers inside me.

“Do you want more fingers to stretch your ass?” Jenny queried.

“Yes, it feels good,” I responded as she added another finger and pumped them hard.

“Did you like it when I fucked your sexy girl ass with my dildo the other day?” Jenny asked.

“Yes.” I moaned. “That felt really good.”

“Good,” Jenny giggled. ” Stay right there and I will be back with a nice surprise for you.” She left the room and I stayed face down on the bed. My dick started to soften before she came back but it reversed course the moment I laid eyes on her.

Jenny walked into the room with a black leather harness around her wide hips. A realistic looking black dildo hung from the harness.

“Get on your knees Richie,” she said in a soft sexy voice.

I knelt on the bed and Jenny positioned herself in front of me. Her strap-on was inches from my face. It was about as long and thick as my dick and it was adorned with life like veins and a bulbous head.

“Lick it,” Jenny breathed. She was clearly excited and I could smell her wet pussy. She grabbed her dick and rubbed it across my lips.

I unconsciously parted my lips and her dick entered my mouth.

“Suck it Richie,” Jenny moaned. I had never seen her so excited. She was actually trembling as the black dick touched the back of my throat.

“Oh, so hot,” she panted as I slurped on her dick. I had never imagined having a dick, real or plastic, in my mouth but it was oddly exciting.

I didn’t know what I was doing but I had seen enough pornos and had my dick sucked a few times so I tried to mimic what I had seen. I noisily slurped on her dick as Jenny played with her huge tits.

Jenny’s breathing became ragged and her body started to shudder. Her eyes were locked on me as I slurped on her black dick. “I’m gonna cum,” she moaned as waves of pleasure coursed through her big sexy body.

I had no idea a woman could climax from an image or scenario without physical stimulation. There was much that I didn’t know.

“Lay on your tummy Richie,” Jenny panted as her climax subsided. “I’m gonna fuck your sexy ass.”

I wanted it. Sucking her plastic dick was exciting and watching her cum as I did so was even more so.

“Yes,” I said excitedly, “please fuck me Jenny.” I blushed furiously as I laid face down on the bed and she lubed my asshole.

Jenny climbed on top of me and eased seven inches of hard thick plastic into my ass.

I closed my eyes and tried to relax. The strap on was bigger and thicker than her dildo but she was gentle and fucked me slowly as my ass stretched to accommodate her big rod.

“Tell me you love it Richie,” Jenny panted.

“I love it,” I groaned as she fucked me with long smooth strokes.

“Tell me you love my cock,” Jenny moaned. Her breathing was again ragged.

“I love your cock,” I grunted as she thrust hard into me.

“Tell me you love meeee,” she cried out as she came again.

“I love you Jenny,” I groaned as my dick pumped a huge load of thick cum onto the comforter.

Jenny pulled her dick from my ass and took off her harness. “Clean your mess Richie,” she said playfully as she took her fake cock into the bathroom to clean it.

I moved down the bed and licked my cum off the comforter. I swallowed it all and climbed under the covers with my beautiful amazon goddess.

“Do you?” Jenny asked as she held me in her arms. “Do you really love me?”

“Yes,” I said softly. My heart soared.


We kissed and cuddled until I drifted off in her thick arms.

I awoke sometime in the middle of the night from a vivid dream. I was covered in sweat and the memory of the dream was fresh in my mind. In the dream I was sucking Jenny’s cock but it was no longer a strap on it was a real warm flesh and blood dick. She forced it down my throat and came in my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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