Bent Over

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The Setting: Bathroom

I’m languishing in the bathtub… relaxing while a million bubbles hug onto my body….I lay there with my eyes closed. My mind wanders to thinking of you….. I run my shakey hands all over my body and my breath becomes unsteady as I anticipate what we’re about to do…..

You walk in, and ask me if I’m ready. I confess to you that I’m so nervous, and you tell me to relax, that we’re gonna have fun….

You walk over, and pick up a towel, and lay it on the floor……I watch you the whole time. Watch your beautiful body moving…and how your muscles stretch as you bend down and put the towel on the floor……

You walk back over to the tub…and you pick me up and place me down on the towel. After you lay me down on the floor, you take a bowl and you scoop up some of the bath water into it…… You take a razor from the side of the tub and you place both items on the floor next to me.

You spread my legs open as far as they’ll go, and you begin to shave me…..

I lay there, playing with my breasts…..and I know that I’m getting wet and ready for you……

I look down and study your face. Your expression is that of concentration and total desire….I put my head back down on the floor…and I feel the marvelous sensation of your hands and the razor at work…. my pussy is sopping wet by this bahis firmaları point.

I close my eyes and become lost in imagining what’s about to happen… When I open them, I see your massive cock in my face……

I reach up and I begin to stroke the whole length of your cock……and I take my tongue and slowly start to lick and kiss on the head…. I take my hand and slowly jerk you off as I take more and more of your cock in my mouth…..

I swirl my tongue around your cock, and with my other hand, I slowly massage your balls…..

Your cock is nice and wet from my hot mouth…..and I can feel you getting bigger and harder….your balls getting tighter……

You pull your cock out of my mouth…..and ask if I’m ready to start…..

You flip me over onto my tummy……and push my ass up in the air…..

You have no trouble guiding your cock into my soaking wet pussy……and you begin an firm, even stroke in and out…..

I reach down and play with my clit….as your pumping becomes progressively faster….

I start to feel stirrings and I push my pussy back onto your cock….

You feel my juices drain out, over your balls…..and my pussy starts to spasm as I cum over and over again for you…….

You massage my ass and whisper in my ear, ‘I think you’re ready.’

You pull your soaking cock out of kaçak iddaa my pussy, and replace it with your index finger…..You take my juices and trace my asshole with it…..

I tell you I’m so nervous, and you tell me to relax, that it’ll be ok as you slip your index finger gently into my virgin ass….

My tensions are eased, and I start to enjoy your fingering… can see my relaxing and dip another pussy soaked finger into my ass……

You do this for a while letting me adjust and enjoy this new sensation, before you add a third finger to the mix….

I tell you that I’m ready…that I want your cock in my ass…..

You pull my ass up…..and aim the head of your cock at my tight hole…..I take a deep breath, as I feel you slowing guiding the head in…..

I’m hit with a sharp pain….and you massage my lower back and tell me that it’ll be ok…. You slowly hump the head in and out for a few minutes….and then add a little more cock….

I’m starting to feel the pleasure and I start to hump with you…….I can feel my ass relaxing and tightly gripping your cock….as you add more and more…….

I start moaning and I beg you to fill my ass with your cock…….

You place the remaining inches in…..and slowly glide in and out of me……

I adjust to the pace your setting and I start to keep up with kaçak bahis you…’s such an amazing experience, feeling your cock in my ass…..I start to push my ass back a little harder each time…….

You run your hands all over my back and on my ass, before you reach around and start fingering my pussy….
I reach down too and start playing with my clit……

I’m on such a high from the feelings you’re giving me….the attention you’re giving to ever nerve….I feel a heightened passion as the first wave of orgasm hits me….

I start to beg you to go faster, and I can feel my pussy juices dripping and soaking the towel…..

You start fucking my ass so hard….and I can barely breathe from the excitement and the intensity of the orgasms your’e giving me…..

I start to moan and wimper I feel like I can’t come anymore, but yet I can’t stop myself from coming……

I feel you’re cock, it’s so beautiful and hard as you piston it in and out of my well fucked ass……

I beg and plead and cry for you to cum in my ass….I beg you to feel my ass with your searing hot cum…

And then…
I feel you ramming me harder….
All of a sudden….
You shoot your white hot load in my ass………You wrap your arm around my waste as you completely empty your cockload into me….

I stay very still as I feel your cum drip down out of my ass around your cock and down my legs…..

You slowly pull your cock out…..and you pick up my exhausted body and carry me to the bedroom…. (but that’s another story)

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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