Becoming a Bi Boy Pt. 02

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Thank you to everyone for the support. I hope you enjoy this new story. Thanks for reading.


My eyes struggled to adjust in the dim light as I regained consciousness. I wasn’t sure how long I had been out for as I tried to shake off the effects of the alcohol to no avail. It took only moments for my mind to flash back to the life altering events that transpired earlier that evening. My friend and fuck buddy Monica had impaled my ass with a strap on and claimed my anal virginity. Furthermore, as she had done so her roommate Jeff had me suck his gorgeous cock and blasted his warm cum down my throat. Unexplainably, I had loved every moment of it.

As the events replayed in my mind I heard a moan behind me. I snapped back into the moment and realized I was laying on the floor of Monica’s bedroom. I rolled over and looked over to the bed as my vision began to clear. Monica was laying on the edge of the bed as Jeff was kneeling on the floor in front of her, feasting on that beautiful pussy of hers. Clearly he knew how to use his tongue. The clouds in my head began to part as I started to sit up.

“Well look who’s back.” Monica said playfully. “Feel like a round two?”

She had the voice of a mythical Siren.

As I looked at the scene taking place in front of me, my eyes drifted down to Jeff’s thick cock. His large, round balls swayed between his toned and muscled legs as he continued his oral assault on her clit. Like a reflex, my own cock began springing to life as I took g├╝venilir bahis in the sight. He really did have a nice package. My mouth began to salivate as I remembered the taste of his sperm flooding my mouth. My hardening cock twitched at the thought of his cock invading my mouth again. I wanted more of it.

I crawled over to them and laid on my back behind him as he kept eating her. I worked my under him until his cock was above, then lifted my head and began kissing his swollen cock. His nuts brushed against my chin as I gave soft kisses all over his meaty rod. I ran my tongue over his balls as I began slowly jerking his iron hard shaft. He moaned his approval above me. Then I took him into my mouth, his salty pre-cum coating my tongue and eyes rolled back in my head. He tasted so good. He slowly thrust his hips down to help me suck down as much of his cock as I could. My own cock had never been harder.

I ran my tongue in a long, slow lick over his entire shaft as I released and scooted out from under him. I rolled over to my stomach behind him and was face to face with his well sculpted ass. I leaned in, playfully kissing and licking his ass cheeks. I spread his cheeks apart and ran my hungry tongue up and down his crack. I drew little circles over his hole as he backed his ass into me. Monica was truly enjoying the scene playing out between her legs.

Several minutes later she pulled Jeff to his feet and kissed him deeply on his lips.

“I need your powerful cock to fuck me, now.” She g├╝venilir bahis siteleri begged to him.

She lay back and offered her dripping pussy to his manhood as I climbed on to the bed with her. I took my place beside her and placed my head above her pussy so I could taste them together. Jeff pressed his cock into her slit and she gasped with pleasure. I stuck the tip of my tongue out and could taste her juices on his prick as he withdrew and slammed back into her. All of his gym time was paying off as he began to fuck her like a man possessed. She took my cock into her mouth as his Alpha cock plowed into her. I did my best to lick as much as I could.

I moved up to lick and suck on her perfect tits she rode wave after wave of ecstasy. As I suckled her, her finger found my asshole. She pressed into me and I pushed back. That finger earlier had been the start of my bisexuality just a short time earlier. She fucked me with her fingers, moving them in rhythm with Jeff’s powerful thrusting. What a sight we must have been.

He finally withdrew from her but he was by no means done.

“OK cock boy,” he said to me. “I’ve already taken your mouth, now I want the other end.”

He pointed at her pussy and I knew what he wanted from me. As I moved into position in front of him I leaned over and gave his glistening cock a quick kiss on the head before presenting my ass to him. Their combined sex juices were an intoxicating nectar. Monica slid down under me and kissed me as I felt him iddaa siteleri lubing up my ass.

My raging hard on slipped in to her as we kissed. At nearly the same time I felt his massive cock pressing into my hole. I was about to be fucked by my first real cock. He slid into me and I felt my asshole clamp down on his large cock. I quickly relaxed myself as he gave me a moment to adjust to his cock.

Monica looked up at me.

“You look so sexy taking his cock in your ass.” She said to me in that sexy voice of hers.

He began to pump his cock in to me inch by inch. With every inch I became more a slave to his cock. I couldn’t wait drink his seed again. My cock drove deep into Monica as Jeff drove in to my ass. He was actually fucking her through me. Earlier I had thought to myself how I had come to be in this position. Now I was thinking I never wanted it any other way. I still loved pussy, but now I loved cock just as much. Time slipped away from me and all I could think of was the incredible feeling of his cock filling my ass as Monica was rocked by another orgasm under me.

When Jeff pulled out of me I felt a tinge of sadness at the empty feeling in my freshly fucked rectum. She and I took our places below his cock as he quickly jerked his hand up and down the shaft. We waited like a couple of true cum sluts as his nuts tightened. Seconds later his powerful cock blasted his tasty jizz in to our waiting mouths. We kissed each other sharing his seed as my own hand worked my cock into an eruption of sperm.

We all laid together exhausted on the bed.

Monica spoke softly to me.

“How do you like being Bi so far?”

“I love it.” I replied in a half dreamy state

“Just wait till next weekend.”

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