Bailey My Baby

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My father met my new step-mother at my school. She was one of the teachers there and had met her one night during a PTA meeting, back when I was in high school. That was three years ago. I had nothing against her, she was a sweet woman. Pretty too. She was definitely an improvement over the last wife.

The only problem I had was that she and my father got married after only a few weeks of dating. Then again, that’s my father, the hopeless romantic. But what also pissed me off was that two days after their honeymoon he had to live on business, leaving me alone with this basically new woman in the house for three weeks.

It always odd getting used to Dad’s new wives or girlfriends. I was used to the fact that they were there, it had been that way since I was very little. The hard part was getting to know them, not knowing how long they would be staying and all that. If I liked her she might end up canned. If I didn’t like her, well I was stuck. Normally it wouldn’t be too big of a deal, because Dad would be there.

But not this time.

I was alone with Ms. Little, I mean, the new Mrs. Sloane. And for three weeks! The first evening was easy, after Dad left it was just business as normal. We went our separate ways, taking our bathes and going to bed. The morning would be tricky. Many things could happen. One, she could be like most of Dad’s girlfriends and not wake up till noon. But Ms. Sloane was a teacher, she was used to early mornings. So the number two was the most likely. She’d be up and making breakfast.

So I climb down the stairs I smell bacon. And when I round the corner I see she’s made enough breakfast for more than just the two of us. She turns and smiles brightly at me. I can see why Dad fell for her, she certainly is a pretty thing. Long, curly brown hair, bright green eyes, an petite, pixy like body. She certainly was more natural than most of Dad’s girlfriends.

“Good morning, Sam!” She sang cheerily.

I nodded, running my fingers through my sleep-wrecked hair. “Good morning to you too.”

Her smile brightens, seeing that I’m being pleasant. “I made breakfast. Uhm, I wasn’t sure what you drank in the morning so I made tea and coffee.”

Wow, she was really working for my approval! “Uhm, coffee, please, uhh…” I wasn’t sure what to call this one.

“Please, call me Bailey.” Her smile was sweet and warm, no wonder her kindergarten class loved her. She was like a Disney princess!

“Bailey, thanks.” I sat at the table and was instantly served a piping hot plate of bacon, eggs, and waffles. “Yowza!” I stare in awe. I hadn’t had a good home-cooked breakfast since my Dad’s 2nd wife.

“Please, dig in.” Bailey cooed, passing me butter and syrup. She then poured my cup of coffee and set it before me along with cream and sugar.

“If you’re trying to butter me up,” I say in a slightly agitated tone that makes her look as if she about to cry. I then smile to reassure her. “It’s working.”

“Oh!” She gasps happily and flits back about the kitchen, looking even more-so like a Disney princess, what with her cute polka-dot apron and even cuter lavender sundress.

I notice she has long, sexy legs. That’s probably what caught Dad’s eye first. I then notice something odd, something slick on her thighs, making them appear shiny and wet.

I don’t have long to look before she sets down at the table, sipping tea and nibbling at her breakfast with me.

We make small chit-chat, pleasantries and the like. She asks me how school is going, and I say fine. I ask her how school is going and she laughs, then she goes on about her classes play for the Christmas pageant.

We go our separate ways after that. I go out for my morning run. My mind flickers to her thighs and I wonder what was wet on them. Did she not rub in her lotion enough? Did she splash herself at the sink? Or perhaps maybe…just maybe she was wet from her pussy. I felt myself heat up at the thought! But Bailey was basically a Disney princess, there’d be no way. Then again, she did marry my Dad. Sex was still new to them and they did just get back from their honeymoon. And since Dad was away she didn’t have an outlet for it. I couldn’t blame her for that. In fact it brought her back down to earth some.


I come through the backyard after my run. I stop by the hose and splash myself with cold water and to get a refreshing drink. As I’m sipping, I look into my Dad’s bedroom. I see Bailey inside, completely naked. My mouth hangs open some as I watch. She’s sitting on the edge of the bed, one hand squeezing hard on her breast, the other thrusting a dildo in and out of her pussy.

I can hear her moaning, gasping for breath. I can’t believe my eyes. I can’t believe how hot I’m getting. I reach down, cupping myself, kneading myself with my palm as my arousal grows.

Bailey slicks the dildo in and out with quick pulses, her voice growing more desperate and hungry.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” She coos.

I wonder if she’s escort bayan thinking about Dad, as disturbing as that is as his child. But all I know is that the next time I go to masturbate I’ll be thinking about Bailey.

“Cumming! Cumming!” Bailey screams, falling back onto the bed. The dildo slides out of her, flopping onto the floor with a splash and a thud.

I quickly run away from the window and go into the house. I slam the door loudly to alert her I’ve only just arrived home.

“Oh! You home?” She calls.

“Yeah.” I answer her.

“I’ll…I’ll be out in a moment.”

I really want to go up to my room and masturbate, I know that if I see Bailey now I’ll probably turn bright red.

“I’ll be in my room.” I call back quickly and race upstairs.

I close my door and go to my computer. I turn it on and go to the normal sites I like to visit when I want to masturbate. It’s funny I catch Bailey, because my fetish is watching women masturbate.

No matter what video I select, I picture it as Bailey. Bailey stroking herself. Bailey’s fingers becoming slick with her own cum.

Bailey. Bailey. Bailey.

It’s no use, I’ve become attracted to my step-mother.

I cum picturing her sweet smile, her soft pink pussy. I lick the cum off my fingers, pretending it is her flavor.

Dad was always nervous that, as a lesbian, I’d be attracted to his girlfriends, but none of them had ever attracted me. Now that Bailey was in the picture, I wasn’t so sure anymore. Seeing her masturbate was too much, too soon. Seeing her pretty cunt splayed out, her cute face twisted in arousal.

I wanted her.

I wondered if Bailey knew I was a lesbian. Had Dad even told her that? Maybe I should let her know. I decide that since I am becoming attracted to her, and have recently came because of her, I should at least let her know what I am.

I go downstairs, intent to have a heart to heart with her. But she’s no one downstairs, and upon looking I find that the bedroom door is closed.

I press my ear to the door and hear a low rumble inside. A steady vibration like noise. I gasp. Was she at it again?

I knock. “Bailey?”

“Oh! Uhm…” I hear fumbling. “Oh! What…what is it, dear?”

I smile some, picturing her nude and wanton, her pussy wet and aching, waiting because of me. “I wanted to talk to you. Can I come in?” I put my hand on the doorknob, jiggling it so she would know.

“No! No! Wait, I’m not dressed.”

I grin, feeling slightly wicked. “I’m a girl, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” I’m surprised to find that the door is unlocked, so without a second thought I push the door open.

I see Bailey, sitting naked, sitting on her bed trying to cover herself up. Her face is bright red and she’s trying to keep from crying. On the floor I see the dildo she had used earlier and then another one on the edge of the bed that was vibrating and rotating. It feel to the floor with a thud and then continued moving about there.

“Did I interrupt?” I asked, closing the door behind me.

She didn’t say thing.

I reached down, turning off the vibrator. “That’s a good one. I have one like it.”

She looked at me, swallowing.

I smile reassuringly. “It’s ok! So what? You were masturbating. I just did it five second ago.”

Her eyes widen, cheeks going from pink to red. She shakes her head.

“Oh come on, Bailey!” I sit down on the edge of the bed. “It’s alright. We’re family.” Seeing her naked before me was almost too much. I wanted to jump her then and there. I wanted to eat her pussy and swallow her tasty girl-cum. I wanted to suck her tits. I wanted to kiss her beautiful mouth.

“I’m sorry.” Bailey whimpered.

“Hey, hey, it’s ok!” I reached out and touch her bare skin, so soft.

Bailey shook her head. “You don’t understand…”

“Try me.”

Bailey swallows. “Your father told me that you were…that you…”

“I’m a lesbian.” I finished for her. “Does that bother you?”

She looks away, her long hair covering her face, and revealing her ear. I want to eat that ear, I wanna shove my tongue in it while I finger-bang her pussy.

“No.” She says shyly. “But…I’m afraid…”


She finally looks at me, and I can barely fight my urge to maul her, take her.

She reached out and touches my knee. “Since he told me I’ve been researching it. I wanted to get to know you, become your friend, become a mother figure.”

You can never become that now, I think.

“The more I researched the more I found…I watched all sorts of…of…videos and the like. I found that I couldn’t stop from being…”


She nodded sheepishly. “And before I knew what was happening…”

I lean closer to her, the animal in me was becoming stronger and stronger. I had to have this woman. I had to have all of her, even if it meant doing something unforgivable.

“Do you want to fuck me, Bailey?”

She looked at me with frightened eyes and then covered her face, beginning to cry a little.

I izmit eve gelen escort pull her hands away and kiss her. I taste her sweet lips. Our teeth clash for a second and then I enter my tongue into her sweet mouth. She fights at first, but she slowly comes to me, kissing me back.

She pulls away, mouth open, tongue extended. “This is bad!” She gasps.

“Very bad.” I whisper, reaching and fondling her small, pert breasts. “Extremely, horribly bad.” I sink my mouth on one of her cute tits, suckling her nipples as if it would be my last.

“Oh! No!” She cries, her fingers digging into my hair. “No! No! Sam, please!”

I look up at her. “Don’t tell me to stop. Please. I can’t stop now.” I sink my mouth back onto her breast, rolling my tongue around her hard, little nipple.

“No! We can’t…your father!”

I look up again. “He’s gone. He will be for weeks! And he’ll be gone more and more after that.” I thrust my hand down between her legs, forcing my fingers into her quivering cunt. “And I am here and I want you so bad. I don’t care if you keep saying no. I don’t care if you end up hating me. I just want you, now.” My fingers find her taut, little clit and I circle it.

“Oh no!” Bailey moans.

“Please!” I sound almost whiney. “Please don’t ask me to stop.”

She shakes her head. “I’m not…it just…it just feels so amazing.”

I kiss her and fall into her. She pulled at my shirt, pulling it over my head. She easily unlatches my bra and frees my breasts. She cups them in her warm hands, gently rolling them and examining them with wide eyes. “Suck them.” I whisper. First, she flecks the nipple with her tongue, then she slowly sink her mouth upon my aching nipple. I sigh in relief. I haven’t had actual sex in so long. Her mouth feels so warm and soft. Her sucks and sucks, gently nipping with clumsy teeth every so often.

I pull off my shorts and panties and she releases my breast. I ease down between her legs and spread open her thighs to reveal her beautiful twat.

“Don’t look.” Bailey mews sweetly.

“You’re so cute, even down here.” I sigh, gently tracing the pink folds of her pussy with my finger tip. “And so wet!” I lick the juices from my finger. “You even taste good.”

“No I…” She mews, balling up from the waist up.

“Don’t be so modest.” I flick my tongue across her pink slit and she lets out a sweet sigh. “I want to hear your voice.” I kiss her clit and she coos in attention. I then lick along her labia, tasting her fully.

“Your tongue is so hot.” She whispers. “It feels so good.”

I giggle. “Has my dad gone down on you.”

“N-no.” She hiccups.

“That figures. He’s a good lover I’ve heard, but selfish.” I shove my tongue inside of her and I feel her tighten up all over.

“Yes! Yes! Ahhh!”

I giggle, suckling on her and coaxing out even cuter sounds. I pull back momentarily and hear her whine despondently.

“Do you want tongue, or fingers?” I ask. I stick m hands up, curling my fingers at her.

Her cheeks flush and I see her chest rise and fall quickly. “I…I like you tongue so far.” She coos, her fingers gripping onto her breasts.

I grin wickedly. “You’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

She turns her flushed face away. “Please…don’t say such things.”

I lower back down, spreading open her box and teasing her with the hardened tip of my tongue. I slowly trace every inch of her dewy pinkness. I lap at her clitoris, kissing and sucking it between my pursed lips.

She gasps and her breathing becomes hoarse. “Yes! You’re so good…”

I grin then slowly ease my tongue inside. I’m proud of my long tongue now, back in school I used to get made fun of for it when I stuck it out at people. But now, since it is bringing pleasure to Bailey, I don’t mind all the rude comments.

“So warm!” Bailey coos. Her inner muscles clench around my tongue, sucking me in.

I lick and lick, reveling in how this woman is all mine now. I’m lost in her when I feel her hand atop my head, gently stroking my hair. She is watching me intently and with soft eyes.

“I’m going to cum! Oh Sam…yes! Please…I want to cum.”

I continue to pour everything I have into making her cum. And with a final lash of my tongue she succumbs. I feel her quiver and tighten then she falls, heaving breasts, soft sighs.

I crawl back on top of her and watch as she recovers from the shock. She smiles at me, reaching up and touching my face.

“This is so wrong.” She whispers. “I can’t go back now.”

I kiss the palm of her hand. “We have all the time in the world to worry about that. Right now, I just want to fuck you some more.”

She swallows and nods.

“I’m your first, aren’t I?” I ask with a proud smile.

She nods again. “I’ve always wondered…but…I’m just a coward.”

“It’s alright. I’m glad. And don’t be afraid, I’ll do anything you want.”

She’s cupping my breasts again. I love how her warm, soft hands feel on my flesh.

“Can izmit otele gelen escort I…can I taste you?”

I smile and nod. “Sure. How?”

She slowly sits up, pushing me down onto my back. She goes down, kissing me gently at she goes. He tongue laps around my naval and I think I’m done for.

I spread my thighs for her as she nestles down. I see her eyes widen, her first pussy. “You’re so wet!”

“All because of you.”

When she touches me with her gentle fingers I seize up. She finds my clit with ease and thrums it with steady taps. “Oh, baby, that feels good.”

I hear her giggle. Then, her tongue lashes at me and I squeal.

Her head pops up then. “Was that not right?”

I reach down, cupping her head in my hand. “No, baby, that was great.”

She smiles and returns to he tentative work. She moans a little, tasting her first pussy. Her tongue is soft and hot, and I ache as she licks me. Her tongue brings my labia to her lips and she sucks them into her mouth.

“Oh fuck, baby!” I coo, writhing in this new sensation.

She then kisses my clit and suckles it. I feel her curious fingers prob at me, unsure of what to do.

“Put them in.” I whisper. “I want to feel you inside me.”

Her eyes look up at me then, she watches as she slide a thin finger inside me.

I smile at her, running my fingers through her curly hair. “More, baby.”

Another finger is inside and she wiggles them around. “Like this?”

I nod. “Yeah. That’s good. My clit…”

She doesn’t need much instruction after all. She thrusts her fingers into me while kissing and licking my clit.

“Do I taste good?” I ask.

She looks up at me, licking the corner of her mouth. “Y-yes.” She then laps at me again, still hungry.

“That feels so good, baby! Harder.”

I feel teeth against my flesh, tender nibbles, love bites. Her fingers work harder, and I feel the quickening in my belly.

“I’m going to cum.” I mew, arching my back some, thrusting my pelvis at her.

“Please.” Bailey whispers.

I bite my lip and moan louder. “I’m gonna cum!” And then I burst, I gasp out loud, yelling her name over and over. “Bailey! Bailey! Bailey!”

I feel one last lash of her hot tongue and then she crawls up beside me. I take her into my arms, cradling her against me.

“Oh, baby…” I coo, kissing her. “That was wonderful.”

She meets my kiss, nipping at my bottom lip. She’s still quite hungry. “I like that you call me baby.”

My sweet Disney princess. I wipe my finger across her bottom lip. “Ok, baby.” I kiss her swiftly again. I reach and cup her breast, fondling it gently in my palm.

“What are we going to do?” Bailey runs her finger around the areola of my left breast. “I’m your step-mother…your father…”

“I don’t want to think about him right now.” I grab her wrist and pull her up and off the bed, dragging her behind me and out into the living room.

“What are you doing?” She gasps, looking at all the windows.

I release her and stand at the foot of the stairs. “Lets go to my room.”

Bailey stares at me with those wide, Disney princess eyes, in inadvertently trying to cover her naked breasts with her arms. But to me, she’s only posing to get dominated by me again.

“What for?” She mews so sweetly.

“Well, I have some…things, that might interest you.” I giggle, turning and bounding up the stairs.

I here her softly tread behind me, following me up to my room where I’m opening the chest I keep under my bed. Inside are all my toys.

“Oh my!” Bailey gasps. She sits on my bed, watching me.

I look up at her and smirk. “You’re not done are you?” I ask. “Or maybe you’d just like I watch me?”

Her cheeks flush. “Oh…”

I take out one of my favorite, a long and nobly double-dildo my ex had bought me when we first started dating. I stand before Bailey and spread my thighs a little. I then slowly ease the dildo inside me. Her eyes grow wide, mouth open in awe. She looks so hungry.

I stand before her, holding the dildo up like I had an erection. Oh, if only I had a real cock to fuck this woman with. I’d cum, and cum, and cum inside and all over her, marking her as mine. Fuck my dad. He’d probably throw away Bailey soon too.

Bailey spreads open her thighs then, opening her pussy for me. “Hurry, Sam. I want you.”

“Oh…baby.” I seethe. I ease into her, kissing that sweet mouth.

She helps me slide the dildo into place, and I envy the rubber thing, almost hating it. It gets to feel all the way inside Bailey. Bailey then groans and she nips my shoulders before suckling on my breast.

I grip the middle of the dildo and begin moving it back and forth.

“You’re fucking me…” Bailey coos, laying back. “It feels so good…so…so different.”

“You sound so cute, baby. You have no idea how good you make me feel.” I began thrusting the dildo harder, and harder.

“Oh yes!” Bailey gasps. “I’m gonna cum!”

That’s when I rip the dildo out and scissor or legs together, grinding my cunt with her’s. She nearly screams, but her hips shake and thrust, meeting mine and grinding them together.

“I can feel your clit rubbing mine…” Bailey gasps, amazed. “It feel this good?” She looks bleary and lost, her mouth slightly slack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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