Aunty’s Toys Ch. 01

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Simon rang the door bell, prompt at 2 pm, somewhere between nervous and excited and wondered quite how he had reached this point.

He had met Sally in, of all places, a crowded cafe at King’s Cross when all the trains were late. She’d pulled up a stool next to him , asked if it was okay to sit and started chatting.

She was so easy to talk to, middle aged, nice looking if obviously putting on some middle age weight but stylish and comfortable and, as he couldn’t help but notice, wearing stockings and suspenders peeking out under her skirt.

They’d ended up talking about relationships, she a divorcee and mother of two, now young adults doing “online IT website stuff,” him married for just seven years and he admitted things weren’t great as she joked about the seven year itch.

She’d said smiled said “Call me Aunty and tell me all about it,” and patted his arm, eyes twinkling “especially if it’s the naughty stuff!”

Somehow he’d admitted that he loved his wife but they just didn’t click, he was missing something in “you know that department,” and then he’d blushed and clammed up, looking around. She’d picked up on his hesitance but also somehow his obvious desire to unload a secret to a stranger all rather easily.

“Well, Simon i’m about two stops down the same line as you and I’m renting a place by the station, why don’t you ‘work late’ and have a drink and a chat with Aunty in more pleasant surrounds.”

He realised she was right about the trainline. A quick train journey later, her nattering about this and that, somehow drawing him into to silly gossiping and whispering , jokingly comparing notes on the women around him, and ending up somehow in a giggly game of ‘stockings or tights’ making him laugh and get all embarrassed , shushing her.

A short walk, the key turned in the lock and she was pouring a chilled glass of wine each, topping him up as he talked, sipping her own, rambling at first about his lovely but prim wife, who clammed up whenever he tried to talk to her about anything other than work or legal career, they had a ‘movie night’ in once a month, always a romcom or similar and then an increasingly routine, almost automatic and less than fulfilling sex.

Aunty giggled, “So Simon what do you do, look at those naughty websites I’ve heard about?”

Simon laughed at her provocative but friendly tease, blushing slightly and admitted, “yeah , i guess some …” and she smiled with a friendly open face.

“Ones in particular that little miss prim would disapprove of?”

Simon blushed at the sudden increase in intensity, feeling a bit tipsy , glass repeatedly topped up as they’d chatted, “well all of them i guess its … well porn after all mostly …”

Aunty put her head on one side, “Mostly? Don’t worry Simon tell Aunty , I promise I won’t be shocked. After one husband, two children and the odd dalliance and my gossiping friends you wouldn’t believe what I’ve found online from time to time!”

Aunty bahis firmalar─▒ winked with that easy trusting manner, “Why some of the toys even made me feel all flustered!”

She patted him again, cuddling up, “come on dear, tell Aunty.”

Simon laughed, feeling like he could talk to Aunty, “I guess I started looking at you know about the clothes as much as the girls, lingerie , but …”

Aunty smiled pulling up her skirt just a little, making a suddenly more intimate feel to the conversation, “like mine Simon?”

Simon swallowed but smiled, “Yeah I kinda like stockings and garters.”

Aunty took his hand and placed it on her thigh, “sheer ones, Simon, like these?”

Simon suddenly felt that a whole new level had been reached, touching, feeling them , stroking them.

“Yes those are lovely.”

“So I’m guessing there’s more to this than getting miss prim into sexy lingerie Simon? Did you … like the feel of them, did you buy some? Tell Aunty, i want to hear,” as she slid close touching, warm caring, sexy.

“Yes i bought some online.”

Aunty smiled, “for you?”

Simon shivered, wondering how he seemed to have ended up on the verge of admitting something he’d told no one, ever, but feeling Aunty might understand.

“Yeah , i … tried but they were too small on me.”

“Oh poor Simon, mustering all that courage to be so naughty and then it didn’t work? Did you send them back?’ as she put arms around him and cuddled him. “It’s ok sweety. Did you like the feel , what was the problem?”

‘Yes Sally .. Aunty , they didn’t reach the garters on me, one size fits all but well i’m no girl.”

“Oh pooh! Poor Simon. Well one size doesn’t fit all Simon , I have to order a bigger size…. I am little plumper than I was when i was a girl and I was always a bit tall …. Simon lovely … would you like to try some of Aunty’s … underthings?”

Simon blushed, hear suddenly racing , head fuzzy ” I …”

Aunty leapt up, eyes glinting, “Oh I’ll get some you can have a look and feel and see, I bet you’d look lovely in some of my older ones.”

A door opened, shuffling off boxes and Aunty came back with an overflowing box of stocking and garters all looking fresh and new. Simon briefly wondered at the label on the box, not making the connection in his fuddled state , what a coincidence that they had used the same website … then for Simon it was suddenly all about touching fabrics, designs, frilly bits , laces bows and somehow he’d ended up picking ones, sheer white ones with a big broad matching garter belt, bow tops and picked out in contrasting black trim.

Aunty clapped, “Oh my yes Simon perfect for you, here let me help” and without waiting for him pause or speak she was helping out of his suit, hands warm , soft, placing the stockings in his hands and stroking them with him until he realises he’s standing there in just boxers.

Aunty giggled “Well now Simon isn’t this naughty … but the ka├žak iddaa panties go on over the top for us girls so these have to come off, ” as she knelt in front of him , smiling up , as she slid his boxers down, revealing just how excited he’d become despite the awkwardness, her much older and the sudden intimacy but oh the stockings!

“Oh Simon is having fun being naughty with Aunty,” as she gave his rising cock a quick kiss.

“But Aunty wants to see you in proper clothes for us girls,” sliding the garter belt up his legs then pushing him back down in the chair as she rolled the stockings up his legs, lingering fingers stroking up his legs , naked being pampered, dressed and giggling.

“Oh Simon you will make a lovely sexy sissy in these,” making him blush , not having thought about himself in those terms.

“I … guess … ohhh….” as Aunty slid the other stocking on, teasing him this time with sensuous kisses to his thighs as she fastened the garters onto the stockings stroking his arousal, even stroking his hard cock from time to time .

“Now stand up Simon and do a twirl let me see,” she ordered, pulling him up with a commanding hold around his cock.

“Oh Simon you have Aunty all .. flustered. Such a lovely bottom well framed in white suspenders, bows on either side of the lovely little sissy cock,” making him blush even more, knowing he was no wonder of the world but not having though of his cock as little even though he couldn’t object given how much she’d let him play. Simon let it pass thinking about how she liked him not her words.

“Now face me Simon,” as she laid back on the sofa, spreading her legs, skirt rising showing suspender and …. a trim little patch of curly hair on an otherwise bare pubis, taking his phone from his discarded jeans. ‘

“Aunty is all excited with you being so naughty Simon, shall we take a few pictures as keepsake and then we’ll have a nice thank you for Aunty’s stockings …”

Simon, eyes wide as he stared at the spread legs and obvious bare pussy under the ruffed up skirt, “yeah ….”

“Whats your pin sweetie?”

“Er well,” and shrugged. He could always change it and better his phone and he did want the picture, “6754.”

Aunty giggled and clicked away , directing him into pose after pose , each one a bit more girly, until she had him bent over wiggling his bottom for her, taking photos and snippets of video, “mmmm lovely Simon , now naughty sissy Simon … Simmy maybe … should get a few swats on that naughty bottom and then say a proper thank you.”

She pulled him over her lap, once again literally pulling him around by the cock as she started to spank him, little light spanks, lingering fingers playing with his bottom, cock and balls between each swat leaving him yelping , giggling and squirming, hot and aroused on her bare thighs but, ” .. just fun right?”

Aunty pushed him gently onto his knees and pulled his head between her thick thighs, pulling his mouth ka├žak bahis and now ready tongue close, “mmm Simmy just fun.. really adult fun… now make Aunty happy.”

She moaned as his tongue licked out, needing no orders, so different with this caring mature lady than his own young prim wife, tongue sliding, squirming in between her lips tasting deep, as he explored, making her squirm in turn as she put her hand on his head, tangled it into his hair pulling him tight, grinding into his face even as he willingly pleasured this lovely sexy caring older woman who seems to so unerringly understand him.

Aunty shuddered with a moan as the eager young man … sissy used his tongue so willingly under her skirt , even as she used her free hand to fiddle with his phone a moment before letting her self concentrate on her shuddering orgasm, smearing her juices all over his face.

“Ohh that’s fucking good sissy Simmy, good sissy, lovely, so sexy and naughty in your stockings ….”

Aunty lifted him up into her lap, face flushed as she cuddled him for a moment, her dressed and satisfied, if rumpled, him near bare naked in girl’s stockings and garters , sporting an aching erect cock. Giggling she took one of his hands, covering it with her own as she ‘helped’ him stroke it.

“Oh yes naughty Simmy sissy needs a little helping hand hmm, needs something too eh, tell Aunty!’

“Yes god yes please,” he moaned as she worked with him and then as his breath grew ragged she held his hand still.

“Simmy wants to come for Aunty?” “God yes!”

“Will you come play with Aunty again, be my Sissy Simmy and wear naughty things for Aunty?”

“Fuck yes!”

Aunty stroked him a little more then squeezed, “Naughty words sissy, does sissy want her tiddler stroked, to come for Aunty?”

“Sorry , sorry, please.”

Aunty stroked him again, using his hand like a toy to tease him, making it even more submissive than being naked in her lap, her in control.

“Are you going to be my sissy?” she asked as she stroked, paused, stroked, keeping the edging going.

“God yes.”

Aunty giggled, eyes gleaming as she let him spurt out of his little hard cock over the sofa, “Soggy sissy!”

“You can keep those stockings now dear but I expect you back here next week at the same time. Make sure you can stay longer, overnight , make a good excuse, we don’t want miss prim to be suspicious now!”

Simon mumbled, “Er yeah i guess,” as he unsteadily and muzzily collected his things.

Aunty gave him a big hug and whispered, “It’ll be fun lots more stockings, toys and naughtiness … a naughty school girl perhaps or a french maid?” as he staggered out the door, wiping his face with his hanky mind reeling at the images so familiar from his online browsing. Door closing behind him as he heard her dial the phone. If he’d loitered he might have overheard:

‘Yes darling perfect. He’ll need some work but definitely tea party material – tell me again all about this predictive analytics and data mining of Aunty’s Toys web traffic data, returns policies and tracking cookies again? Sounds like magic to me but much better than all that mucking about on forums getting photos!”

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