Aunt Cathy Pt. 16

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{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

“Looks like my sisters in a mood this morning.” Yeah, mom was pissed, I knew why too, no phone call to tell her where we were all night. Wasn’t much to do except leap from the fire into the pan, so I got out the sudo moms picnic basket. Cathy, who had hit the fire first, was already fielding questions until mom saw the basket, then I was the center of her not so pleasant attention.

“You forgot about the food too?”

“Yes mam, sorry. It was a long day and night.” And it had been, from the D.M.V to the mall, restaurant, sobs house, then the cabin, I couldn’t tell anyone about anything except for the dinner. That was a lot to keep bottled up. Dad saw I was frustrated; he’d seen it screw my face up after games I’d messed up in and knew a break was needed. He stepped in.

“You two go get a few hours’ sleep.” That was an order if I’d ever heard one. “We all got a hot date tonight.” Could have kissed the guy but elected to head up to my room before mom had a chance to interject, Cathy was hot on my heels.”

My aunt / fianc├ęe stopped me at the top of the stairs playing with her ring. We both realized how much had changed from that first earing drop tease. Now we stood engaged, with a whole new set of bullshit to figure out. “Promise me something lover? We never get complacent on the lust.” She didn’t give a chance to ask what she meant, just kissed me and headed to her room.

My bed felt empty, Cathy wasn’t in it, I wanted her to be next to me talking about our future, I heard mom and dad through my open window instead.

“K-Mart. Unreal, you remember buying this set that day, what we did after?”

“Be a lot easier to remember what we didn’t do.”

Dad laughed. “Yeah. So much for you being a ‘good girl’ huh. Blew every wet dream I had outta the water.”

Couldn’t see it, but it was a safe bet mom had stuck her tongue out.

I heard a zippo click, soon after the smell of mary-jane drifted through my window, about ten minutes later, after some hushed giggling, I heard something no kid wants to hear his mom say. “They’re asleep. How about me, you, that bulge in your pants and this wet kitty of mine take that basket back to our spot. See if lightning will strike twice.” If my window hadn’t been open gagging sounds would have filled the air.

The sounds I heard next made me smile though. My dad’s boots clumped across the porch and the sound of an open palm on a rump was followed by mom’s yelp, then giggle. There was no doubt love and hormones still ran In my folk’s marriage. What Cathy had meant by, ‘never get complacent on the lust’ made a lot of sense now.

It sparked a wicked Idea too that involved our phone operated sex toy’s. Hoping she was still awake I texted her, “Don’t forget your cell phone vibe tonight, I won’t forget my sleeve either.” A row of smile and kiss emojis, followed by ‘that’s what I’m talking about’ showed up on my screen. I was going to catch extreme hell for what I had in mind.

Cathy didn’t know about the remotes still. Would be a shame if her phone glitched. Randomly going on and off at the worst times, and I bet she’d get pissed if mine fucked up not hiltonbet yeni giri┼č didn’t sending anything (I took the battery out of mine). There was some evilness to the whole thing, we were supposed be having a classy night out, one thought back to last night cured my guilt. Tit for tat so to speak.

Getting dressed for the night was full of giggles from the girls and, ‘tell me I’m not in love’ (I didn’t say that) was from my dad. Music too. Cathy and mom had started it with an ancient punk song called, ‘I know what boys like’. Me and dad weren’t that creative, we went for, (you know what I’m going to say} ‘Sharp dressed man’. It fits all the time, anytime.

Dad was used to suits, I was used to them, we both could tie our Windsor knots (old school Seventies, yup) blind folded, but what the hell was a cummerbund for? Hide your beer gut? They got ditched. Don’t know if we would have admitted it to each other, but we were peacocking, (add it to the dictionary) feeling good about looking good.

I was satisfied with what I had going on so left dad to fiddle with his nose hairs, don’t ask. We still had a few hours till we had to leave so I went to kitchen to grab a beer. Cathy was in there, legs straight, bent overlooking in the fridge. Wicked black heels with a chrome stiletto merged onto silky, back seemed stockings. Her elastic, black sparkling dress rode high enough to show the lacey tops, her butt looked to good not to pinch.

Thank god I only pinched and not checked if she had her vibrator on.

Mom giggled, then turned and screamed, “What the fuck kid!?”

I didn’t hear a whole lot after that. That dress was semi sheer, strapless, and cut low, she wasn’t wearing a bra either. How I missed noticing how big her tits were all this time was beyond me. Two gorgeous half globes were pushed together tight above the neckline of her dress, you could just make out the areolas through the material, and dam if she didn’t have a set of pokies going on.

Her eye makeup was a smokey silver fade, giving her a cat eyed, lusty stare. Candy pink lips that were in a perpetual state of moistness made me think things I shouldn’t have been thinking. A pearl necklace was looped twice around her neck just skating that wicked cleavage, drop pearl earrings top it off.

When my brain finally kicked back in, I said the worst thing I could have said, “Shit, I thought you were Cathy!!” She jumped on that.

“Oh really? You in the habit of grabbing your aunt’s ass?”

‘The habit of grabbing your aunt’s ass.’ Well, no, actually mom, I’m into the habit of kissing-licking-sucking-fondling-fingering-getting blown by-laughing and talking with her…and Bonnie.

Yeah, that didn’t get voiced.

“Seriously mom? Me and Cathy are kids on a play date, I just pinched you butt. On the other hand, since when do you come off hottie hot?” You look amazing. I can only remember seeing you in mom clothes, dad’s going to have to fight tonight. Take it as weird as you want, maybe you don’t even know what it means, but you’re a milf of major proportion.”

Her face lit up with a giggled, “Oh, really now?” She got a weird look, walked up to me and whispered, (it was hiltonbet giri┼č more like she hot breathed it) into my ear “You know, I might not mind.” And left.

WTF? Might not mind what? Sex? With me? What was ‘not mind’ supposed to mean? And what was with the hot breath? Why did I have an epic hard-on? Fuck…my mom just turned me on big time. I almost let out a little girl scream when I heard my dad’s voice.

“What’s this all about?” I turned to see him grinning up a storm at my mom. “Don’t know who you are, but if you’ve replaced my wife, they can keep her.” He got a good punch in the gut for that. “Ouf! Maybe should of wore them cumber-some’s after all son.” That made me laugh. “Seriously babe, you look incredible. Nobody’s going to outshine you tonight.”

Most kids would make a face or a rude sound if the saw their parent’s kiss. I just sat in amazement had how much passion went into it. “Oh, get a room already.” It was Cathy…and everything stopped in my world.

A goddess, a muse, a walking dream, add anything else you think of. She literally took my breath away.

Sometime during today, she’d put golden blonde highlights in her hair and had it done up in a bun, those two long curls I think are sexy dangling beside her cheeks. She wore the same eye makeup as mom, but on her it made her brown eyes big and soft like a baby deer. That purple-pink lipstick was back, nothing about what it

did to me had changed, I was hard again.

No pearls for her, instead she wore a diamond, waterfall necklace with matching earrings, that to me, finished off the classiest face I’d ever seen.

Her dress was the opposite of mom’s short low cut one. The top was a sleeveless, skintight, turtleneck affair with long scooped arm holes. It provided a drool causing side view of her boobs, something she’d enhanced with a gold glittery body powder. The bottom was long and flowing with a high slit cut in one leg, every step she took, a gorgeous, silk covered leg, along with black, glitter, stiletto pumps, came into view.

My face must have been registering I was about to say or do something stupid, she gave me a stern look and I snapped back into reality. “You look amazing aunt Cathy.” She giggled and did that little hippity-hop thing over to mom, me and dad caught each other watching that side view jiggle on by, and averted our eyes from each other P.D.Q.

“Correction gentlemen, WE look amazing.” They did a totally sexy pin-up pose, and dad, having incredible foresight, caught it on his camera. (I got a copy of that pic and photoshopped Bonnie into it. Hottest picture you’d ever see.) Dad spoke and mom immediately knew he was up to something.

“Got some time, anyone want some of this?” The biggest bottle of champagne I’d ever seen was in his hands. Cathy was all for it, clapping her hands and bouncing up and down, (yeah, we averted again) before scurrying of for flute glasses. Mom was suspicious but didn’t seem to mind the idea of getting primed. I was bummed I had to drive.

“I better not I’m driving tonight.”

Dad grinned. “Wanna bet?”

Mom chimed in.

“Ok husband, what are you up to?”

Cathy was back by now and dad filled hiltonbet g├╝venilirmi all the glasses up, It didn’t even empty the neck.

“A limo will be here to drive us to, and back from our dream date. Me and my son know how to treat our lady’s.” Cathy squealed throwing her arms around dads’ neck, mom pinched and squeezed my ass.

“I can only imagine.” My glass got gulped down, I got harder.

After an hour the bottle was almost half empty with nobody feeling any pain. We’d moved to the front porch to watch the sun set when I excused myself for a bathroom break. Halfway through my business I heard Cathy’s voice from the bottom of the stair. “Two reasons, he’s not the only one with a bladder and if I have to watch you two kiss again, I may throw up.” Wasn’t sure but I thought I heard mom giggle, ‘fuck off’.

My aunt snuck into the bathroom so quiet she startled me when she grabbed my cock.

“Mmmmm, nice and warm.”

She got spun around back to my chest, I slide my hands through her arm holes.

“Mmmmm, nice and big.”

Cathy turned back around stroking my cock till it was hard, “If it wasn’t for the fact I’m going to have a blast teasing you until your balls almost burst, I’d give you the blow job of your life right now.”

“Uh, yeah, about that. I forgot; we left the sleeve at Bonnies.”

“Oh, I know. I bought you another one, remember? Got me a new one too.” She opened the slit in her dress and showed me what looked kind of like a pink antenna protruding from some crotchless panties I’d never seen. “Be right back. Don’t get soft.” I still had hope for my plan until she returned, and monkey wrenched my plans. The new sleeve didn’t have a battery, it was usb charged, and I was fully assured it was charged up, ready to go. Cathy got on her knees, sliding the new toy on me.

“That don’t feel any bigger to me lady.”

“Really?” My cock head got engulfed, a hiss of air escaped from between my teeth. “Imagine that.”

“You’re a witch auntie, you know that?”

Cathy sat there kneeling in front of running her thumb over my cock eye. “Mabey. Any idea why my sisters acting so weird with me tonight. God lover, Look at all this pre cum, somethings got you hot.” Of course, she had to ask about mom, then make that last statement.

“I kind of pinched her ass in the kitchen and told her I thought it was you” That got her off her knees with saucers for eyeballs.

“You what!?”

“Her ass and legs…that dress. I’d never seen her look like that. You are sisters you know, there’s some resemblance.” Now I think of that line.

“Omg, what did she say?”

“Asked what I was doing, I, uh, didn’t catch the rest of it.”

“And why not?” She put an arm wrestler grip on my cock, I was in dutch, she’d picked up on my guilty, (was it guilty or hungry?) thoughts.

“Shit. Easy. Truthfully?”

“Uh-yeah, yeah.” Full out death grip now.

“I, well, kind of got lost in how hot she looked. And, uh, how nice her tits are.” I felt myself throb. Cathy caught that throwing me a curve.

She got really close to my face, gently repackaging me back in my pants, then licked my lips. “Me, my sister and her son. That might be a hot kinky.” I don’t know what it is with my family, but every time I need to ask what the hell that meant, I get interrupted. Dad’s voice roared. “Limos here, let’s go.”

Between Cathy’s goddess look, mom’s heavenly sweater puppies, and my new toy.

I was in for a long night.

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