Aubry Ch. 03

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Aubry stood in the shower for a long time, unmoving. His poor brain was in total confusion. The ”business Aubry” had seen the problem of obtaining sex and set about solving it. Now that he had obtained his goal, the “dullard Aubry” was in a total state of confusion. He wished he could just dissolve and flow down the drain with the water.


He may be dull, but he did know that much. All his slowly absorbed teachings had made that very clear. But ,then, his father had espoused the theory that all sex was either dirty or forbidden. Did one, perhaps, have to be a father before it became permissible to engage in this soul rending phenomenon?

Oh, but it had felt so wonderful! She had been so wet and hot .She had eagerly guided him into her . She had slammed her pelvis into his groin time and time again , all the time whispering over and over,”yes, yes ,Baby. Harder! You’re so good! Fuck mama, honey”.. His penis had touched the womb from which he had spewed forth.

There was another problem now. He was ashamed of what he had done, but found he was still excited and thrilled . The memory of her wet pussy engulfing him was sending his blood racing , turning his penis into hard iron. He stepped from the shower. His mind made up.

Mother or not, he was going to fuck her again.

Miriam was putting the last of the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher .She was smiling and humming a soft tune. Her whole body seemed electrified, so alive. She hadn’t felt like this in years.And to think that Aubry, casino şirketleri her dull son, had brought about this wonderful transition. She had never dreamed he had such passion locked up inside him. She shivered at that thrilling thought. George had never made her feel like this with his constant preaching that sex was dirty and evil.

She wasn’t surprised when she felt Aubry”s arms slide around her and his hands cup her breasts.She laid her hand over his and pressed his firmly against her. “You’ll be late for work”, she whispered, “I just called in. I’ll go later. Right now I have something more interesting to do”.

He let a hand slide down to her mound and squeezed . Then he began to slowly pull her dress up to her hips. The fingers of his other hand found their way into her slit.and found her wet and wanting. He knew he should take her to the bedroom, but he had a vision of laying her on the kitchen table and eating her pussy like a delicious breakfast Once his mind was set on a course of action, it was difficult for him to change directions

Miriam didn’t object as Aubry led her to the table and lifted her up onto it. She was a little apprehensive about it being such a public area, but her need was as great as his, so she said nothing. She was shocked when she realized what Aubry was doing. George had never even hinted that he would want to do that. She tried to sit up and Aubry pushed her gently back down. He pushed her legs apart with his knee.”It’s all right. You’ll like it”, he told her.

Aubry saw heaven casino firmaları open before him as his tongue slid between her labia and his first taste of pussy penetrated his senses. This was what life was all about! For the first time in his life he truly felt like a man. A man that was man enough to fuck his own mother and to hell with convention .

As he licked and nibbled on Miriam’s clitoris she began to moan and thrust her hips driving him mad with hunger. He wanted to eat her and fuck her at the same time. Never had he imagined such desire lay buried within him.He plunged his tongue deep inside her and felt a thrill as she began to plead with him to take her now, to bring her the ecstasy she had felt before. He pushed two fingers inside her and slowly moved them in and out , licking and finger fucking her to a shattering orgasm.

“Now, we can go to the bedroom,” he said as he pulled her off the table. She was limp from the force of her climax and leaned against him for support. She smiled up at him and nodded. She was eager for more.she wanted to feel him inside her again.

Once inside the bedroom, Miriam began unbuttoning Aubry’s shirt as he unfastened his belt and dropped his pants down around his ankles. He lifted her dress over her head , then her slip. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. She was still a very good looking woman. Her breasts were firm and round, her waist still as trim as a young girl. He feasted his eyes on her, devouring every aspect of her body. He ran his hands over her body from her face to her güvenilir casino thighs feeling her soft warmth . He wanted to taste her again, He wanted to crawl into her and stay forever.

Miriam took her son’s hand and led him to the bed she sat down and pulling him down to her.She kissed and fondled him trying to guide him into her, but the demon lust had been unleashed and he wanted everything. He pondered the question of how to get his penis into Miriam’s mouth when he heard himself saying the words his father had said to Lily .”suck my cock, bitch”, and he pushed her toward his throbbing penis.

At first, Miriam hesitated , but he held her head firmly at the head of his cock.” Open your mouth” he ordered.” Suck it” . She had never heard such authority in her son. She obediently took him into her mouth and began to run her tongue around the head and massage him with her hand. She found she loved doing it especially when Aubry cried out his pleasure and buried his fingers deep inside her. She sucked him harder and harder as he probed her vagina until she stiffened in an explosive orgasm that brought Aubry very nearly over the edge. He pushed her off and crawled on top of her. He had no trouble finding his way into her juicy pussy this time.

All the emotional dams had bursts and now neither Aubry or Miriam could get enough.. They were two sex starved animals caught in the throes of their desire. She moaned and thrashed wildly as Aubry slammed his hard manhood frantically into her. She screamed out to him how wonderful he was, how she would do anything for him if he would promise to fuck her every day.. He gladly promised.

They were so engrossed in their pleasure neither were aware of Lily standing in the doorway with a glazed look on her face and her hand shoved down inside her slacks .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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