At the Party Pt. 02

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Author Note:

This is part of a continuation to my story, At the Party. It’s left open ended because I still have a lot of ideas for where I want to take this.

Feel free to check my Bio for updates on when I’ll have new stories published.

As always, thank you for reading! I take time to read all of your comments, and I just love this community. Enjoy!


Jane flopped down on the couch next to Jake. He fidgeted, trying to hide his nerves. Something about her made him uncomfortable. She always seemed to know more than she should, as if she could see all of his insecurities written on his forehead. She was also a loose cannon, notorious in several of his friend groups for her drug use and sexual escapades. He knew she’d been at the party with Emily, and he wouldn’t be surprised if she had been there, like a devil in her ear, encouraging his girlfriend to do things she shouldn’t.

The worst part about her was how hot she was. As much as Jake hated to admit it, he’d imagined her while having sex with Emily more than once. Her tits always seemed to be aching to get out of whatever tight, lowcut shirt she wore, and her ass was pornstar-round. She had an effect on Jake that he both loved and hated.

Jane sighed, rolling her eyes before reaching for the bong on the coffee table. “God, why is everything so boring lately,” she said, taking a hit and coughing eryaman escort bayan a little.

Tyler laughed. Jake didn’t like him either. He played second-string tight end for the football team and could pound beers for hours. He had a habit of drinking all of Jake’s whenever he was around.

“Pass that here,” said Tyler. He bumped the table with his large, muscled thighs as he reached for the bong. Smoke filled the living room when he let out a long rip.

“Can I get a hit?” Jake asked.

“After I finish,” said the big jock.

Jake bristled. Tyler wasn’t just dick; he was a big dick. His shoulders were the size of Jake’s head, and the guy had a temper. He was sitting in the middle of the couch with his legs spread wide as if the whole thing belonged to him.

“You know, there was something that happened last weekend that wasn’t so boring,” said Jane. Jake’s heart rate increased.

“Oh yeah? What happened?” asked Tyler, taking another hit.

Another cloud of smoke filled the room, a hazy ambiance for a story that Jake already knew he didn’t want her to tell. She leaned in over the table like it was a campfire.

“So, there I was at Alex’s party last Saturday,” she started. Tyler cracked a beer. “We were all having a good time, getting pretty fucked up, except one girl. She spent half the night on her phone, arguing with her boyfriend ankara escort about not coming to the party or something. It was such a vibe kill. We were all trying to have a good time. Finally, Alex got her to shut up and take a shot. That’s when the party got started for real.”

Tyler took a swig of beer while Jake shifted nervously in his seat.

“A few shots later, she started to loosen up. It wasn’t long before she was flirting with Alex. She didn’t seem to care that everyone noticed. They were dancing, and she was grinding her ass up against him, being super slutty.”

Now Jake was getting visibly anxious. Jane noticed. She shot him a wicked smile as she went on with her story.

“The next thing I know, she’s in the hallway making out with him, and he’s got his hand down her pants. It was pretty hot; I can’t lie. I grabbed Nick and Jocelyn, and we all watched from around the corner. Nick said something about what a loser her boyfriend is, which was funny because I’d forgotten all about the boyfriend. I guess she did too.”

Jane took another rip from the bong. “Hey Jake, where’s your girlfriend, by the way?” she asked.

He looked down at his lap, rubbing his hands together.

“She’s coming later,” he said.

“Oh, I see. Well, anyway, we all took another shot, and then the girl tossed her phone across the room and was like, “fuck that sincan escort bayan guy!” Everyone loved it. After that, Alex took her back to his room. That’s when I did something bad. Todd was dancing behind me. I could feel how hard he was getting against my ass. I teased him a little, grinding on him and getting him so turned on. I took him to the hallway too and teased him some more, rubbing his cock through his pants while he felt me up. Then I told him I wanted to watch him use that sluts mouth while Alex fucked her.”

Tyler laughed and grabbed the bong again for another hit. “You’re a bad girl,” he said.

Jane smirked. “Oh, I know, but, god, it was so hot,” she said. “I cracked the door and watched both of them go to town on her, pumping their hard cocks into her holes like a sex toy. She liked it too, moaning like a little slut. It was obvious she wasn’t even thinking about her boyfriend while she was getting fucking plowed. I mean, what a whore. I know she had an orgasm when both of them finished inside of her.”

“God damn,” said Tyler, rubbing his stiffening cock through his pants. Jake didn’t want to look, but the motion caught his eyes. It looked he was hiding a horse cock in his pants. He put his head down in his hands, trying not to pay attention.

“What’s this slut’s name?” asked Tyler. “I want a turn on her.”

Jake felt nauseous. A devilish smile spread across Jane’s face. She opened her mouth to say the girl’s name but was cut off by the side door sliding open. A girl walked in, and Jane laughed like a hyena.

“Oh hey, Emily!” she said, smiling from ear to ear. “Get in here and join us, girl!”

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