Arin’s Birthday Party Pt. 01

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Lana sat down at the kitchen table with a book of andyne fairy tales.

“So uh…” said Arin, filling the kettle and putting it on the stove. The kitchen was just off the living room, on the left upon entering Arin’s quarters. The hallway that branched off to the right led to Arin’s bedroom, the bathroom, and the office, which contained the laundry closet.

“Make it so, Captain,” said Lana, smirking. “What’s up?”

Arin rolled her eyes, brushing her wing feathers on the counter in annoyance. “A whole library at your disposal and you’re reading my homeworld’s stupid fairy tales?”

“First of all, it’s not at my disposal,” corrected Lana, sitting back in her chair. Her yellow hair hung in a loose ponytail, clashing spectacularly with the bright red color of the fuzzy pajamas she wore. Arin wore a similar pair of fuzzy pajamas, modified for her large, sparrow-colored wings with a strap that buttoned in the back. “You forget that I can’t go to the library myself. Robbie brought up my last batch of books for me, and I think he gave me the ones he picked out to read by accident – he’s on an anthropology kick right now.”

Arin rolled her eyes. “Even if you got the wrong books, why would you want to read something as gory as andyne fairy tales at the breakfast table?”

“Arin, it’s a quarter to two in the morning, breakfast isn’t for another three or four hours.” Lana yawned, stretching.

“I’m just saying, andyne fairy tales are the absolute worst,” snorted Arin. “Have you read all of the Crimson Changeling books? Or the Werewolf Astronaut series?”

“I’ve read every Crimson Changeling book out right now, twice, and your brother recommended the Werewolf Astronaut series to me yesterday.” The switch on the kettle clicked, and Lana stood up while Arin poured her mug of tea. “I’ll go start up Quark-Nado 6 where we left off.” Lana gave her Arin peck on the cheek as she left. It was still weird thinking that since midnight, it had been September 28, the day before Arin’s birthday. Arin didn’t want to think about it, nor about how old she was, and busied herself with preparing the tea.

Arin glanced at the clock on her oven as she passed: 1:49 AM. Arin tucked her wing around Lana, settling in on the couch with her tea for Quark-Nado 6: The Quarkening. Lana dimmed the lamp as the movie resumed, except the lamp wasn’t the only thing that dimmed – everything else did too. The television blinked out last, and they were left in total darkness. Lana moved to sit up, but Arin held onto her with her wing.

“They’re doing maintenance on the power grid for a few hours tonight,” sighed Arin. “I forgot all about it – but I have emergency lanterns if the dark bothers you.”

Lana didn’t say anything, but stopped trying to get up and cuddled up to Arin. They sat quietly for a long moment; the usual low buzzing and machine noises they were both so used to hearing was replaced with a hollow silence, punctuated by the distant echo of rain outside.

“Is your bedroom window still open?” Lana asked Arin.

Arin’s stomach dropped, reminding her how full her bladder was: it wasn’t difficult to hold at the moment, but after all the tea she’d had that night, it wouldn’t stay that way for long.

Lana pulled away, sitting up. She overbalanced as she started to stand up, and caught herself heavily on one hand – directly on top of Arin’s bladder.

Arin yelped and Lana scrambled to her feet. Arin hadn’t leaked yet, but she’d come dangerously close. Lana’s hand found Arin’s in the dark and pulled her up off the couch. “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to fall on you!”

“You must really want to close that window,” grunted Arin, just barely containing another bladder leak.

Arin’s bedroom was lit by the muted glow from an industrial floodlight outside; the ship was at an aircraft dock for maintenance work, which was lit to daylight-levels at all hours. In that light, it was easy to see that the window was closed.

“See? I remembered,” sniffed Arin. Lana plopped down on Arin’s bed with her book.

“And there’s enough light to read by!” said Lana, giggling when Arin groaned.

“Well, what else are we gonna do?” asked Lana.

Arin took a deep breath and recited: “Well, Lana, this *is* a smut piece-“

“I’ll do whatever you want if you read a story with me,” insisted Lana as Arin sat down next to her. “Please?”

“Deal, canlı bahis but…why though?” asked Arin, though she was already snuggling up to Lana so that her head rested on Lana’s breasts, and her leg straddled one of Lana’s thighs, so that her bladder pressed up aginst Lana’s knee.

“Because when the power goes out, you read books,” said Lana matter-of-factly.

Arin yawned “It’s not ‘out,’ it’s just turned off for a few hours.” She leaned over to look at the titles in the book’s table of contents. “And all of these andyne bedtime stories are um…terrible. Can we try another book?”

Lana squirmed. The books were all out in the living room, stacked on the cabinet next to the tv. “But it’s dark and we’re comfortable…there’s a myth from my world you might know. It’s not gory, and everyone doesn’t die.”

Arin didn’t reply. There was a long, awkward silence, during which the splashing of rain seemed to make Arin’s bladder fill faster. She had the brief urge to just let go right there, lying across Lana, but she was already comfortable too, and didn’t want to have to get up and change the sheets in the dark.

Arin broke the silence. “Lana, you can start the story whenever you want.”

Lana tittered nervously, setting aside the book of fairy tales. “Just trying to remember it…close your eyes and use your imagination-“

“You mean like they do in a quarter of all 80’s movies?”

“Pleeease humor me?” begged Lana.

“Alright,” Arin sighed, lying back on Lana’s chest.

“So, the god Thor was walking around in a mysterious cloak one day and met a young shieldmaiden in a tavern. He made a bet with her: if he bested her in a drinking contest, she would have to complete an impossible task for him.”

“Are you sure this is a real Norse myth?” yawned Arin. “I know it’s from the same world as you are, but it sounds unlikely somehow.”

“Just sit back and listen,” snorted Lana. “Anyway, the Shieldmaiden lost the drinking contest, Thor revealed that he was a god the whole time, and gave her the impossible task: hunt down a dangerous ice giantess for him, bringing back proof of the encounter.”

“Did she accept?” yawned Arin.

Arin opened her eyes. She was in a river valley in the middle of a old-growth forest, looking down from high above as the sun was beginning to set. The river was loud, and the noise did nothing to help the nagging pressure building in her bladder.

Arin groaned, and was surprised to hear her voice booming through the valley. She looked down at herself. Arin was easily four times the height of most of the trees around her; she was completely naked; her hair was longer than it had been just moments before, roughly waist-length, twisted into a loose plait adorned with icy-colored pearls. Arin stared at them for several seconds, until her bladder spasmed. She looked around for a place to go, spotted a waterfall not too far away, and set off for it through the forest. She had to hold her wings up a bit to keep them from skimming and breaking the tops of younger trees.

A little over halfway there, Arin heard the faint, distant echo of a voice. She stopped and looked around, but could see nothing in the thick trees.

“Hello?” said Arin. Her voice echoed through the valley.

Arin waited several seconds, shuffling her gigantic feet. The trees below her seemed so small, and she wondered for a moment what would happen if she peed on them, just let loose right where she stood…

No answer came from the forest below, and Arin decided to move on. The waterfall was larger than she’d remembered, but Arin’s enormous size allowed her to climb it in just a few steps. When she reached the top, she straddled the river and shuffled toward the edge of the falls. She began to paw at her throbbing clitoris; she just had to keep it in for a few seconds longer…

Arin stood over the falls, looking out over the valley. As she started to squat down, she heard the faint voice again. And this time it echoed in such a way that she could understand it.

“Halt, ice giantess!” The voice was feminine, distinctly familiar, and had come from somewhere below Arin in the valley. Arin froze mid-squat to look around. A small amount of piss escaped her, dripping into the river that fed the waterfall below. Finally, she spotted the owner of the voice: a small armored figure barely taller than her ankle was bahis siteleri running toward her. As it emerged from the trees, Arin began to lose control of her bladder. Using her arms and wings for balance, she squatted on her tip-toes and bared her twitching vulva.

“I said halt, ice giantess!” the tiny figure commanded again as Arin released.

Arin’s stream splashed colossally into the river below, and split in two as it picked up speed: a hard jet that rivaled the waterfall beneath her, and a smaller one that arched over part of the valley and into the river, not far from where the small armored woman had been yelling at her.

The river beneath Arin was beginning to swell dangerously under the added current, so she looked around to check on her little friend: the tiny woman was closer than before, standing near the clearing by the waterfall. She was well out of harm’s way, much to Arin’s relief, and staring back at Arin. The tiny woman dropped her sword and ventured forward. She yelled again, but Arin couldn’t hear what she was saying over the roar of her own stream.

Arin still couldn’t place the owner of the voice, but saw something she did recognize as the tiny armored woman sprinted closer: long, very yellow hair poked out from underneath her helmet.

“Lana?” called Arin in surprise. “Is that you?!”

The small armored woman below came even closer, giving the growing flood under the waterfall a wide berth. “No!” She yelled, her voice echoing clearly up the rock face. It was definitely Lana’s voice. “I am the Shieldmaiden! Thor sent me to find you!”

“Thor?” Arin asked slowly. Her stream faltered for a few seconds and stopped. She’d emptied less than half her bladder, so she squatted in a slightly different position and prepared to let go again. “You mean that one asshole who smashes everyone with his hammer?”

The Shieldmaiden was about to yell something, but paused for a moment and shouted instead: “Well… I mean that’s…not…not true? I don’t think he expected me to get this far, let alone find and get this close to you…”

“Why-” Arin let go again, sending a torrent even stronger than the first arching over the valley. “-do you say that? Did he send you to kill me or something?”

“I don’t know,” The Shieldmaiden shrugged. “Probably. But he just said to ‘find’ you, and that I need proof I did.” The Shieldmaiden took off her helmet, revealing that she was, indeed, Lana. “I’d ask for a jewel from your ice crown, but you look so lovely in it I really don’t want to…”

Arin reached up and found that the Shieldmaiden/Lana was right: in Arin’s hair was a tiara, adorned with clear crystals of ice that formed delicate icicles.

“…Why am I wearing a tiara?” said Arin, pushing out a third short blast of piss. It crashed over a riverbank on the other side of the clearing with enough force to leave a noticeable divet in the landscape. When she finally dripped to a stop, Arin could feel that she was only half-empty. She groaned.

Arin stood up, looking down at the Shieldmaiden/Lana, who stood scratching her head, thinking.

“Maybe one of these?” asked Arin, pulling one of the larger pearls from her hair. “You can have two if you want. I *did* almost sweep you away in a flood just now-“

“Arin,” said Lana, though her voice wasn’t coming from the mini-Lana below. “Arin, wake up!” It sounded like Lana was right next to her-

Arin opened her eyes. She was stretched out on top of Lana on the couch, wrapped partially in a cocoon of blankets. The lights were back on, and the clock on the wall read 04:15 am.

“The barstools! They’re sentient! Ruunnn!” announced a scientist from the television: Quark-Nado 6 had resumed automatically. Arin shifted and a gush of pee whizzed out of her, into her already-soaked clothes and blankets. Arin couldn’t control it, and more came out with every movement she made, further soaking both herself and Lana before she could even stand up. Arin had just enough time to yank a pad pee pad out from under the low table in front of the couch before bursting again, peeing like a waterfall into the square of absorbent foam-like material.

Behind Arin, Lana stood up, gathering up soaked blankets and pulling off her drenched pajamas. She walked up and patted Arin’s shoulder a moment later.

“Better?” asked Lana yawning widely.

“Much, thanks,” said Arin, blushing bahis şirketleri hotly. “I’m sorry for soaking both of us. That tea was stronger than I thought.”

“Well, they’ve got the lights back on, so that means we can get everything in the wash,” Lana responded, slinging her soiled pajamas over her arm. “Here, gimme your clothes.” Arin had already kicked off her bottoms in her mad hurry to relieve herself into the pad, so she just had to give Lana the top. She let Lana unbutton the front while she undid the side-wing flap buttons. Lana took the shirt once it was off, slinging it over her arm with the other soiled laundry and whisking it away up the hall to Arin’s laundry room.

When Lana was gone, Arin noticed that there was an emergency lantern on the table, still on. She leaned forward, lifting her leg a little to steer her stream so that it stayed on the pad, and turned off the lantern.

Lana hurried back into the living room. She was completely naked, having put her soaked clothes in the wash. “Arin, you’re not going to like this-“

“…I left the window open, didn’t I?” sighed Arin.

Lana nodded. “We’re on the leeward side, though, so it didn’t get too bad. And the power’s back, so there’s that.”

“When did I fall asleep?”

Lana paused to watch Arin finish up, letting herself drip dry over the pad. Arin found herself staring back: she wanted to touch Lana’s hips, and her clitoris throbbed heavily at the thought.

“Around the time the power went off,” replied Lana. “You started mumbling about closing your bedroom window, and when I asked about it you told me to read you a story, and something I couldn’t understand about 80’s movies.”

On the television, evil sentient barstools swarmed into an evil tornado over a large alien city. Arin reached down and used the remote to finally pause it, yawned, and stretched her wings, running her hands through her tousled crimson hair. Lana stepped onto the pad next to her, spread her legs, and started peeing. Arin felt a rush of blood to her crotch, and couldn’t help touching herself.

Lana giggled, “Oh, you’re horny now?”

Arin watched Lana pee, smirking. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Lana pushed out the last of her pee into the pad. “I was about to say, it’s been a while since our last ‘session.'” She looked Arin up and down curiously.

“Were you just reading the whole time the lights were off?” asked Arin.

“Nope, I fell asleep about an hour ago,” said Lana. “I woke up when you were in the middle of soaking the blankets.”

“Ugh, I had the weirdest dream,” said Arin sleepily. Lana reached over and pulled Arin sideways with her, onto a dry spot on the couch. She spread Arin’s legs and kneeled between them, Lana leaned in until her nose was nearly touching Arin’s clitoris, which was just over 5cm fully-erect and throbbing excitedly with her pounding pulse.

“So did I,” said Lana coolly, kissing Arin just beneath her belly button. “Tell me about yours.”

Lana licked Arin’s clit lightly, and she whimpered, “Y-you were telling me a Norse myth about Thor getting in a drinking contest-” Lana licked her again, and began to gently suck on Arin’s clitoris. “B-but I think you were just making stuff up, then I was there. And you were too, but you kept telling m-me you were called the-“

Lana stopped sucking and leaned back, staring wide-eyed at Arin. “…The Shieldmaiden?”

“How-…I can’t have told you-” panted Arin. Lana stopped to pull over a dry portion of the foam pee pad, just in case, before settling back between Arin’s legs. “I haven’t told anyone about those dreams. How do you know? Was I talking in my sleep?”

“I’ve been having those dreams too,” Lana said slowly. “For a couple weeks now. But this was the first time I found you *and* recognized you…that ice tiara is lovely on you, by the way.”

“Th-thanks,” Arin whimpered, blushing madly as Lana got back to the “massage.” She stuck in three fingers in and wiggled them around for a few seconds before sucking Arin’s clit again. The sensation was even more intense than before, and Arin fell back on the couch, twitching while Lana teased her with her tongue.

Arin could feel herself starting to come, and it put pressure on her bladder: she wasn’t quite empty yet. A clear jet of piss had already begun hissing out when Arin gasped, “Lana, watch out-”

Arin came hard, crying out and unloading the remainder of her large bladder onto Lana’s chest and belly, with some of the clear urine dripping down Lana’s chin while she finished Arin off.

Continued in Pt 2.

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