Apples Fall Not Far… Ch. 01

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Once the dust had settled, life had turned out pretty damn good for Peter Relaford. Forty-one and divorced, he worked as a Sales Rep for one of the larger industrial food suppliers in the upper Northeast. Having settled in Vermont for the past five years after he and his Wife Rochelle parted ways, Peter had only dated sporadically since the split. Now that their only child was 18 and his child support burden was out of the way however, the extra money in his pocket every month made splurging on a little fun much easier.

That combined with the lucrative route he was working on had created a very nice financial situation for Peter. On the social front, he’d also been seeing a woman named Melanie Wilder. Thirty-Nine years old, like Peter she was also divorced and had a Daughter about the same age as his Son, and like Peter, Melanie seemed more than content to just date without all the pressure of a serious relationship for the time being.

Melanie worked for the same company as Peter, but she worked in the shipping department’s office while he was usually out on the road making sales calls. They’d met at the office Christmas party a year earlier and after some casual conversation and a few egg nogs, realized just how much they had in common. After a few months of feeling each other out, Peter and Melanie had honed in on a healthy routine where they saw enough of each other to keep the chemistry smoldering without seeing too much of each other and cramping the other’s style. Neither had really even passed the point either where they felt comfortable introducing the other to their families.

It was the ultimate ‘friends with benefits’ situation with Melanie, and for awhile the last thing Peter was thinking about doing was ruining it.

Then came the girl who was working in the cafeteria at one of the local community colleges near Burlington that Peter frequented every other week on his route. Her first name was Shelby and Peter hadn’t even so much as worried about a last name considering the inebriated state of his ego once the college sophomore had consummated a relationship with him.

The initial chance meeting between Peter and Shelby had been pure kizmit. Strolling through the bowels of the school’s dining hall one afternoon while talking to the facility’s director, Peter happened to lock gazes with a young girl working in the kitchen. It was one of those totally random situations where two people who had absolutely nothing in common looked at each other then couldn’t pull their eyes apart for a few seconds.

To help offset the cost of her tuition and books, not to mention the fact that her car was habitually in the shop, Shelby had taken on a job in the school cafeteria a few afternoons a week. With her parents being recently divorced, she also felt a heightened sense of having to support herself, not to mention also having to help pay for an apartment she shared with two friends who were also struggling to stay afloat.

A few weeks later, during Peter’s next visit to the school on his sales route, fate had it that Shelby was outside taking a cigarette break on the loading dock when Peter was walking up the service entrance. Pulling a Marlboro out of his pocket to share a quick smoke with the girl that had caught his eye on the previous visit, the two made small talk under the warm, late September sun as the sound of dishes being tossed around rattled from inside.

Searching for topics to keep the impromptu dialouge flowing, Peter offhandedly mentioned he had a Son who was about Shelby’s age. Initially Peter felt like slapping himself for saying that, considering how it would seem to date him, but when the girl tapped her cigarette, took a drag and replied, her words left Peter with butterflies he hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Maybe I’m not interested in someone my own age,” the 19 year old girl said with cool and flirtatious clarity.

Peter’s cigarette trembled between his fingers as he stared into Shelby smoky brown eyes, trying to determine if he’d heard her right.

When Shelby offhandedly mentioned a few minutes later that her car was in the shop, Peter found himself asking what time she got off. When she told him she could clock out right then if she had to, Peter realized he’d painted himself into a corner he wasn’t quite sure he wanted out of. Within the hour they were back at Shelby’s apartment having sex while the girl’s roommates were both safely away at class.

Standing in the doorway of Shelby’s bedroom, his knees withering as his pants and underwear lay in a crumpled heap several feet behind him, Peter Relaford held on to one edge of the molding with his left hand as he clutched Shelby’s back with his right. The nimble girl had propped herself up on the “Iron Gym” support handles hanging from the top of the doorway where she did her casino şirketleri pull-up exercises most every morning. Her legs wrapped around Peter’s back as she hung in mid-air, Shelby savagely worked her cunt like a paint mixer around the older man’s cock until he was moaning like a helpless child beneath her.

“Like that…Huh?” Shelby sighed down to the man who’d been nice enough to drive her home only minutes earlier.

From her position above him, Shelby could see the beads of sweat forming on the top of Peter”s forehead as he tried to withstand her carnal assault.

“UUURRGGHH..AAHHHH…AAHHHHH,” Peter gasped, the muscles in his left forearm straining mightily as the sound of their crashing genitals filled the otherwise lifeless apartment.

As much of a stud as Peter wanted to be when he watched Shelby lift herself up just before he penetrated her, he wasn’t prepared for anything like what the young girl could do with her pussy around his cock. The feel of her smooth and strong thighs wrapped around his hips combined with the ungodly sensation of her drenched sheath choking his dick until Peter’s feet were trembling spasticly on the carpet. The way she grinded her crotch rhythmically against his jutting manhood as she hung there, staring wantonly down at him, told Peter fighting his own quick release would just be delaying the inevitable. He wanted to prolong the glorious euphoria for as long as he could but sight of the girl’s firm, size 34 C breasts bouncing crazily less than a foot in front of his face was the final straw.

“UUUHHHHHHHHHHH.. AAAHHHHGGGAAWWWDD…..YEEESSSAAAHHHHHHHHH,” the 41 year old divorced man screamed, causing the eager 19 year old girl to rock her groin that much harder against his until Peter’s rich and steaming cum was oozing out of her pussy and dripping down into several small puddles on the floor as she continued to milk his balls.

“GODFUCKINGDAMN,” Peter winced and coughed when Shelby extended her legs and pulled her cunt off his twitching, semen coated cock a few seconds before lowering her feet to the floor.

“I always clean up my messes,” the young girl smirked into Peter’s ear before seductively dropping down to her knees.

Before Peter could begin to gather himself, Shelby had taken the rubbery shaft of his spent penis between her fingers and shoved the greasy girth into her mouth. Washing her lips and tongue over the sperm drenched cylinder of flesh, Shelby swallowed the combined juices of their serendipitous lust down her throat while Peter held tightly to the door’s frame and mumbled to the Lord above.

For the next month or so after that initial rendezvous with Shelby, things only got better for Peter. If it wasn’t the handful of blowjobs Shelby had given Peter in his car at various locations around town, it was the afternoon they spent having sex on both of Shelby’s roommates’ beds while those girls weren’t home. The most intense foray into perverse gratification however came late one evening when the couple snuck up to the secluded 4th floor of the school library and made out in the stacks.

It had been almost 20 years since Peter Relaford had set foot in a library, much less gone up to study in the stacks. Walking past the sparse collection of people working in the lobby, and the occasional student lost in their late night studies, Peter and Shelby slipped into the small elevator and cruised up to the 4th floor with hardly anyone taking notice.

The instant the elevator doors slid open, Peter’s senses were transported back to his days as an undergrad at the University of Rhode Island when he had made the occasional trip up to the stacks to research a paper. It was amazing after all those years, and at a different school how eerily similar the musty scent of the piles of books smelt under the dim luminescence of the low hanging lights.

“Some things never change,” he told Shelby as they looked for any stragglers on their floor.

“Did you ever have any fun up in the stacks while you were in college?” Shelby asked as they peeked down row after row to make sure they were all alone upstairs.

“Nah..can’t say I did,” Peter replied.

“Sadly the library wasn’t a place I darkened the door of too often back then. So first time for everything I guess,” he smiled with definite giddiness.

“Is it the first time up here for you?” Peter badly wanted to ask Shelby but stopped himself just in time, content not to ruin the feeling of uniqueness he’d created about the evening in his own mind, despite the common sense inkling that it probably wasn’t her first trip.

Once they’d come to the conclusion they were alone on the fourth floor, Peter and Shelby eased towards the far corner of the stacks and started kissing as the dusty smell of hundreds and hundreds of decades old books surrounded them. casino firmaları Rubbing his hands up and down the 19 year old girl’s trim and toned body as he lavishly rolled his tongue over hers, Peter and Shelby kissed and embraced until their breathing nearly became synchronized.

Like two ballroom dancers with their lips locked, eventually Peter and Shelby were promenading in a twisting circle down the narrow aisle, knocking several books off the shelves in their wake until Shelby’s back finally came to rest against the large orange rolling ladder the library workers used to re-stock the books.

Knowing exactly what was going to happen when they got upstairs, Shelby didn’t bother putting any panties on before she and Peter left for the library. It wasn’t long after Shelby sat back on the third rung and spread her legs wide that Peter knelt down on the floor and pushed her mini-skirt all the way up to reveal her bare and freshly shaven crotch. Gripping her hands out to each side of the ladder’s rails, Shelby held on tight as the 41 year old man’s face disappeared between her thighs.

“YEEESSSSS,” Shelby’s vibrant voice sizzled through the cramped and dimly lit corridor, her rear end shimmying on the three foot wide expanse of the rung each time Peter’s tongue glided across her tingling and buttery slit.

“ my pussy Baby,’ she cooed, rubbing her fingers tenderly through Peter’s slightly thinning hair as the moist and muffled sounds of his efforts brought a fiendish smile to her face.

With each successive nudge he made forward with his mouth, the momentum of Peter’s weight caused the ladder to slowly start rolling on the tiled floor. The muscles in Shelby’s arms flexing as she gripped harder at the rails, the young girl clenched her thighs around each side of Peter’s head as the contraption she was sitting on began to ease backwards.

“God…this is different,” Shelby managed between deep breaths, now watching with fascination as Peter started to crawl forward on the floor as he kept his lips pressed against her glistening labia.

“WOW….,” she giggled a few seconds later when the ladder’s wheels began picking up speed.

His face greased now with Shelby’s arousal, Peter eagerly put one knee in front of the other until the squeaking movements of the mobile ladder sounded like a small train rumbling down the tracks. His senses overwhelmed by the sticky aroma of Shelby’s vaginal scent, Peter kept plowing forward until the walls of dusty and long unread books were whizzing by on each side. Looking up every few seconds to see the dazed and giddy look in Shelby’s eyes, Peter felt his dick harden in his pants seeing the way her protruding nipples dotted the sheer front of her blouse. On and on Peter pushed the weight of the ladder until the back wheels finally came to rest against the opposite wall from where they’d started.

An ‘uummpphh’ leapt from Shelby’s throat when the momentum of the ladder she was sitting on came to such a sudden stop.

With the ladder now wedged in place, Peter was free to do what he wanted with his mouth on Shelby’s cunt. Clasping his hands around each of the girl’s smooth upper thighs, Peter held her crotch in place as he dipped his head all the way under her skirt. Swirling his tongue in quick and vicious circles through the blooming pink fissure of her bald pussy, it wasn’t long before Shelby’s dripping dew had coated his entire face.

All alone there on the fourth floor at such a late hour, Shelby felt comfortable enough allowing her moans to bleed freely from her lungs until her sighs of pleasure were echoing through the cramped quarters. Relentless in his hungry assault, the sound of Shelby’s groans did nothing but spur Peter on as he eagerly devoured the girl’s frothy sex.

Shelby’s legs acting like two tentacles around his back, Peter could feel the girl’s heels digging at the back of his shirt each time he scoured his tongue deeper into her bristling honeypot. Supporting himself on his knees, Peter alternated chewing his lips tenderly around Shelby’s clit then dancing the tip of his tongue like a pinball across the folds of her slick and throbbing labia.

Over and over Peter continued to eat the young girl out until a low and rumbling groan began to rise from Shelby’s chest. Having fucked her several times over the weeks since they’d first met, Peter knew from the sound she was approaching orgasm. Squeezing his hands with just the right amount of pressure along the insides of Shelby’s thighs, Peter caressed his entire mouth over the expanse of the girl’s steaming sex until it felt as if his whole face had been dipped in warm oil between her legs.

“WWAA….AHHH…WWAA….AAAHHHHH,” Peter could hear Shelby moan as the teenager’s rear end slid back and forth across the rung she was sitting on.

The güvenilir casino metallic sound of the ladder straining under Shelby’s thrashing weight, Peter could feel the vibrations course through the floor beneath him as he pushed his mouth deeper into the girl’s burning cunt.

“She’s gonna cum all over my face,” Peter deliciously thought when he sneaked a peek up to see the way Shelby’s chest rhythmically rose and fell.

Twisting his thumbs deep into each side of Shelby’s quim, Peter buried the full force of his oral suction down on the girl’s clitoris until she was splattering her feminine ejaculate deep down his throat.

Peter had discovered the high point of his life over the past month was being able to sit back and watch the orgasm he’d given Shelby tear through the girl’s lithe, beautiful body. Tilting his gaze upwards while keeping his tongue and lips snug against her pulsing genitals, Peter watched as the cool and confident young woman transformed into a writhing and helpless slut flopping side to side on the ladder. Peter’s ears throbbed from the sound of Shelby’s voice screeching from her lungs, and he had to fight to keep his balance on his knees as the girl’s constricting calves dug at his back and shoulders.

“I fuckin’ did that to her,” Peter mentally patted himself on the back as he continued to bleed every bit of release from Shelby’s loins.

Slurping the copious amounts of the 19-year-old’s sweet vaginal spray, Peter swallowed it like a delicacy as her pussy clung softly to his lips. Pressing forward until every ounce of energy had seemingly trickled from Shelby’s body, Peter was struck when he looked up once again and saw how the girl’s gaze was fixed on something to her left. Initially he didn’t give it a second though and dove back down between Shelby’s thighs for one last bite but when he finally came up for air, he did turn his head to the side and saw one of the library’s employees standing 20 feet away.

“Holy Shit,” he thought to himself when he saw the girl, who looked to be close to Shelby’s age, standing at the end of the corridor.

The girl, who did have a homely ‘librarian to be’ quality to her, seemed almost paralysed with fright as she stood there gawking, and Peter guessed correctly that she’d been standing there for awhile. He could see the pile of books she’d brought up to the fourth floor to re-stock trembling noticeably in her hands as her eyes glared guiltily behind her thick pair of glasses.

Lost in his own bewilderment, Peter thought he was dreaming when he looked back down at Shelby and saw her clamp each of her plump nipples between her fingers through her top as she leered back at the stunned girl watching her. He could also feel the way Shelby’s vagina seemed to breath with life against his hand, as if it was further aroused by having someone there looking on.

“Maybe I wasn’t the only one that caused her to cum,” Peter mockingly thought to himself before the library worker abruptly turned, dropped the books on a shelf then disappeared quickly down the stairwell.


Headed down to the lobby of the library, looking way more disheveled and jelly-legged than they’d gone up, Peter and Shelby walked past the occasional student studying as nonchalantly as a 41 year old guy and 19 year old girl could after just fooling around in the stacks. Peter struggled to keep the biggest shit eating grin from splashing across his face as he walked hand in hand with Shelby past the check-out desk. The musky taste of Shelby’s release heavy on his palate, not to mention the sticky sheen it had created on his cheeks, Peter felt 10 foot tall and bulletproof as he led the satisfied young girl through the book-theft scanners and out the double doors.

The only thing weighing Peter down as they disappeared into the night was the hard-on still straining inside his pants. He’d planned on fucking Selby while they were upstairs, but after they were interrupted by the girl stocking books on the fourth floor, they both decided it was probably best to get out of Dodge in case that girl went and blabbed about what she saw. Thankfully for Peter, as she’d done several times before, Shelby took good care of that hard-on once they got back out the darkened school parking lot before he drove her home for the night.

Basking in his own surreal good fortune as he dropped Shelby off at her apartment, once he was all alone in the car, Peter lit a cigarette and turned the music up really loud as he drove away. At some point during his drive home he reached for his cell phone to check his voice mail. One of the messages was from Melanie Wilder, the other woman he’d been seeing on occasion. Friends of hers had reserved a hotel room for that weekend in Atlantic City but something had come up with their family and they couldn’t go. They’d offered the room to Melanie and she was calling to see if Peter would be interested in joining her.

Yes, life had become the creamy center of a Twinkee for Peter Relaford……

Part 2 to come…

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