Any Chance We Could Ch. 31

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This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the beginning to appreciate this tale. I apologize for the length of time between this chapter and the last one. Recovery is well underway and I hope to post regularly again. This is a half chapter.

Thursday morning October 25


(Wednesday evening continued)

With the sun dropping low in the sky it turned cool on the deck. Noticing Katrina shiver I suggested that we move into the den and enjoy more wine and conversation. I sat on the couch with Ashley on one side of me. Discretely winking at me Katrina directed Corinne to sit on the other side of me. Katrina then sat in one of the wingback chairs across from me. After delivering the wine glasses and decanter of wine and pouring everyone a glass Mary Claire sat in the other.

Corinne turned, resting one hose-covered leg against my thigh asking, “What do you do? … Other than enjoy these lovely young ladies and your fiancée?”

“I’m an investment banker and amateur photographer,” I replied putting my hand on her leg just above her knee. “My partner and I’ve enjoyed success and after meeting Veronica I stopped working fourteen hour days, seven days a week, and began to enjoy my daughter and Veronica as well as Ashley.”

“That feels nice, up a bit please,” Corinne sighed. I looked briefly at a smiling Mary Claire. As I moved my hand up to the bottom of her lace stocking top she looked into my eyes asking, “How did you come to make love to my daughter?”

“A few weeks ago she and Cindy came over to visit and they all wound up in the hot tub. All except Mary Claire eventually shed their tops. Your daughter seemed bashful and unsure that night. Last Sunday, Veronica was shopping when Mary Claire, Angela, Cindy, Katrina, Ashley and Caroline were enjoying the warm day poolside and I joined them. I don’t exactly remember the dynamics but next thing I knew all six of them had shed their tops. Mary Claire’s bashfulness had completely disappeared along with her suit top.”

Corinne laughed, “You likely got too caught up looking at the young ladies to pay any attention to much else.”

“What can I say? I’m a man who enjoys looking at and being with sensuous women like yourself.” I defended myself with a grin while moving my hand a little higher up Corinne’s thigh. I noticed Ashley nod slightly at Katrina who returned the message with her eyes.

As I continued my story and looked into Corrine’s eyes, Ashley’s hand slowly moved up my thigh. “Well, when Veronica got home mid-afternoon she joined us and shed her blouse and bra as she walked across the deck to join us. Mary Claire offered to let us caress her breasts if she could return the favor to Veronica and to wrap her hand around my cock.”

“I’m getting the impression my daughter’s into women in a big way. Maybe more than men,” she finished by looking at her daughter who seemed like she wanted to reply but her eyes dropped and she remained silent and red faced. I moved my hand a little higher still. Corinne’s hand covered Ashley’s. Ashley’s hand moved little higher so that the back of Corinne’s hand grazed my firm shaft.

Coming to Mary Claire’s aid I offered, “I’m not sure about that.” Corrine looked at me as I continued, “I think your daughter is a sumptuous energetic young woman who has a sexual tiger in her just waiting to be released.” Moving my other hand across Corinne’s cheek I added, “Just like her mother.”

Corrine glowed. Frankly I was amazed how at ease I’d become with sexual play and seduction. As Corrine and I looked silently into each other’s eyes I wondered privately where this skill’d come from. I smiled at her as I asked myself if I had learned this smoothness from Veronica or had I just become more practiced because of Veronica.

Then I recalled my Canadian friend who lived next door to me in the college dorm. He seemed so smooth and gallant with the ladies and they adored him. He often held their hands and they kissed him. He was always talking with some coed on a bench or carrying her books. Anytime a shirt needed repairing there was a girl or two willing to do it. Though he never accepted their offers he even had girls who were willing to do his laundry. I remembered him saying one night, “Scott, be comfortable with your manhood. Don’t put on airs or try to walk around as if you’re God’s gift to woman like some of these guys. Instead, be yourself and treat each as a sensuous princess, and to that add a judicious amount of romance. Look for and take opportunities to hone your skills and you’ll do well with women. Remember, every woman wants to feel special and romanced. Damn, he was right! That’s what Veronica has helped to bring out in me.

After a few seconds of silence as she absorbed what I’d said and each taking a sip of wine I smiled, “As she enjoys the pleasures of both, I suspect that she’ll love being with men as much as you’ll enjoy making love with women.” While taking a few more sips of the wonderful nectar Corrine nodded that she understood.

I too took casino şirketleri another sip, “Now where was I? Oh, Mary Claire wanted to touch both Veronica and me. As you’ll come to understand, we readily agreed. The others were not to be denied the opportunity your beautiful lustful daughter provided. We adjourned to Veronica’s bed and enjoyed one another for the rest of the afternoon and discovered that your daughter is a ravenous tiger in bed. Later after Caroline and Angela had to leave and Cindy had to go to work, Mary Claire stayed for dinner. After dinner Mary Claire asked if she could stay the night and the rest is history. This coy daughter we knew from the first visit essentially seduced both of us on her second visit and has nicely become a part of this family. We’re all very happy to have her here,” I concluded. Corinne smiled at her daughter.

Turning back to look at me Corinne grasped my wrist and pulled my hand against her panty covered and damp pussy. In the meantime Ashley pulled up my shorts leg and tenderly licked my head as she kept her hand wrapped around my shaft. I moaned as Corrine quietly watched Ashley’s ministrations with interest.

“Let’s take this upstairs,” I gasped. Licking her lips Corrine nodded. After taking me as deeply as possible into her mouth Ashley quickly jumped up signaling that she liked the idea.

As we started up the stairs I stopped on the bottom step and gesturing with my hand said, “Ladies first.”

“A real gentleman,” remarked Mary Claire. As she passed I took her hand and kissed it. She giggled.

“Plus I get to watch four magnificent asses atop stocking covered legs in high heels going up in front of me,” I grinned as I looked up the steps. Ashley paused on the landing where the staircase made a right turn. With her being the last one on the landing I kept my hand on her ass all the way up the last half and then down the hallway. Corinne smiled as she looked back over the railing and noticed how I was teasing Ashley.

“Sometime soon I want to play with you and my butt plug,” whispered Ashley as we approached the bedroom.

“I’m looking forward to it,” I replied grinning.

“Wow, what a magnificent bed,” exclaimed Corinne as I entered the bedroom. Her left hand was moving over one of the small carvings, a carving of a man copulating from behind with a woman whose head was positioned over the thighs of a woman lying before her. I wonder if she’s thinking of being fucked while she pleasures another woman, possibly her daughter.

“It’s that,” I said as I approached and embraced her. As I was kissing her I began lifting her top up and she released me to raise her arms without breaking the kiss until she had to. With her top removed she moved her head forward. Hunger and desire filled her face. She moaned quietly as we resumed kissing.

I felt someone behind me pulling my shorts down and off. Katrina unfastened Corinne’s bra and pulled down her thong. My throbbing cock felt nice against her soft stomach. As we withdrew our tongues and stepped back I held her at arm’s length and leeringly admired the mature body before me.

“You’re a beautiful woman Corinne. Men should be falling all over you. Right now I’d like to. May I?” as I extended my hand and began to coax her towards the bed.

“I’ve never been with any man other than my husband,” she said a little nervously. “I can’t believe I’m about to have sex with my second man, but I want this so badly Scott. Thank you for making it so easy for me.”

“I’m so honored Corinne to be your second lover.” She nervously looked at her daughter. Then she blushed as a look quickly passed between them that was pregnant with meaning. I grinned, “I’m honored to be your third lover but your second man.” With that she smiled sheepishly. She smiled, “Why thank you kind sir.”

Corrine bent over to remove her heels but I stopped her with, “Leave them on, all my women do, I like it.”

I knew that Ashley had started the camera as soon as we’d come into the room. I knew I’d be giving Corrine a special DVD in the coming days.

As she lay next to me she asked, “Would you make love to Mary Claire first. I want to watch. Besides that, you’ll probably last longer when you fuck me.”


After some controlled kissing and caressing, Grace and Veronica made their way to the finely appointed lobby and met their car to go to dinner. The restaurant was as good as the concierge claimed. With a curtained table and a drop-dead gorgeous waitress they enjoyed the candlelight ambience and the highly rated French cuisine.

They continually looked into each other’s smiling faces as they talked about their lives and their dreams for the future. There was a lovely dose of kissing, caressing of breasts and thighs before each course and during coffee. At one point Grace whispered, “I don’t know who I envy more, you or Scott.” Veronica merely smiled at the older woman.

After dinner Veronica asked the driver for a tour of the city. He drove them around the heart of the city pointing casino firmaları out various features and buildings. He took them to Coit Tower and other lighted landmarks before crossing the Golden Gate to Sausalito where the couple stood arm in arm for twenty minutes looking across the bay at the western edge of the lighted city. Their ears were filled with the mixture of the sounds of the harbor and the evening woods. The sight was breathtaking and romantic.

On the way back to the hotel Veronica put her arm around Grace and pulled her next to her, her mind reeling with emotions. She knew Grace was expecting to be intimate but she wanted to still go with her plan to wait until the next day. She was still conflicted about what she would do when they returned to the hotel. When they returned to their luxurious room five minutes before midnight it was two o’clock in the morning body time.

Veronica stood looking out the window at the street life below as Grace slipped into the bathroom. Veronica was still tempted to discard her plans and just go with the opportunity at hand. She feared that if she didn’t take Grace that she would be sending the wrong message to her, and she didn’t want to give Grace any wrong messages. When Grace emerged from the bathroom dressed in a sheer red baby doll, Veronica’s heart raced. Though she was well into her fifties, there was great sensuality and beauty about the older woman that stimulated Veronica’s erotic desires.

Veronica took a deep breath as she took her demure coral silk gown from the closet. They embraced briefly then Veronica slipped into the bathroom to get ready for bed and to take Grace as her lover. After slipping the gown on she stood by the whirlpool tub and looked in the mirror to admire how the silk hem stopped above the bottom of her ass.

She walked out with her mind firmly set to not allow Grace to set the parameters.

What Veronica didn’t know was that Grace was exhausted when they had returned to the hotel. Grace had finally gotten to sleep at one o’clock the night before, and even then slept restlessly as she tossed and turned. She awoke several times during the night and fought each time for fifteen to twenty minutes to get back to sleep. She’d awakened at five-thirty to put some last minute items in her bag and due to her palpable excitement she’d remained up. Hence when they had returned to their room Grace had been awake and stimulated by anticipation for almost twenty three hours.

Veronica approached the bed. Softly she said “Grace.” There was no response. Grace was sleeping soundly. The younger woman mused, Her spirit may have been eager, but her body’s given out. Veronica grinned wryly, spooned with Grace after pulling the bed covers over them, wrapped one hand around a breast and within minutes was also soundly asleep with her plans for the morrow still intact.


When I lay on my back, Mary Claire quickly straddled me. Corinne knelt next to my shoulder to watch her daughter settle her wet pussy down on my cock. “Ohhh god,” she moaned as she fully settled. Looking at me she glowed, “Having you inside me feels so great.” She smiled at her mother as she slowly moved her hips.

With both hands I reached down and began caressing her stocking covered legs as she bent over to kiss me. Her hips started to rock up and down with greater forcefulness. She shifted a little to make her breasts available to my mouth. Her mother pulled her daughter’s long hair to the side so she could see the heated expression on her daughter’s face.

After a few minutes of nibbling her nipples I heard Ashley say, “Sit up Mary Claire, I want that wonderful mouth.”

Corinne scooted a bit away from me to allow room for Ashley’s legs while never taking her eyes off my cock appearing and disappearing from her daughter’s pussy. Katrina knelt behind Corinne and reached around her and began caressing her breasts while rubbing her own flattened breasts across her back. She then began kissing her neck and whispered in her ear, “Doesn’t he have a beautiful cock? You’re going to love it when he fucks you. I love to suck him dry. I’ll bet you’re wet just watching your daughter get fucked by him.” The older woman nodded her head as she watched her daughter ride me with greater urgency.

Katrina moved to Corinne’s side. Turning Corinne’s face towards her, Katrina smiled, “After he fucks you, I am going to dive between your thighs and lick you clean.” As Katrina was saying this she was rolling Corinne’s nipples between her thumbs and fingers and felt Corinne begin to gasp and quiver. The half glazed eyes of the heated woman looked into the lustful eyes of the younger woman as she heard Katrina make it clear, “Any woman who plays in this home play both ways.”

“Oh, Christ, Katrina, I just came. Oh, shit here comes another one, ooh, damn I’ve never been so aroused,” she gasped as Ashley reached over to play with Corinne’s clit. Katrina pulled her chin forward and passionately kissed Corinne who came a third time from the stimulation and excitement güvenilir casino of the moment.

Mary Claire was quickening her bounce on my cock and began moving her hips from side to side as well as front to back. Apparently she’d watched Veronica and I make love and learned how to enhance her own pleasure, I thought while licking Ashley’s clit and asshole.

Katrina turned Mary Claire’s sweet sweat covered face in her direction. “I had a text message from Mom saying that you want to be our sexy live-in maid.” Mary Claire nodded her head. In a commanding voice “Tell us and your mother what that all means.”

As she groaned and between her heavy breathing, the young woman cried, “I’ll be your sexy maid and a fuck-toy for all of you. I’ll be available to please any of you whenever you want. I want to be part of your lives and make love to you all as often as I can.”

Her thrusting became harder. I couldn’t see her with Ashley positioned over my face but I clearly felt her body quiver through another orgasm.

Mary Claire slowed to catch her breath. As she did Ashley asked, “Sis can you reach a tube of lube in the night stand?”

Katrina leaned back away from Corinne, opened the drawer and handed a tube of K-Y to Ashley. As Mary Claire began breathing rapidly once again, Ashley said “give me your thumb Dad.” After generously coating my thumb she reached around and spread a thick coat on her asshole. “Put your thumb in my ass and your tongue in my pussy,” Ashley commanded.

She leaned forward a bit to give me better access to her ass. Ashley began to kiss Mary Claire while they caressed each other’s tits. I gently pushed my thumb into her asshole and tried to keep it well lubed. She wiggled her ass a bit and pushed back. When I was in her to the base of my thumb I stuck my tongue in her vagina. “Oh, God Dad, that’s fantastic, move your thumb in and out, in and out. Mmmm I like that. Oohh yees suck my clit, ooooooooh, damn that’s good.”

The two women rocked back and forth with a growing pace, one on my cock and the other on my mouth and thumb. Both were breathing more shallowly as they continued to kiss, pull and twist each other’s nipples. Ashley’s hips rocked and undulated almost in time with her friend. I sensed both women were close, and so was I but I was not yet there. Both women I was pleasuring broke their kissing and cried out, one more quietly than the other whose joyful cry filled the house to announce her orgasm. The two girls came simultaneously and wrapped their arms around each other. They stopped their moving which meant that I lost my opportunity to cum shortly after them.

After a few minutes I felt Mary Claire lift off of me. Her velvet vagina was immediately replaced with a mouth.

Ashley started to rise off my face and I pulled my thumb gently out of her tightly grasping asshole. It made a low ‘pop’ as I pulled it all the way out. Ashley moved her legs next to me and reached into the night stand drawer and came out with a bottle of sanitizer which she used to clean my hand and thumb. She dried it off with a tissue as Corinne thoroughly bobbed up and down on my rapidly hardening cock. Though I had almost come and lost part of my erection, Corinne was bringing me back to life. I was relishing the pleasures of a new sexy woman. Though I was more than ready in less than twenty seconds I was in no rush to end the pleasure I was receiving from this sexy lady.

After several minutes Katrina straddled my face, spread her labia with her fingers and settled her pussy on my mouth. God, they both taste so sweet, I thought. I reached my hands around Katrina and began caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples. After several minutes of enjoying her wet and beautiful womanhood, my daughter came as she eagerly moved her slit and clit over my flattened tongue. That did it for me, I groaned said “Now, Corinne,” she moved her mouth back with her lips sealed around my head and began swallowing.

As Corinne sat up she cheerfully giggled, “Oh, my God. That was the most erotic thing I’ve ever been involved in.” Looking at her daughter she smiled, “I wouldn’t live at home either Mary Claire.” Gazing at the rest of us, she enthused, “You tasted good Scott, Katrina you made me cum without even touching my pussy. And when Ashley touched me down there, I couldn’t help but come again. Scott, watching you inside my daughter while you ate Ashley was almost more than I could handle. I think I came again just looking at you two. I’m so glad I met you, all of you.”

I sat up and scooted back against the headboard to catch my breath. Ashley and Mary Claire went downstairs and returned with wine glasses and the half full decanter of wine from dinner. They handed each of us a glass of wine. And we quietly sat drinking it for the next thirty-five minutes or so.

Corinne sat next to me and began caressing my thigh and touching my cock as her head rested on my chest. At first my cock was flaccid but with her continual toying it progressively became more erect. Katrina snuggled next to me on the other side, while Ashley and Mary Claire sat against the foot board with their legs spread. “You like what you see, don’t you Dad,” teased Ashley as her hand playfully moved along Mary Claire’s slit.

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