Another Beach, Another Stranger

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I was staying in a condo, sharing it with a co-worker during the summer of 1996. He had gone golfing and I wanted to work on my tan. I had brought various bathing suits with me, including several thongs. Thongs, especially on males, were not worn on the main beach, so I put on a gray thong and pulled on a pair of shorts over them. Taking my beach towel and another, I grabbed my fanny-pack (With suntan oil and other necessities) and walked down the path from the condos to the beach. Once there, I checked both directions, then chose to head north. There were not many people towards that end of the Island.

I walked maybe an eighth of a mile and came to a spot where the water had washed away a ‘canyon’ of sorts, back into the dunes to near the tree line. It offered me privacy from sight up and down the beach and was high enough from the water at low tide, that anyone walking the water line would not see me. There were several large pieces of driftwood near by; I dragged them closer and formed a small wind and privacy barrier. The only way to be seen was for someone to be walking midway between the dunes and the water. Satisfied with not being easily seen and offending anyone, I prepared my beach towel to lay on and would use the other as a pillow. I put suntan oil on the exposed portions of my body then laid on my towel and stripped down to the thong. I then oiled the newly exposed body parts and lay back on the towel. Because the sun was hot, I rolled about every ten to fifteen minutes to keep from burning, adding oil every other time I rolled over.

I had only seen a few people walking the beach anywhere near me and all, except for a couple, had passed near the water. The couple that was higher on the beach swung away from me once they had spotted me. I had been lying on my back with my head toward the water.

I had been there for about an hour and was lying on my stomach.

Sweat ran into my eye and I raised my head to wipe it with the edge of the towel. I raised myself with my arms then moving my legs under and between them, sat back on the towel. I reached for the oil and began rubbing some on my legs, then chest and shoulders. It was as I was reaching around to oil my sides that I first saw him in the reflection off of my sunglasses. I did not stop oiling myself, nor did I turn to look at him.

As I lay back on the towel, I rolled to my elbow to adjust the towel being used as a pillow. It was then that I looked up at him. He sat on a plank that lay across the narrowest portion of the washout. He looked to be in his late fifties or early sixties.

“Hello,” he said, “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

I reached for my shorts and made as if I was going to put them on.

“I was just sitting here enjoying the view. It is…was quite scenic. I saw no need in disturbing you”

I slipped into my shorts, “Hi. I just didn’t hear you come up. I was going to be leaving soon anyway. I apologize if I have offended you by my attire.” I stood facing him, knowing that I had not, because he would not have stopped there if he had been.

“No! No, of course you didn’t! I, as I said, was enjoying the scenery. You don’t have to leave if you don’t want to… or don’t have to. I was not offended…by a long shot. The fact is, I rather liked your attire. I don’t see that very often. To tell the truth, I don’t recall ever seeing a young man wearing one of those…things?” he was telling me.

“It’s a thong. That’s the reason that I was this far up on the beach, not to be seen. I had not seen any myself, on any of the women, and figured that it may be, shall we say, LESS acceptable attire, especially on a male.”

“It is acceptable to me. I was enjoying sitting here looking at you lying there. You have a beautiful tan. To sit here and watch your body twitch to shoo off the insects… You have a really good tan! With the suit as small as it is, I’ll bet your tan looks great when you take it off.”

“Yeah, I guess it looks pretty good.” I answered him.

“Could you let me see?’ he asks.

I nodded then looking around, pulled the shorts down my thighs, revealing the thin grey thong. I slipped a thumb through the waistband, pulling it down to expose the tan line across my abdomen.

“Could I see more,” he requested, “…I mean, could I see the back?”

I lowered the thong a little further as I turned my back to him..

I looked around again, then, leaning forward, pulled the shorts to mid-thighs. I again thumbed the thong down, a almanbahis yeni giri┼č little further this time, exposing the tan-less strip of skin until it disappeared between my buttocks.

“Oh yes…very nice,” he whispered coarsely, “Turn back around and let me see the front, O.K.?”

Turning toward him, I pulled the thong back back up in the rear. Moving my hands to the front sides of the thong, I hooked the thumbs into the band and lowered it to expose the top of my shaped and trimmed pubic hair. The whiteness of the tan-less flesh seemed to incite him to want to see more.

“Would you pull it aside and let me look at you, ” he asked, indicating, with his finger, that he wanted me to pull the crotch of the thong to one side, exposing what was hidden by the strip of thin nylon.

I stepped closer to him, lessening the chance of being seen from the beach. Checking the area and the lines of sight to people down the beach, I determined that I could only be seen from mid-chest up. I hooked two fingers into the leg opening of the thong and pulled it aside, sort of teasing him

“A little further, please. Let me see you…all of you.”

Straightening the front, I pulled the thong down to where my shorts were, exposing my groin, then put my hands on my hips, striking a pose for him..

“Now that is what I call, very sexy!” he exclaimed. “Would you come here and sit by me?”

I straightened the thong and, after pulling up my shorts, sat beside of him on the plank. I noticed that his Bermuda Shorts leg was pulled high and he was playing with his cock with one hand.

“Would you slide your shorts down and let me make you hard? I’d like to see how big and hard you get.”

I did as asked and we talked as he played with my dick. I pulled his pants leg higher and fondled his hard cock. It was larger than mine was, in both length and thickness. He asks me to jack him off as he stroked my now erect cock. His cock began to throb as I milked his semen from it. He ejaculated a large quantity into the sand as he arched his hips forward.

He had me close to orgasm when I looked up and noticed a couple walking up the beach. I told him of the approaching couple and then we straightened our clothing. His erection had subsided, but mine was still quite evident. I had to hide it behind my arm as the young couple went by.

We chatted awhile. He told me about a friend of his, ten years younger, that he had been fucking for about five years.

“He likes it when I fuck him from behind. I fuck him for a long time and any time he and I can get together.”

He said that he would like to see me in a more private place. I told him that I came to this place several days a week, around five in the afternoon.

“Maybe I’ll see you again,” I told him as we left.

Several days later, my roommate was again leaving to play golf and I decided it would be an ideal time to grab some more rays. I donned the thong and shorts, grabbed my towels and fanny-pack. As I reached the beach and passed the last boardwalk, I met Harold (not his real name).

“I was just up the beach. I was hoping that I would see you there, but there were a couple of teenagers near there, so I figured you wouldn’t be there.”

“Well, if there is someone there, no sense in my going there.”

“That’s a shame, I would have enjoyed spending a little time with you. I wish there was somewhere else… nearby…that we could go,” he stated.

“Yeah… well…I am in a condo just over there,” I indicated the condos behind the dunes. “I have a roommate, but he just left to play golf…”

“…And should be away for a few hours,” Harold finished my sentence.

“Right. We could go there. If you’d like?”

“Yes. That would be fine with me.”

I told him the number and ask that he follow a few minutes later as I would insure that my roommate was not there. I went to the apartment and confirmed that it was empty. A few minutes later, Harold knocked on the door and I let him in.

Harold came into the living room, “Nice place! You own, or leasing?”

“Monthly rental. I am working near here for the next few months.”

“I take it that your roommate isn’t gay, and that he doesn’t know about you?”

“Right and wrong,” I answered, “He isn’t gay and neither am I. I am bisexual, not gay.”

“Same as me,” Harold said, “I love pussy too much to be gay!”

“You want a beer or something?” I asked.

“I’ll pass on the beer, but almanbahis giri┼č I would like something,” he grinned.

“Name it and it’s yours if I have it.” I grinned back.

“Take off your clothes, I want to see your body completely naked.”

I said, “Let’s go in here,” motioning to my bedroom, “just in case my roommate returns unexpectedly.”

Harold followed me into the room as I pulled my shirt off. He began to massage my back and shoulders, as they become bare. I pushed down my shorts and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of the thong.

“Leave that on for a few minutes,” he said, with a look of lust in his eyes.

“You said to take off the clothes, you wanted to see me naked.”

“In a minute,” he put his arms around me, hugging me tightly, kissing my neck and shoulder.

His hands roamed my body as I stood there then slowly pushed me to the bed. Moments later, his hand rubbed my cock to hardness beneath the material of the thong.

“O.K., take it off, I don’t want to stretch it,” he whispered, squeezing my cock through the thin nylon material.

I raised my hips and slid the material down, my cock slapping against my abdomen when it finally was freed. Harold held my cock and balls in his hand as he licked and nipped at my hard nipples. He pulled one leg up and ran his fingers through the crack of my ass, pausing to tease the puckered opening with a fingertip.

“Um-m-m,” I moaned, my eyes closed, “That feels good.”

“Oh yeah? You like that?” he put the finger to his mouth, wetting it with his saliva then easing it into my ass. “You like that?”

I moaned and nodded my head. Precum oozed from the tip of my cock.

“Yes, you DO like that. You’d like to have your ass fucked, wouldn’t you? Do you want me to fuck your tight ass? Say it. Say you want me to fuck you,” Harold breathlessly whispered into my ear as he continued to finger-fuck my ass. “Tell me you want my hard dick in your ass.”

I reached to feel his hard cock through his Bermuda Shorts. Yes, I wanted it in my ass! I had thought about it since that first day.

“Yes, I want you to fuck me. Do you have a condom?”

“No, I don’t. I do back at my place, but that’s too far and my wife will want to know why I’m in and out so quick. Your roommate might be back before I get back. You don’t have any?” answered Harold, still pumping his fingers (now numbering two) in my wanton asshole.

“I may have some in my truck. I’ll go check. There were some in the glove compartment. I’ll be back in a minute.”

I got up and pulled on my shorts then rushed down the stairs to get a couple of condoms from the truck. I knew there were some in there because I had just purchased them the week before.

I was back in a couple of minutes. I checked my watch and realized that it had been almost an hour since my roommate had left to play golf. If he couldn’t get a game, he could be back any time. I debated for a few seconds and decided that he would probably have a few beers and BS with someone in the clubhouse before he left, so I was going to go for the ass-fucking.

“I’m back,” I announced as I stepped into the bedroom.

Harold had stripped to his boxers and I could tell that his cock had softened a bit. I dropped my shorts, then got a tube of K-Y Jelly from the nightstand. Harold removed his underwear and pulled at his cock, making it firm up rapidly.

“Lay on your back and raise your knees to your chest.” He opened a condom packet and placed it over the head of his cock.

“Here, let me,” I said as I grasp his hard cock and rolled the condom down its length. I smeared some lubrication over the condom then squeezed more onto my fingertips. I worked some into my anus and lubed the surrounding exterior. When satisfied that I was prepared, I said,

“O.K., Harold, are you ready to fuck me?”

“Oh yeah, I’m ready. Raise your butt some more.”

I could feel the pressure of his throbbing cock as it pressed against the flesh just below my scrotum. Pulling my legs closer to my chest raised my anal opening to the point that I could feel the tip of his latex-covered cock pressing against it. Harold pressed forward and I felt myself open as the intruding cock-head slipped passed the muscle ring, before entering my rectum. Moments later, Harold’s balls pressed against my ass-cheeks. He was now balls-deep in my ass! I spread my knees and he lay atop me, pressing my cock and balls between us. He laid still for a moment to almanbahis g├╝venilirmi allow me to relax, and then started to slowly stroke in and out of my ass.

“Oh Yeah! That feels good! Your ass is so hot and tight. It is pulsing, trying to milk my balls dry. Um-m-m! Yeah! You like it? You like my hard cock up your ass? You want me to fuck you, don’t you? You are so-o-o good! Ask me to fuck you…ask me to pump my big hard cock in your tight hot ass!”

“Oh yeah, Baby! Fuck me! Fuck that ass-stretching cock into my hot cum-sucking ass! Your big hot cock feels so good…so deep inside of me! Fuck me, Big Boy…fuck my ass like it’s never been fucked before.”

I could tell that Harold loved the dirty-talking, so I continued to encourage him to fuck me. It truly did feel good.

He rose to his arm’s length above me and continued to fuck at a more rapid rate of speed.

“Yes, I want it! I want your hard cock filling my ass! Um-m-m, Yeah! Fuck it! Fuck my hot ass.”

I was humping in rhythm with his movements, taking all of his cock with each inward stroke. His cock pressed against my prostate gland with each stroke causing utmost pleasurable feelings throughout my body. I was getting a very good fuck. Minutes later, I could feel Harold cock swell as his breathing became more rapid. I knew that he was close to cumming and, although I knew that my roommate could come home any minute, I wanted it to last longer. It wasn’t going to happen.

“Um-m-m-m! I’m going to cum! I’m gonna cum up your ass! Are you ready for it?” Harold grunted as he fuck hard against me.

“Yes,” I answered, “Fuck your hot creamy cum into my ass! Shoot your load in my ass! Come on! Fuck me harder,” I kept humping hard in rhythm with him.

He lunged forward, burying his cock to the base as it throbbed, pumping its cream deep into my rectum. Harold lowered his body to mine and kissed my neck and chest as his cock shrank and slipped out of my ass.

I pushed up with my hands; “We’d better get cleaned up. My roommate may be back at any time.”

Harold just got up and put on his clothes, “I’ll just clean up when I get home. I don’t want to cause any grief between you and your roommate.”

“O.K.” I said, still lying on the bed.

“Listen, my friend is coming this weekend. Maybe we could get together, the three of us. The wives will go out shopping and we could be at my place. Think about it. I’ll come to the end of the boardwalk where we met today and let you know. It could be a lot of fun and enjoyment for all of us.”

“Yeah, sounds like a good time. I’ll be on the boardwalk around 4:30 or 5 o’clock tomorrow.”

“Okay. I’ll phone him tonight and clear it with him and see you there. I’ll let myself out. Thanks, it was a great time. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”

“Yes it was. I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.”

I lay back and waited until I heard the door close as he left. I raised my leg, reached around my buttock, and felt the condom, still located within my anus. I pinched the open end between my thumb and forefinger, and slowly removed it. Holding it before me, I noticed the large quantity of cum that it held. There must have been a couple of teaspoons full.

I got up, grabbed my towel and went into the bathroom to shower. I had just closed the bathroom door when I heard the front door open and close.

“A little better than perfect timing,” I said to myself as I flushed the toilet and dropped the cum-filled condom in.

I turned on the shower, getting the water temperature as hot as I thought that I could comfortably stand it. Grabbing a washcloth, I stepped into the tub and pulled the curtain. I allowed the water to soak my head, and then, turning my back to the shower-head, let it flow down my back. Grasping a buttock with each hand, I spread my cheeks allowing the hot water to flush the K-Y from my anus. I arched my back and strained a little to expel air, or…farted, if you prefer. This also expelled some of the lube remaining in my just-fucked ass. The water served to sooth away the tightness of my anxiety and I relaxed for a few minutes before I grabbed the bar of soap and thoroughly washed the smell of hot sex from my body.

After drying myself and wrapping the towel around my waist, I came out of the bathroom, acknowledging the return of my roommate.

“How was the game,” I ask.

“Oh, I guess it was alright. I had a few beers and had a good time,” he responded. “How ’bout you? Did you go out to the beach? You have a nice time?”

“Yeah, for a short time. It was hot. I really needed a shower to cool off,” I said as I headed for my room.

As a walked past the bed, I noticed the condom foil laying on the night table, and smiled, “Yeah, it got pretty hot,” I said to myself.

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