Angie’s Rules

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“Lie on the bed, hon,” she whispered, pushing him gently down onto his back.

Angie loomed over him, smiling that expectant smile he’d come to recognize. Angie was horny and she was going to really use him. Her long brown hair flipped back as she shook her head.

“Move down further, honey.” She slapped the side of his thigh impatiently.

“Come on! Mama’s hungry for your mouth.”

He slid down a little and she straddled his face. He stared up into the expanse of her white, satin panties. She let him look for a long moment while she smiled down at him from above, his Goddess, who was about to let him worship at the fount.

Then she sank down onto him, pressing her mound into his face, getting his nose between the lips of her vagina and then rubbing slowly, smoothly up and down, pressing her anus down hard on his mouth until he gave her suction through her panties.

Once he was sucking properly, she began to work herself slowly back and forward over his mouth. It was fun to get the timing down, she slid forward to press her clitoris down just as he started sucking and then pushed herself up his forehead as he sucked more desperately, until she finished with him deep between her buttocks. Once Angie got going this way she could go for a long time, and so it was that night too. Angie orgasmed along the way, soft, sweet orgasms that she enjoyed while building up to something bigger. When it came she shook and shuddered for a long time as the pleasure rumbled through her body.

At last she lifted herself off him. He was wet and redfaced and he coughed and struggled to breathe after all that smothering. She tore her panties down to her ankles and stood over him.

“Come on honey, take my panties off my feet.”

He stared up at her too glazed to move for a moment. She reached down and tugged on his ear. He got off the bed and got down on his knees while she put her hands on her hips and watched him with a haughty expression. One by one he lifted her feet and pulled the panties off.

“Put them on your head!” she snapped.

He pulled her panty over his head, so that the crotch was on his nose and he looked out through the leg holes.

“What are you, hon?”

He stared at her.

“Come on!”

“I’m your panty slave,” he mumbled.

“That’s right, my little panty slave,” she giggled as she patted his head and pressed it in between her legs.

Then she picked up the cane that he dreaded. It was a whippy piece of rattan, not bamboo and it stung like fury and left long, beautiful red weals all over his ass.

“Bend over the end of the bed, darling.”

He pleaded with her. “Not tonight, Angie. You don’t have to do that every night.”

Her voice turned cold. “You remember what I told you about obediance?”

“Please, honey.” He grovelled at her feet, kissing them enthusiastically.

“I will count to three.” She was using her sternest tone of voice and he knew there was no hope.

He got to his feet bahis firmaları and put himself in position.

“Better,” she said softly.

He felt her fingers slip into the top of his panties that he was wearing and slide them down. Soon his ass was bared. She stroked his bottom carefully, checking to make sure that he’d shaved thoroughly. He was not to have any hair on his ass, ever, period.

“Well, darling, you have learned how to shave for my pleasure, that’s something.”

“Please, Angie, don’t hurt me.”

She laughed. “Don’t talk, darling, just submit. Surrender to my will.”

She turned his head with her hand and pressed him face down into the bed with her knee in his back while she proceeded to give him his first ten strokes. He jumped and wiggled and wriggled and jumped, but she kept her strokes coming, and the lines of red on his buttocks multiplied steadily in increments of ten.

He knew that if he wriggled too much she would just add on more strokes so he struggled to stay as still as possible, but it was terribly hard. At fifty strokes she stopped. He was crying, sobbing, broken. She pulled the panties off his head. Tears were running from his eyes as he clutched his burning bottom.

“That’s my darling, my baby, you cry. I like to see you cry. Get on your knees and cry at my feet.”

His tears wet her toes and then she made him lick them off. She went to the toy box and took out her trusty strap-on. In a moment it was belted around her waist and she pulled the straps through between her legs and waited for him to connect them. When he’d completed the job he was allowed to kiss her ass and beg once more to be spared.

“Please Angie, don’t do that to me too. I can’t take it like this, every night.”

She giggled and pushed her buttocks back into his face.

“It’s part of the process, silly. You know what it’s all about. I ride you and give you the smothering you crave, I sting you into complete submission and I fuck your ass to show you I’m the boss.”

“But, you are, Angie. You really are the boss. I’m yours, I’ll do what you want. Please, honey, you don’t have to do that to me as well. It feels so humiliating. It’s even worse than the cane.”

“Worse than the hairbrush?” she said in a slightly dangerous tone.

“Oh no, nothing is worse than that.”

“And just you remember that!”

He did remember, all too well. Angie had kept him over her knees for almost an hour in total for his last spanking. She’d cuffed his wrists behind his back and put a thick cinch strap around his thighs just above the knees. Then she’d put a leather thong around his scrotum above his balls and wrapped the other end around her foot.

When he was in position he was absolutely helpless. Any bucking or attempts to move just tugged on that thong around his balls, while his arms and legs were effectively restrained. All he could do was kick his ankles up and down, though that too tugged on his balls.

Still, it was kaçak iddaa hard not to buck like a bronco because Angie really laid it on with her big, wooden hairbrush. And once she got into it she kept it up for a long, long time.

“So now, honey, you have to beg me to fuck you in the ass. Or else it’s going into my little book.”

Her little book came out once a week, usually on Fridays, and woe to he whose demerits exceeeded the barest minimum of one. Anything more meant an hour or so over Angie’s shapely lap.

“Please, Angie, please fuck my ass.”

“Better,” she purred while she selected a new dildo from the little rack in the toy box.

She was slowly increasing the size and length that she used on him and had reached a six incher that was an inch across. With a smile on her face she lubed it thoroughly.

Then she took out the mouth-dildo harness and she motioned him to raise his head. She fitted it around him and cinched it tight at the back. She selected a thick red dildo and screwed it into the mouth opening.

“Up on the bed, honey, assume the position!”

With a groan he got on the bed and knelt with his ass up in the air. Angie laughed merrily at the bright scarlet lines on his behind and slapped his bottom a few times before she pulled his ass cheeks apart and lubricated him thoroughly, even flexing her finger inside him.

It was a devastating feeling. He felt penetrated and invaded as if he were no more than an animal. Then he felt her bounce onto the bed with a cheerful little cry. His buttocks were pulled tautly apart again and the strap on was pressed smoothly up his ass in a long, single, steady thrust that felt like it was going to split him in two.

He emitted his usual shriek, muffled as it was by the mouth dildo. The thing going into his ass always felt so huge! God, he wished Angie wasn’t into this thing. He felt awful being fucked by her this way, but she insisted. Like the cane and the spankings, she insisted and he went along although he hated the pain.

Why did he give in? What made him accept this? Why was it so terribly compelling to be abused in this way? He had no effective answers to these tormenting questions. He could not imagine living without Angie as his Mistress and so he obeyed her rule. Submission to her was incredibly intoxicating to him. It satisfied the masochisticstreak that he’d always had and always resisted before he met her.

Once she’d turned it on he’d surrendered to her and she had laid out her rules and stuck to them ever since. The dildo was going in and out of his ass now in a regular harsh rhythm, thud, thud, thud, thud as Angie got excited by the act and flexed her firm, fit lower body to pump it into him.

“I love to penetrate you, hon,” she said as she continued. This is the way I want it to be. I mount you and I use you and you serve me and beg to lick my ass.”

“I love you, Angie.”


“Please, Angie, please let me lick you, down there.”

“If you kaçak bahis don’t beg better than that you’ll be getting some more strokes of the cane.”

“Please, please, Mistress Angie, please, I beg you, let me lick your ass.”


Angie thrust the dildo into him for another few minutes, until he was on the point of coming from the pressure against his prostate and then she stepped back and squeezed and crushed his balls in her hands while he writhed on the bed.

He crouched in a fetal ball, gasping for breath, sobbing from the shock and the pain while she unstrapped the dildo harness and tossed it behind her. She took up a flogger and started working over his back and his ass and his legs, covering him in fine red lines.

As he writhed, she admired the welts from the cane she’d put on him. His whole ass was covered with them quite neatly, almost as if she’d drawn them there with a ruler and a red pen. The flogger flicked and flapped and he groaned and squirmed.

Slowly he came out of the agony from his crushed balls and uncurled. She pulled his legs apart, though he begged her not to crush him again, but she ignored his pleas and jerked him apart and held him there with her own knee while she flogged his penis and scrotum.

He doubled up again, but she forced his legs apart again and then knelt on his chest and held his head down by his throat while she whipped his cock and balls with the flogger. He writhed and moaned and endured. His penis was red and pulsing, half erect and swollen.

For Angie the sight of a cute male, completely dominated, broken to her will and laid out on his back with his cock and balls all red from her little whip was a truly arousing sight and she found her own sex was awakened once more.

She held him down while she pulled a leg over his head and then mounted herself on the mouth dildo and slid it into herself. She took his cock in her hand like a gear shift and felt him stiffen helplessly as she stroked him and played with the underside of his shaft.

The whipping with the soft little flogger had made it incredibly sensitive and tender to her touch. Easing herself up and down on the dildo protruding from his face she kept playing with his cock and then flogging it down again when he was on the point of coming.

After a while she stopped flogging and concentrated on her own pleasure. Slowly she mounted to a splendid orgasm and rolled off, legs pressed tightly together as she groaned and shuddered with the ecstasy.

When it was over she removed his mouth dildo and cuddled with him and had him suckle on her nipples as she masturbated him and brought him to orgasm.

He came and she let him rest a moment and then she resumed her sly stroking and manipulation until he came again. Now she pushed him down the bed and raised her ass for his oral worship.

She let him work away on that while she drowsed pleasurably and slowly got horny again and ready for a final bout of cunnilingus before sleep. When she was finally asleep he crept from the bed and took up his alotted place in the dog bed set up at the foot of Angie’s bed. It was a bit of a tight fit, but he had learned how to sleep there as part of Angie’s Rule.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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