Angel , The Word Man… Ch. 02

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She woke up, the room dark, and the sweet-musk smell of sex all around her.

“Where am I?” she thought.

Feeling the warmth of a body next to her, she remembered the events of the last 24 hours.

Her best friend, her soul mate, her fiancee, and now her lover lay next to her.

Kevin had come home. She rolled over, and saw the beautiful man stretched out in the King sized bed.

“I can’t believe he is really here.” Janet thought to herself.

Unsure as to how to react to such a mind blowing situation, it had been the longest 6 months of her life. She laid there in the dark, taking it all in, the smell of the room the sweet, musk smell of sex, covers half on the bed and half off the bed, clothes thrown on the floor in a heaping pile. She looked past Kevin to the nightstand beside the bed. It was only 5:45 A.M.

Considering the two had made sweet passionate love for hours last night, she remembered that the last time she looked at the clock it was after 3 A.M.

“No wonder I am tired,” she thought.

She wanted to touch him, but afraid that he would be just an apparition, an image of a dream she had conjured up, she did not. Remembering that night after night after night, her dreams were filled with this man, dreams of him laying next to her, and waking up with her plagued her thoughts.

Feeling the wet warmth between her legs, she knew that the evidence of making love to this man at least three different times last night was proof that he was there, and that he was real, somewhat relieved her mind.

Stretching out an arm to touch him, but not wanting to wake him, she gently stroked the side of his face. Oh, how many times she had wanted to do that, remembering how hard it was to not put her fist through the monitor in an attempt to touch him. Oh, the tears she cried out of pure frustration. The sensations of touching him, really touching him, his face, his shoulders, his chest, brought tears to Janet’s eyes.

A sound, something like a moan of pleasure escaped Janet’s lips. Afraid she would wake Kevin, she pulled her hand back quickly.

“Don’t wake him you silly goose,” Janet thought.

Rolling over out of the bed, as quietly and gently as she could, so to not wake Kevin, Janet headed for her suitcases, deciding she would get a shower, and watch the sunrise over a cup of hot coffee, while Kevin slept.

Heading towards the bathroom, Janet stopped at the sink, she could smell Kevin’s cologne, with a smile on her face, and she reached out and touched the odd shaped bottle, and brought her fingers to her nose. The smell again brought back the lovely visions of last night.

Bodies entwined, one by one the inhibitions, the insecurities, the unrealistic dreams faded, and became reality. The dance of lovers, becoming one, set the relationship in stone. The love was consummated.

Smiling at the thought, Janet reached up and grabbed a white towel off of the rack, and walked into the bathroom. Shutting the door behind her, she turned the knobs of the shower to adjust the temperature of the water, and turned it on. Undressing quickly, Janet then stepped into the shower and pulled the shower curtain closed. The hot water pouring down her back, her breasts, tilting her head back she allowed the water to caress her entire body, down her rib cage, over her breasts, teasing her nipples, down the plane of her belly, touching her inner thighs.

Janet leaned back allowing more and more of the water to flow over her entire body, the feeling of the hot warmth of the water enveloping her, relaxing her; she closed her eyes, and enjoyed the sensation.

She heard the door open, and the shower curtain was pulled back, and Kevin stepped in. Not saying a word Kevin grabbed the soap, standing in front of her, he began washing her. Starting at ankara escort her neck, with possessive hands, he soaped her neck, her collar bone, working in a downwards motion, he ran his soapy hands over the swells of her breasts, teasing her nipples until they peaked, down her rib cage, as if to feel every curve. He worked from her rib cage to her belly, to her sides, to her hips, working slowly towards her outer thighs. Janet reached out to touch him; he pulled back and just shook his head, not saying a word. Kevin reached her inner thighs; working upwards he began washing her pussy, soaping up her clit. Throwing her head back with her eyes closed Janet felt him penetrate her. Her eyes flew open; she looked around stunned, the only thing she could see was the steam from the shower, and her now very soapy body. She had slipped into her realm of fantasy.

“Damn, that was so realistic, almost like last night.” Janet thought. It occurred to her then that perhaps last night was just as much of a fantasy? The thought shook her to the core. Quickly finishing her shower, she dressed. The steam that filled the small bathroom became almost overwhelming, she could not breathe. Leaving the bathroom, she felt somewhat incoherent, Janet walked into the room, afraid to look at the bed, yet even though her biggest fear was that Kevin was a figment of her imagination, he was really there still sleeping. Relieved, she turned to the mirror and began putting on her make up.

While putting on her make up, Janet was lost in thought. When she completed her morning routine, of hair, make-up, and all around beauty regiments, Janet heard a rustle by the bed, turning around to see what the noise was Kevin sat up, his arms crossed, and a look of something that resembled fear on his face.

“Where are you going?” Kevin asked.

“I was going to get a cup of coffee, and watch the sun-rise” Janet said as she walked towards the bed.

“Ahhhh,” Kevin responded.

“Are you ok?” Janet asked, the look she had seen on his face worried her.

“Yes, I was just worried.” Kevin said.

“About what?” Janet asked.

“I woke up when you crawled out of bed angel, considering the time, and what time we went to bed, I guess I just got scared.” Kevin told her.

Janet wanting more than anything to erase the fear that she had seen in his eyes, she crawled on the bed, straddled his legs, and kissed him. It was a tender kiss, one of pure love, and acceptance. She wanted to make sure he knew that there would never again be a time that he would have to worry about her leaving him. For her the commitment to him, to their lives, was set in stone. Neither she nor Kevin would ever be lonely again.

Kevin grabbed her head pulling her closer to him, wanting to consume her, to never let go. The kiss became much more possessive, sending shivers of excitement and anticipation through Janet. Tongues darted, and battled, seeking the other in an animalistic like dance. Letting go of her head with one hand and wrapping his fingers of the other hand in her hair, Kevin held on tight.

Janet could feel his body’s reaction to her, underneath of her, she could feel his cock harden through the blankets and the shorts she was wearing. A moan escaped her lips and was lost in his mouth. He thrusted his hips against her so that she could feel his desire for her. Reaching down with his free hand, Kevin untied Janet’s white tank top, pushing it down around her waist. Kevin let go of Janet’s hair, and grabbed Janet by the ribs to bring her up higher on his chest. He brought her up towards his mouth so that he could wrap his lips around one of her pink nipples.

Janet’s back arched when Kevin’s lips touched her sensitive nipples. The feeling of an electrical current ran from the roots of her hair, past her shoulders to the nipple he was çankaya escort now sucking on. It continued to travel down her arms, her chest, and her stomach, to her pelvic bone. Her clit started throbbing, her hair on her arms stood up, almost like goose bumps. She moaned unwillingly. Kevin released her rib cage, while still sucking on her nipple, and ran his hands down her back, down her spine, around her waist to the front of her shorts. Unbuckling them, he pushed them down. He sat up and rolled Janet over onto her back.

Kevin got up and kneeled next to Janet, in a hurry to undress her, to consume her, to touch all of her, Kevin pushed her tank top down over her hips, taking off her shirt, her shorts, and her black silk panties all in one quick motion. Kevin kneeled there looking at Janet, she was naked, her breasts heaving, and her nipples excited, and hard. His bold inspection of her continued, her fair skin almost flawless showed the signs of her excitement. He continued his gaze of appreciation past her rib cage to her flat belly, to her slim waist and her rounded hips, her shapely thighs, and her long legs. Back up his gaze traveled to her pussy, well shaven, her lips small, just enough to cover her clit, he reached down and spread her legs, looking, inspecting, desiring, lusting. Her small clit was bright pink, leading down to a very small, and what Kevin already knew, to be a very tight pussy. Excited beyond means, Kevin reached down and began to rub her clit.

Not sure if the inspection of her body made her uncomfortable or if it turned her on, Janet arched her hips when Kevin touched her. His gaze never left her face. Locking eyes with him, Janet saw a small smile grow on his lips as he touched her, knowing his touch provoked earth shattering sensations that racked her body and her soul. He continued to watch as his pace quickened, and her reactions became more and more animalistic. Her face was showing the signs of her pleasure. Her eyes grew large when he penetrated her tight pussy with his fingers. She gasped, and moaned, rocking her hips faster to meet his pace. He felt her muscles contract, knowing she was about to cum, he slowed down his pace, and thrusted his fingers in and out of her, harder and harder.

“Oh goddddddddddd” Janet moaned through clenched teeth, the animalistic groan slipped past her lips was almost a scream. Her hips thrusted, her knees locked, and her body began to shake. Her pussy muscles spasmed around his fingers. Kevin’s face lit up with a smile of satisfaction.

“Come here angel,” Kevin said, as he sat there on his knees.

Janet got up and kneeled beside him, meeting him in the middle of the bed, his hard cock poking her in the belly, they began to kiss. Janet reached down between them, and began stroking his cock, slowly. He moaned into her mouth, the feel of him moaning into her mouth enticed Janet, she stroked faster. It was Janet’s turn to inspect, to explore, and to entice. She began stroking slowly; reaching down with her other hand she massaged and stroked him slowly and gently. She began to quicken her pace, and stroke faster, his eyes popped open, and the look of pure desire took over the place where the satisfied, knowing smile had been.

Moving his head down, tracing paths of kisses along her temple, her cheekbone, her throat, he went back up and began kissing her ear.

“Turn around Angel” Kevin half moaned, half seductively whispered in her ear.

Doing as he bid, she turned around, on her knees with her back facing him. He grabbed her around the waist, and pushed her back down so that her torso was rested on her arms.

He reached up between her legs, running his fingers up her inner thighs to her tight little pussy; he rubbed her clit, watching as her hips rocked, and thrusted, knowing she wanted kızılay escort more. He moved his fingers towards her pussy, not entering, but teasing instead, tracing circles around the entrance, while rubbing the cheeks of her ass. She rocked, she thrusted, trying her damnedest to get him to enter her.

Janet, on her knees, with her head on a pillow, and her arms wrapped around the pillow was moaning, almost crying. The desire built in the pit of her stomach; she felt his fingers touching her, teasing her. She wanted him in her.

Kevin removed his hands and rubbed his hard cock against her clit, Janet moaned loudly as she felt his hard cock against her wet pussy. With one quick thrust Kevin entered her. Janet’s back arched her hips thrusted, her muscles contracted, her hands grasped the pillow. Sinking her nails into the pillowcase, she screamed out in pleasure with the sensation of him entering her.

Kevin stilled knowing it would take a few seconds at least for her tight, wet pussy to adjust to his size. He could feel the muscles relax just a bit, and Janet started moving her hips, telling him she was ready.

Kevin slowly began moving in and out of her, looking down the slope of her back, her dark curly hair pushed to the side sprawled out against the white pillow case, he could see her face, her eyes closed, and her lips parted. He thrust in and out of her; he could see the moans of pleasure escaping her lips. As he began to build his pace, he felt Janet reach up between her legs.

Janet began rubbing her clit, faster and faster to meet the tempo of Kevin’s thrusts. On the verge of an orgasm, Janet reached up and began to massage Kevin’s balls as he thrust harder and harder, she heard him moan as she touched him, fingers to his balls, sent shivers of excitement through Janet. Her own pleasure peaking, she rubbed gently as she felt his balls begin to retract inward. She knew he was going to cum as well.

She let out a groan as she felt her muscles spasm and tighten around his hard cock. His balls retracted upwards, and an animalistic groan escaped his lips, as he thrusted into her hard, she could feel him cumming, his cock throbbing as he spewed his hot cum inside her. Her hips locked, her leg muscles tightened, and her body began to tremble.

They came together and in the pure ecstasy of the moment, it left them shaking, him throbbing inside her, while her muscles contracted and spasmed around him. He held on tight to her hips as he was implanted deep inside her.

When the moment passed, he started to slowly withdraw from her, her hips started shaking, and her muscles again began to spasm, she was going to cum again. He slammed deep inside of her, as he felt her tighten around her, he felt her muscles spasm, contract, and message his cock. She screamed out with pleasure, as again he pulled back and slammed home.

She fell forward, and he went with her. She laid there, every muscle in her body shaking, trembling. He kissed her neck, her shoulders, her back, gently running his hands up and down her sides, her ass, and her legs.

“I Love you Angel” Kevin said.

“I Love you too Word Man” Janet responded, in a satisfied, almost whisper like voice.

A few minutes of quiet passed when Kevin rolled over to his side, and lit a cigarette. Looking out the window the sun had began to rise. Janet rolled over with Kevin, and looked towards the window.

“Good Morning Word man,” she whispered

“What a way to watch the sunrise huh?” She added.

Snuggling against his side, she hiked up her leg over his, and laid her head on his chest, listening to his heart beat, remembering all the mornings they were on the phone, a thousand miles apart, watching the sunrise. It was always different on the phone. Kevin being in a different time zone, the sun always rose an hour earlier for Janet than it did for Kevin. Finally, after all the months of watching their separate sunrises, they laid there lost in their own thoughts and in silence, as they watched their first sunrise, together at the same time.

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