Angel-In-Law: Sweet Sister

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For background to this story, please see my story, ‘Angel-In-Law’.


I arrived at the door of my brother Dave and his wife Angela, on Friday just before dinnertime, as I always did for our threesome weekends together. Angela greeted me at the door, as she always did, with an affectionate kiss and a warm hug, and Dave threw his arms around me in a warm, brotherly bear-hug.

This time, though, there was another person present to greet me on my arrival — a dark-haired buxom woman who bore a strong similarity to Angela.

“You must be Gina,” I said, offering her my hand. “Pleased to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you.”

“And you must be Rick,” she answered, smiling, taking my hand in her own. “Likewise, and likewise.”

Angela quickly herded us all around the dining-room table, and set another of her amazing meals in front of us, along with a couple bottles of hearty red wine. The wine and the conversation flowed.

Angela had been promising me that, one of these times when I came to spend an erotic weekend with her and Dave, she’d invite Gina for the same weekend. For various reasons, it had never quite worked out, but this time, obviously, the stars were all in their proper alignment, and Gina and I were here at the same time.

I’d met Gina once before, at Dave and Angie’s wedding, but that had been several years ago, just before I’d gotten engaged to Abby, my late wife. I remembered thinking at the time that Gina, like my new sister-in-law, was an exceptionally beautiful woman, but it had never gone any further than that in my mind, since I was already attached to Abby.

Gina was every bit as beautiful and vivacious as Angela. Two years younger than Angie (as I was two years younger than Dave), she was slightly taller, with somewhat softer features. As she engaged in the animated conversation, I found myself looking admiringly at her. I had been struck by how fortunate Dave was to have married Angela, and now I was thinking that whoever married Gina was going to get a pretty similar prize.

After dinner, the conversation moved to the den, and everybody got fresh glasses of wine, which helped keep things warm and relaxed. When it was beginning to get dark out, Dave leaned forward in his chair and made a movement toward standing.

“Well,” he began, “just to get things started off, why don’t we just keep things in everybody’s comfort zone? Gina, why don’t you and I head to the master bedroom, and Angie and Rick can either stay here in the den, or go to the guest bedroom. Does that sound good to everybody?”

“Sounds great to me,” agreed Gina. She stood and walked down the hall with Dave, toward the bedroom he usually shared with Angela.

Angela turned to face me. “So, dear brother — what’s your pleasure? You want to stay here, or go to the guest room?”

“Right here is fine with me,” I said, recalling the many times that Angela and I had had passionate sex on the same couch we were sitting on at that moment. “But. . . I have to ask you something.”

“Sure; what?”

“Um. . . Gina and Dave have a ‘comfort zone’ with each other?”

Angela laughed. “Why Rick — are you jealous already? You’ve barely just met her; you haven’t even seen her naked yet.”

“No,” I protested, although it came out sounding lamer than I wanted it to. “It’s just that. . . I mean, I didn’t know. . . Have she and Dave. . .”

“Been fucking each other?”

I nodded.

Angie laughed again. “Of course they have. You think you’re the only family member Dave and I would share with?”

I started to stammer a reply, but Angie put on a more serious face and continued. “Gina got married a couple years after Dave and I did. But her husband was the world’s biggest jerk and loser. She put up with his crap until a couple years ago, when he dumped her and ran off with some slut he met at work. It’s almost funny — as big a loser as he was, HE dumped HER. But Gina knows that really, he did her a huge favor by running off, and not making her be the one to agonize over leaving first. Much easier this way.”

“Yeah; ironic, though.”

“No kidding. It was kind of a kick in the head for Gina, at first, but she’s never really looked back, or wished she’d stayed married to him. Good riddance to that jackass.”

“Anyway,” Angela continued, “we actually started having Gina in our bed a few months before our first time with you. Just like you, we love Gina, and we want to take care of her as best we can. It’s been really healing for her just to know that someone thinks she’s an attractive and desirable woman.”

“Are you kidding?” I stammered. “You and Gina are the two most beautiful women I’ve ever met! How could she not know how desirable she is?”

Angie smiled wryly. “It’s a woman thing; she could be the most beautiful woman in the world, and she’d still think she looked like a warty old hag.”

Suddenly, from down the hall, we heard the muffled sound of Gina’s ecstatic cries of sexual pleasure.

“Come on, lover,” Angie urged. “We can psychoanalyze my sister later. If we don’t get started, they’ll end up casino ┼čirketleri having to wait for us.”

Angela pulled me up off the couch, and began unbuttoning my shirt as I leaned down to kiss her passionately. I ran my hands up under her sweater, savoring the smoothness of her skin. I found the clasp of her bra and deftly unfastened it, moving my hands forward to cup her luscious breasts, with her bra cups now dangling loosely under her sweater.

When Angela had finished unbuttoning my shirt, she peeled it back over my shoulders, so I was naked from the waist up. She ran her face sensually over my chest, purring and nuzzling my chest hair.

“Mmmmm, nice,” she purred.

Sliding my hands upward, I stripped her sweater and bra off over her head, exposing her full, round breasts to my appreciative gaze. I leaned forward to nuzzle them, and suck on her nipples, while Angela purred happily, clutching my head tightly against her tits. Then I stood up, and savored the sensation as she rubbed them against my chest. I grabbed her ass, and pulled her tightly against my groin, so we were virtually dry-humping each other through our jeans.

Quickly, Angela moved her hands to the waistband of my jeans, fumbling to undo the button, and pull down the zipper. She slid my jeans down my legs so that, once I stepped out of them, I was left with my briefs as my only remaining article of clothing. My erection poked against the stretchy fabric, making a tent out of it, a circle of pre-cum growing around the tip of my cock.

She reached inside the elastic waistband of my briefs, and took hold of my pulsating rod, sliding her hand back and forth along my shaft, and spreading the slick ooze from my cockhead all along my length. With her other hand, she caressed my balls, until I was nearly ready to come.

But I didn’t want to come yet. I stepped back from her, and dropped my briefs to the floor. Then I quickly stripped her own jeans off her, and her panties in the same motion, so she was as naked as I was.

We were both breathing heavily now, but before I went inside her, I wanted to get her off orally. So I pushed her back onto the couch and knelt between her legs. I looked up into her eyes, to see them flash with excitement, while she grinned with anticipation. I absolutely love to eat Angela’s pussy, and she loves to have her pussy eaten.

I put her knees up over my shoulders and leaned in to savor the rich aroma of her arousal. At first, I nibbled and nuzzled along her inner thighs, slowly drawing closer to her savory opening. When I encountered her thick, dark pubic hair, I nuzzled in it, and teasingly tugged at it with my lips. Moving closer, I found her puffy labia and began to slowly lick and suck them, causing Angela to groan with delight. With my tongue, I probed into her tunnel, finding it slick and spicy with her erotic juices. Finally, I found her clit, and began to gently suck on it, occasionally flicking my tongue across it, causing Angela to groan, and dig her heels into my back. When I began to make broad, ice-cream licks along the whole length of her womanhood, she raised her hips up off the couch and clenched her legs tightly around my head, as she cried out with her first orgasm.

I smiled to myself in satisfaction of having given Angie such pleasure, and I began to lick her to another climax, when I became aware that Angie and I were no longer quite alone. I turned, without moving my mouth from Angie’s pussy, to see Gina and Dave standing by the doorway, both of them as naked as Angie and I were.

“God, look at him eat her,” I heard Gina say.

“Mm-hmm,” Dave agreed.

“Any man that will eat a pussy like that, is a man I want to get to know.”

“I think that’s the idea,” Dave whispered.

I wanted to make some clever response, but I wanted even more to bring Angela to another climax, so I just kept lapping at her cunt, while she continued to writhe in sexual ecstasy. I looked up to see a look of utter erotic intensity on her face, as she progressed inexorably to a complete lack of control.

“Oh God!” Angie cried. “Oh God! Rick, I’m coming!”

Angie cried out in ecstasy as her second orgasm washed over her. I had the worst view of anyone in the room, but I heard Gina and Dave laughing as Angela twisted and writhed all over the couch. I kept my mouth engaged with Angie’s cunt, and prepared to bring her to her third climax, but she pushed my head away.

For a couple minutes, Angela was gasping for breath, trying to recover. When she finally noticed Gina and Dave, she looked at me with mock-admonishment. “See?” she said. “We spent too much time talking. Now Dave and Gina are ready for the next round, and we haven’t even fucked yet.”

“Well, that’s easily remedied,” I said, and I sat down on the couch next to her, and motioned for her to straddle my lap. My cock was quivering and throbbing even more excitedly, for my having eaten Angela to two orgasms.

Angela sat facing me, then stood up enough to raise her pussy above my erect cock, which was pointing straight up at the ceiling. Slowly, she lowered herself casino firmalar─▒ until her cunt-lips just nestled against my cockhead. I could feel the tip of my cock gently probing into her, parting her labia. As she slowly, sensually lowered herself onto me, I could feel my entire cockhead enwrapped in her smooth, moist wetness. Inch by inch, she took me into herself, and I could feel her vaginal embrace slowly proceeding down the length of my cock, until I was completely enfolded inside her warm, welcoming pussy. I could feel my balls nestled against Angela’s ass, her pubic bone bumping gently against mine, her pubic hair tangled with mine, and the tip of my cock probing to the far corners of her womb. I paused, maintaining the pressure pushing my cock up into Angie, while she used her cunt-muscles to squeeze my cock tightly inside herself.

Angie and I had fucked many times before, by that time, but this one was blowing my mind in a way that I had not often experienced. Maybe a few times with Abby.

As we sat there, clenching our pelvic muscles for each other, and savoring intense, mutually-erotic sensations, Angela looked into my eyes. “Come on, Rick,” she urged me, “let’s not keep ’em waiting any longer than we have to.” And with that, she began to grind herself on my cock at a furious pace.

I did my best to respond to her, driving my cock up into her, matching her rhythm as best I could. Soon, both of us were losing control, gasping for breath, and crying out ecstatically in the sheer intensity of our coupling. “Oh God!” Angela cried out. “Oh God, I’m coming!”

“Me too!” I replied, not breaking rhythm. “Oh, Angie, here it comes!”

“Yeah!” she cried. “Yeah! Come in me! Shoot your hot cum into me!

And with a growl, I sent surging waves of my fluid essence into her.

“Ooooohhhh!” Angie groaned, squirming and writhing on my cock, as I continued to shoot spurts of my cum into her. “I can feel you coming inside me! I can feel your warm cum flowing into me!”

At last, our mutual orgasms subsided, leaving us both gasping and panting for air.

While Dave and Gina stood by the doorway to the den, grinning and applauding.


For the ‘next round’, Dave and Angela paired up, and sent Gina and me off to the guest bedroom ‘to get to know each other better’.

I closed the door behind us, and Gina and I stood looking at each other for a few moments. We were both naked already, so there were no ‘preliminaries’ involving getting out of our clothes; our bodies were openly revealed to each other. She really was a very beautiful woman; it was easy to see that she was Angela’s sister. Long dark hair fell in waves over her shoulders, and her breasts were large and firm, tipped with dark red nipples. Her pubic hair was thick and curly, and her ass was beautifully shapely. While I was admiring her body, I noticed her checking out my cock, which was still mostly limp from fucking Angela.

“I have really looked forward to meeting you,” I said.

“Me, too,” she replied.

“I’m not exactly sure how we should get started,” I confessed. “We’ve only barely met.”

Gina flopped onto the bed, sitting cross-legged, facing me. Her legs were splayed apart, presenting her furry vagina, with its pink inner folds, directly to my open gaze. With a mischievous smile, she said, “‘Barely’ is a good way to meet.”

I joined her on the bed, leaning with my back against the headboard. My cock was stirring into semi-hardness, displayed openly to her gaze. “So,” I began, searching for a good opening, “did you and Dave have a good time?”

She grinned broadly. “Oh, god yes! Dave is a fantastic lover — so considerate, so attentive to my needs!”

I smiled with recognition — I’d seen Dave make love to Angela, and it was wonderful to behold. I could imagine that Gina would enjoy his attention. “Well,” I replied, “I’m not Dave; he sets the bar pretty high.”

“Oh, not to worry, Rick. I saw you fucking Angela, and I saw you eat her pussy. You’re a pretty attentive lover yourself, my friend.”

She paused, as if considering what she would say next. “I know we hardly know each other,” she began, “but — would you eat my pussy? I love having my pussy eaten. Watching you with Angela was just the most exciting thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

I grinned at her. “Really?” I asked. “Because I love eating pussy!”

I reached toward her, and she slid herself toward me. I laid her down on the bed and kissed her tenderly on her lips. I laid down next to her, and savored the sensation of her silky smooth skin sliding on mine. With my hands, I tenderly stroked her ass, enjoying the smooth curves, and the strength of her ass and thighs. I bent my head down and took her nipple in my mouth, licking it sensuously, and cupping her other breast in my hand.

Gina groaned as her arousal grew. I ran my hand along the insides of her thighs as she spread her legs to give me access to her vagina. I cupped my hand over her pubic mound, feeling the heat that was already building inside her. Running a finger along her slit, I probed inside her, to g├╝venilir casino find her copiously wet. Looking into her eyes, I got her unspoken permission to go down.

I slid myself down between her thighs, putting her legs over my shoulders, and gripping her ass cheeks with my hands. Gently, I nibbled along her inner thighs, alternating from left to right as I slowly homed in on Gina’s center. Every time I switched from one side to the other, I gently blew warm air on her clit, which caused her to quiver at the sensation.

When I finally came to her vulva, her pussy-lips were puffy and soft. I savored the rich, musky aroma of her arousal — similar to Angela’s, yet uniquely her own — and let it inundate my senses. I covered her entire mound with my open mouth, running my tongue along her slit, and probing into her with it. I was surprised by the starchy/salty taste of Dave’s cum, still filling her vagina; I hadn’t anticipated that. It was the least bit kinky, to think that I was eating my brother’s cum out of his wife’s sister’s pussy, and I smiled to myself; ‘kinky’ was not a place that I went very often.

Gina was groaning steadily now, and beginning to squirm and writhe as I ravaged her pussy with my mouth. I found her clit with my tongue, and gently sucked on the tender flesh surrounding her little bud, which caused her to cry out, and she started bucking her hips against my face. When I started making broad, ice-cream licks, she let out a trembling wail and squeezed my head in a vise-like grip between her legs, and I knew she was having her first orgasm with me.

I kept plundering her clitoris, and Gina kept coming, twisting and writhing in ecstasy as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her. When at last I felt her climax subsiding, I continued licking her gently, and soon she was ascending again to her next orgasm.

I determined that I would continue licking her pussy to as many orgasms as she could stand, and I wouldn’t stop until she told me she’d had enough. As it turned out, Gina was ravenously hungry to have her pussy eaten, again and again. I lost track of how many times she climaxed on my tongue, but she was nigh unto insatiable. Again and again, she bucked her hips up into my face, twisting and squirming and squeezing my head between her thighs, gasping and groaning and crying, until finally, she pushed my head away from herself, and flopped onto the bed.

I rolled over next to her, and took her in my arms. While she recovered from her succession of multiple orgasms, I pressed her body against mine, and simply held her. I could feel my dick pressing between her legs, running along her cunt-lips.

As her breathing slowly returned to normal, she became aware of my erection rubbing against her opening. Soon, we were undulating our bodies against each other, in the age-old rhythm of sex, savoring the friction of our genitals rubbing together. I rolled onto my back, rolling Gina on top of myself as I did. She continued rubbing her pussy-lips along the length of my shaft, until, with a twist of her hips, I was inside her.

Gina groaned sexily as I penetrated her, and soon I was completely buried inside her. I savored the delightful sensations of being inside her vagina for the very first time.

“Oh, baby,” I moaned. “Your pussy feels amazing!”

“Mmmmm,” she groaned, and then clenched her cunt-muscles around my shaft, in a sexy erotic ‘hug’.

At first, we barely moved, savoring the sensations of our union, exploring each other sexually for the first time. In the fullness of time, Gina began to slowly rock her hips against my cock, and for a long time, we simply mated, slowly, sensually, deeply enjoying each other’s bodies, until time seemed to stop, and there was only Gina and me, and our bodies rhythmically uniting with each other.

At last, Gina’s orgasm arose within her, urging her to increase her tempo and gain release. Slowly, inexorably, she ground herself on me at an ever-increasing pace, until her hips were virtually a blur as she ground out her orgasm. A low wail escaped her mouth, growing in pitch and intensity, until her climax burst forth from within her. The sensations her intensity was producing in my cock were mind-blowing, and soon I was joining her in orgasm, sending my semen surging into her core.

She collapsed on top of me, and for a long time afterward, we simply caressed each other, and savored the close contact of our bodies, until my limp penis slipped out of her.

Once we had both recovered, and were breathing normally again, Gina lifted herself up off my chest. Looking into my eyes, she said, “Now that we’ve known each other, maybe we should get to know each other. If you know what I mean.”

I chuckled at her pun; I certainly knew what she meant. She asked me about my wife, and we were off — for the next few hours, into the wee hours of the morning, the two of us shared our lives with each other, in deep and intimate detail. Still lying naked on the bed together, we talked about my grief over Abby’s death, and her anger over her divorce. We talked about the threesomes we’d been having with Dave and Angela, our Hopes and Dreams for the Future, and the Meaning of Life. By the time we finished, we were simply too tired to stay awake any longer. We made love once more, tenderly and quietly, and then we both drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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