Angel and Roberto Pt. 01

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Angel wakes up to a warm throbbing between her legs. Morning wood again; except with her, morning would is a ten-inch problem that won’t go away with aggressive action.

Thankfully, her boyfriend is more than understanding of her problem: as soon as they’d started sleeping together, he’d made her more than aware that he’d be willing to help any time. That’s how, as she eases her well-lubed aching cock into his round ass, that he won’t mind if she fucks him while he’s sleeping. It’s four a.m. and she needs to get back to sleep, and Roberto sleeps like the dead.

She pops the head in and groans as his ring flutters around the neck, and she can hear him waking up; maybe he doesn’t sleep quite dead enough not to notice a dick in his ass. The only feedback she gets once he’s fully awake is for him to grind back onto her cock.

“I’m gonna go balls deep in you,” Angel whispers with authority, pushing in to the base at a crawling pace until she can feel her hips against his ass.

“Come on, fuck me!” He cries after a moment, and that’s all she needs to start pistoning in and out of his tight hole. Having woken up leaking hard, she knows her first load won’t be long, but she’s determined to make the most of it. She drapes her left leg over Rob’s and braces her foot on the other side of him, allowing her more leverage to snap her hips into his ass.

The cheeks of her big, dark ass tighten as she fucks her boyfriend like her life depends on it. Roberto bites down into the pillow under his head and gives into the sensation of her thick round member stretching him, using him thoroughly. With every pass of her cock, she rubs against his sensitive bundle of nerves, and soon he has a matching erection between his legs.

Angel’s thrusts start to quicken, “I’m so close, so close to filling you with my cum.”

“Yes, yes! Come in me, fill my asshole!” He chants back, and she’s more than happy to oblige. She jams her huge cock into his hole over and over til her balls tighten and she shoots thick loads of cum inside him. Her pleasure travels all the way through her, her nipples overly sensitive against Roberto’s back as she ruts into him. Angel licks his earlobe and shifts the angle of her thrusts slightly, still coming in his ass as she perfectly hits his prostate at every pass. It only takes three more strokes before he’s coming on his chest and the sheets, his hole clenching and draining her sensitive cock.

Roberto is still orgasming as she gets her second wind, but she wastes no time hauling his unsteady form up onto knees and forearms, her cock still buried deep inside. With hand grabbing his hips, Angel starts to pound away into his asshole, his channel perfectly lubricated by her thick white semen.

“I’m co-coming again!” Half his face is pressed into the bed as he cries out, coming for the second time in seconds on her perfect cock. She establishes a brutal pace, her huge ass and tits bouncing as she pounds into him, animalisticly seeking her release. Some instinctual part of her is pushing her to keep going, to fill and breed her boyfriend with her cum.

She’s just about to empty her own second load as she realizes she’s not on birth control; she really can get her boyfriend pregnant.

Angel hungrily slaps her hips against his ass, absolutely desperate to breed him as many times as possible. She pushes Roberto’s head down in the sheets as she comes deep inside him, coating his bowels with her seed.

She threads her fingers through his hair and pulls back his neck hard, arching his back and forcing him up and onto her cock as she milks her orgasm into him. Without wasting a second, she starts slamming him up and down her massive pole, still painfully hard and desperate for more release. She can hear her neighbors jacking off furiously to the sounds she’s working out of her boyfriend and she can’t blame them; Roberto is near tears, begging for more of her dick even as his two loads of cum are still wet on his stomach.

“I need you to breed me, I want to have all your children, please cum bahis siteleri again and again and don’t ever stop!” He’s fully crying now, out of his mind with her amazing dick, and all she can do is obey his request, pounding into him and letting his hole drive her closer and closer to oblivion.

His ass is the perfect pleasure, his bubble butt so juicy as she slams into it over and over, the head of her girl cock dragging almost out of his rim every time she pulls back for her lightening thrusts.

“I’m gonna fill you bitch, fuck yeah!” Angel cries as her massive pole rips into him, she barely manages three sloppy thrusts before she cums a third time; the pressure of her ridiculously large load more than enough for her boyfriend to reach his own peak. He writhes in pleasure as his dick squeezes out what little cum remains, his prostate thoroughly milked just as his hole milks his girlfriends loving cock.

After a second of stillness, Roberto starts to slide off her cock, but Angel will have none of it. She flips him onto his back, admiring the slight bulge to his stomach from her loads before she dips her giant member into his mouth and sits down, choking him with her cock. She fucks into his mouth shallow and quick, rolling her hips back and forth as her boyfriend’s throat flutters around her thick uncut dick.

“Gonna fill you from both ends,” she grunts, and Roberto moans around her in response. Still rolling her hips into his face, Angel reaches quickly to the bedstand for a wide buttplug, and with little fanfare she rolls him onto his side so she can fuck into the wet heat of his mouth as she slides the toy into his dripping asshole. He wails around her cock, gagging as his full, sensitive hole is stoppered, trapping her cum inside him. The sensation of his throat clenching around her long girth is enough for Angel to shoot one final load down his throat, holding herself balls deep as he struggles to breath.

Her huge balls sufficiently drained, she tucks her dick into her panties as well as she can manage. “Alright then. How’s about I start breakfast?”

She’s had her girldick her whole life; initially her parents thought she was a trans girl, but she went through a feminine puberty, and by the age of 16 she’d developed triple-D breasts and an obscenely large and round ass. Indeed, Angel is widely considered to be a picture of hyper-femininity outside of her arm-thick schlong. Along with her cock comes an insatiable drive causing near-constant erections, and if she doesn’t come multiple times a day she can barely move from the pain. Thankfully, she met her loving boyfriend Roberto through a support group for people with reproductive abnormalities, as the short, muscular Latino man has a functioning uterus. Once she fully briefed him on her medical condition, he immediately accepted his role as her personal cocksleeve with much gusto, and they moved in together in their first year of college.

It’s twenty minutes into her first college lecture of the day that Angel again feels desire coursing through her veins, and her cock is quickly straining against her Daisy Dukes. When she was younger, she would have suffered in silence, embarrassed at her needs, but she’s long since come to accept herself and even find pride in her difference. Roberto only needs to take one look at her shifting at her desk to know what she needs, and with little more than a reassuring smile he gets out of the chair next to her and crawls under her desk.

All her professors have been briefed on her needs and so the aging man at the front of the classroom pays no mind, yet despite regular mandatory seminars on proper etiquette around people with different bodies, many of her classmates turn excitedly towards them to ‘watch the show’.

Instead of embarrassing her, the attention only turns her on more, and she pulls her cock out of her pants to give herself a pacifying tug. Angel swears her cock has grown since her morning relief session, but in her lust addled state she hardly cares.

Roberto needs no preparation: his outfits canl─▒ bahis siteleri have all been tailored to have easy access to his ass, and today he sports one of her favorites, a pair of tight jeans with a round hole that leaves no confusion as to what it’s for. She grabs his hips and pulls him up onto her lap, keeping his head and most of his body under the table while putting his sizeable rear exactly where she wants it. These jeans are her favorite because of how they squeeze his perfect globes, creating enough ass cleavage for her to fuck without even touching his asshole, and leaving an obvious spillage of uncontainable booty at the top.

In one move she lines her dick up and slides in to the hilt, and despite his years of practice Roberto can’t contain his moan at his needy hole being filled by his girlfriend. Knowing he’s still loose and lubricated from earlier, Angel starts lightly bouncing him on her lap and tries to focus back in on the lecture. In and out, in and out, the movement of her cock inside his warm passage becomes a steady undercurrent to her note-taking and she manages to pick up useful facts she knows will be on the exam.

Her focus is broken when Roberto’s grinding on her dick becomes more intense, and his hole starts fluttering around her. He lets out a quiet whine and all her attention is on how his asshole perfectly massages her cock as he comes. Her instincts take over and, still moving him on her cock, Angel stands up and presses his torso onto the table so she can really begin thrusting. She pounds into him, keeping herself quiet out of respect for her class, but there’s no missing Roberto’s orgasmic moans and the slapping of her hips against his ass. The professor stumbles over his words as he and Angel make eye contact, her thrusting with great force into her sex doll boyfriend.

He recovers and continues lecturing, but he is interrupted by Roberto, “Oh God your cock feels good in my ass, oh fuck you’re so big!” The class continues with Roberto’s litany of praises and the primal sounds of sex as a soundtrack. Hearing her boyfriend praise her in such a public setting only fuels her need, and on an out stroke she pulls down his pants, exposing his ass as she fucks into him. The room is filled with the loud slap of her hips and balls hitting his bare buttcheeks, their jiggle an irresistible view to all those who shouldn’t be watching.

“Are you ready for the first load?” Angel leans down and whispers in his ear, feeling the heat pooling in her gut as she mercilessly pounds him.

“Oh fuck yes, please cum in me, fill me up!” He cries softly, and with three more rapid thrusts she comes, emptying her balls into his still-full hole. Just as she noticed the size of her dick, as she comes she notices the volume of jizz she’s producing seems to increase. She pumps what seems to be half a gallon of cum into him, the small bulge in his belly from this morning growing to a sizeable bump.

Of course, she is not satisfied with this one orgasm, her balls still heavy with unreleased sperm, so she keeps pounding, thrusting in and out as her class tries and fails to get on with the lesson. Both Angel and her boyfriend have learned to enjoy these public breeding sessions, seeing people struggle to contain their shock and arousal at the passionate display of lovemaking they watch. Her massive pole pumps in and out of him, and all her thoughts have centered on fucking the ass in front of her into oblivion. With his pants gone, Roberto’s smaller cock is free as well, and the still sizeable eight inches is pressed between his stomach and the desk, covered in cum and being rubbed against the desk by her powerful thrusts. She hits his prostate at the perfect angle and he’s coming again, adding to the small pool of cum beneath him as he moans and pants.

Angel hardly pays attention to him, so focussed on her own pleasure. The animal part of her is telling her she must breed him, must cum in him as much as possible to claim him and insure his impregnation. Her desk is hitting the chair in front of canl─▒ bahis her on each violent thrust, and she growls as she thrusts harder, trying to get her dick deeper even as she’s already balls deep in pleasure. The professor, of course, chooses this moment to call on her to answer a question.

“I’m sorry, oh, fuck yeah, what was the, fuck, question?” She asks, and now she knows all hundred pairs of eyes are on her as she brutally fucks her boyfriend.

Her professor takes pity on her and explains, “The question was to list some of the ways bonobos use sex outside of reproduction.”

Angel can feel her boyfriend’s third orgasm forcing his anal walls around her as she answers, “Oh, well, sex is used-yeah baby, cum for me-to strengthen social bonds, oh yeah, to resolve conflicts-oh there’s a good boy-and to, to, to!” She cuts herself off as her punishing pace impossibly quickens before she herself comes, firing spurt after spurt of hot jizz deep into the bowels of her lover, her hips jerking with the shear force of her orgasm.

As he is filled to the brink with cum, Roberto finds that the pressure of his expanding stomach on his oversensitive cock is too much, and he begs Angel to move, “Fuck me on all fours like the beast I am.”

She throws him to the floor in response, plowing into him as jizz still leaks from her cock. Frustrated by her limited range of movement, she rips off her shorts and lets her own rotund ass free as she snaps her wide hips to chase her pleasure.

Angel continues to fuck into him for the rest of the hour lecture, and after six orgasms Roberto is a boneless heap on the ground. It’s only just as class is dismissed that Angel comes a third time, and her vision goes white as she screams out in pleasure. She only has five minutes until her next class, so while still pouring her sperm into her boyfriend’s juicy ass Angel pulls him to his feet and starts walking with her cock firmly in his rectum. Waving goodbye to her professor, she sets about walking through campus with a boy on her black dick. She can’t resist fucking into his body every couple steps, the movement of his hole on her cock as they walk simply too delicious, but they manage to slip into the back of her next class before she puts him on his knees and resumes slamming into his abused hole. Putting one hand around his waist, she pulls him closer to her ample chest, feeling how full his stomach is as she pummels his fat ass. It looks and feels like Angel already got him pregnant, and with the thick load churning in her balls she knows he’s only going to get bigger as the day goes on.

The class tries desperately to focus, but the sounds coming from their lovemaking choke the room. Her cock has definitely grown bigger, and Roberto screams his praises as it rams deep in his anus, the monstrous cock putting constant blinding pressure on his prostate. Angel slams into him, each thrust sending his juicy ass jiggling. His huge ass cheeks are glazed in her cum, and her thighs slapping into them makes a wet smacking sound.

Her tits bounce up into her face with the force of her thrusts as she quickens her pace, ready to fill Roberto to his absolute limit. It seems that since they entered the room her boyfriend has been having a near-constant orgasm, his insides constantly massaging her dick as his muscles convulse in pleasure.

It’s as the professor is discussing the practical usage of the insanity defense in non-violent criminal cases that Angel’s grunting and moaning reaches a crescendo, and with one mighty thrust she sheaths her Amazonian body inside him and cums hard, her dick throbbing and stretching to plug his channel as it pumps gallons of cum into his stomach.

She can tell this will be her last orgasm until class is over, so she makes it last, reaching around and tugging Roberto’s spent cock and reveling in how his over sensitivity makes even the slightest touch send a wave of muscles clenching in his hole. The flow of thick cum into his body doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, so Angel decides to sit them down, her cock still fully rammed into his willing hole. With her human condom in place, she opens her books and starts taking notes, the soundtrack to her learning the soft moans Roberto makes as spurt after spurt of hot cum fills him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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