Anal Pleasures

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As you walk in with that devilish grin, I knew I would fuck you. The small talk seemed irrelevant as I wondered how big your cock was to match that amazing body of yours. You asked me what was off limits and quickly realized I didn’t have any. The bartender accidently put both drinks on my tab, and I paid. You casually joked about being worth the drink.

I had forgotten my bag in the car. You follow me out. My mind is racing. I am half tempted to start touching you in the parking lot, but I refrain wondering if you will make a move. We head back to the hotel and up the elevator. Again, my dirty mind considers grabbing you in the elevator. I can see you staring at my breasts. I want you, but something keeps telling me to hold off.

Now in the room, and sitting on the bed, I knew if you read my profile it would make you hard as well as make you understand.

You made the first move by opening the curtains and reaching bahis firmalar─▒ around to touch my breasts. I wanted more from you. Reaching up to kiss you, I instruct you to lie back on the bed and I remove your pants. Softly touching, I tease you with my lips on your head and my eyes. I lick your shaft from the base to the tip. I see the look in your eyes. You now know what I want don’t you. You stand up and smack my face with your thick cock. I can feel my panties start to get wet. You grab me by my head and instruct me to take all of you in my mouth. -Stick that tongue out and take my cock! As I extend my wet tongue out, my mouth begins to water and your shaft slides down the back of my throat. Your hand on the back of my head forces your cock all the way inside my mouth as I gasp for breath. Pulling your cock out, it is completely soaked as you smack it against my mouth teasing me. You start to talk about fucking my ass. My nipples ka├žak iddaa become hard as you smack your dripping wet cock against my lips again.

You tell me to lean over the bed. I pull my panties down. Unable to access my tight ass, you slide your thick cock into my pussy only to realize I am already wet. Grinding deep inside the head of your cock presses against my g-spot sending electric shocks down my spine. You pick up a steady rhythm and I rock back against you. I cum all over your shaft getting you nice and wet. You spread my ass checks and slide it in. You hear me gasp loudly then start to moan, really loud. I forgot to tell you I am a screamer. Your cock is thick and long. I can feel it deep inside my ass. Your balls slap against my wet pussy as your hands pull firmly on my hips. My ass and pussy tighten up as you thrust deep. I can feel my pussy drip with my cum as I enjoy the second orgasm.

I start to become ka├žak bahis loud, very loud. Grabbing a pillow, holding my face into the pillow to muffle the sounds. You instruct me to take your cock. I start to scream. Your cock is stretching my tight little hole. Sliding in and out. I cum a third time. Not wanting to miss my dripping wet pussy, you tell me to start playing with my clit and you want me to tell you when I cum. I am really wet now. Your cock is able to glide from base all the way to the tip and back in again. It feels so good that I start to grind back against you wanting the pain that causes me such pleasure. ÔÇôFuck me baby, I beg you. I feel your leg move up to the bed, positioning yourself so that you can pound my hole deep. This sends me over the edge and I cum two more times. Now I am dripping wet down my legs and just wanting to be completely fucked.

Taking your hips and grinding from side to side, I beg for more. Grabbing my panties from behind, you pull them tight and up as you slam into me. The final orgasm is so intense, cum drips down my legs. My legs shake and buckle beneath me. Oh my, you were completely worth the drink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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