Anal Cafe Ch. 02

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Jenny & Janet

Janet checked the flyer and looked up at the bright blue neon letters that blazed out in the waning afternoon night sky, announcing that she had arrived at the Canal Caf├ę, except the C in Canal had burnt out so it was the Anal Caf├ę. Jenny had asked her to meet her here last week but she had been too depressed to get out of bed. It was all she could do to get out of bed this morning without wanting to cry her eyes out. She still didn’t understand what had happened, how Jeffrey could do this to her.

Two weeks before today, her life had been perfect. She had been making plans to surprise him with a romantic vacation to celebrate their three year anniversary. It had taken her weeks to decide on a destination and when she found Negril, she knew that it was the perfect place. She sent away for brochures and happily went over to his apartment, using the key that he’d given her. He was working until eleven that evening and she thought she’d surprise him with dinner. She was the one who ended up being surprised.

Her eyes burned with tears as she remembered what had happened. The clothes strewn bahis firmalar─▒ about on the living room floor, the velvety voice of Barry White rumbling through the dining room and Jeffrey fucking a blonde on the butcher block in the kitchen. She’d dropped her keys and he’d whirled around, his cock glistening with cunt juice and she’d just screamed. He’d tried to grab her and explain why the naked girl was there but his explanations were pointless. He was cheating and there was nothing he could say. She’d broken every piece of his precious china before stomping upstairs, packing her things and leaving forever.

However, her attitude on the days following was not as filled with strength as she would have hoped. Her anger had melted away in a storm of tears and even though she had weathered the constant calls from her ex, it did nothing to shore up her self-esteem. Thankfully, Jenny’s sixth sense had told her that her twin was in need and asked her to lunch. Last week had been bad but she’d dragged herself out, determined not to let him win. She was a beautiful woman. Surely someone else would see that. At least that was what ka├žak iddaa Jenny had said.

“Hi, honey.” When her sister’s strong arms went around her, Janet crumbled into tears. “Oh, what did he do?”

“I caught him fucking someone else!”


Jenny sat in the chair across from her sister and listened as she related the whole sordid story, holding her hand. “You know what the worst part was?”

“No, honey. What?”

“He never fucked me like that!” Jenny couldn’t help it. She just leaned her head back and laughed, putting her hand over her mouth when she sat back up and saw Janet staring at her. “Jenny!

“I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help it.”

“What so funny about that?”

“Jeffrey doesn’t know how to fuck. He never has.”

“And how would you know that?”

“I dated him seven months before you did.”

“And you never told me?”

“Of course not!” She patted her sister’s hand. “Why would I tell you? I didn’t want to ruin your relationship. It looked like you were doing better that I did.”

Janet smiled and nodded, wiping her nose with the napkin. “Jenny, ka├žak bahis I have a confession to make.” A deep breath and she looked up at Jenny. “He told me that if I didn’t give him anal sex, he was going to find someone who would.”

“And evidently, he did.” Jenny shook her head. “I knew he was an asshole.”

“Why would you say that?”

“Because he wanted the same from me and I said no. I don’t just give anal to anyone.”

“You’ve done anal before?”

“Of course! Haven’t you?” The look on Janet’s face told Jenny what she needed to know. “Jan, you’ve never done anal before?”

“No. It hurts too much.”

“Not if you do it the right way.”

“And what’s the right way?”

Jenny just stared at her for a long moment. “Tell you what. You go home and pack some stuff. I want you to spend the night at my house tonight.”

“What for?”

“A little education.” Jenny grinned mysteriously. “Something that I think you, dear sister, are long overdue for.”

“Okay, Jen.”

“Meet me there. I’ll grab some food and we’ll make an evening of it.”

Janet arose and left the restaurant, her heart lightened by the love and support of her sister and her soul pricked by a curiosity that made her pussy twitch. She had a feeling that by the end of this evening, she wouldn’t care who Jeffrey was.

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