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My story begins when I was a teenage girl, 18 years old. My Mother was divorced from my Father and he was out of the picture. She worked two full-time jobs, and she was concerned about me being alone much of the time. She asked my 28 year old neighbor to stop by the house frequently to check on me. Little did she know that he was “checking” on my insides with his bare cock.

When he first approached me he explained that it would be a serious problem if I were to get pregnant, and he said he had a way we could do it without any worries, if I would trust him. I knew what he had in mind, but I played innocent and said OK.

We began with some kissing and foreplay, and soon we were both naked.

His cock was a little larger than average, maybe seven or seven and a half inches long, but just the normal thickness. I was glad for that, because my teenage asshole was small and tight. I had never had anything up my ass, not even a finger, and here we were planning to shove his meat-pole up in me.

We looked for some lube but all we had in the bathroom was the old standard Vaseline. I know you are not supposed to use it, because it is petroleum based, but it was all we had. I was happy that we found it, because without any lube I don’t think he could have gotten it in me.

He made me put the Vaseline on his cock, and play with it while it got bigger and harder. I put the Vaseline mostly on the head of his cock, but I put some on the shaft to make sure it would go in OK.

I slid my hand back and forth on it like I thought guys did when they jacked off. He finally asked me if I thought it was hard enough to go up my ass, and I said I guess so.

He bahis firmalar─▒ got me up on my knees, with my butt sticking up in the air, and put the tip of his cock against my asshole. He pushed hard, and because of the Vaseline it slid in.

I think I shrieked when it slid into me, but once it was past the tight entrance it felt OK. He fucked me slowly until he came, and I was surprised that I could feel the cum squirt into me.

I knew that semen came out of a mans cock, but I always had thought it just ran out or oozed out. I did not know until then that it shot out in rapid-fire spurts. I liked the way it felt then, and I still do.

We did it several more times that day, and after that day my asshole was sore for a while, but it was permanently stretched, and the Vaseline was never needed again.

He was turned on by my innocence, and that is what led me to do what I do with my new boyfriends today.

The main part of my story will follow now, so I will just say that my neighbor fucked me in the ass many times that year.

I am glad we decided to do it anally, because if I had taken all the semen he produced in my vagina instead of up my asshole, I would have become just another pregnant teenager.

I am now a 29 year old woman, and I have vaginal sex sometimes, but I definitely prefer it in my ass. I am not promiscuous, I am with one guy at a time, and my relationships last for a couple of years or more, but eventually one or both of us want to move on.

I have a little trick that I have used with all four of my lovers, and it works to perfection.

Even in today’s liberal atmosphere, most men prefer an inexperienced, shy and ka├žak iddaa modest woman, so that they can feel they are in control and they lead the way.

When I get together with a new guy, I do not do this right away, I wait until we have had sex a few times, and then when the time seems right I go into my little act.

When we are in bed and just beginning foreplay, I ask them in a quiet way if they have ever fucked a woman in the ass. Some guys will say yes, some will say no, some will not answer at all.

It does not matter, I continue on and say that I am curious about it, and I would like to try it, but I am afraid it might be uncomfortable or even painful. I ask in a shy way if they would do it to me, but I beg them to be careful and gentle. I have always gotten an enthusiastic “Yes” to this request.

I lay face down in what I assume would be the position a first-timer would go to, and I keep my legs fairly close together, not spread wide open. Again, I am playing the modest virgin.

This causes him to put his legs outside of mine, and when he starts to move toward my ass I reach back with both hands and spread my butt for him. I am careful not to spread it too hard, because I want to look small and tight.

When I feel the tip of his cock touch my anus, I quiver with anticipation. When he pushes the head in, I flinch and gasp, and every guy I have been with has been considerate enough to ask if it is too painful. Even though I am really in blissful ecstasy, I act as if it is uncomfortable, but I say it is OK, please don’t stop.

Most of my guys have pushed it in slowly, a little at a time. One of them became too aggressive and started to ka├žak bahis fuck me hard and fast. I stopped him and asked him to do it slowly and steadily, sliding it in and out the way I like it.

I know some people insist on condoms, but not me. I like to feel a bare cock in me, and most important, I like to receive the load of cum deep up inside me.

I know about the dangers of STD, especially AIDS, but like I said, I am into serial monogamy. I am exclusive with one guy, always for many years, and I get him to agree to be exclusive with me. I do not know why they would cheat, I fuck their brains out.

I always find that a compliment makes a guy feel good, so I say something like “your cock is so big, I can feel it way up in my stomach”. When he cums in me for the first time, I say “I can feel your cum squirting into me!” as if it is the first time I have had a load pumped into me. Of course it isn’t, I have been doing this since I was 18. Some guys have shot it so far up my ass that I could almost taste it.

After this “first” time, we continue our relationship with frequent fucks up my ass. I admit that I love it. It is now so erotic for me that I usually come when I feel his cum spurting into me.

You may feel that I am dishonest, but I do not do this in a nasty, deceitful way, it is just a little act, and I think it gets the relationship off to a good start.

The guy feels like he was the first one to shove his cock up my asshole. He feels like he is the one who stretched my asshole out and filled it with cum for the first time, and I am just his sweet and innocent girlfriend. It builds his ego, and it is very erotic for me, losing my “virginity” every time I am with a new guy.

When and if my current situation comes to an end, I will be looking for a new guy to hook up with. I hope he is not reading this, because I want him to buy into my act.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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