Allison Sluts It Up Ch. 03

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Allison heard the click of the lock retracting when Jamie inserted his keycard. She propped herself up slightly on the bed and turned to see Jamie coming in the door, and to make sure his eyes were on her from the moment he was in the room. What Allison instead saw was a tall muscular black man, who she knew as Abdullah Bell, the team’s All-American running back. Behind Bell was Jamie, and behind Jamie was Jordan Moore, the All-American wide receiver who that night had set the NCAA record for most touchdown catches in a career.

Allison just looked at Jamie, and showed no emotion. He walked over to her and kissed her firmly on the lips, before pulling her off of the bed, whipping his cock out of his gym shorts, and forcing it into her mouth. Within seconds the other two men had gotten in close to Allison, and pulled out their own cocks. Allison reached a hand up and started stroking both cocks in rhythm with her mouth bobbing up and down on Jamie’s.

“Yeah, that’s a good little freak” Jamie moaned as Allison’s tongue swirled around his cock head “we are going to fuck you right tonight, a girl with your skills and energy deserves multiple dicks.”

Allison grinned around his dick, but internally was panicking. Allison had never been with more than one person at a time before. Allison was uncertain how this was going to work, but she trusted Jamie, and the idea of sucking a cock while being fucked was exhilarating. As these thoughts were chasing through her head Bell moved Allison’s head over to his cock, and she then moved her hand over to Jamie’s. Bell’s cock wasn’t as big as Jamie’s but it had a much more pronounced cockhead. She loved it, but was horrified by how large the cockhead was going to feel popping into her pussy. Bell was rougher than Jamie was, his hand had a firm grip on Allison’s blonde hair and was not letting her off of the cock hardly at all. In fact at two different points she was forced farther on to his cock than she as able to go and found herself sputtering and fighting her gag reflex as much as possible.

After the second gagging Jordan grabbed her hair violently and pulled her head over to him while saying it was his turn with that tongue. Allison got tangled moving her hands around and had to have the other two boys move her hands for her. Jordan’s cock was nice, it was a long white cock that wasn’t very thick, but was possibly longer than Jamie’s. For another few minutes she sucked Jordan off, until Jamie started to move her head back to his dick.

“No, just fuck me, this is too much work” Allison chocked out as she struggled to catch her breath and empty her mouth of the excess saliva.

Jamie pushed her onto all fours on the floor of the hotel room. She looked up and saw the other two guys stroking their cocks at her. Then she felt a warm liquid sensation on her ass, Allison had never felt lube before, but knew that was what she was feeling. Then she felt a light pressure on her asshole, and Jamie’s massive fingers slid inside of her.

“Ahhhh fuck” Allison shrieked out both from pain, and from pleasure. “Oh god damn, none of your cocks are going to fit in there fuck.”

Jamie gave her a firm smack on the ass and told her that his would, and Allison shuttered. Jamie laid down on the bed, and Jordan directed Allison to squat over his cock, and that Jamie would guide it in. Allison was genuinely scared of this. Jamie’s finger was too big for her, his cock was going to tear her in half.

Jamie slowly worked his way into her, while the other two guys sucked on her tits, and Jordan rubbed her clit. Oh Jesus Allison thought after several minutes. She was convinced that it was almost done, and told Jamie to go the rest of the way, he twice asked if she was sure, and when he was convinced she was he slid in all the way…Allison was wrong, Jamie was not most of the way in, Jamie may not have even been halfway in when he started. As the full shaft entered her ass Allison welled up with tears, but at the same time was hit with a heavy orgasm brought on by the attention on her tits, and ass, and clit.

When Jamie was all the way in he slowly fucked her up and down for another few minutes before Abdullah Bell positioned his cock at her pussy. Abdullah worked his way in with easy, and he and Jamie worked on building a rhythm together. When they were going strong Allison quickly had two more orgasms. Then Jordan climbed in front of Allison’s face, and without hesitation slid most of his cock into her mouth. Allison was too out of it from the fucking to notice how far his cock was going, and too drunk with ecstasy for her gag reflex to work. Within another minute Jordan was fully facefucking Allison, and was forcing his entire dick down her throat.

Allison quickly lost track of how many orgasms she was having. After twenty minutes Jordan blew his load down her throat and climbed off of her. Another minute later Abdullah shot one inside of her cunt, and this brought her over the edge to another orgasm. She started begging bahis firmaları and pleading with Jamie to cum, that she couldn’t handle much more. Jamie felt her ass tighten as she had another orgasm, and this was too much for him. Jamie blew a huge three day load in Allison’s ass, and when he did Allison came again.

Jamie pulled out of her, and Allison fell to the side of the bed delirious. Five minutes later Jordan noted that he had never gotten a crack at anything but her throat, and pushed Allison onto her stomach. Jordan entered Allison’s pussy, and thrust the full length of his cock into her in one fell swoop. Allison shrieked again, not expecting this, but quickly got used to it. He wasn’t as thick, which was welcome at this point, and he was plenty long. Allison rolled her face into her pillow as what seemed like the millionth orgasm rocked her, and the millionth and first came moments later when Jordan came inside of her. He climbed off of her, and instinctively she crawled around on the bed to clean off his cock.

After they were all finished with her Jordan and Abdullah left. Allison asked Jamie if she had pleased him and he told her that she had. Allison and Jamie laid on the bed sweating for another half hour before he got up to shower. While he did Allison laid exhausted and unable to move, but wanting to do more for Jamie after all he had just given her.

When she heard the shower turn off she got on her knees at the foot of the bed and waited to suck his cock again. He told her she didn’t need to, and the two fell asleep together.

After the Orange Bowl the dorms reopened, and Allison was able to get back onto campus. She and Janessa were able to resume fooling around frequently, and twice during that first week she was able to hook up with Jamie, and undoubtedly had the National Championship game not been looming only two weeks after getting back on campus it would have been more.

One night, after dinner with Janessa, Allison went back to her own dorm room and hung out with her roommate Dawn. Dawn had snuck a bottle of wine into the dorm, and the two girls got somewhat tipsy. While in their moderately inebriated state Dawn asked Allison if girls were better than guys at eating pussy. At that moment, Allison realized that only one guy had ever eaten her out, and that even then it wasn’t for very long.

“I’ve never really been able to compare them you know?” Allison said.

“Oh come on, I’m really curious. Ben is pretty good at it, but I bet girls are better.” Dawn replied. Ben was Dawn’s boyfriend, and the two had been together since they were freshmen in high school.

Dawn kept poking Allison about it, until Allison acted. In one motion Allison dropped from her spot on their dorm room futon, on the floor, and had pulled Dawn’s sweatpants and panties most of the way down. Dawn’s pussy was trimmed, but not bald, and Allison loved the look of the red pubic hair. Allison instantly started sucking away at Dawn’s clit. While she did, Dawn wrapped her thin legs around Allison’s shoulders and head, and pulled her in deep.

“Oh my god Allison, yeah you’re better oh god you’re so much better.” Dawn moaned.

Allison slid a finger into Dawn, and Dawn started shaking uncontrollably, and as she came practically broke Allison’s neck with how hard her legs clinched around her. After a few more minutes Dawn let her legs drop and slouched down on the futon.

“Oh god, I don’t think Ben will like this.” Dawn whispered after realizing what had happened.

“I bet that he would be perfectly fine with it if you let him watch next time.” Allison grinned.

“Would you be okay with that?” Dawn asked with a very obvious amount of excitement in her voice.

“Sure, he can even join in if you want him to. I’ve never been with a guy and a girl at the same time before. It would be fun!” Allison replied.

The next afternoon, when Allison got back to the dorm from tutoring, she walked in to find a naked Dawn, and a naked Ben on the couch making out. Allison did not say a word, she just walked over to them, while taking off her shirt and bra, and kneeled between Dawn’s legs. Allison started eating Dawn out while letting her hand move to Ben’s cock. She looked up to see Ben’s hands on Dawn’s very petite breasts, and Dawn’s chest heaving vigorously as an orgasm built.

Before Alison knew exactly what was happening though Ben had stopped touching Dawn, and was behind Allison removing her panties, after hiking up her skirt. Ben teased Allison’s cunt with his cock as she ate out Dawn, and when Dawn finally came, Ben plunged himself into Allison. Allison tried to keep eating Dawn out while she was being fucked, but eventually Dawn stopped her, and instead moved underneath Ben and Allison and started licking Allison’s clit while Ben fucked her.

The sensation Allison felt was unparalleled. She had loved having multiple guys in her, but having one guy, even one with an average cock like Ben’s and a tongue on her clit kaçak iddaa was insane. As Ben fucked her Allison came multiple times, and finally was nearly doubled over by the feeling of his cum flooding her while simultaneously Dawn gently bit down on her clit. After the orgasm subsided Dawn moved slightly and first licked Ben’s cock clean, before turning her attention to Allison’s cunt. Dawn drove her tongue deep into Allison’s pussy, as if she was trying to clean every inch of it up fro her boyfriend’s cum.

“That was a surprise.” Allison said after Ben left. She was still topless.

“I thought it would be a good one.” Dawn said “once I told Ben about it he really wanted to fuck you. So I let him. Besides, now he and I are even after you going down on me last night.” Dawn then kissed Allison deeply on the lips.

A week later Allison joined a cadre of other students en route to the National Championship game. Jamie had promised her that if they won, she would get a surprise similar to what he had given her after the semi-final game, and Allison spent more of the game curious about what was waiting for her than actually paying attention to the field.

Within five minute to go in the game and her boys already up by seventeen, Jamie threw a gorgeous forty yard pass for a touch down, on the ensuing kick on the return-man broke one tackle, thought he had the break away, but around his own forty-five, the ball was knocked loose, and returned for a touchdown. The boys were now up by thirty-one points after the extra point was called good, and Allison left the game and headed back to Jamie’s hotel room.

Two hours later the team finally arrived. Jamie walked in with Abdullah and Jordan. This time Allison hadn’t bothered with lingerie, she was just naked and kneeling on the floor. Jamie explained what he had set up for her this time. Twenty-one of the starters, and the team’s punter and kicker were going to get a shot at her. They would come in two at a time and one would be allowed to use her mouth the other either her asshole or her pussy. Jamie said he would wait till tomorrow morning to get his celebration.

Allison starred at him in utter disbelief for several seconds, not sure she really wanted to let that many guys have their way with her body, but not really sure how to say no either. After a few more seconds without a word Jordan picked Allison up, tossed her onto the bed, and began to throat fuck her, Abdullah immediately lubed his cock up, remarked on the fact that last time he hadn’t gotten to her ass, and slid himself in.

Allison realized as these two went at her that two men were better than three in this scenario. It was easy for her, and Jamie made the guys alternate between her ass and her pussy. Allison loved the attention she was getting. All night different men grabbed at her chest and her ass, they slid their tongues down her throat and remarked on how sexy she was. The intensity of the orgasms varied, whether he did it intentionally or not usually Jamie had paired up two players with large cocks, or two players with average cocks at a time, and he usually had given her a break between the biggest dicks.

The second to last pair to walk in were Luke Young and Dedrick Griffin. Luke was a freshman, and a phenomenal free-safety, his performance during the title game was largely why the team had racked up such a huge lead, as he had pulled in three interceptions in the first quarter, and two more in the third. Dedrick on the other was another key part of the secondary, and widely considered the best cornerback in a generation, his performance had also been impressive, recording two of his own interceptions, and he was the special teams player who ran the fumble back for a touchdown in the fourth. When they walked in Allison was already delirious from having been fucked by twenty other guys. She was tired, and could barely think straight after so many orgasms, and so much pounding. She was however able to realize how important these two were, and told them that they could fuck any of her holes that they wanted to.

With that Dedrick laid down on the bed, just like Jamie had done, but he wanted her to ride his cock cowgirl style, while Luke took her ass. She gladly complied. As she was pounded in and out Dedrick grabbed her tits. She loved it. She loved when he would stop them from swinging and squeeze them and suck on them. She loved that he occasionally gave them a little smack, as if competing with the smacks Luke was giving her ass. Finally they both came. Allison barely had the strength to roll off of Dedrick’s chest, and had completely lost track of how many dicks at fucked her. The double penetrating orgasms that Dedrick and Luke had left her with had been the best of the night. On top of that Luke’s dick was the best she had ever had. It was ten inches long, and really thick, but he knew how to use it effectively and it never felt like too much in her ass.

Allison thought she was done and told Jamie she wanted to shower. Jamie kaçak bahis stopped her, and told her she had one left. Allison almost started crying, she literally couldn’t take anymore. Jamie told her to shower, and that this one could wait a half hour or so.

In the shower Allison’s sat on the floor and let the water pour over her. As tired as she was she was loving the night. She wanted Jamie’s cock in the morning, even if she just blew him, she wanted him. She loved that ten different guys had blown loads down her throat, and that both her asshole and her cunt were leaking with cum. It was the first time Allison felt like a true slut, and truth be told, she didn’t care at all.

After about forty minutes had passed Jamie came and got her. She walked back into the bedroom part of the hotel and saw Big Vincent Long in front of her. He was shirtless, and was quiet possibly the largest man she had ever actually seen. Allison wasn’t short, and was above average for a girl. But Vince was huge, he was six foot eleven. The guy weighed about three fifty and was nearly all muscle. Vincent was an All-Conference, All-American starting Center. He was a consensus pick to go in the top five slots in the upcoming NFL Draft. Allison walked over to him and dropped to her knees. While she did she pulled his gym shorts down and the most curious cock was in front of her. Vince was big, probably nine inches. His cockhead was huge it was two inches round, and nearly three inches wide. His cock then continued for an inch or two before it had a large bulge in the middle that was wider than his cockhead and then the remainder of the shaft.

Allison was intimidated by it. The cockhead was bigger than Jamie’s or Luke’s, and that center bulge was unlike anything she had ever seen before. She started to suck Vince’s cock, but he really wasn’t interested in it, he wanted her pussy, and told her as much. She got on the bed on all fours, and he stood behind her. As Vince rubbed his cock against her pussy she shuttered. It was big. It was scary big. Vince did not seem to mind that he was so large and shoved his way into her pussy. Thank god she was wet from earlier, and from the shower because he slid in with only minimal pain. Allison instantly thought to how Sam had raped her and what that experience would have been like with Vince.

Allison begged him to be gentle with her, and in response Vince drove his cock deep into her pussy, Allison felt the resistance of her cunt as the center bulge started into her, as the middle part of it entered Allison her arms gave out from the pain and she collapsed, but Vince held her upright.

“Ugh” Allison screamed “that hurts stop please.”

Vince did slow down, but did not stop. He slowly eased all of himself into her, he slowly fucked her for a few minutes, and as time went on increased the pace of his pumps. After another five minutes Vince was tired of being gentle and instead grabbed the back of her hair and pulled it upward. With her head pulled up, and her back being forced to arch Allison thought she probably looked like a complete and utter whore. Vince placed his other hand on Allison’s hip and began to roughly fuck her. Vince fucked Allison roughly. His hand forced her body forward and backward and took nearly his entire cock out of her. Each time he thrust in Allison felt the bulge stretch her wider and wider. Allison finally adjusted to him and started propelling herself back onto his cock making the impact of each time their bodies hit louder and more intense.

Minutes after Allison adjusted Vincent came. Vincent came with greater force than anyone Allison had ever been with. He came so hard inside of her that some literally hot back out around his cock. The force of his orgasm was more intense than anyone Allison had ever felt, and as soon as she pulled out she felt a cold emptiness. She immediately turned around and started sucking at his cock, trying to get more out of him. She wanted another shot from him, but he didn’t give it to her. Instead he let her clean his cock off, and then got dressed and left.

Jamie looked at her. He told her that she was his favorite little freak and Allison grinned.

“Do you want to give your freak a ride? My asshole is aching for a big black dick.” She shyly whispered.

Jamie laid her down and fucked her asshole like an animal. He came deep inside of her and the two went to bed.

The next morning Allison could barely walk and her legs felt like Jell-O for a week after the fuckfest. Allison got Luke and Vince’s numbers from Jamie. She needed both of those cocks in her again. Plus she knew that after May, Jamie and Vince would be in the NFL and Allison needed one stable football player to fill her cunt next year.

The rest of the semester progressed normally. Janessa loved the FeelDoe, and she and Allison used it weekly. Dawn and Ben would randomly bring Allison into the bedroom with them, and she was happy to provide some spice to their relationship. Vince had sex once a week, only on Saturday nights, and he always made the girl stay until he left for church on Sunday. Allison became a regular with him. Because Vince only came once a week each orgasm of his was as intense as the one before it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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