Allan Wants to Experiment

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Allan had come over to visit and announce that he had enlisted in the Canadian Navy. We had gone to college together and had become very close. I had found that the best part of our friendship was the fact that we were able to discuss everything in an honest manor no matter what the subject. The only secret I had kept from Allan was the fact that I had sex with men as well as with women.

Over a few beers we discussed how this was going to affect his relationship with his girlfriend, his future in engineering and all the other things that were about to drastically change. He seemed a little hesitant about those long voyages at sea and I asked him what the problem was. Growing up in Nova Scotia he must had realized what life in the navy was like before he had enlisted. After a pause he told me he was wondering about some of the stories we had heard about life aboard ship.

I sat back and had a good look at my friend, tall, broad shouldered, good looking and totally without conceit, even unaware of the effect he had had on the women at college. I was not sure were he was headed with this and wanted to be very careful in how I dealt with him. Finally I told him that even if the stories were true no one was going to force him into any situation he didn’t want to be in. “No” he said” I’m not afraid that someone will rape me.” At that I laughed and asked if he was going to rape someone being away from his girlfriend all that time.

Allan seemed lost in thought for a few minutes and then drawing a deep breath said “No, I wouldn’t rape someone but I have been curious about it. Have you ever though about having a man service you.” Now it was my turn to pause, what do I tell him, how do I phrase it. I told him that I had lots of girlfriends that sucked my cock and some that liked getting fucked in the ass so I wasn’t really all that curious about it. Lowering my head I then told him that they seemed to enjoy it so much that sometimes I wondered about doing it myself.

After tipobet365 yeni giri┼č a very long pregnant pause Allan asked if I still wondered about it. When I said yes he asked if I would like to try with him. I wanted to scream yes but made a pretense of thinking about it first and then with a show of reluctance said yes I would. We both sat there for a while not wanting to make the first move. Finally I took his hand and said lets go to the bedroom. Once there I sat him on the edge of the bed and standing in front of him began stripping off my clothes with my back to him. Once naked I turned around and as he stared at my now very hard cock I asked if he still wanted to try this. Still staring he muttered a very husky yes. Pulling him to his feet I began removing his clothes. Off came his shirt first then I began unfastening his white jeans being careful not to grab the hard bulge that was his cock. Pulling down his pants and removing them I took the band of his boxes in my hands and slowly pulled them off. In front of my face was a beautiful hard cock, a little shorter than mine at about 7″ but thicker through the shaft and with a larger mushroom shaped red and swollen head. Large low hanging hairy balls hung below looking full of juice. Still not touching him I had him sit again so I could remove his pants, underwear and socks completely. Moving forward I finally ran my hand over his cock and down across his balls and was rewarded by a drawn out yes from Allan. Closing my hand around the shaft of his cock I began to slowly stroke him, enjoying the feeling of that thick hard piece of meat in my hand, enjoying the feel of the velvet skin, the vein pulsing. Alan moved his hips forward towards me and said, “Suck me”. I loved the taste of his cock and the sound of his moans as I ran my tongue over that large cock head. Taking it into my mouth I started running my lips down his thick shaft, loving the feeling of that large cock in my mouth, the head sliding along my tongue, tipobet365 giri┼č the vein pulsing on my lips. Holding his balls in one hand, rolling them, I settled in slowing sucking his cock, moving up and down that thick cock. Allan grabbed my head and began forcing me up and down his shaft, groaning and thrusting his hips, driving his cock deeper into my mouth. With a scream he thrust deep into my mouth and holding me on his cock began to pour his cum into my throat. Stream after stream of hot thick sweet cream poured into my mouth as I kept swallowing his load. As his hands relaxed on my head I began sucking his cock again, milking the last of the cum from his cock, enjoying the feeling of his cock softening in my mouth until he was spent.

Crawling up into the bed beside him I asked how he like it. “I loved it, I never came so much before.” He surprised me then by rolling over and kissing me, running his tongue into and around my mouth. With a laugh he said, ” So that’s what I taste like, did you like it?” I told him that I did and he asked if I would ever do that again and I told him yes, anytime he wanted. At that he kissed me again and told me he would take me up on that. We lay there for some time after, talking about what he felt, how he liked it.

We lay together for about half an hour when his cock started to grow again. Reaching down and stroking him I asked if he wanted another blowjob as he got hard in my hand. Moving his cock in my hand he asked if he could fuck me. Again feigning some reluctance I stared at his cock at told him that his cock was maybe to big for my ass but if he went slowly we could try. Going to the washroom for some Vaseline I began greasing up his cock and asked how he would like to do this. “Could you lay on your stomach” he asked. Laying flat on the bed with my legs spread out as far as I could Allan mounted up behind me. I told him just the head first so I can get used to it. I could feel the greasy head of his cock slide tipobet365 g├╝venilirmi along my ass to my asshole. Raising my hips a little he slowly pushed the head of his cock into my ass. I could feel my asshole stretch to accommodate the big head of his cock, and pushed back against him taking another inch or two of thick cock up my ass. His heartbeat throbbed in my ass as he held still for a moment. I told him to slowly push a little more in and then start to fuck me slowly.

He slowly started to move his cock in and out of my ass. With each stroke he sank a little deeper into me, filling my ass slowly with that thick cock of his. As he started fucking me my own hard cock was rubbing against the mattress with the rhythm of his movement. Pushing my ass up at him I finally felt the last of his cock enter me, his balls up against me. With a groan I told him to fuck me. Slowly at first and then picking up speed he started driving 7″ of fat cock in and out of my ass. The feeling of his hard cock working my ass and my cock rubbing on the mattress was more than I could take and I knew I was going to cum. Driving my ass back onto his cock even faster, I started groaning as my cock swelled up even more. Allan started to chant, ‘I’m going to cum in your ass, I’m going to cum in your ass.” That was enough to make me start cumming on the bed, my groans and the squeezing of my ass put Allan over the top and he drove his cock deep up my ass and exploded. I could feel his cock spasm as he screamed and feel the jerking as he shot load after load into me.

We lay together for a while getting our breath back. When I finally crawled out from underneath him his cum started to pour from my ass. I told him I needed to clean up and went for the shower. Standing under the hot water Allan opened the door and stepped in with me. As we washed each other off he asked how I liked being fucked by him. I told him I enjoyed it and expected him to visit when he was back in port for a return engagement. He told me that he would and that in the meantime could he stay the night. I managed to blow him twice that night and he fucked me another 3 times before he had to leave. We promised to get together as soon as he was back but by then I was married and on my way to a new job in Calgary.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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