Al and Mom Understand Why

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I want to thank my vol. editor for all her help in this series. The author and all concerned parties in this story are over the age of 18.


Shari received a music scholarship to our state college, which meant she would only be a hundred miles from home. This way she could still come home on weekends, for fun and games. Dad drove her up so she could see if it was what she wanted, since she had other choices at some collages out of state. They left Friday and were going to be gone for the weekend. This meant three days with no sex. Then my thoughts drifted back to the night I peeked into my parents bedroom on the way to Shari’s. I could see my mom lying there again with her legs parted, and her dark muff showing.

My cock gave a little lurch, at the thought that I might get an opportunity to get her to wrap those long legs around me. I was trying to figure the best way to get this to happen, when I came walking into the front room and saw her sitting on the couch. She was wearing the same short nightie that she was wearing the night I looked in on her. Her legs were tucked up under her. She was intently watching the news on tv. Her hem riding mid thigh. I went over and sat down next to her. She was very quiet, and didn’t even acknowledge that I had sat down.

I turned toward her and asked if something was wrong, she was being very quiet. She looked at me like I’d just gotten there.

“I’m sorry hun. What did you say?”

I asked her again if something was wrong. She just shook her head no, and said

” it’s nothing hun, really. ”

I told her that something was bothering her, and maybe I could help. She smiled and said

“I really don’t think you can help me with this hun. ”

Not letting it go I took a stab at it and asked if she and dad were having problems. This kind of startled her, and she looked at me more closely. Her brows pulling down in a concerned way.

” Why would you ask that hun. Did your dad say anything to you?”

I told her no, but that I had noticed that they weren’t as close as they used to be. I also told her that I hadn’t heard the usual type of noise coming from their bedroom as I used to hear. Her cheeks got a Little flushed when I said that.

” I didn’t know that we made that much noise, and besides you shouldn’t have been listening. “

I told her that it wasn’t a lot of noise, and that it was kind of hard not to listen being right next door. This really made her flush a deep red, though I noticed a very slight smile move her lips. I tried to soften it a little.

“Mom I’m eighteen, I know what men and women do at night in bed besides sleep. ”

I smiled at her, as again her face flushed.

“Yes hun, I’ve noticed that you’ve grown up a lot. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about girls and things. ”

I smiled at her again, and told her that I already knew all about that. She looked at me, and her eyebrows went up.

“Oh! How much do you know, and just where did you get all this wisdom?”

I told her from school and around. She told me that it was the around places she was interested in, as a little smile appeared again.

I avoided answering that, by telling her that she had avoided answering my question. Was she and dad having trouble. Her eyes lowered, and in a soft voice said that she and dad hadn’t had sex in several months. I asked if she thought there was someone else he was seeing. She looked at me and in a very serious way, and as tears started to run down her cheeks, she said she didn’t think so, I reached over and put my arm around her. She came into my arms with her head on my chest, tears increasing now. I stroked her long hair and back while I tried to console her. My sexual desire forgotten momentarily as her pain was so evident. I continued hold and caress her bahis firmaları till her tears stopped and I felt her body relax against me.

She slid her arms around my waist and snuggled in closer to me. Then in a soft voice she told me,

” I know that I’ve been neglecting you a lot lately, and I’m so sorry for not paying more attention to you. I don’t know any of the girls you’ve gone out with. What you do for entertainment or anything. I’ve been so wrapped up in my own problems that I’ve let everything else that’s important to me slip by. I don’t want to let that ever happen again. I love you so very much. “

” I love you too mom, and I understand what you’ve been going through. I’ll always be there for you whenever you need me. As far as my social life is concerned you haven’t missed anything. “

She lifted her head and looked at me with surprise. I laid her head back down on my shoulder and told her that I just hadn’t found anyone that I liked. That when I found someone as good looking as her then maybe I’d check her out. She just snuggled closer to me.

I became aware of her breasts pushing up against my chest and realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could feel my cock start to awaken and grow. I continued to caress her back going lower each time till my hand slid down over the curve of her butt. She didn’t react until as my hand slid back up her hem came with it exposing her panty clad ass. When I slid my hand back down, it slid over her bare skin and onto her panties. I felt her body stiffen and her head lifted up to look me in the eyes. There wasn’t anger in them, just a look of surprise.

” Hun, what are you doing? I realize at your age your hormones control you, and you’ve told me that you haven’t had a lot of luck with girls. I understand this and I’ll help you all I can. I admit that I enjoyed your holding me, , , and caressing me and yes it felt good. The thing is, I’m your mother, , , and it’s just not right to think that way about me. “

“Mom I love you. The reason that I haven’t had a lot of girlfriends is because none that I’ve found can come close to comparing to you. I’ve felt this way for a long time now. I understand that your my mother and that society frowns on any type of physical expression between us. The fact is though that it’s none of their business. If we love each other and enjoy expressing this love physically, who cares what the world thinks. ”

She just sat there after I finished with a questioning look on her face. I leaned in and kissed her on her lips. Lightly at first then as I felt her lips soften and yield slightly with more passion. I tried to push my tongue past her lips. She felt my tongue, started to yield to it then stiffened in my arms. She pulled back and looked at me for a moment, then abruptly got up and went up the stairs to her room. Oh great I thought now I’ve ruined everything. How stupid of me, I shouldn’t have rushed her. Now I’ve probably lost whatever closeness we did have together. I sat there for quite awhile thinking of ways to get her to forgive me. Finally I decided to just go up and tell her how very sorry I was and ask her to please forgive me. I started to get up when I saw her slowly coming down the stairs. She had a very serious look on her face as she came over and sat down facing me. My stomach felt sick as I expected the worst.

“Hun I understand how you feel and why you did what you did. I know this because for a long time I’ve felt myself being drawn to you also. At first I didn’t understand it and was frightened thinking that there must be something wrong with me. I tried to ignore the feelings I’d get every time you came near me. I’d catch myself looking at the bulge in your pants when you weren’t looking. I started checking you out every chance I got. Walking into the bathroom while you showered kaçak iddaa hoping to see you through the glass doors. That day your friends came over for the BBQ and to swim. I got so jealous that I went and changed into my skimpiest swim suit. Not because your father was staring at Cassy but because you were. It got so I didn’t know what to do. Then when you sat down and started to comfort me I felt so warm and secure. Then when you, , , touched me I got scared. I tried to cover up my feelings and do the right thing. Then you kissed me and for a second I started to give in and let it all just happen, but then I got really scared. I thought that things would change and I’d lose you. I panicked and had to leave. Now I seem to be rambling. “

She just sat there very quiet her face red from embarrassment. I quietly waited knowing that she hadn’t finished yet. Finally she lifted her eyes to mine. Thinking over what she was going to say next. Getting it all straight in her mind, knowing she had to get it right.

” Hun, this is very important. If we cross this line we’ll never be able to return to the way it was before. We have to be very sure of our true feelings and that this is what we really want. ”

Then she just sat there looking intently into my eyes. as I sat there listening to my mother pour out her hart to me. My pure sexual feelings for her changed. I realized that the reason that I was so attracted to her and Shari. Why I was unable to develop any type of real feeling for any other girl. It wasn’t just sexual satisfaction. It was like I finally understood that my feelings for them was real and very deep.

” Mom what I told you before was the truth. I realize now just how true it was. My love for you and yes, Shari is very real. It’s been there for a very long time. I just didn’t recognize it for what it was. I thought it was just sex. I know now it went much deeper then that. I truly love both you and Shari, and I always will no matter what happens now or later. ”

Mom sat there for awhile not saying anything tears running down her cheeks. She then leaned toward me and kissed me softly on the lips. She then gently took my hand in hers and stood up.

” Why don’t we go upstairs so we can be more comfortable. ”

I followed mom up the stairs watching her hips move in a sexy rhythm. She led me to her room and gently closed the door. I reached out and turned her, then pulled her to me. Our lips joining in a gentle kiss that soon turned passionate. My tongue slid past her lips meeting her eager tongue. A soft moan escaping her as our tongues fought with each other. I slid my hands down to her butt and pulled her tight against my hard cock. She felt it against her and started grinding her hips against me. She slid her hands down my back and reached around to undo my pants. Her fingers trembled as she slid down the zipper and reached inside. Finding that I didn’t wear underwear she wrapped her hands around my cock and pulled it out. She started moving her hand up and down as I slid her straps off of her shoulders and pushed her nightie down past her hips to fall to the floor. She wasn’t wearing anything under it as she stood there naked. I started running my hands over her breast, her hard nipples, down her back and over the round cheeks her tight ass. My fingers running down the crack. My finger tip probing at the tight puckered rear hole. This caused her to shiver and push back on my finger as she ripped open my shirt and pulled it off. Still holding my cock she backed up to the bed and sat down, pulling my cock to her open mouth. I kicked my pants off as she closed her mouth around the engorged head. Grabbing my ass cheeks she pulled me deep into her mouth with a slight gag she opened her throat and took it all in. I grabbed the back of her head and started moving it in and out as kaçak bahis her tongue worked the sensitive underside. I could feel my balls start to tighten up, so I pulled out as she protested and tried to hold me in. I pushed her back on the bed and slid my arms under her legs my hand cupping her breasts holding them, rubbing and pinching her nipples. I lowered my face to her wet pussy inhaling her musky aroma. Running the tip of my tongue up her inner thighs. Taking tiny nips with my front teeth in a trail toward her inner treasure. Moms hips were moving all over trying to get her pussy to my mouth. Pulling on my head. Pleading with me that she couldn’t take it anymore. I locked my lips around her distended clit. I sucked on it and hammered it with the tip of my tongue bringing her to a screaming climax.

I slowly kissed my way up her body loving the feel of her soft trembling skin under my lips. I ran my tongue slowly up the rounded curve of her breast to her taunt nipple. Taking it in my mouth twirling my tongue around it sucking on it as I had done as a baby. All the while the tip of my hardened cock was just touching the outer lips of her flower. Sliding up and down in her escaping fluid. Like a bee seeking entrance to her hidden nectar. The combined sensations rapidly taking her to a new explosion. Just as her moan reached it’s peak and her hips started to rise I pushed forward burying my entire shaft into her tight hot pussy. I could feel her walls tighten around me as I slid my cock deep inside her. The instant change from lightly touching her outer lips to feeling my fat cock push deep into her took her over the edge into a violent climax. It left her gasping, her body trembling. I leaned down and kissed her lightly as I slowly started moving in and out. Working her into yet another climax.

“God! where did you learn to do that? I’ve never cum so hard in my life. It was fabulous. Oh yes keep going, right there, don’t stop. ”

I smiled down at her and told her that it must have been one of those other places I mentioned earlier. She chuckled and said.

” Well wherever it was don’t ever forget it. For right now just though keep moving that wonderfully hard cock inside me, and make your mother cum again. “

She then arched her back tightened her muscles, ( Which by the way felt very good on my cock. ) and stretched, like a cat luxuriating in an exquisite feeling. A sound of pure contentment and hunger escaped her. She grabbed the cheeks of my ass and pulled me tighter to her, grinding herself against me like she was trying to scratch an itch she couldn’t get to. Needless to say this increased activity was rapidly bringing on my own climax as I could feel my balls tightening, my cock hardening still more.

I increased my tempo as I felt my sperm starting it’s trip up pushing for release. Mom was starting to breath faster too. Her nails were digging into my ass, her hips in rhythm with mine. We were both speeding toward the finish line. Suddenly her back arched, her neck muscles tightened as her head went back. A scream of release broke the quiet of the room. Then followed by my own of release as my sperm broke loose from it’s confines and spewed out, splashing against her inner walls. My body collapsed on top of mom, sweat dripping onto her as my breathing slowly returned to normal. She whispered breathlessly in my ear.

“God that was wonderful I love you so much. Please stay with me this weekend. Your wayward father won’t be home till Monday. After that we’ll have to think of something else. I don’t intend on giving this up. I would also like to know how deep this love for your sister has gone. ”

I kissed her gently on the lips and whispered how much I loved her. I told her that she’d always have me no matter what. I rolled over onto my side and closed my eyes. The last thing I remember thinking before sleep claimed me was how busy my life was going to be. Satisfying the two women I love most is really going to take it’s toll. I’m definitely going to have to start getting into better shape.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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