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These late night flights are so boring. Everyone is sleeping, or trying to at least. I’d never do this if I didn’t have to give that damn presentation first thing Monday morning.

I was trying to keep my thoughts centered on the lecture I was to give but my mind kept wondering. As I walked to my seat when I boarded, I noticed a very nice looking man sitting near the front of the plane. It appeared that he was alone. I wondered if he too was on this flight because of business. I didn’t have to wonder long as I looked up and saw him walking toward the back of the plane. I assumed he was going to the bathroom but he stopped beside me, smiled and said…Are you as bored as I am? Laughingly I answered…Yes, I believe I am. Mind if I sit down…he asked. No, please do…I replied.

Extending his hand to me he offered…I’m Sean and it’s a pleasure to meet you. Hi Sean, it’s my pleasure as well…I said as I looked at him closely for the first time. He was actually nicer looking than I had originally thought. He was well dressed too, very professionally. He was quite tall, muscular and had a great smile.

We chatted about the reasons for our being on this flight and it ended up that he was on his way to Pittsburgh, just as I was. He was single, in the medical profession, and hated to fly at night as much as I did. It seemed we had a lot in common from the beginning!

We talked for several hours and finally ended up discussing the fact that because we were single it had been some time since either of us had been intimate with anyone! I don’t mind admitting, the topic was stimulating! Sean placed one ka├žak iddaa hand on my knee as he continued talking. I felt my nipples harden from just his touch. I was wearing a silky blouse and my rather large breasts filled it out well. Sean noticed my nipples immediately and smiled. It made me wonder if anything else was hardening!!

As Sean talked, I leaned forward, close to his face. His lips eagerly touched mine as his hand slowly inched it’s way up my thigh. My skirt was tight but I managed to spread my legs enough to allow Sean to find out on his own that I was not wearing any panties. MMMMM, you’re wet…he whispered as his fingers touched my moist pussy…and I want you.

He put one arm around my neck as his fingers rubbed my clit. I moaned out loud. It felt so good. I arched my back, moving slightly forward to allow him more space. He kissed my lips, my cheeks, down my throat. I was so turned on that I almost came. I gasped and his lips once again found mine to quiet me.

Using his middle finger, he gently rubbed my clit, back and forth, slowly. I felt it get hard, felt the warmth it promoted deep inside of me. Unbutton your blouse…he instructed me between kisses. I did as he wished, leaving my big tits fall freely. Now, play with your nipples so I can see…he told me. I put both hands on my breasts, pushing them together, making my erect nipples touch. He leaned down and licked both of them. His mouth was so warm. He then took my right nipple in his mouth and sucked like a ravenous child. He inserted a finger just inside of my pussy. I wanted more. I tried to push my hips forward, to force him ka├žak bahis to enter me more deeply. Not yet Sweetie, be patient…he said with a grin as he pulled his hand from beneath my skirt and licked his finger… MMMMMMMMMMM, you taste so good.

I am going to the bathroom…Sean stated…and I want you to come with me. Naturally, I agreed. Sean got up, adjusted his slacks and walked the few feet to the back of the plane. I held my blouse together and followed like a little lost puppy.

The bathroom was so small that it was difficult to even turn around in. Sean shut the door and immediately took my tits in his hands. He leaned over and sucked one than the other. My nipples are very sensitive. I begged him to suck harder. I felt him bite my nipple. Sean, I’m going to cum…I moaned…please don’t stop. He bit and sucked my nipples as I felt the heat building up inside of me. I placed both hands on his head, pushing him against my tits as I came so hard. Oooooohhhhhh, yessssssssss…was all I managed to emit. My little airplane slut is cumming…Sean said while watching me. Smiling, he stood erect and turned me around. He lifted my skirt, unzipped his pants and bent me over. He held his cock in his hand as he guided it to my dripping pussy.

With one thrust he entered me, grabbing my hips to steady himself. Do you want me to fuck you hard slut?…he asked as his cock slid in and out of me…Tell me what you want. Yes Sean, I want you to fuck me hard…I replied in an almost gutteral voice…please fuck me harder. His hands held my ass as he pulled me against him, thrusting his cock deeper and deeper. You illegal bahis know what I want slut…he said between grunts…I want your tight little ass. I’m going to ram my cock right up your butt. With that, he pulled his hard dick out of my pussy, wrapped his fingers around it and pulled my ass back to meet the tip. He applied slight pressure as he rubbed it around my asshole. I want to make it wet for you…he said as he pushed a little harder…now, relax. I felt his cock begin to enter me as he let go of it. Placing his hands on my shoulders he rhythmically began pumping my butt. It was uncomfortable at first but he was so gentle and so slow.

I had never had a cock in my ass before. I was afraid but soon his entire length was inside of me. He began pushing harder, pumping faster. I found myself pushing back, wanting more. Do you like my cock in your ass slut?…he wanted to know…if you do, tell me. Tell me you’re an ass fucking slut. I love your cock up my ass…I replied as I came again. The feeling was incredible. I felt my pussy tighten, my ass muscles grabbing at his cock. I’m cummingggggggg…so hard…so good…oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…I screamed.

Now baby, where do you want my cum…Sean said…I want you to tell me. I want you to cum in my ass…I begged him…please cum in my ass. Oh baby, yesssssssss…Sean said as he pulled me against his rigid cock one last time. Aaaahhhhhhhh, oh fuck baby…he grunted as he shot his load deep in my butt. He held me tightly against him as his cum filled my ass.

I was trembling as he turned me around, hugged me and told me that I had fulfilled a fantasy that he had for a long time. We kissed, cleaned ourselves up, and went back to our seats to discuss some other fantasies, more of his, some of mine, and what we might want to do about them in the future!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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