Adventure Ch. 02 – A Fun Sexy Game

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My wife Cindy and I had enjoyed our nude beach adventure so much that we decided we would push our boundaries a little farther. We had decided earlier that if we ever got to the point we didn’t want to continue, we could stop. The experience would be something we shared together but if it made us unhappy, we would never speak of it again. So far however, we were having so much fun with this pushing of our boundaries. We seemed to be getting closer and more intimate with each new thing we tried and we felt like teenagers again. The fun and excitement seemed to be coming back into our marriage.

To turn things up a notch, I came up with a fun, safe game for us to try which involves another man. That game is below.


Dress up and go to a hotel bar if it is busy. If not busy, we find a local bar that is busy. She and I sit separately.


1) She slips her ring in her purse or somewhere else. She is then to allow any guy she thinks is attractive in some way (eyes, smile, muscles, butt cheeks, personality, etc.), who approaches her to sit with her. She allows him to flirt with her and she flirts with him with the goal of getting him to buy her a drink and possibly even a meal if she has not already eaten at that time. The minimum goal for number 1 though is to get him to buy her a drink.

2) She is to flirt with him enough to get him to ask her to go dancing or to go back to his room (or other location if we are not in the hotel bar.)

If he asks her to go dancing, she can go (or not) depending on what she decides at that time. If yes, they should drive separately due to the safety aspect, to whatever location he suggests. He should send her the address which she will discreetly text to me and then I will find a ride separately. This will allow me to also enjoy watching her and him dance and flirt on the dance floor or back at the table.

Note: I told her I am OK with him kissing her if she is OK with it.

If he asks her back to his room (or other location,) the following are a few possible initial actions she can do. I have listed other options in a separate article, but at the time we took our first adventure, these were the two actions we had agreed on.


1) She can say something along the lines of, “You know, I have had such a good time laughing and chatting with you tonight. I am married however. My husband and I are exploring the pushing of our boundaries but I am not yet at a point where I would feel comfortable doing something like that. If you are interested, give me your email and if I ever do get to the point where I am ready to take that step, I will drop you a line. I am often travelling to this town so who knows, we may cross paths again.


2) She can say something like, “How about instead of going back to your room, we go back to mine. One thing you need to know however. I am married and my husband is there and has to be included in anything we do. He heterosexual, but is OK with any incidental contact that might occur. We have been talking about it for awhile now, and he would be happy if I brought a man back to try out a threesome. Is that something you are interested in?”

If he says yes, she brings him back to our room. If we are in a bar which is not at the hotel, she can have him follow her back to our hotel. Then, once he and I have met and we have chatted a bit and had a few drinks, maybe she flirts a little more with him we can take a further action similar to the following.

1) She (or I) can tell him that this is our first time in attempting to have a threesome, and that she (or I) am just not ready to take that step. We can then say something like, “If I haven’t upset you too bad, I would love to have your email info. I really do think we might be able to take this to the next step one day and since we often travel to this city, we would love to meet with you again.”

We can also consider other further actions in the moment if we are both OK with it.

If the third is concerned about his safety in coming to our room, she can tell him he can text or call anyone he wants and tell them our room number and hotel. He can also take a picture of me when I answer the door and send that to his friend. Another option if he prefers, is if I meet them in the bahis siteleri lobby so he can take the picture. We don’t have to worry about the picture ever being used inappropriately because it will just be me fully dressed. It should however, give him peace of mind that we are not trying to rob him or steal a kidney or something like that.

Our first time playing this game:

We decided to try the first step in our home town. There was a hotel in the downtown area that had a bar which always seemed to have a lot of activity going on due to the large number of people who came through on business or pleasure.

We both got dressed in nice clothes. Cindy’s were especially nice. She wore a low cut dress which also showed off her long sexy legs. She went without a bra which I always find so sexy. She was fucking hot.

We went in separately to the bar. I found a table with a good view of where Cindy was sitting. Now I was just waiting for the fun to start.

The following I have written with Cindy’s input as I was not able to hear all that was said.

After awhile, a waitress came over and gave her a menu. She ordered water and started looking over the menu. When the waitress returned, Cindy ordered fish and chips, along with a margarita. She then pulled out her phone and began thumbing through emails.

Not long after this, our first fish bit the hook. He looked to be about 10 years older than Cindy, and he was somewhat overweight. He asked if she were alone and she told him she was expecting someone. He smiled and excused himself.

It was not long until a late twenty/early thirty-ish man sauntered over to where Cindy sat. He was built like a runner, tall, thin, athletic looking. He had a square jaw and a baby face that women seem to love.

“Hi there,” he said. “My name is Mike. I see you are alone. Does that mean you have no dining partner?”

“Actually, I don’t.” Cindy replied.

“Would you mind if I joined you?” he asked.

“Sure, I would love that,” Cindy said with a smile.

He sat down beside her and they began to chat. I could tell she felt attracted to him because she was smiling and looking him in the eyes when he spoke. They laughed a lot and smiled a lot.

Per Cindy’s input, after the meal arrived, they slowed down a little on the conversation just because of eating the food, but they both seemed to enjoy each other’s company. Cindy occasionally touched her hair while talking to Mike. That is a classic sign that a girl is interested in a guy. She also touched his arm lightly a few times and he would occasionally put his hand on her shoulder.

This was so hot. I was enjoying watching my wife flirt with this handsome younger guy. She is so beautiful, and it was nice to see that other men felt the same way I did about her beauty. I feel so lucky to have her and I was amazed that I didn’t feel the least bit jealous. We have been together for so long and I know we love each other dearly and that our relationship with each other is more important than either one of us individually. I therefore knew that neither of us would intentionally do something that would hurt the other.

I had encouraged this. Cindy would never do it without my approval but since I was approving and even encouraging, she was enjoying the moment. And from all I had researched, pushing boundaries, having adrenaline producing activities, these were things that draw people closer together. It happens in war, natural disasters, extreme sports, and even in activities that couples do together that are thrilling and exciting.

Mike stopped talking for a moment, and looked at Cindy deeply. “I visit this town often. I know of a great club near here where the music is great, the energy is exciting, and I have always had a lot of fun there. Would you like to go with me?”

I believe this is the point at which Cindy glanced in my direction. I saw her cock her head slightly to the side as if she was regretting that she was going to say something he might not like.

“That sounds like an awesome evening Mike,” she said. “But I need to level with you. I have been married for 12 years.”

“Happily?” asked Mark.

“Believe it or not,” Cindy replied. “Yes. My husband and I are pushing our boundaries a little to spice things up in our canl─▒ bahis siteleri marriage. We are having so much fun and getting so much closer as a result.”

“I don’t understand.” Mark said. “Your husband WANTS you to flirt with guys and that is making the two of you closer?”

“Yes,” she replied. “And it’s really not that unusual. Much research and many surveys have been done. One of the number one things men like seems to be watching other men notice, and even flirt with their wives. It is kind of a, “Yes she’s hot and she’s mine,” way of thinking. But in the end, my husband knows I will always be his first, no matter what we decide to do as far as spicing things up.”

“Oh, I think I see,” he replied. “Are you two one of those couples where the wife gets to have sex with other men, or do the two of you have threesomes of foursomes or something like that?”

“No, not really, at least not at this point in our relationship. We are just having a little naughty fun. My husband did confide to me once that for some time now, he has secretly fantasized about having a threesome with him and another man making love to me. He isn’t bisexual or gay or anything like that. He says he just thinks it would be hot to see me getting double the kisses, double the caresses, double the sex, double the attention, double the pleasure, and he gets so turned on thinking about it. He doesn’t know if he would ever go through this in real life, but since sharing that with me, our sex life has definitely gotten so much more intense. We often role play this scenario and our sex is so much hotter when we do. We really are enjoying the heightened level of emotion it stirs up in us.

Anyway, I say all this just to let you know that my husband has given me the green light to go dancing if I want. I have really enjoyed my time with you this evening. If you are still interested, I would love to go dancing with you.”

Mike thought for a moment and said, “Sure. Lets go?”

Cindy told him she needed to drive separately as she was meeting a female friend afterwards. Mike gave her the address and she discreetly texted that to me. I caught an Uber and when I got there, Cindy and Mike had already gotten a table. They were chatting and laughing.

When Cindy noticed that I was there, she took Mike by the hand and they went to the dance floor. Much of the music had a Latin feel to it and the dancing they were currently doing was a salsa, very passionate and sexy. The dance moves, the whispering in her ear, it was all so hot seeing this man flirting and teasing her. He occasionally would grab her ass and Cindy didn’t seem to mind. Wow, I was really looking forward to having her in bed tonight.

After they had danced awhile, took a break, danced some more, and went back to their table, they chatted some more.

“Mike, I don’t know what my husband and I will do in the future, but right now, this is pretty much as far as I am comfortable going, and with the exception of a kiss, it is as far as we have agreed to let it go. I also have to go to that meeting I told you about.”

“Does he want you to tell him all about what happened with me tonight?” Mike asked.

“Yes, he wants to hear all about it,” she lied. She didn’t tell him that I was right there watching her but in truth, I was looking forward to everything she had to say about her time with this young stud.

“Well,” Mike continued, “If you want to find out if he truly is willing to allow you to sleep with another man, tell him you are sorry but things got out of hand and we went back to the hotel and had sex. If he is OK with it, great. You know where he stands. If he gets upset, Tell him you were just testing the waters to see how he felt. If he doesn’t believe you, tell him to call me. I will confirm your story. We can also let him know what time we left the club and that can be verified by the clubs video if he really wants to do that so he will know you are telling the truth and were truly just “testing the waters.”

“Yes, I just might do that,” Cindy lied again. “What is your phone number?”

He gave her his phone number said he looked forward to seeing her again in the future.

“Come here,” Cindy said.

She put her arms around his back.

“Remember I said, with the exception of canl─▒ bahis a kiss. We still have not done that,” she said with a sly smile.

He pulled her to him and they embraced in a long sexy passionate kiss. When they were done, she looked like she was hyperventilated. Mike was smiling from ear to ear.

“Call me if you ever are ready to take it to the next level,” he said.

After that, they both left the club.

I could hardly walk due to the raging boner I had gotten from seeing that passionate kiss. I made my way outside though and when I saw that Mike had left, I went up to our car which was parked at the far end of the parking lot.

“Can a horny fellow get a ride,” I asked Cindy with a smile.

“Can a horny girl ride you,” she responded with a very sly sexy smile.

“Oh, so you enjoyed that did you? Good because I sure as hell did.” I got in the car and Cindy jumped me. She climbed on me and started kissing me with a passion I haven’t seen since before we were married. She started unbuttoning my shirt so I reached under her dress to help her out of it. Soon, I had her dress off and her panties were not far behind.

My clothes came off a bit slower since she was on me but soon we were both completely naked in this far corner of the parking lot. I started squeezing her soft supple tits, looking into those mesmerizing eyes, while still kissing that beautiful mouth. She started grinding on my lap and I was now again as hard as a rock. Soon, I could feel her velvety soft pussy lips sliding against my dick. She was so turned on that she was soaking wet.

After grinding on me for about five minutes she said, “I need you inside me.” I arched my back a bit to get the angle right and since she was so wet, I penetrated her completely with hardly any effort at all. Oh man she was so wet, so hot, so tight.

She was still grinding on me with my dick inside her. I continue to play with her tits while she went at me with a fury. It was physically very awkward inside the car but that didn’t seem to be slowing her down much.

I reached down and started rubbing her clit and started moving my hips to meet her grinding. We went at this for about 10 erotic minutes before she started going faster and faster. I could tell she was about to orgasm. That was great because I could feel my balls getting tighter and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

We picked up the pace, wildly fucking like animals. Nothing would stop us now. I felt her pussy clenching down on my dick and knew she was orgasming from the loud long wail she was letting out. She was so loud that for a moment, I had a fleeting thought that someone might hear us. That thought didn’t stay around long though because my own orgasm was imminent.

She continued to pump, but much more slowly because she was so sensitive from her own orgasm. Each time she pumped, she moaned out, “OHHHH,” “YESS!!!.” And with each pump, another moan. I picked up my pace because I wanted release. She met every thrust and was moaning with pleasure each time my dick slid in. Finally I felt the cum pulse through my rock hard dick. We were both moaning, almost screaming with ecstasy as I filled her hot wet pussy with my cum.

She collapsed onto me and I sank into the seat, completely exhausted from what had just happened.

“Damn, that was good,” I breathed out.

“We haven’t had sex like that in a long time,” she said.

It was at that time, we heard someone cough. I looked to the left and there was a guy standing by his car. He had apparently been there the whole time, enjoying the show we were putting on. I’m sure he couldn’t see inside our car too much because he was about 15 yards away, but he surely knew what we were doing.

Cindy grabbed her dress and put it on quickly as I started the car and drove off, still completely nude. We left the parking lot and pulled over so I could put on my clothes. I looked at Cindy and she looked at me and we just started laughing.

“That was so fucking fun,” I said. “Four adventures in one night.”

“Four?” she asked. “What four?”

“The restaurant, the club, the awesome sex, and the realism of our exhibitionism in front of that guy. That was hot.”

After this, we drove home. By the time we got there, I was ready to go again. It was a long night, but a hell of a fun night. I love my sexy wife so much, and I can’t wait to do something similar to this adventure again. We are getting so much closer as a result of our exciting adventures.

To be continued….

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