Aditi’s Swee(a)t Life Pt. 02

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That night while I was preparing to sleep Tara came into my room again. She said, “Miss Aditi, do you need anything?”

I shook my head and said, “No Tara didi, you may go and sleep now.”

But Tara didn’t go away, she just stood there looking here and there, rubbing her hands as if waiting to say something. I asked, “What is it, Tara didi? Do you have anything to say?”

Tara slowly stepped forward, coming closer to me. The mature maid had a plumpy body and her height was a bit shorter than me. She came quite close to me and looking up into my eyes said, “Miss, do you remember that you allowed me something before sleep every night?”

I remembered, I allowed her to give a goodnight kiss on my lips daily. I smiled and said, “Of course Tara didi, how can I forget that? You may kiss me now. Would you like to kiss me while standing or on the bed?”

Tara looked really happy as she spoke, “It will be better on the bed Miss. Let me help you.”

I agreed and holding my hand Tara guided me to my bed. She laid me down on the bed and instead of sitting on the edge of the bed, tonight she too mounted the bed. She laid by my side, another step she had taken for the first time in her life, and turned me towards her. “I want to kiss you in a sleeping position.” She remarked.

I nodded and pouted my lips, closing my eyes and waiting in anticipation. I felt Tara’s hot breath falling on my face as she slowly came closer and placed her lips on mine. The kiss was soft, just the pressing of her large lips on mine, and Tara had wrapped her arm around me. And then her leg came over me too as the two pairs of lips kept pressing one another. I was locked by the plumpy hand and leg of the chubby maid and she was slowly but surely increasing the intensity of her kiss.

I didn’t stop her and this encouraged her to go further. She started to suck on my lips, coating me with saliva from her mouth. Her hand and leg mounting my body had not allowed me to move even a bit as the maid sucked my mouth. She was making moaning noises showing that she was getting turned on, maybe it was her long cherished desire to kiss me like this, and it was coming true. I was trying to match up with the intensity of her kissing at first but found that it was not possible for me and hence just played along with her.

Something that was supposed to be a simple good night kiss was now taking place for more than two minutes and Tara was showing no signs of stopping. I was getting tired, my mouth was being continuously sucked on by the maid and also she had kept me in the tight grip of her hand and leg wrapped around my body. I wanted to break the kiss now as it was going out of control but before I could do it the chubby maid turned over to make me lie on my back while she mounted on me completely!

Yes the mature plumpy maid was on my top, her lips still glued to mine, kissing me madly. I was getting suffocated under her weight and her continuous kissing of my lips. By sheer reflex action she had pinned both my hands and was sucking my lips vigorously. She then hungrily kissed and licked my cheeks and neck. At the same time she was rubbing her pussy on my thighs and with each movement she was sucking and licking my face. I was unable to keep up with her ferocious love making and also had to endure her entire weight on my body. She was showing no signs of tiredness and no intentions of stopping as she kissed and sucked me.

Finally being too tired, I started to make sounds of desperation and by now Tara too realised that she had been kissing me for almost five minutes. She broke the kiss and with irregular breaths asked me, “Aditi are you alright?”

I noticed that for the first time she addressed me directly as Aditi and not adding a ‘Miss’ before as she generally did. I too was panting as I replied, “Uff Tara didi, don’t you think it’s quite enough for tonight?”

I was expecting her to dismount my body, but she remained lying on top of me, her big boobs crushing mine. She looked towards me, “If you say so Aditi, otherwise I could have been going on for hours. A thing of beauty like you is to be caressed, loved, kissed. What a beautiful girl you are and you are just twenty-one. Someday a Prince of your or your father’s choice is going to come and take you away, I just want to adore you till then. I am already forty dear Aditi, the years won’t be merciful to me for long.”

Tara didn’t come down from my body, just stayed there and stared at me as she spoke. I was enduring her full weight upon me, but was also understanding the emotions in her words. The mature maid wanted to make love to me, but sadly I couldn’t allow her much. I was only thinking about Kamla now, a physical lustful relation of course with no commitment, but it was only Kamla. But feeling for Tara I made up my mind to let her make one or two advances as such upon me.

Tara slowly rubbed her boobs on mine twice, then she lowered her mouth on me again and kissed my lips another time, this time softly g├╝venilir bahis just for a few seconds. She then slowly got off my body and my bed. She bade me good night and went out of the room. I was finally relieved and went inside my bathroom. I was wet below and needed to cum before sleep. I masturbated thinking about my day’s adventures with Kamla and Tara and while moaning loudly I met my orgasm. As I came back on my bed I realised that Tara hadn’t cum as well but predicted that she might masturbate like me in her room. I sucked my fingers tasting my own cum and really wished Kamla was here with me.

But she was not to be. And even tomorrow it was Sunday and I couldn’t meet her. There was no excuse on my part to go to her slum and meet her. Sunday was for me a dry day, a day without Kamla’s sweat and her cum. I didn’t go to the breakfast table, instead I had it in my bedroom. I took out my MBA coaching notebook and tried to study last week’s notes, but couldn’t concentrate at all. I was turning into a sweat and cum loving freak, all I wanted was the sweat filled body of the labourer woman to feast on.

I decided to take a shower at 11 AM, as the cool fountain of water drenched my nude body I started to feel horny. I slowly caressed my boob and moaned lightly. I never kept my bathroom door shut and today was no exception. So, I had no idea that my mature maid Tara had tiptoed inside. I only realised when two hands cupped my boobs from behind, and a pair of lips started to travel on my neck and shoulders. From the touch I knew at once it was Tara.

“Tara didi, what are you doing, ohhh no. Gawd!” I couldn’t help a moan as the maid twisted my tits with her fingers while she kissed my wet neck. My already horny body was reacting to the touches and I couldn’t resist her. Tara was clothed and was getting wet under the running shower, and so I turned it off. She started to kiss on my bare back as her hands perfectly kneaded my boobs from behind. My pussy was on fire and though at the corner of my mind I knew it was not right, I still couldn’t gather any power, any resistance to stop her.

I looked forward into the mirror, my very fair body being touched by two dark and plumpy hands, now roaming all over my body. Tara was gently biting on the wet skin of my back and I was moaning in desire. She used her right hand to rub my pussy and the left one to grab my boob. I was moaning, “Tara didi, this is not right. We shouldn’t be doing this, uuhhhh, ooohhhh, Gawd!” She didn’t pay any heed to me and just kept on rubbing my pussy and licking my back. She sucked on the wet muscles of my back and her fingers were busy pleasuring my cunt. Then she decided to turn me towards her.

“Tara didi, this is wrong. Let’s not continue this further. Please go out of the bathroom, let me finish my bath, ummm.” My words were cut short by a hungry mouth pressing on to my lips, Tara had taken me in her embrace and was kissing and sucking my lips. Her hands were pressing me to her body tightly, crushing my boobs with her massive ones. And now her tongue had found a way inside my mouth. She was moving her tongue in my mouth while keeping me tightly pressed to her body. My pussy was on fire and I couldn’t control myself sucking on the maid’s tongue. Yes, I was sucking her tongue in my mouth, mixing her saliva with mine.

Tara must have felt triumphant now, thinking that she finally had conquered me. She kept dancing her tongue in my mouth and while keeping her mouth open in the process, she passed on her saliva to my mouth. Her perfect use of fingers had brought me to the brink of an orgasm and soon I reached it. I cum with loud moaning sounds escaping my lips. After my orgasm had subsided and some intense lip kissing Tara finally broke the kiss and said, “Gosh I was so desperate for this Aditi, to have you kiss me back and suck my mouth. Please let us cross every barrier now, let’s make lesbian love to each other. Please make me cum too.”

After I had cum rational thinking was back in my mind and I immediately freed myself from the chubby maid’s grip. I said, “No Tara didi, what we have already done has crossed many limits. This isn’t right, we shouldn’t be doing this. I have no concern that you are my maid or age almost twice as much as me, I have always treated people equally and you are my longtime companion in spite of the big age gap. But we shouldn’t be doing physical sex like this, sorry Tara didi.”

Tara’s face wore a very sad expression as she heard me say those words. I felt sorry for the mature woman, I really wished I could have done something for her. After all she had made me cum and I did nothing for her. Noticing that her clothes were drenched in water I said to her, “Tara didi, please change your clothes or you may catch a cold.”

Tara nodded and went out of the bathroom with the sorry look on her face. I took my towel and dried myself.

Tara avoided me that entire day, mostly sending other maids or servants to serve me food or whatever I required. g├╝venilir bahis siteleri After dinner as I went to my bed she finally came to my room to bid me good night. She was turning her back on me and going away when I decided to stop her, a decision hastily taken by me, feeling sorry for the mature maid. Tara turned towards me, however her eyes were looking downwards, rather than looking towards me. I came down from the bed and went straight up to her.

“Tara didi are you avoiding me?” I asked using my hand on her chin to lift her face up. She looked towards me and just shook her head to imply a negative answer. The dark face of the mature maid looked very sad indeed and my heart ached for her. I whispered, “You helped me meet my orgasm earlier, won’t you allow me to help you get yours?”

Tara’s eyes went big in shock as she heard my words and she stammered as she said, “Miss, Aditi, err, what did you just say?”

I smiled at her and said, “It’s only once and for today only. I want to make you happy, that is why I am agreeing to this one night only affair. Come in my arms Tara didi, merge your body with mine.”

Tara’s eyes beamed and she was overjoyed as I slowly undressed her and stripped her off all the clothes she had worn. The dark brown skin of the maid with a chubby figure was before me, she too had hair in her privates but not a jungle like Kamla. Tara trembled as I used my hands to caress her skin, touching her face, neck, boobs, belly, thighs, knees and toes. I turned her so that her back was towards me as well and caressed her back, waist, buttocks, calf and ankles. “Kiss me.” A moaning whisper escaped Tara’s lips, her body shivering from my touch.

I started to plant soft kisses on the maid’s back, my lips touching her dark brown skin and I came downwards with every kiss. I even kissed her big buttocks on my way to her feet. I then went towards her front and kissed her thighs, belly, boobs and neck. Finally Tara was unable to take it any longer and she grabbed my face to kiss my lips. We were kissing like two mad lovers meeting after a long time, the maid was particularly very aggressive in her kisses and I felt like getting invaded as her lips and tongue ran all over my face and neck.

After some intense kissing I whispered in her ear, “Tara didi, now let me make your pussy my plaything.”

Tara nodded and spread her legs a bit to allow me access to her cunt. The hairy triangle on her pussy looked delicious to me and instead of the original idea of fingering I decided to use my tongue. I used my fingers to expose the maid’s pink pussy just like I did to Kamla in the bus and let my tongue move in her pussy. Tara moaned in pleasure as she felt her chhoti malkin licking her pussy. She was shaking in desire, her body was sweaty even in the air conditioned environment and she was moaning my name in ecstasy.

The taste of the maid’s pussy was not bad but it lacked the rawness and odour of the labourer woman Kamla’s pussy. Still I licked up and down, my tongue tirelessly moving in the juicy pussy of my maid. I was tasting pussy for the second time and I felt that I was really becoming a pro in it. As if I was only meant for licking pussy, not for running a business, wild thoughts ran through my mind and I started to rub Tara’s clit as my tongue kept licking her pussy.

Soon Tara’s desires got the better of her and when the orgasm hit her, it was like a dam of water getting released. She squirted her cum all over my mouth, face and neck. I devoured what was in my mouth and the rest I had to wipe using disposable tissue. Tara had collapsed into a heap on the floor after the orgasm hit her and she was panting with deep breaths. After sometime she regained her composure and put on her clothes.

She looked towards me and said, “Thank you so much Aditi, that was the best orgasm of my life. I know for you it’s a one time only, but I would really like to make love to you always. Your passion and your use of tongue in me shows that you are a lesbian, you will never be attracted to men. You will love only a woman. I hope that we make love again Aditi, it was a very memorable experience and I can’t promise that I won’t hit upon you again. You are the Goddess of beauty Aditi and I can’t take my eyes off you. Thank you for everything and good night.”

As Tara left the room and I went to my bed after cleaning my mouth, I thought about Kamla again. Tomorrow was Monday and I was very excited that I would meet her again. I thought about the hairy and sweaty labourer woman and fingered myself to orgasm twice in the night. I hoped Kamla too was missing me in her home in the basti.

Next morning as usual I boarded the bus and sat with Kamla. I was so relieved to re-experience the combined sweaty body odour of all the labourer women sitting on the bus. Both Kamla and I were sexually starved having missed each other’s company on Sunday, and hence as soon as the curtains were drawn Kamla put her lips on mine. We were kissing iddaa siteleri madly, like two crazy sex starved women. Kamla’s hands were pressing my boobs while we were kissing each other’s lips with passion.

Kamla then broke the kiss only to run her hungry mouth on my cheeks and neck, sucking and biting my tender skin. Both of us were like hungry tigresses feeding on prey. Kamla went back to kissing my lips after sucking my neck for some time. Strong tobacco and sweat smell engulfed my senses as I kept kissing the labourer woman.

However, as I parted my lips to let her tongue in, I realised that she actually had tobacco in her mouth right now which came into my mouth together with her saliva. Kamla didn’t let go of my mouth, she kept kissing me and I had to swallow the tobacco mixed saliva, otherwise it would have come out of my mouth. As the tobacco went through my throat it produced a burning sensation. Realising my discomfort Kamla broke the kiss and I started to cough. Kamla laughed and said, “If you like me, you have to like every aspect of me. You can’t be disgusted by any habit of mine.”

I looked towards her and said, “You never disgust me in any way Kamlaji. I adore you, I worship you, I like and love the way you are. Every part of your body is for me to lick, suck and kiss.”

Kamla was very pleased and said, “So nice of you Aditi. Now I should reward you with your prize.”

She raised her arm to her favourite position, displaying the sweaty and hairy armpit. I just plunged into her sweaty hollow in the underarm, sucking her sweat soaked armpit hair in my mouth. I could never get enough of the armpit smell and taste of the labourer woman and today too was no exception. As I buried my face in her sweaty hollow Kamla while fondling my hair, remarked, “Aditi are you satisfied with this short thirty minute encounter? Don’t you wish we could spend more time together?”

I, busy running my tongue on her hairy patch in the armpit, just managed, “Ummm, I want more of you, but there is no way Kamlaji.”

Kamla replied, “There can be a way if we can create it. Why don’t you come to our basti? I live all alone in my house, and instead of spending time in your coaching centre you can spend the same in my house. I don’t think bunking classes for a day would do you any harm.”

I stopped licking and looked up, thinking that Kamla was joking. But she looked serious, she wanted me to spend time in her basti. But there were so many hurdles before achieving this. A train of thoughts ran through my mind. The women residing in her basti would recognize me if they saw me enter or leave the basti. My coaching centre might enquire my absence and that too would cause a problem. Abdul generally came and parked the vehicle near the coaching centre almost half an hour before the classes were over. If he saw me coming from elsewhere he would be suspicious too. There were so many problems.

Noticing me deeply engaged in thoughts Kamla kissed my lips and said, “What is it Princess, can’t you do it for me?”

I shook my head and said, “I don’t think it would be possible Kamlaji. There is a big risk involved.”

As I tried to lick the armpits again, Kamla pushed me back. I saw that her facial expression had changed, she was angry and it showed in the tone of her voice as she spoke, “You have to take that risk if you want to spend time with me. I live all alone and fantasize about you and me having sex on my bed. Do you know how mad I felt yesterday? I was missing your touches and licks on my body. You need to spend more time with me. I need you to worship my body. Don’t you want to feast on my body?”

I held her hand and pleaded, “Yes, I do want that badly Kamlaji but please understand. I am recognizable to all and what if someone from your basti sees me enter your house? The small adventures that we are having now in the bus will be permanently stopped as well.”

Kamla shook her head and said, “These are all petty excuses that you are making. Ok Princess you need not spoil your reputation. Be happy as you are.”

She wasn’t pleased at all and my heart sank. Meanwhile my destination had arrived and as I got off the bus, I was very disturbed. I too wanted to spend more time with Kamla but there was no way I was taking such a big risk. I couldn’t concentrate on the coaching classes that day and decided to leave the class half an hour early. On my way back too I was engrossed in thoughts, I didn’t want to offend Kamla at all but I too was bound by compelling reasons.

That night as Tara came for her good night kiss I was still thinking about how to patch up with an angry Kamla the next day. Tara asked me, “What happened, Aditi? Why are you so disturbed?”

I didn’t reply, I just laid down on the bed with my pillow on my top. Tara sat by my side and fondled my hair, whispering, “Don’t worry about anything Aditi, you are the best and you deserve the best and you will get the best. No problems in life can stop you.”

Her caring words made me feel better and I looked at her and smiled. She too smiled and said, “I have come for my kiss.”

I nodded and put my pillow aside. She mounted on my top and kissed my lips. I too held her cheeks and responded to her sloppy kisses.

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