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Adam? Yes, Matty.

�2019 by Gamin Paramour

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1) This is fiction, although it”s Based on a True Story! (Unless the guy was bullshitting me, but I don”t think he was.)

2) Stay safe. Don”t break the law.

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Part 3

The three of us fell into a routine quite quickly. Every weekday morning Susan got up with Matty and spent her motherly hour with him, getting him dressed, fed and ready for school, all the while teasing and bantering and otherwise being the Best Mom Ever. After we left for the day she collapsed back into bed and tried to get a few more hours. I allowed them their morning time pretty much uninterrupted, knowing how important it was to both of them.

I now got quick kisses on the cheek every time I dropped him off at school and picked him up at the Park District. The “really good kisses” were now a staple of bedtime, and they were getting very good indeed, lasting longer and showing ever more affection. Another innovation was that he was taking a bath every night instead of every other night as he always had, and every night I was helping with back scrubbing and all-over drying with a big fluffy towel. I fancied that this had more to do with my attention than with cleanliness.

One evening I received an important business phone call while he was in the tub and so I excused myself to the small spare bedroom on the second floor, which I had commandeered as a home office. After twenty minutes or so Matty appeared at the door in the most adorable shorty pajamas I had yet seen with little moons and stars all over them. He also sported the requisite tousled, damp hair, and an expression of not just disappointment, but hurt. I held up an index finger to keep him quiet for the last fifteen seconds of my call and rang off.

“You never came back to help me with my bath,” he said in something just this side of a whine. I had never heard him in a full-fledged whine and I didn”t want to.

“You”re big enough to take care of all that yourself,” I said, trying to say it kindly so it didn”t sound like a rebuke. “I love to help you,” I went on, “but tonight I had to take a call for my work.”

“I got cold and I couldn”t find a towel and I didn”t know where you were,” he pouted, regressing again to that six-year-old voice he sometimes used, and I began to wonder if he was trying to manipulate me, playing on my obvious affection. Maybe it wasn”t such a good idea to indulge him with constant attention every night, even if it did feel wonderful for both of us. I knew I should nip this in the bud, set some boundaries for Matty”s own good, but who was I kidding? In the end I knew I couldn”t bring myself to take the slightest chance of ever losing this boy.

“Oh, Matty, I”m sorry,” I said, taking the coward”s way out. I held out my arms and he slowly inched forward into my embrace. He was making me work for it. “Your Mom and I have to work, you know,” I said, “no matter how much we”d rather be with you. And my boss would have been mad if I didn”t take that phone call.”

He did everything but sniff up a tear, laying it on thick. “But you”d rather be with me, right?” he asked in his little boy voice.

I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. “I love to be with you, Matty, you know that.”

I”m such a wuss.

My hand touched the PJ top in the small of his back and came away wet with bath water. “Oops,” I said. “You didn”t dry your back very well, did you?”

He looked at me impishly. “I told you I needed help,” he said, and I got the distinct impression it had been done on purpose.

“Take that shirt off and I”ll throw it in the dryer,” I said, and Matty grinned as I helped skin it off over his head. We were back to ersatz Daddy and little son, and he was back to loving it. I was back to loving the sight of his beautiful bare torso, with his slightly large for a boy, dusky pink nipples standing fully erect in the air conditioning. I hadn”t noticed before, but his nipples reminded me greatly of Susan”s; the same color and general shape, only much smaller. I wondered if they were equally sensitive to fondling, pinching and sucking.

I walked him down the hall to the bathroom, where I picked up the towel he had thrown on the floor in his uncharacteristic display of acting out. I held him by the shoulder as I dried his back, and he smiled up at me lovingly. Everything seemed back to normal now that he was getting everything entirely his way.

On the way down to the family room for our usual hour of TV I stopped into the laundry room and threw the pajama top into the dryer and switched it to rumbling life. I followed Matty”s gorgeous little topless form to the couch, the moons and stars of his pajama shorts clinging to his beautiful butt, and sat in my usual spot as I gathered him into his now-accustomed position on my lap. His bare skin was so delicious as he leaned back against my chest that I was glad that I had dodged the bullet with our minor contretemps upstairs, because I never wanted to miss a minute of this.

It wasn”t Disney Channel that night, but The Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner movie on HBO, so I reached over and clicked off the table lamp, plunging us into near-darkness. “Let”s have it like a movie theater,” I said, and Matty grinned and snuggled tighter against me as we watched Bugs outsmart Elmer Fudd.

“Adam?” Matty eventually said.

“Yes, Matty,” I replied.

“Are you mad at me because I was a brat upstairs?”

I hugged him closer. “No, Matty, I”m not mad at you.”

“Good,” he said, and snuggled against me again.

We watched and chuckled a few more minutes, then…


“Yes, Matty.”

“You won”t tell Mom I acted bad, will you?”

“No, Matty,” I said. “It”s just between us.”

The coyote fell off yet another cliff and then…


I heard a single suppressed giggle, and I knew the whole Adam, Yes Matty, call-and-response thing had become a game to him. I happily played along, willing to do anything to keep a smile on that beautiful face.

“Yes, Matty”

“Do you…”

When his voice caught in his throat I knew that this would actually be a serious question, something that had real importance to him.

“Do you really mean it when you say you love me?”

I turned him on my lap so that I could look into his eyes. “Yes, Matty,” I said, making sure he could see how serious I was. “I love you so much I never want to be apart from you. I want to love you forever.”

A smile bloomed on his lovely face, and I could see his eyes shining in the darkness. “I love you forever, too, Adam.”

We smiled adoringly at each other for a few seconds, then he turned back toward the TV and I thought the dialog was over, but then…


“Yes, Matty.”

“Does it have to be bedtime for you to kiss me?”

I don”t know if it was the cover of darkness that emboldened me, or if all these weeks of getting emotionally closer and closer to this intoxicating creature had finally brought me to the brink, but at this prompt all caution abandoned me and I pulled him into a tight embrace, pressing my lips to his. I kissed him deeply, with a no-holds-barred passion that could never be passed off as innocent. He returned my ardor twofold, wrapping his arms around my neck and crushing his mouth against mine with all his strength. Instinct took over and I found my tongue snaking forward, and as it pushed between his parted lips his eyes opened in a look of surprise, which turned immediately into delight. In seconds he picked up on it and we were French kissing like Parisian lovers, our tongues swirling first in his mouth and then in mine.

My fingers traced across his tender belly as I so deeply kissed him. Matty made a guttural sound of lust as my fingers traveled higher, brushing across one erect nipple and eliciting a noticeable quiver from the boy. There was no protest, no blocking, just another moan and more kissing. I returned to that sharp nipple, and this time I traced my finger ever-so-lightly around and around it, then gave its pointy tip a couple of light flicks with my thumb. Matty gasped and wriggled a bit on my lap, but it wasn”t an attempt to escape. It was an involuntary shudder of his gut, a physical response to an intense new stimulus. Encouraged, I brought my other hand up, finding and playing with his other nipple, and now I had both stiff nipples in my fingers, which neither of us could claim was casual or unintentional. I gently rolled and pinched both of his hard nips between my thumbs and forefingers, and he sucked in his breath and let out a louder moan.

I looked down the front ankara türbanlı escort of his cute shorty pajamas and even by the dim light of the TV I could see that the stars and moons were undeniably tented out to the full length of the young member underneath. Apparently it was “like mother, like son” when it came to nipples.

I placed the flat of my palm on his silky bare midriff, the fingers pointing down. I began to slide my hand downward, watching his eyes for any sign of alarm. When none came and his tongue wrestled all the harder with mine, I slid my fingertips under the elastic waistband of his shorts. His eyes popped wide again, not in surprise, but rather anticipation. I pulled back from our kiss and held his gaze with an invisible force as I transmitted the question — THE question — from my brain to his. I knew that he knew, and after a second”s delay his eyes said YES in big bold block letters and his head nodded almost imperceptibly in consent.

“Oh!” he gasped when my fingers found the stiffened flesh I so desired. “Oh Adam!”

“Oh Matty!” I moaned and rejoined the kiss, finding his fire even hotter than before. I moved the skin of his hot, hard little penis up and down its length, undoubtedly the only human being other than himself ever to jack him off, and he moaned the loudest yet. I continued this for a long time, my own raging hard cock now poking up at his little butt, until I knew I had to take the next step or I”d go mad.

I broke away from his mouth and withdrew my hand from his shorts, shifting his slight weight off of my lap and depositing him on the couch on his butt. His mouth opened in surprise, and he managed only to say, “What are you…?” before I slipped to my knees on the floor in front of him and deftly yanked the shorts to his knees. His surprised expression turned to a grin and I was sure he knew what was about to happen. Ten-year-old boys have heard of blow jobs, right? Had I known when I was his age? And then I remembered, of course I had, because I was already trading them with my cousin.

But even if Matty didn”t exactly know, he wasn”t an idiot. Why else would I be on my knees in front of him and stripping off his shorts? And the fact that he then pulled up his knees and pointed his toes, actively assisting me with getting the shorts down and over his feet, was a loud and clear indication that he welcomed what was going to happen. Stop thinking, Adam, I said to myself, and plunged my mouth down the full length of his beautiful dick.

Matty sucked in a huge breath and held it as the amazing sensation washed over him, then let it all out in a rush. I was already sucking him intently, finally realizing the fantasies I”d entertained practically every waking moment since I”d first laid eyes on him. He was every bit as delectable as I had imagined, and the reality of his taste, smell and feel was far better than any fantasy could ever be. I swirled my tongue around his little cock, pulling back to slurp and lave the neatly circumcised head, then plunging back down to reap my reward, the sound of his intense, excited squeals.

His dick was marvelously hard and hot, and it throbbed in pleasure. I decided that it was nominally longer than I had given it credit for, perhaps three-and-a-half inches instead of three, but my estimate of its thickness had been spot-on. The delicious, meaty mouthful was almost exactly the thickness of my thumb, and it pulsed and thrummed as his hands came to the back of my head and gripped me by the hair. I suddenly remembered that he liked when I teased his nipples, so I reached up with both hands and tenderly tweaked both of his sharp points and he moaned louder in appreciation.

I took my time and gave Matty a wonderful first blow job, and I knew how to give them, too, having initiated at least a dozen boys since Cousin Chris taught me about boy sex the summer before fifth grade. For the thousandth time I silently thanked the neighborhood friend who had taught Chris, and whatever mentor had taught that boy, and so on and so on back to the first cave-boy who ever sucked off another cave-boy. I sometimes mused that my life might have been simpler, even easier, if I had never become addicted to the pleasures of sweet young males, but then I would have missed something I consider truly wonderful. Such thoughts are meaningless, since it is what it is and I am what I am, so I turned my full attention back to the gasping, writhing boy beneath me.

I sat back and looked up at his beautiful face. His expression was rapt, his eyes dreamily closed, but when he realized I had stopped sucking his eyes opened and he looked down at me questioningly. Without a word I slid my hands under him and lifted him bodily. He yelped in surprise, but giggled all the way as I carried him hurriedly up the stairs and into his bedroom.

He laughed out loud as I deposited him with a bounce on the bed, but his grin faded when he saw the serious look in my eyes. His smile returned with a decidedly naughty overtone when I peeled off my dress shirt without unbuttoning it and threw it aside. His mouth opened wide as I tore down my pants and underwear in one tug and the man-dick he”d seen flaccid in showers and changing rooms loomed over him now in raging stiffness. I was sure Matty had never seen a grown man”s erect cock — I certainly never had at his age, not encountering my first until I was fourteen. He took in the sight, astonished but not afraid, and his breathing was excitedly shallow.

I climbed onto the small bed and took him in my arms, the full length of our bodies touching, and we joined again in a deep soul kiss. My cock crushed against his tender thigh, and the exquisite softness of that sensation threatened to launch my orgasm then and there. His little prod pressed against my abdomen, and I felt him thrusting it against me in the primal rhythm that all humans know without being taught. I pulled him fully on top of me and my hands came around to cup both globes of his perfect ass. We writhed like that for a long time, humping against each other and our tongues swirling together. He seemed to love this as much as getting sucked.

I rolled us over as one unit so that I was on top, supporting my weight on my elbows and knees. I began to kiss down his chin and neck, then down to one of his succulent nipples. As I knew he would, Matty sucked in his breath in rapture as my lips closed around his stiff little nub and began to suck.

“Oh, Adam!” he exclaimed at this unexpected delight, the first words spoken by either of us since this whole adventure began perhaps twenty minutes before. I found his cock again with two fingers and my thumb, and I felt his back arch as he automatically strained his hips upward to meet my hand. His soft, hairless balls jiggled delightfully against the backs of my fingers as I jagged him off. He gasped again in ecstasy when I began to flick the very tip of my tongue on his nipple like a butterfly”s wings and I kept it up because he clearly loved it.

In another minute I needed that beautiful little cock again, and so I kissed the rest of the way down his belly and pubes until I reached it”s quivering head. I flicked my tongue around it and felt him react, and so I played with him like that for a moment, relishing my ability to make him squirm and writhe. I reached up with both hands and found his excited little nipples again, teasing the knife-sharp tips with the pads of my thumbs, and Matty moaned in ecstasy and arched his back up to the source of the pleasure.

After a few minutes I felt his legs tense and his gut shudder, and I could scarcely believe what seemed to be happening. I focused intently on giving my sweet little lover that ultimate feeling. My lips flew up and down his shaft as he thrust his hips up from the bed to meet me. Please, please, please I shouted in my head.

“Something”s happening!” Matty exclaimed, his hands fiercely clutching the back of my head .

I pulled slightly off just long enough to say, “Let it happen!” but it didn”t matter, because a second later Matty did just that, and his guts heaved and his body wracked in his very first climax. Two, three, four wrenching pulses lifted his sweet butt off the bed and buried his hairless tool in my suctioning mouth. It took his breath away and his guts heaved exactly as mine did when I climaxed, but there was no fluid.

Some guys had insisted that a very small number of very young boys could produce liquid jizz several years before puberty, but I had never seen it and frankly didn”t believe it. Matty”s dry cum was plenty for me, and I”m sure for him as well.

I released his sensitive parts and held his bucking little body until the quakes slowed and stopped, my beloved Matty gasping for air and moaning in my arms.

“What was THAT?” he tuzla escort asked as soon as he had the breath. When he saw me grinning his own lips turned up into a smile.

“You, my friend, are one very lucky boy,” I said. “You just had something called an orgasm, and not every boy your age can have one.”

“An or… What?” he asked.

“Or-gaz-um,” I said hyper-distinctly. “You say it.”

“Or-gaz-um,” he repeated carefully. “But what is it?”

I didn”t want to do the entire birds-and-bees thing at this particular moment, with my own raging hard-on yet to be dealt with. “It”s the very best feeling a person can have,” I said.

“It sure was!” Matty said, grinning like Christmas morning. “I play with my dick sometimes and it feels really good, but I never thought it could feel that good!”

“I”m glad you liked it, baby,” I said, and he seemed to like that I called him baby. I leaned in and we shared a couple of nibbling, sweet kisses.

“You rubbed my dick the exact same way that I do,” he went on, undoubtedly the first time he had ever discussed his masturbation technique. “With my thumb on top and my two fingers underneath, like a cage all around it. That way I can feel the tip of my dick kind of barely touch the middle of my hand and that feels good.”

“No wonder you liked it so much,” I said. “It felt familiar.”

“And when you were flicking your thumbs on my nipples,” he said excitedly, “it felt like little lightning bolts going back and forth between my nipples and my dick!”

“Again, you”re very lucky, Matty,” I said, really envying the level of pleasure he got right from his very first experience. “I wish I could enjoy my nipples as much as you do.”

“You mean you”re not lucky like me? You can”t feel the organism?”

I smiled fondly. “Or-gaz-um,” I over-pronounced again. “And yes, I can feel it. Almost every grownup can feel it. When I said you were lucky I meant that not every boy gets that feeling at only ten years old. I never felt it until I was thirteen, at least not the full-blown feeling like you just had.”

“One time,” Matty said, “I had a real big boner and it wouldn”t go away, so I played with it and played with it for a real long time, and then it started to feel like something was going to happen, sort of like today, only not as strong, and I didn”t know what it was and I got scared and stopped.”

“That happened to me, too,” I said, “only I was older, like thirteen. I was afraid I was going to pee all over myself or something, so I stopped. And it happened again a few times and I always stopped. But then one day that maybe-gonna-pee feeling came and it was feeling way too good to stop, so I said the hell with it, go ahead and pee. And so I kept going and then I had my first orgasm.”

“Wow!” Matty said. “You probably could have done it every time if you didn”t stop.”

“And you, too,” I said. “I”ll bet you could have had an orgasm a long time ago if you knew how.”

“I want to help you feel the orgasm,” he said, “like you helped me.”

“That would be wonderful, Matty,” I said, more in love than ever. Most boys only want to lay back and receive, especially the first time, but Matty was actively offering me pleasure.

He looked down at my erect nips, which looked like little flattened pencil erasers. “Your nipples are nice and hard,” he observed, reaching down to gently touch one. “But you don”t feel anything there?”

“Oh, I feel something, and it”s very nice,” I said. “But I don”t think I feel it as much as you do.”

He began to roll it and gently pinch it between his thumb and forefinger, exactly as I had done to him downstairs on the couch. “Does that feel good?” he asked.

“It”s very nice, Matty,” I said. “Thank you, but there are no lightning bolts.”

The boy slid a little further down the bed. “I think this guy needs some playtime, then.” With that he wrapped his cool, soft hand around my hot, hard cock and began to stroke it, clumsily at first but quickly gaining rhythm.

“Oh, Matty!” I said. “That”s very good!”

Matty got up on his haunches for a better angle and stroked steadily. He looked at me with excitement in his eyes, then showed that naughty smile again and got on his hands and knees, sort of perpendicular to me on the bed.

“This will be even better,” he said, and without hesitation he plunged his little mouth down on my cock.

I gasped in astonishment and delight, relishing the sight of the beautiful little boy of my dreams slurping and sucking the head of my dick. He couldn”t take much more than the head, but he mouthed it and tongued it around and around with absolute gusto. Matty”s small hand gripped the shaft, and then he began to slowly and steadily move the skin up and down while he sucked.

“Ohhhhh boy!” I exclaimed, knowing for sure that this combo was going to get me there, and pretty damn quick. His soft, moist lips, his strong tongue, his firm grip and steady strokes all combined to overwhelm my senses. It wasn”t the most accomplished blow job I”d ever had, but boy did it make up for lack of experience with enthusiasm.

Nothing is sexier than enthusiasm.

He moved closer to me until we were nearly in sixty-nine position, only both of his knees were on the same side of me. I examined his young, sweet body as he worked, which was pretty goddamn sexy in its own right. His little boner had returned to full staff, and I was tremendously gratified that he was as turned on for me as I was for him. I ran my hands lightly across his back and down his sides, marveling at the softness, then over the succulent flesh of his ass. I gently spread the cheeks to get my first real close up view of his dusky pink asshole, the exact same color as his nipples, so inviting and fresh from his bath. I remembered Matty saying that his mother insisted he thoroughly wash that spot, and that he appreciated how pleasant it feels to be “nice and clean back there.” It looked good enough to eat, and I resolved to put it on the menu very soon, with his permission, of course.

I felt the rumblings beginning deep in my gut, and I knew I was getting close. It suddenly dawned on me that I had a decision to make. I hadn”t discussed the major difference between a lucky boy”s orgasm and a grown man”s, the jet of hot cum that would flood his little mouth in about twenty seconds if I didn”t do something. Surely he didn”t already know. Did they have sex education in the fifth grade? Had Susan given him that level of detail? But if he didn”t even know what cumming was until ten minutes ago how could he know about ejaculation? All this thinking was antithetical to my body”s ongoing evolutionary mission, to propel those little swimmers as far into another warm body as humanly possible, but I knew I couldn”t surprise Matty that way.

“Baby, you”ve got to take your mouth off of me,” I gasped, barely able to speak.

He mumbled something around my cock, and I knew he didn”t want to release it. My sweet boy was determined to make me feel the orgasm, and this method was clearly working, so why would he stop?

“You”ll see why,” I panted, the eruption of hot magma building up like Vesuvius. “But trust me, you want to finish this with just your hand.”

The heat began in my balls and quickly spread outward. I felt it travel up my abdomen and reach my chest and face, and the hot column of semen began to climb my shaft. I had barely enough control to do so, but I managed to forcibly dislodge Matty”s wildly sucking mouth from my cock just as the jizz fountain began to spray. The first shot went all the way over my head and hit the headboard of Matty”s bed. The boy”s mouth opened in astonishment and he stopped jerking my cock, though he still held it tightly as it pulsed in his grip.

“Keep rubbing!” I shouted. “Matty, please!”

I grabbed his hand and moved it myself, and in a second he got the idea and my hand fell away. Two more pulses fired from my cock, splashing my chest and stomach with translucent white pools and streaks. When my climax finally subsided I collapsed against the mattress, heaving, panting and sweating. My eyes drifted open and Matty was grinning at me. He had a tiny, unnoticed white pearl of cum on the side of his nose.

I smiled up at him in absolute adoration. I”d been with about twenty-five pre-pubertal boys in my life, twenty of those when I was still a boy myself, and Matty was unquestionably the best of the best.

“Now you have to explain that,” he said, giggling.

I was relieved that Matty was quite the opposite of upset. He was clearly delighted that he had brought me this pleasure, and not grossed out at all by the mystery fluid that had appeared out of nowhere. I reached up with a finger and swiped the drop of cum off of his nose and avrupa yakası ucuz escort showed it to him. He laughed heartily.

“What is that stuff?” he asked in genuine curiosity. “It doesn”t look like pee.”

“It”s not pee,” I said. “This is called semen, but it has lots of nicknames, like jizz and cum.”


“Yes, but spelled C-U-M for some reason,” I said. “In fact, the usual nickname for having an orgasm is cumming.”

He looked confused. “Why do they call it that?”

“I don”t really know,” I said. “I guess because the white stuff is going to come out, and you can feel it coming.”

He pondered for a second. “Yeah, it sort of felt like something was going to come out of me before,” he said, “but nothing did.”

“That”s because you”re still a young boy,” I said, “which I”m really glad of, by the way.” This earned me a lovely smile on that pretty face. “You probably know that when boys get older their bodies change. You grow hair on your body and your voice gets deeper, stuff like that.”

“I know,” he said. “My Mom says it”ll happen when I”m twelve or thirteen.”

“Probably, yeah,” I said. “It happens for different boys at different ages. Part of that change is that your body starts to produce this white fluid.” I scooped some up on my finger and touched it with my thumb, pulling it apart to make a strand so he could see the viscosity. “It”s a little yucky, but it can”t hurt you, and if you get some on you all you have to do is wash it off.”

He laughed again, “I had some on my nose!” he said, “and I still have some on my hand.”

I hadn”t noticed because Matty hadn”t made a big deal out of it. A lot of boys react like it”s goddamn sulfuric acid or something, scrambling out of the way in a panic. One had fallen off the bed and actually hurt himself. That kid never came back for seconds, I remembered wryly.

“Let”s go into the bathroom and clean ourselves up, OK?” I said, checking the nightstand clock and relieved to see it was only eight-thirty.

Matty insisted on taking the washcloth and cleaning my stomach and chest for me. “The cum is gone,” he said, and when I chuckled he looked at me questioningly because he didn”t realize he had made a little pun, then shrugged and moved on.

“I”m sure glad you pushed my mouth off of you,” Matty said as we walked naked back to the bedroom.

“I didn”t want to surprise you,” I said. “The stuff doesn”t exactly taste good,” I said, “but it isn”t that awful and it wouldn”t make you sick or anything.”

We settled back onto the bed, wrapped in each others arms, declaring our love and kissing for several minutes. After a while we just lay in silence, Matty”s head lying sweetly on my shoulder.


“Yes, Matty.”

“This fun stuff we do… Is it called sex?”

“Yes, Matty,” I said, “this is sex.”

“I thought so,” he said. “Now I understand better. I didn”t exactly know what sex was, but whatever it was I could tell that grownups really really like it even though they never really talk about it and keep it secret from kids.”

“Some adults…” I began, then started again. “Almost all adults have this crazy idea that kids shouldn”t be allowed to enjoy this wonderful thing called sex. That it”s only for grownups, and that kids should be kept innocent. They act like kids aren”t even interested, but in my experience boys, at least, are very interested in sex from the first minute they find out about it. They aren”t innocent, they”re only ignorant.”

Matty looked a little sheepish. “I don”t know what ignorant means,” he said.

“It just means you don”t know something,” I said. “Not that you can”t understand, just that nobody ever told you.”

“Well, I”m sure interested in sex,” he said. “It”s the best thing ever!”

I hugged him and kissed his forehead, then we lay quietly as I stroked his back.


“Yes, Matty.”

“You said cum doesn”t taste that bad,” he said. “Did you only ever taste your own?”

I knew what he was getting at, and I wondered if jealousy was about to rear its head.

“Well, yes of course I tasted my own,” I said, “when I first started squirting it. But I”ve also tasted other guy”s cum. Guys really like to squirt it right into your mouth.”

“So you do sex with other boys, too?”

“Well, I have in the past,” I said. “I started having sex when I was a few months younger than you, with my Cousin Chris.”

“Did you and Chris love each other?” he asked, and the hope in his voice was evident.

“Not like this,” I said, hugging him to me again. “I loved him like a cousin, but not like a boyfriend.”

Matty grinned happily at me. “Am I your boyfriend?”

“Yes, Matty,” I said. “You are my one and only boyfriend.”

He scooted up to give me a long, deep kiss, and I could feel his little cock prodding into my side. I had been hoping for Round Two, and the prospects were looking very good.

“If you were my age,” Matty continued, “how old was Chris? Old enough to squirt that stuff?”

“No,” I said. “He was also ten at the time. I didn”t taste cum until several years later, first when I was thirteen and shot it myself, and then when I fooled around with this guy named Jamie who was one year older. He gave me a really good blow job and let me cum in his mouth and he swallowed it, and then I just did the same for him, too.”

“Blow job?”

“That”s the slang term for sucking someone”s dick,” I said, “and before you ask, I don”t know why. Everything about sex seems to have a nonsensical nickname.”

“Do you wish I swallowed your cum before?” he asked. “I would, if you wanted me to.”

I hugged him close. “I know you would, Matty. I know that you would do anything for me, just like I would do anything for you. Sometime, if you want to, you can.”

He sighed contentedly at that and we fell silent.


“Yes, Matty.”

“Do you do sex with my Mom?”


I didn”t think this question would come up so soon, but I was determined not to lie to the boy. I loved him, truly and deeply, and I didn”t want to lie to him even if it fucked everything up.

“Yes, Matty, I do,” I said. “I love your Mom very much, and I hope the three of us are a family forever.”

“Me too,” he said, and snuggled in and kissed my chest. “I love you both and I want you guys to have fun together. And I want you and me to have fun together, too. Is that weird?”

“It”s not weird to me, Matty,” I said. “But I think most people would think it was bad.”

He looked apprehensive. “Do you think my Mom would think it was bad?”

“She might,” I said. Though Susan had offered very progressive and rational opinions on many supposed taboos, such as social nudity, we had never directly discussed childhood sexuality. I knew the gay aspect wouldn”t bother her — I was certain that if Matty grew up gay Susan would be glad for him that he was living his own truth — but the adult-child thing might be over the line for her.

“Then we”d better keep it secret,” Matty said. “I don”t want to upset her.”

“OK, then,” I said, relieved. “It”ll be our secret.” I wondered if he was really worried about his Mom”s feelings, or if he just knew that we”d have to stop if she found out.


“Yes, Matty.”

“Will you suck my dick some more?” he asked. “I don”t think it”s done feeling good yet.”

Matty”s First Blow Job Round Two went pretty much how you”d expect so I won”t describe it in much detail here, except to say that he didn”t manage the same kind of mind-blowing orgasm as the first time. He got there, but the climax was slower to build up and, when it came, was much more subdued, with subtle tremors of his abdomen rather than wrenching spasms. One of my prepubescent playmates once described that sort of orgasm as “The Shudders,” which were the only kind he ever got until the pubic fuzz sprouted and a drop of barely viscous cum appeared at his slit. Happily I was there to witness what he called his first “real cum,” and in fact I was the one responsible for it.

Matty was pretty wiped out after Round Two. Not only had he experienced two orgasms, but it was now more than two hours past his bedtime and the little guy had fallen asleep in my arms. I put on my sleep shorts and went downstairs to retrieve his pajama bottoms, which had been tossed aside in our passion, and got the PJ shirt out of the dryer. Matty was so zonked that I was able to dress him in his pajamas like a little doll and tuck him under the covers, all without waking him up.

Touching him again and the fresh memory of our first lovemaking quicikly had my cock pounding hard, but I was very glad that I didn”t do anything about it. That night Susan came home from work horny for the first time since she”d started the new job, and she was very pleased to find Little Adam awake and ready to play.

Next time:

Matty the Peacemaker.

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