Accidents and Non-Accidents at Work Ch. 02

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A/N: This is a continuation of “Accidents and Non-Accidents at Work.” Enjoy!

Alice walked towards Jen’s bathroom. There was no way she’d be able to get home without her sodden diaper leaking all over her skirt and car seat, and the prospect of getting another clean diaper to use was thrilling. Once inside the restroom, she pulled off her wet, heavy diaper, admiring the obvious yellow tint the inside had, cleaned up a bit, and then put on a fresh diaper.

As Alice drove home, she realized that she’d probably want to have additional diapers for further use, and pulled into the parking lot of a nearby CVS. She made her way to the incontinence products aisle, and began browsing the considerable selection of diapers available. She even let out a quick squirt of pee into her own diaper, before deciding on a store-brand women’s overnight absorbency diaper, plus a pack of booster pads for good measure.

She felt a little nervous about purchasing the diapers, but the store wasn’t one she’d visited before, so it was unlikely anyone would recognize her. The person staffing the cash register seemed utterly uninterested in her and her purchases, and Alice made it out of the store without incident.

Once Alice was home, she changed into more casual clothes, and grabbed a towel – she was planning on getting very wet, and didn’t want to have to run to the bathroom if her diaper leaked. She also made herself a quick mug of tea and then settled down with her laptop.

She opened up Google and entered the phrase “i like to wet my diaper,” and just typing that out was enough to send a frisson of excitement down her body. Scanning the results, she realized that there was a whole group of people who shared this and related interests.

At first she bounced from story to story of other people who wore and used diapers because they wanted to. Eventually, though, she ended up on a site with clips of women wetting themselves without a diaper. Alice was so desperate by then (the tea having done its job) that the first clip she watched of a woman wetting nearly made her do the same on the spot. She managed to refrain from voiding her bladder, apart from a few short squirts, but was now very curious as to what it would feel like to pee in a pair of pants.

She quickly went upstairs and got a pair of panties from her room, and them went to the bathroom. Once inside, she took off the jeans she was wearing, her only slightly damp diaper, and her shirt, pulled on her underwear and put the jeans back on, and stepped into the tub (already leaking a bit as she did so). Once standing safely in the tub, she relaxed, and urine began to immediately flow out of her. She first felt the cloth around her crotch and butt grow delightfully wet and warm, which was similar to how it felt ataşehir escort when she used a diaper. But only a few seconds later she felt hot pee running down her legs, and saw a trail of dark, wet, glistening patches on her pants and a yellow puddle at her feet. She decided that she loved properly peeing her pants; maybe even more than peeing a diaper – as when she had pooped her panties at work, she loved seeing obvious evidence that she’d had an “accident,” plus more of her got wet without a diaper on.

After admiring the stains on her jeans in the mirror for a few minutes, she took her bra off and turned on the shower, quickly cleaning herself and rinsing out her peed-in clothes. Once she had toweled herself dry, she put her bra, shirt, and diaper back on (it was only slightly damp, so she decided she didn’t need a new one), threw her wet clothes in the laundry basket, put on a dry pair of jeans, and went back downstairs, where she made herself a quick dinner, accompanied by lots of liquids.

She spent the rest of her evening online, enjoying stories and pictures and videos of people having “accidents” – while spurting into her diaper periodically – and began to make a mental list of ideas to try out. She didn’t think she’d ever want to wet in public as brazenly as some people apparently did, but maybe she could walk around her neighborhood one night in a dark pair of pants and wet without it being obvious. A clip she found of a woman messing her panties reminded her of the original accident she’d had – was it really only this morning? – and she resolved to repeat the experience, or maybe modify it a bit. What would it be like to poop while wearing a tight pair of pants? Or a diaper?

By the time she headed to bed, her diaper was decidedly wet, but not sodden and dripping, sadly. Still, she took it off and tied it in a plastic bag, before changing into her pajamas and going to bed, where she quickly dropped off.

She woke up suddenly in the middle of the night, with her bladder on the verge of torrential release. As quickly as she could, she hopped out of bed and headed towards the bathroom on instinct, before she remembered the package of diapers she had bought the day before. After a moment of indecision, she turned and made her way down the steps, while clutching her crotch to prevent the few leaks she’d already had from becoming a flood. Finally, she made it downstairs, ripped open the package of adult diapers, pulled her pajama pants off and a diaper on (she didn’t have time to take off her panties). Almost before the diaper was on her bladder contracted and she was wetting herself, even more uncontrollably than when she’d gone in her pants yesterday afternoon. Despite how much and how fast she was peeing, the diaper did a remarkable job of containing kadıköy escort her flow. A few trickles ran down the inside of her legs, but the rest was soaked up by the absorbent padding.

Once her bladder was empty, she put her pajama pants on over the swollen diaper (and took a moment to admire the baseball-sized wet patch around the crotch) and went back upstairs, this time remembering to take the package of diapers and booster pads with her, and crawled back into bed with her sopping diaper still on. When she lay down, it squelched and some more pee leaked out, soaking into her clothes and sheets. She made a mental note to wash the sheets (and probably mattress pad) tomorrow, and buy a mattress protector soon, before falling back asleep.

The next morning, she got out of bed, and admired the pale yellow wet patch on the sheets around her butt that had formed in the night from the leaky diaper, before heading to the bathroom to shower. Once clean, she put on a fresh diaper, this time also inserting a booster pad into it, and her clothes, which today were black slacks and a pale green button-down. She quickly ate and made her usual morning cup of coffee, which she drank on the way to work.

Once there, most of her attention was on doing her job, but she did make sure she was drinking enough water and periodically peed into her diaper. By lunchtime, it was decidedly wet and heavy, but Alice decided to see just how much pee it could absorb before it overflowed. Every time she let out a stream of urine she would check the crotch of her pants for any wetness. About an hour later she finally felt her pants grow warm and damp around the inside leg holes of her diaper. She made sure the wet spot wasn’t visible, then picked up her purse (which had a dry diaper, booster pad, and clean panties inside) and carefully made her way to Jen’s bathroom. Once inside, she took off the now-yellowy, waterlogged diaper and cleaned herself off a bit. She thought about putting on a fresh diaper, but then she had a better idea, and instead just put on the clean underwear (sky blue cotton boyshorts) and her pants, taking a few seconds to run her fingers over the wetness.

She kept drinking water throughout the afternoon but did not visit the restroom or relieve herself in her pants, so by the end of the workday her bladder was uncomfortably full, and her bowels were starting to complain as well. As she made her way to her car (Jen wasn’t in today, otherwise Alice would have gone to her office), she was forced to stop a few times and hold herself, though fortunately not when anyone else was around. By the time she had gotten into her car, the crotch of her slacks was freshly damp, but she found it was easier to keep control when she was sitting. Still, she was only a few minutes bostancı escort bayan into her drive home before she spurted again. She managed to stop the flow, but not for very long. After a few minutes of progressively longer leaks and shorter stops, by which time her crotch, butt and upper thighs were quite wet, she lost any semblance of control and the rest of her pee flowed out uninterrupted, until her bladder was entirely empty and she was sitting in a puddle of pee. Alice had never been so glad for vinyl car seats.

Although her bladder no longer needed release, the same could not be said for her bowels. In fact, emptying her bladder seemed to have convinced them that they should do the same. Sitting provided enough pressure to prevent them from doing so at the moment, but Alice was unsure that would remain true for the rest of her drive, and even less convinced that, once home, she could stand up while exiting the car without filling her panties. Alice smiled at the thought.

When Alice pulled into her driveway she was still in control of her bowels, at least mostly – she did suspect that if she were able to inspect the inside of her panties, she would find some brown skid marks. She even managed to get out of the car and start walking towards her front door without voiding. About halfway up her sidewalk, however, she couldn’t hold her load in anymore and started filling her panties. She felt the first log start to slide out and tent her pants slightly before getting squished. At this point she gave up and stopped walking, instead bending over slightly and holding her midriff. A second log quickly followed the first, and her panties started to sag under the weight. With minimal effort she pushed out the last of her load and then started walking towards her house again, glad that her yard was surrounded by high enough hedges that no one could have seen what she’d just done.

Once inside, she headed straight to the bathroom, where she took off all her clothing except her wet, messy, and stained boyshorts, and stood in front of the mirror. In front, there was a sizable wet patch spreading from between her thighs up to around where her pubic hair started. She turned, and saw that in the back her panties were wet almost all the way up to the waistband. Even more noticeable, however, was the bulge of poop in the seat of her underwear, and the way they sagged under the weight.

While looking at herself in the mirror, Alice reflected on the last two days. She’d wet and messed herself multiple times since being called into Jen’s office yesterday – in fact, she hadn’t gone in a toilet since then – and almost all of those events were intentional, and all were enjoyable! She’d loved every time she felt mounting desperation, every time her diaper or pants grew wet with her own urine, every time her panties had sagged with the weight of her own poop. Even now, standing in wet and now cold underwear, with a heavy and admittedly smelly load, she regretted none of it, and looked forward to the next time she could have an “accident.”

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