A Whole Lotta Woman Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Chapter 4: *end of the beginning*

“I’ve been studying aromatherapy for over a year now” I informed her, lighting a candle as she sat on the bed pouring another drink.

“Really!” she blurted out in total amazement, looking up to scrutinise me closely.

“No kidding” I replied, looking down & taking a hefty swig of the vodka with a nod of thanks.

“You’re full of surprises” she stated, pouring one for herself as I put down the glass to walk around the bed & light another candle which flickered opposite the other with a bright orange glow that deepened as I switched off the bedside lamp. Glancing at the clock to see it was nearly 4am, as I opened a drawer to range my eye over the assortment of small vials which contained every essence I needed, from top note to bass while she rolled over the bed to watch with interest as I took several out to range them up in a row.

Tapping each bottle in turn I explained which each one was: “this is Grape seed which is the carrier oil to bind the others in the mixture, it has a fine clear texture with a low odour which I prefer over the others. Next comes Bergamot which is the ‘top note’, it’ll do your asthma a power of good. The middle tone I usually go for is lavender as I love the aroma finally I’m a sucker for the smell of Sandalwood & just for you I’ll add another base note” I said, opening the top to waft the musky scent under her nose as she breathed tentatively at first before deepening her inhalation, crooning appreciatively with pleasure.

“What is it & what does it do?”

“It’s ylang-ylang & as well as being beautifully aromatic is also good for getting your blood moving” I murmured, taking a swift breath of it before replacing the cap tightly. “I only use it as a base sparingly because it’s a heady essence & bloody expensive stuff!”

“Seems to me you’ve got enough to get a girls blood moving already” she grinned, reaching out to playfully pull on my semi-hard cock.

“Madam is too kind” I said bowing slightly, “Can I assume you’ve had no heart trouble, are without any back pain or have a viral infection?”

“Why’d you ask?”

“Because it’s not recommended to give aromatherapeutic treatment to anyone having those problems” I replied seriously; “I also avoid doing it on cuts or bruises & if a person has just had a hot bath or sauna.” I finished, reaching into the drawer to take out an ornately carved box with an inlaid figure of a Chinese dragon on the lid. “Now, how about a little ecstasy to add some bliss to this massage”, taking out a small white tablet in thumb & forefinger then giving her a questioning look with eyebrow raised as I bit it in half.

“I dunno about that” she muttered dubiously, “never done chem.’s before.”

“This is only half a ‘dove’ & will be pretty mild” I assured her, waggling it on my tongue at her before swallowing then waving my tongue back to show her it’d gone down.

“How’d I know it’s safe?”

“Well you don’t” I truthfully told her, “but half a tab should be ok for a first time & I promise you no harm, but it’s up to you – no pressure.”

“I trust you” she stated after some thought, while I busied with getting the mixture started by pouring a measure of the Grape seed into a small bowl, then adding several drops of Bergamot which I stirred in by swilling the bowl carefully. I looked at her, then put it on the table & placed the broken tab on my tongue tip while she sat up on her knees to suck it into her mouth, tentatively rolling it around as I added the lavender into the bowl.

“It’s got a funny taste” she complained, smacking her lips as she rolled back across the bed to grab her drink then take a hearty gulp. “But I’ll try anything once!” she laughed, lifting the pitcher to replenish her drink.

“Anything?” I asked slyly, stirring in a few drops of sandalwood & added, “I wouldn’t drink any more of that vodka if I was you, the chem. will kick in about 15 minutes & too much booze will give a bad rush. Just let me finish this & I’ll go get some iced water.”

“Ok” she said in a small voice & looked faintly alarmed, making me chuckle fondly as I topped off the mix with a few drops of ylang, then placed the bowl carefully down.

“I’m not trying to poison you” I laughed as she stretched carefully back on the bed while I made my way downstairs with the pitcher – returning to find her in exactly the same position as though afraid she was going to float off!

“I feel funny” she complained while I poured her a glass.

“Drink this & don’t be daft” I said firmly, kissing her forehead as I felt the first bloom of ecstasy spread softly down my spine from the nape of my neck. “Ooooohh yes that’s the spot” I breathed, shuddering as it washed through me.

“Typical bloke – starts without me & gets the peak before I do!” she mock complained in a shrill voice that gave us a fit of hysterics which took a while bahis firmaları to calm down. “Can you show me how to do this” she asked after taking another gulp of water while crunching an ice cube.

“Maybe I will” I replied, wincing as she cracked the cube into small shards. “But tonight I just want you to totally relax your body now roll over & lay in the middle of the bed on your tummy.

“You enjoy taking control don’t you?” she murmured with her face flush alongside the pillow as she watched me pour enough oil from the bowl into my cupped palm to form a small pool.

“Sometimes” I replied enigmatically, kneeling beside her supine body to lay my hands on the base of her spine. Taking a deep breath slowly & deeply, running the palms flatly with fingertips touching, from there to the nape of her neck & across the shoulders in a sweeping series of effleurage strokes, brushing her flaming hair to each side before stroking back to begin again from bottom to top until the muscles felt supple & her skin glowed with health.

“That feels soooo good” she sighed, taking a deep breath & spreading her arms out to each side, “it’s even making my toes tingle.”

I smiled while trailing a fingernail along her spine to make her gasp then shudder with pleasure, as I felt the drug sizzling across my nerves to make everything preternaturally lucid while moving my hands to the opposite side of her body to begin kneading the muscles from top to bottom of her torso, swinging my legs over to kneel & repeat the rhythm on the other side, being careful not to pinch or tickle, before completing the motion by lightly sliding my hands down to the base of her spine again. Leaving one there while I reached for the bowl with the other, I poured a small amount into the dimple before dipping my fingers in to start some small friction movements with my thumbs along the side of her backbone up to the nape of her neck & across the shoulders. Pressing into the muscles, then outward with both hands simultaneously as she breathed evenly, small sounds of utter contentment fluttering from her open mouth while her eyes stayed shut in order to focus on the deeper emotions stirring within.

A bead of sweat dropped from my brow onto her glistening skin as I returned to the base of her spine, then glided silently across her back in long rhythmic strokes, making small friction movements with stiffened thumbs which began from her coccyx & moved in an outward curve over her fulsome hips, then spiralling them around in three concentric curves to continue all over the back with a series of long, slow effleurage strokes that swept onto the top of her left arm.

Holding her hand in mine, I stroked my other hand from her wrist up the outside of her arm then back down along the inside, before kneading my thumb along the muscles up to her shoulder. Gently stroking her palm with the tips of my fingers before raising it up to kiss each one, softly sucking her fingers with moist lips before laying it back tenderly. Moving over to the other arm & doing exactly the same, I asked her how she felt.

“Like a lazy Sunday afternoon” she slowly replied, “all warm & fuzzy – feels so beautiful.”

“Float for a while & forget your worries” I said, stroking a fingernail along her spine as I poured a generous amount of oil onto her smooth buttocks, making her gasp with surprise, then writhe sensuously with the pleasure of the warm oil spreading over them.

Laying my palms flat to spread the oil all over them, I started on a series of effleurage strokes with smooth sweeps & also a gentle rhythm of tapotement that made Tracy purr with pleasure. “Spank me baby!” she entreated as my hands gently pattered over her rippling cheeks & my cock thickened as I saw her rosy-brown eye wink at me again with a promise of hidden delights deep within.

“Maybe later” I promised, beginning a firm, steady series of kneading with my thumbs into the succulent softness of each cheek, with light pinches that made her yelp in delight & gave a blush to her flesh until I moved my palms along the inside of her right thigh in a long stroking effleurage that parted the lips of her pussy which my fingertips brushed on each upward sweep of my hands before running them along her hot crease to fleetingly tease her holes before skittering back down to rub the back of her knee as she groaned longingly. Reaching back with both hands, she lifted her arse up to pull both cheeks open lewdly while I tried to concentrate on keeping my palms closely cupped around her leg as I glided my hands around the rippling muscle.

“Do that again” she enticed in a sultry tone, slapping each cheek to make it wobble

beguilingly. “Come on baby, do it again.” the horny bitch suggested while scraping her nails deep into the oily flesh to leave a trail of reddening welts forming a pathway straight towards her molten core.

Leaning forward I slapped kaçak iddaa each cheek, leaving vivid hand prints emblazoned on her cheeks “I’ll come back to that when good & ready – not before!” Although my cock throbbed, insisting it was more than ready to sink into the slick folds of her hairy cunt, I carried on moving my hands down her leg to continue over her calf in a wave of effleurage strokes until I reached the back of her ankle, where I made small circular movements with my fingers around the joint as I lifted her foot up to kiss the big toe, while she slipped her hands underneath her writhing body to stroke softly along her slit.

“Suck it baby” she crooned, dipping her fingers in that hot, hairy pussy as I tenderly sucked it into my mouth while stroking the sole of her foot; rolling my tongue along & around it while enjoying the erotic show of her fingers slipping in, then out of her pussy while others stroked over & onto her clit in a smooth rhythm as I sucked each of her tingling toes in turn.

“I love it when you suck my clit like that” she gasped, feeling my lips taking her pinkie toe in my moist mouth; “come on baby, play with my pussy” she pleaded, parting her lips to give me a superb view; “it wants your tongue so bad, come on lick it out” she groaned, sliding two fingers in then sensuously stirring her engorged clit as her haunches wobbled entreating me to bury my face between them & eat her up.

Despite a raging hard-on demanding to slide past her busy fingers to bury itself into those juicy depths, I controlled myself with an effort of will “play with that juicy pussy for me babe” in a voice thickened with lust, I watched how her fingertips dipped into her cunt then spread the sexy sauce over those full lips to coat her clit; “that looks so fuckin’ hot!”

I slid across to take her other foot & showed it the same consideration, only starting with her pinkie before taking her big toe in turn as she groaned, “I’m so fuckin’ horny for you.”

Her big, beautiful arse bounced up & down as she humped three fingers inside that syrupy wet cunt which exuded a thick musk into the aromatic night air. Drinking in the erotic show she was putting on for me I rolled my thumbs around & behind her ankle while sucking deeply on her big toe. Finally letting her foot drop, I scooched forward on my knees like a devout pilgrim seeking heaven & the exotic aromas mingling with the heavier scent of sex certainly promised bliss as I parted her thighs, bringing a loud moan of anticipation from her lips. “Don’t tease me no more baby” she panted, sliding her hands away to fully expose her bubbling cunt as I stroked higher along her thigh until my fingers brushed her lovelips that were flushed with passion.

Rubbing both hands over her thighs, I leaned in to let a wet stream of spittle drip from my lips onto her ring which slid slowly between her parted labia as she moaned in approval around a mouthful of her fingers as she sucked her juices hungrily while my hands floated delicately over her irresistible arse.

“Oh yes lick it” she gasped, feeling my hot breath washing over her tightly puckered hole when I leaned in further, using my knees to spread her wide while keeping my hands busy in stroking all over the cheeks & along her thighs until my lips were barely an inch from her crack. She moaned wordlessly as the tip of my tongue darted around her ring, rimming the pulsing flesh in ever decreasing circles until it relented to the insistent probing & eagerly accepted as much of my tongue as it could get. Moving both hands either side of her crack, I dug my thumbs deep into her pliant flesh to pull it open, burrowing my tongue inside her hot arse, then slithering it down into her cunt to slurp up some juice before getting back into tongue fucking her with my lips locked over it, revelling in the obscene kiss as I pushed my tongue in & out repeatedly before pausing for a breath, then lapping down alongside her cunt, flicking over the lips until it seemed to get sucked inside her dripping wet hole. Panting like a bitch in heat she begged for me to ‘stick it in deeper’ & I complied avidly, wriggling my tongue along the weeping walls of her cunt to scoop the hot crème into my open mouth while I even rubbed the tip of my nose over her arsehole as she humped onto my face.

“You’re eating me alive” she groaned, feeling me slide around her clit as my nose dipped into her pussy to snort some juice like fine cocaine (& just as addictive!). “Oh my fuckin’ God!” she burst as I moved my hands under her thighs to lift her up for my tongue to take a better swipe over her clit, clasping it in my teeth, then pulling on the hard nub of flesh as I buried my face even further into her soaking crack until it was anointed in her sex. “Make me cumm baby, make me cumm” she panted as the ecstasy took control of her body, but I had other ideas & judged the moment to pull back, tenderly scraping kaçak bahis her sensitive clit & pulling my hands away to lean up for a much needed breather. “Ohhhh you bastard!” she cried in frustration, as I broke the rhythm building within her.

Sliding over her back until the tip of my cock tapped lightly on her backdoor, I ran my fingertips along her spine to tickle the nape of her neck playfully saying; “wouldn’t you rather have something more?”

She smiled over her shoulder & squeezed the shaft snugly between her cheeks while my balls nestled sweetly into the mushy gash that seeped with sex. “I want your cock deep in my pussy & I want it NOW!”

“You’re hardly in a position to give orders love” I teased, taking her hands tightly in mine while sliding back to lightly run the tip of my prick along her pussy until it kissed her clit.

“Don’t tease me no more – I know you want it” she suggested, slyly hunching back to get it inside her.

“Oh but I’m not gonna cumm for a long while yet my love” I insisted, kissing her neck & clenching her fingers while slipping my feet over hers to pin her down under my body that slid with the oils spread across her back while sliding my cock on the edge of her pussy.

“Fuck me” she gasped, wriggling back to take the tip a little deeper, “stick it up my hole” she groaned, as I slid forward to fill her with the throbbing head. Lovingly I kissed her face & pushed smoothly inside with a single stroke to comply while our lips met once more to dance with desire. “That feels so fuckin’ good” she gasped before I trapped her tongue around mine, pushing it past to fuck her mouth as I held my cock deep within her cunt that sucked just as eagerly around it’s throbbing length. Keeping it flexed I slipped my tongue back & forth into her gasping mouth as her cunt muscles eased in anticipation, then relaxing my muscle while she squeezed her pussy around it while sliding her tongue across my teeth. Keeping that rhythm as we kissed until building up a deeper rhythm with our muscles to stimulate a gentle wave of orgasmic pleasure that made us both break out in a sweat that caused our flesh to slide together easily until it felt like we were melting together, becoming one in utter bliss.

A low moan rose from her soul as she felt my meat pulsing with every beat of her heart; breathing rapidly through her flaring nostrils while sucking on my plunging tongue to feed on her juices as fresh streams of hot crème soaked my balls until the moan changed in pitch to a deep groan. Responding in kind, I slowly pulled back to the lips of her cunt & relished the exquisite texture as my tongue slipped along her mouth to wriggle into her ear as I pushed back in to feel the rapture of bursting heat as she came again with a wailing cry of joyful release. Grunting with the effort of controlling the urge to ream her open, I ground my cock deep inside the slick wetness as she bucked wildly.

“Anything?” I reminded her, sliding my tongue inside her ear as I pulled out of her with a squelching slurp of wet flesh before sliding my cock between the quivering cheeks as her body shuddered through a deepening wave of emotions. “Your cherry arse tastes so good that I gotta feel it deeper baby” I whispered crudely, dipping the tip into her puckering ring that broke under the pressure of her convulsing back onto my cock as she completely lost all resistance in the throes of her orgasm, intensifying her wailing cries into a shrill scream when the head stretched her tightest hole until I felt it popping behind the glans to trap it tightly.

“Ohhhh fuuuuuuuuccckkkk” she breathed hoarsely, “you’re up my arse!” Looking back at me with wide eyes in wonder to feel such a rude violation of her most private spot as I grinned back & winked.

“You’re allll mine now sweetheart” I gasped, feeling her clench reflexively as my meat filled her slowly, inexorably sinking deeper to make her cumm even harder. Our eyes locked as I pulled back then pushed forward to stroke sensitively into her fundament while the shrill cries told me how much deeper I could get before the pain overcame the intensity of her pleasure. I had about half the length inside her before a tear welled up in the corner of her eye & she winced as I rolled my hips while sliding back out.

“Fuck yeah Tracy” I growled, pulling back to the edge; “that feels so fuckin’ hot.”

“Oh shit, oh fuck, fuck, fuuuuck you dirty sexy bastard” she hissed, “now it hurts, take it out!”

Breathing hard I looked down to see how perfectly snug her arsehole gripped round my cock until popping it free “phew! I never cumm like that – feeling so horny & so dirty at the same time was intense.”

“You look so beautiful when you cumm” I repeated quietly, kissing her soft lips with a lingering sigh.

“Roll me over & do it again!” she quipped, “But pass me a drink first.”

I needed one myself & poured us each a glassful as she rolled over to lay back with her head upon a pillow, legs akimbo. Placing the glasses on the table, I took up the bowl once more to see there was going to be plenty of oil to finish with.

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