A Walk in the Woods

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We are walking in the woods. I’m wearing a button up shirt tied just under my breasts and a jean skirt but no panties or bra. As we are walking we come upon a very large hallowed out tree lying on the ground. You look at me and squeeze my ass hard and gesture with your head toward the tree. I look over and make my way to the massive structure and begin to straddle it when you shake your head. I then sit on it like a chair and cross my legs and you frown. You come over to me and I try to free your worshiped cock from your jeans. You stop me and pull my knees open and wide which forces me to lie on the tree with my head towards the ground. I think I am going to feel your full erection soon pumping deeper and deeper inside me and then I feel you take my hand. In one motion, you lift my skirt and guide my fingers to my clit. You control my fingers at first showing me how you want me to pleasure myself. You then step back. You hear me whimper in question g├╝venilir bahis and in anguish of the loss of your touch. You pull out your cock and begin to stoke yourself.

You say “If you want this balls deep in your ass, right here, right now, you have to make yourself cum and I want to feel it from here. If you don’t squirt or I don’t feel it, you get nothing.”

Squirting from self-stimulation is almost impossible for me and you know this. You watch intently as I continue to move my fingers in small circles over and around my clit and hood. I bring my fingers seductively to my lips and look you in the eyes intently as I lick each one deliberately to moisten them and transfer the wetness to my clit. I am hoping this side show of seduction will weaken your want for me to make myself cum but all it does is make your hand slow and your groin noticeably larger.

“Nice try”, you say in a forceful and stern voice. “This is all t├╝rk├že bahis on you. How bad do you want to feel my cock ramming your tight rosebud?” My pleading eyes say it all and you say, “get back to work then!”

My wet fingers find my clit and begin to rub feverishly in hopes of bring orgasm with distance. You see that I’m getting close but struggling to meet your challenge. You walk to my side and lean over. My eyes are closed so although I know you are close I don’t know what to expect. I feel your hot breath on my stomach as you plant soft sweet trails of kisses all over my exposed flesh. Your fingers make short order of the top few buttons of my shirt and you free my breasts from their cloth cage. You take one look at my large dark rigid nipples and you have to have them. You clamp your mouth down on one nipple with tongue and teeth and pull with suction and force. It is a sensation of pleasure and pain which spurs my fever pitch clit play to g├╝venilir bahis siteleri a higher level. You release one nipple only to repeat your heavenly torture with the other. My back arches and you feel my body tighten as you know what is coming soon.

You back away and demand “Cum. I want to feel it now.”

And with the tingling of recent memory upon my nipples the fire in my pussy and the melting that takes place within me from your command, I cum; releasing screams of pleasure that causes birds and other creatures to scurry away. The screams come in waves as small spurts of hot liquid juice shoot from my pussy. Small trails darken my legs as excess juice clings to my body. You step close to feel the juicy spray and you let out a long welcoming sigh. Before I am even done cumming, you turn me over and drape me across the tree and enter my ass with force and care simultaneously. You rock us and the tree into a swaying motion allowing the tree to bring my body and open hole to you with each rock back and forth. My screams become louder and broken as my breath catches more and more. I scream your preferred name and beg you to empty yourself in my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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