A tipsy evening with Avril

When my husband indulged himself this summer with two golf trips, I decided I needed a short break in the sun. I was perfectly happy to take myself off to a sunny island for a long lazy week but when I told my neighbour and friend Avril about it, she suggested a twosome.
Two cut a long story short, a few weeks later we found ourselves sharing a twin room in a luxury hotel in Madeira and spent a blissful time sunbathing, drinking, eating and shopping.
On the last night, we decided to leave the packing until morning. We were both tired and decided to stay in, relax on the balcony, and enjoy some wine.
By the time we opened the second bottle, we were relaxed, chatty and comfy in baggy t shirts and knickers, having showered earlier. Having spent the week together, we had plenty of time to see each other naked and were relaxed about it. Avril was small but with a full figure and nice hanging breasts with large nipples. Her blondish Bush was lightly trimmed.
As usual the talk got round to sex, the current prowess of husbands, past conquests, and fantasies. Avril had been with only 6 men in her life and was very faithful.
We then played the truth game and learned a bit more about each other. She divulged that she loved sucking cock, had tried anal a few times, fantasized about black men and still masturbated. I divulged that I still masturbated, had been unfaithful a few times and had kissed girls when I was younger (didn’t tell the full truth.) She was shocked by this but keen for me to describe how it felt.
We continued talking about masturbation and discussed what got each of us off. I said I was more into clitoral stimulation while she said she was a fingers girl. I said that never did it for me and she said I wasn’t doing it right.
We were well into our second bottle and I boldly asked her to show me how then. She blushed and said no way and I persisted. I said, come on, we’re on holiday, you’ll be doing me a favour! She looked flushed and said ok, but no touching, it’s just fun and I’m horny and tipsy.
We agreed to strip off and face each other on the couch. Each would do her own thing. Well, we quickly removed t shirts and panties, sat on opposite ends of the couch, legs parted facing each other. We laughed but felt excited. I saw her look hard at my cunny and I feasted on hers. She had quite full lips and, was she a little wet?
I started to stimulate my clit and watched her as she rubbed herself on her clit, ran two fingers up and down her slit, squeezed her labia, then inserted two fingers in her slit, her eyes closed. I kept mine open while I felt my swollen clit.
Then she opened her eyes and was really staring at me, and she was writhing, two fingers deep in her slit, pushing in and out. She was like a woman possessed. Suddenly she cried Spread your legs Georgie! Show me your beautiful cunt! I was shocked but obliged and pulled my lips apart. Oh God, it’s lovely she replied, it’s so sexy! She was fingering herself like crazy now, and her right foot was rubbing my left leg. This was too much for me and I came with a series of jerks and loud whimpers.
Avril has seen this and she was laid back and moaning I’m going to cum darling, I’m going to cum!
I couldn’t control myself and leaned forward and kissed her mouth while she she came with great shudders.
She jerked for about a minute and suddenly became aware of our tongues playing in each other’s mouths. This went on for about five minutes, gentle deep soulful kissing, the best of my life ever.
Then we gradually came back into the real world, both muttering wow, and quietly composed ourselves.
Talk about getting carried away she said, must have been strong wine!
We went to our beds and fell asleep and it wasn’t mentioned the next day, or any day since.
A one of beautiful experience….or was it?

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