A Tennessee Education Pt. 04

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Bobby is offered a chance at redemption

In the fourth of seven parts we find Bobby having to pay penance for a poorly made decision that nearly cost him his relationship. Sharon, his mistress has choices to make and decides to do things her way rather than follow the ways of her mentor but finds she still needs both the wisdom and connections Mariko has to offer. The story is of course fantasy and is one in which female dominance/femdom is advocated. If female dominance/male submission or man subjugated to slavery is not your cup of tea you will not want to read further. If it is, I hope you enjoy the read. Before you read here, please read the previous parts as each section builds on the one previous.


A Tennessee Education

Part 4: Second Chances

At East Riverton Sharon sent 35 to the conference room giving him an assignment that would take him until lunch. She walked briskly into the office and knocked on Mariko’s door. She knew this was not going to be a pleasant conversation but nevertheless, it needed to happen. Upon seeing her Mariko shook her head in disappointment but motioned for her to be seated. Sharon chose to stand.

“Let me speak,” Sharon said, “before you condemn me.”

“I’m listening.” Mariko knew they would eventually talk and admired Ms. Ashby for having the courage to seek her out immediately. Although she vehemently disagreed with her decision to free Bobby she had come to admire the character of this new friend. She listened with guarded interest.

“As I said in the email, I couldn’t go through three more weeks of beatings. I just couldn’t. Anyway, after I released him I decided I needed some perspective and spent the weekend with one of my sisters. We talked for hours. I realized I wanted him as my slave. Fortunately he was there when I returned and we’ve come to an understanding.”

A thin smile graced Mariko’s face. “That’s nice to hear,” she said cautiously.

“He wanted to come back. He wants to be my slave. I gave him an ultimatum. If it ever happens again that we’re done. He understands I’m serious.”

“Are you?”

“I am, but I told him that parting is not something I want either. He knows I want a slave and I said I want that slave to be him. I went so far as to say I’d never take another.”

Mariko raised an eyebrow at the remark.

“He realizes the commitment works both ways.”

“Do you have feelings for him?”

Sharon paused before answering. “Yes and no. I can’t say I have romantic feelings for him and that does concern me but I do adore the man and I love having him around to do all that he does. Does that make sense?”

“It does. But to get back to what you were saying, you are telling me all this because?”

“I’m telling you this because you have been an important part of his training. It’s good for him to interact with you. You are a Mistress he honestly fears and I want him to see he needs to obey not only me but you too.”

“How can I be of help? It looks like you are going to do things your own way Sharon. I hope you know what you are doing.”

“I don’t know that I do,” she said honestly. “What I do know is I can’t do it that way. I can’t be that brutal to him. I don’t mind stretching him but I can’t take him that close to his limit.” She pushed aside a tear. “And your way is past my limits. I just can’t be that kind of Mistress. I just can’t.”

“I hope your method works, whatever that method is.”

“I hope so too. It has to work. I have to train him according to my style. I need to do things my way. I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you by not following through with what you wanted.”

“Don’t worry about disappointing me. Yes I was upset but it wasn’t because you stopped with the beating. It was because you had cut the collar. I understand completely about you having to do things your way. I really do Sharon.”

“Thank you. I needed to hear you say that.”

Mariko smiled warmly. “Thanks for coming so soon to talk. I like you Sharon.”

She smiled meekly. “Thank you. I need to talk to you about something else as well.”

“What’s that?”

“It wasn’t just him who messed up last week. It was me too.”

“No it wasn’t.” Mariko stated firmly.

She dismissed her comment. “I’m wondering if I might have played a role in what he did. Even though he made a bad choice I want to be sure I didn’t do things or not do things that made him feel as if he had a right to make the choices he did. What I want to ask you is: What else can I do to make him mine? I need to know if there is more I could be doing, Mariko. That’s all. I need your advice, or at least I need you to think about it.”

“I’ll think about it. I’m sure you can do more but I don’t think you could have done any more at this point in his training. Certain things need to be established before progressing to others. What you were doing was spot on. That’s what you need to remember.”

“Thank you. I needed to hear that.” She took another deep breath and sat, “OK, let tuzla escort me hear it.”

Mariko let out a hearty laugh. “Hear what?”

“Hear about all the mistakes I made by letting him go.”

“You humor me Ms Ashby. In fact, you astound me. I admire the way you have gotten him back and I commend you for it.” She paused, and then added, “But I don’t think you should have released him.”

“I know you don’t, but I did.”

“And you made the best of it and you got him back so what happened is water under the bridge. It can’t be changed.”

“It was Bobby who initiated us getting back together, not me.”

“Well there isn’t a chance in a million I’ll ever congratulate him, even if he did do the right thing. He is a slave; and a new one too. He needs to be treated like one. It’s the only way they learn. I’ll commend you but not him. Not yet anyway.”

Sharon listened intently. “That’s why I want you to be a part of his life. The more people that can reinforce obedience and humility the better my chances are of really reforming his thought processes and values. I want him to want me. I mean really want me.”

“You are a joy to talk with,” Mariko said. “The best mistresses have emotional attachments to their slaves. A bond in which you both express mutual needs, albeit opposite ones, makes for the best slaves and the happiest of women.”

“That’s what I’m counting on. I do have feelings for him. Not romantic ones and I don’t know how much I really adore him but I do like him quite a bit; at least as my slave.”

Mariko beamed. Sharon realized just how beautiful she was when she put the serious part of her personality aside and let people see this side.

“I’m happy to be a part of his training. Send him in here sometime when you’re ready. I need my feet worshipped.”

“Thank you Mariko. I’m glad we are friends.”

“Me too; now I need to get back to work,” she insisted.

“So do I. I have a lot of catching up to do.” She stood feeling so much better as she returned to the conference room than she did just a few minutes before.

She checked her email and smiled. She couldn’t help but smile as she thought how nice it was to know she’d have her slave back under her desk once more.

When Sharon opened her computer she saw the familiar email address and read:

Dear Sis,

Thanks for taking the time to come and visit. It was so good t see you. I don’t know that I was of any help sorting out your guy problems – or should I say ‘slave problems’. LOL. Seriously though, I’ll keep our conversation between the two of us. I don’t think Mom is ready to hear that the guy you’re with doesn’t wear clothes most of the time ­čÖé

Don’t wait so long before you come back again. You know, Texas needs the two of us girls back together. Maybe next time you can bring your guy and let me see what it’s like to be treated like a queen. (I really would love to meet him.)

Love ya,


How nice it was to have a sibling that really listened and really understood and most of all who never judged. Oh, how she wished she could enjoy a relationship with a guy too. Why she didn’t she couldn’t understand but then again, she couldn’t identify with the pain and fear she experienced when her X had let those men use her as they did. Sharon’s eyes started tearing up again. How many times had she cried in the past week? Too many, but then again, maybe all this was needed to get her head back in the proper frame of mind. She wrote a short reply to Deb and then opened the Excel spreadsheet she needed to review.

During the week that followed Ms. Ashby reinstituted the previous routines. Thirty-five remained naked except while in public. She returned to dropping him off and picking him up at a remote location but changed it to a nearby bus stop. The distance was further and required him to jog to and from work. It was also in a public area so others could easily see her putting him in and letting him out of her trunk. While at work, she sent him to Mistress Mariko daily for foot worship, made him eat from his dog bowl and only once let him worship her feet. At home the cage became his sleeping abode, despite the cooler weather. As uncomfortable as it was to spend the night naked with temperatures dropping into the 50’s Sharon resisted the temptation to bring him inside. On Friday she even kept him locked in the cage until Sunday morning. As soon as she let him out she presented him with a long list of chores that took him until almost midnight before he finished. Throughout the entire day she inspected and critiqued his work, making him redo things even if they were done perfectly. When he finished, long after she had turned in for the night, he followed her instructions, letting himself back into the cage.

After work each evening he cooked her dinner. While she ate, he worked. After dinner she drilled him in both present and worship positions; made him do calisthenics and generally had him do a physical workout before sending him out for the night. tuzla escort bayan Her rationale of course was to reestablish dominance. She needed him to know intrinsically that the playing field was not level; that she was the entitled one and he was nothing in comparison. She knew now, better than before, that this was going to take some time but time was no longer her enemy. She had learned from the past hiccup. Besides, she had been able to see into his heart that evening on the porch. He had stated his intentions and they fortunately meshed with hers. Habits, rituals, routines and constant reminders of her dominance became her modus operandi.

The one change she made was genital play. While he stood or knelt in present position, she spent time each evening fondling his balls, needling the end of his cock with a fingernail and generally enjoying making him swell within the miniscule cage that encapsulated him. This was his treat, but she came to look forward to it just as much. Someday she’d let him out but now as not the time. He need more time to conform and strengthen his resolve to serve. “Lift and lower his spirit. Eventually his will become mine and I will have him forever.” Those words, although paraphrased from the author who penned them became a constant reminder. She thought of them often and used the principles contained in that wisdom to remain strong.

The strict structure of his day brought about immediate changes that she quickly recognized. She could see the change in his demeanor. He became more deferential. He spoke more respectfully. She could feel the adoration in his behavior and words. She liked what she saw and Mariko made comments confirming her observation. He was moving in the right direction. She kept up with the current structure throughout the remainder of October and into November. The only addition was a blanket for him to curl up inside at night, although even with it, she still found him shivering on most mornings. The jolt of the morning hose down continued to be the first thing he endured at the start of every day. Sharon could see that the honeymoon period during their back-step conversation, after she flew back from Dallas had long since past. He was back into a slave mentality and had done well. It was time to reward him and claim him once more.

Sharon and Mariko took time to enjoy a quiet lunch at the Lazy K the week prior to Thanksgiving. Sharon had put talking to her about something long enough. She needed her advice. After their meal, Mariko ordered two Summer Shandies. It was a beer Sharon had never tasted but found refreshing and quite enjoyable. And so over those drinks Sharon posed the question, “What more should I be doing?”

“Do you remember me telling you some time ago that men think with their genitals?”

Sharon smiled broadly. “If I’m not mistaken I believe you said that in this very place.”

“I think you’re right. I had forgotten.” She took another sip of her drink before continuing. “One of the easiest and probably the most essential way to keep a man committed is to use his sexuality against him.”

“Against him?”

“Well, not really against him but because men will do anything for sex, it is well known in Mistress-slave circles that a slave can be easily controlled and kept quite content in the process.”

“So why didn’t you tell me to focus on that instead of all the disciplinary stuff? Wouldn’t it have been the easier path?”

“It wouldn’t have worked. Discipline is the foundational trait that all men need to learn. Once that’s been established discipline can be maintained, and even encouraged using sex. I’m not saying you won’t need to tie him to cross again and give him a good lashing. You need to keep doing that whenever he disobeys. He needs to know you can and will hurt him if he crosses established lines. But as you alter his thinking and he becomes more malleable to your will you can substitute a good dose of sex-play for the physical hardships you’ve readily imposed.

Mariko took another sip, set the beer down and leaned forward, “So, with that said, when are you going to start enjoying that man’s tongue. I’ve been using my feet as a training tool but when are you going to take over?”

“I let him worship my feet every now and then,” she said innocently.

“Sharon, there are times when you simply amaze me with your insight, and intuition and smarts; and then there are other times when I wonder how you made it through life all these years without considering certain things. As brilliant as you are you can be equally na├»ve too.”

“And this must be one of those other times?” She blushed amidst a bright smile.

“One of the greatest joys a man can give a woman is oral pleasure,” she paused. “But I’m not talking about foot worship. I’m talking about pussy worship.”

Sharon scanned the area, making sure others did not hear her comment.

“Oh hell woman who gives a shit if people are listening? Every woman in here feels exactly the same. Look, you asked me for advice and this escort tuzla is my advice. Teach him to lick your pussy and satisfy you sexually.”

Sharon squirreled up her nose and bit her lip. “Mariko,” she said leaning forward and speaking softly, “I’ve never had anyone lick me and I’ve only had sex once!”

“Sharon, did you forget that you are the Mistress and he is your slave? There is nothing to be worried about. You make him do what you want and he will do it. You shouldn’t even be thinking twice about making him serve you in this way. If you want something you get it. That’s the life of a mistress, girlfriend.”

“But I’ve never done it,” she said again.

“Well then you are in for the treat of your life.” She smiled broadly. “Tell you what, do you want to come and see how it’s done?”

“Watch someone lick you? Absolutely not!”

“Not me, my daughter. Do you remember her?”

“I don’t want to watch her Mariko. What’s wrong with you? I haven’t even met the woman!” Sharon’s voice rose in pitch.

“You don’t understand. Kamelah is a part of my mission. She helps train males – at least all the single ones and many of the married ones too. And she loves to have her pussy licked. She loves it so much she serves as one of the volunteers that train the single ones how to please with their tongue.”

“You’re joking right?”

“No! I’m dead serious. In fact she has slaves eat her pussy most every day. She could care less if you or anyone else stopped in watch her teach.”

“You’re serious!”

“Of course I’m serious. I’d be happy to teach you too but this might a less uncomfortable way of learning since you don’t know her.”

“Mariko, I just…”

“Look, think about it and if you want to meet up with her you can. You can even bring your slave. Every guy she teaches eats her blindfolded and she’d expect the same from 35. He will hear but he won’t see anything.”

“Now that’s a thought.” She paused contemplating her offer. “It’s really that good?”

“It’s better than good. Oral sex is god’s gift to women. You don’t need to worry about him getting his goo on you; you don’t have to be concerned with reaching an orgasm before he comes and loses his hard on; you don’t even need to endure him lying on top of you. You just put him between your legs or sit on his face and tell him to lick.”

“What do you like most about it?” Her interest obviously piqued.

“Oh girl, there’s a million things I like about it but one of the best parts is that I can come ten times if I want or I can have him eat me five times in a day if I’m feeling horny. It’s the perfect way for a woman to enjoy sex. She can be treated as often and as much as she wants it and there’s no pressure for her to perform. He does all the work and I enjoy all the pleasure. And besides, the fact that he’s down there pleasing me reinforces the fact that his job is service. I have someone over most nights of the week and I never tire of being eaten.”

“And I’ve been missing out all these years!” She said playfully.

“Yes you have.” Mariko smiled. “Give it some thought and if you decide you want to watch you know I’m only a phone call.”

“Thank you Mariko. You are the best!”

Mariko smiled and handed Sharon the bill. “Here’s my fee for the advice.”

On Thanksgiving morning after having 35 serve her breakfast she laid out her plans for the day.

“After you are through cleaning up I want to do something special.”

Thirty-five’s ears perked. “Thank you Mistress.”

“I’m going to have you collared.”

Bobby grinned widely. “Does this mean my probationary period is over?”

“No 35 it does not.”

He immediately felt an empty pit in his gut. “What was he not doing that kept her from gaining trust in him? Was his screw up really that big?” He thought.

“Like with the first collar, I’m going to have it dated and stamped like before but instead of the September date I’m going to use the October date – the day you recommitted yourself to me.”

“May I speak freely Mistress?”


“I think you should use the date when Mistress Komatzu gave you to me. That’s when I became your slave and you became my Mistress.”

“I hadn’t considered that but I like that. Do you know the date?”

“I’m sure I can figure it out.”

“You do that. I’ll think about it.” She continued, “I’m also going to stamp you with the same slave number just so there’s no confusion with Mistress Mariko’s numbering system.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“I want you to think if there is anything you want engraved on your collar. You know,” she paused, “something you think I might like. If you come up with something, just tell the metalworker.”

“Don’t you want to approve it first if I do have something to add?”

“Normally yes, but in this case no. I want you to come up with something yourself.”

“I’m afraid to make a mistake.”

“You don’t need to have him put anything on it if you don’t want to. I’m simply giving you the option.”

“Thank you.”

“Afterward I thought you and I might take a drive. School is closed and we do have a long weekend to enjoy. Kind of like a mini vacation.”

“Where do you want to go?”

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