A Surprise For You

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I waited as I heard his car pull into the driveway I held my breath, slowly letting it out. He said when he called that he had something new for me to try. I wondered what it could be. I knelt in the bedroom on the floor naked, my chain collar around my neck, the chain lead hanging down cold between my legs. My hands hooked together behind my back in the symbolization of handcuffs. I heard his key in the lock my heart started to race. I heard his boots as he walked down the hall.

“Come here boy,” he said. I walked over on my knees to him. He lightly stroked the top of my head, my shoulder length hair was loose, as he twisted his hands into it. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I have a surprise for you. Do you want it?”

I nodded my head yes.

“Good. Now undress me.”

I did as I was told pulling off his boots first kissing his feet as I did. Licking each toe, sucking each toe, then pulling down his jeans, he seldom wore briefs and his large dark cock sprung out at me. I kissed his hard dark cock with my soft pink lips. My white hands slid down his dark legs, pulling the jeans off, I folded them neatly in a pile. Then I was allowed to briefly stand long enough to take his shirt off. I unbuttoned his denim shirt pulling it off I watched his dark pecs ripple. My ass muscles spasmed as I knew those muscles could wield such power. I kissed his nipples licking them hard and then slid back to my kneeling position in front of him.

“Good boy, now lay back.” I did as I was told lying back on the rug. He straddled my face and I started licking his long 9-inch dark cock. He moved forward and I licked his balls, his cock lying on my on nose. I sucked his large balls into my mouth.

“boy I want to feel your tongue on my ass.” I started to try to protest as he grabbed my hair and moving forward he pushed his ass down onto my mouth. I did not want to do this and he knew his, but he would not let me go. I tentatively stuck out my tongue and began licking his rim. I was repulsed by what I was doing. He began wiggling his ass around on my tongue, and then I got a taste of something that was not skin and I about gagged.

“Clean my ass boy, or you’ll never see me again. You will be left without a Master and I will make sure that you never find one in this area. Wherever you go I will haunt you and you will not find a good Master again.”

I did as I was told licking his ass. Tears rolling down my face. I cleaned the nasty material from around his ass and then he told me to lick the hole clean and I probed my tongue deep inside to find more. I cleaned his hole out also. The worst part of it was my cock, my body was responding in such a positive manner. My cock was hard. I cried more as he lifted his ass off of my face.

“What a nasty little boy you are.” He stood between my legs, standing with his one foot pressing my little 5-inch cock onto the floor. Then I saw the flash of light and knew he was taking a picture of me in such a position, it was then that I realized I most likely had some on my face.

“Your illegal bahis crying will not help you now, you have done it once you will do over and over again.” I knew he was right once he has forced me to do something once I have no escape. If I don’t he will leave me and then no one will want me.

I felt his foot lift up off of my cock and waited to see what he would do to me now. I yelped as he drove his cock into my groin area driving my little cock up inside me. Tears freely rolled down my face. He then went to the dresser and pulled out one of the many toys he has bought. He grabbed some things, but I could not see through the tears what he did have. He turned kicking me again in the groin.

“Get up on that bed now.” I rolled over and crawled towards the bed. He kicked me ten times between the legs knocking me over each time before I got there.

“What a bad little boy you are today making me wait so.” I reach up pulling off the comforter that was on the bed to reveal a torture bed. He has this bed special designed for torturing me. It could possibly torture others but is set to my length and size exactly.

“On your back,” he commanded. I did as I was told lying in the middle of the bed. My leash was hooked up above my head. My hands were pulled out to the sides and a hook was put through the loop in my palms. So many times has he done this that I have a loop on each palm, it hurts still if I try to get away. He prods my ass and I lift it up off the bed slightly, I can feel him pressing a dildo into my ass. I wonder which one he is going to use on me. He presses me back down on the bed and I can feel him hooking wires up. The sheet is a rubber sheet with multiple wires for different things. All the dildos are run on electricity so there is never a dead battery. I feel him wrapping a cock ring around the base of my balls and I feel the little probes pressing against my balls I moan as I realize he intends to use electrical play today. Then a probe cap is placed over the head of my little cock. The probe gently nestles in the slit on top of my cock, the cap locks down with a sheath then pulls tightly down to my balls connecting with the wires around my balls. I cringe at the thoughts of what he intends to do to me.

He then takes my feet and hooks them down in a similar fashion as my hands there is a loop on the bottom of each of my feet he puts large hooks into. He steps back to admire his handy work. Again I see a bright flash of light and know another picture of this worthless piece of human flesh has been taken. I feel the hum as I hear the click. The bed comes to life.

“I almost forgot something,” he says. He takes two clips and hooks them to the rings that are permanently in my nipples. Then he pushes a button on his remote control and electricity pulses through my body, I pull up yelping at the pain. It courses down through my cock, into my ass, pressing against my balls, my heart flutters. I swear my bowels would let loose if my ass was not filled with a very thick plug. If I could I would most likely illegal bahis siteleri piss all over myself. He lets off the button.

“Now for an another treat for you.” I hear the bed creak and look up to see a white man over me. Where did he come from? He wreaks the smell I swear he has not bathed in days. His cock is positioned just over my face his ass near my mouth and I begin to cry. I am so afraid he is going to make me clean this mans ass too.

“It is ok boy,” he says as he pats my face. And then he climbs up with this other man over my face and drives his 9 inch black cock up into this mans dirty white ass. I watch as he struggles to get loose knowing how that cock can fill any ass. His dirty 7 inch white cock bobs up and down hitting my eyes and forehead. I am forced to watch as this dirty white bum pleases my Master. I can tell from the rhythm that he is close and then I feel hot cum spraying in my hair, on my forehead. The nasty white man is spent all over me and I watch as my Masters black cock drives deep into his ass and fills him with cum. The cum that should be mine driven into some bums filthy ass. He then pulls out wiping his cock on my lips. I cringe as I can see some dark material stuck to the head of his cock, he forces it into my mouth. I hear his deep voice laughing.

“Good boy,” as the white guy lowers his ass down over my mouth. ” Now clean him up.” I watch as his dirty ass closes in on my face dripping with my Masters cum, but also with nasty material. I cry as my tongue obediently slithers from my mouth and begins licking his ass, sucking the cum from his dirty asshole. The tears roll down my cheeks as I clean his hole. I feel another jolt in my ass, balls and cock. He toggles the switch sending jolts through my body. Causing me to jump and writhe on the bed as I perform this nasty duty. I lick the outside of his ass cleaning the nasty material from around it. When he is clean I realize he is hard again.

“Would you like to use my boy?”

“Yes, I would love to fuck his nasty little mouth,” the bum replied.

“Open up boy and give him a good blow job and I will let you cum. If he is not happy with your work you will not be allowed to cum.” I nodded my head in understanding and opened my mouth. He handed the remote to the bum. I knew he would not have it set high enough to accidentally kill me, but I still begged him with my eyes not do this to me. He pulled up a chair next to the bed so he could watch. The bum straddled my face, positioning his cock on my lips. He smiled as he pushed the button and I jerked up on the bed my mouth opening, he drove his cock into my mouth, his balls resting on my chin. He let the button go and grabbed my hair as he rode my face hard. His cock driving in and out of my mouth. I choked as he drove it deep into my mouth. He flipped the switch as he pulled out and I convulsed under him. The tears flowed freely from my face. He seemed to get off on the tears and that drove his speed faster as he pumped my face. I could feel his balls twitch on my chin and knew it canlı bahis siteleri would not be long now. He pulled his cock out of my mouth. He hit the switch and the electricity coursed through my body as he shot cum all over my face. Gobs of the white gooey stuff hitting my mouth, my eyes, and my nose. He finally let go of the button and my body collapsed down onto the bed. He got off the bed and handed the remote back to my Master.

As he pulled on his pants he said, ” he is a good ride, but he could learn to use his mouth better.” My heart sunk. I would not be allowed to cum on that statement. I knew it. Then the bum turned as he was doing up his jeans and let loose a stream of hot piss all over my face. It landed in my mouth, in my nose, in my hair, burned my eyes. I cried open sobs as he hit the button again, electrocuting me one last time. As I collapsed down on the bed I watched him walk out the door.

Master stayed in his chair, not speaking just looking at me. Finally he moved, taking more pictures of my disgusting face.

“You have disappointed me. I do not know what I plan to do with you.” I sobbed as he hit the button again, my body jumped and writhed. He released me. Then he undid my hands and my collar. ” I can’t even touch you, you are so disgusting. Undo yourself. Leave the sheath on your cock and the plug in your ass, but undo the rest of you.”

I did as I was told climbing off the bed I kneeled in front of him. He kicked my ass, driving me over on my stomach on the floor. I cried some more.

“Stop that damn whimpering,” he said. “Go get in the shower. First put on your special rubber panties, so you don’t get the equipment wet.”

I stood up, went to the dresser and put in the special panties, being sure to hook the cords to the battery pack on the inside. As I was crawling out of the room he shocked me again with another remote. I fell on my face, whimpering, then when I could I crawled to the bathroom. I took my shower on my knees the cold spray hitting my body. His long standing orders I am to only take cold showers. He sat on the toilet just outside the shower pushing the buttons on the remote. They would vibrate my cock, my balls, and my ass and they all will shock me. All at once or one at a time depending on the sequence in which he hits the buttons.

I crawled from the shower and sat at his feet. He hit the button again this time holding it a long time shocking my ass, balls and cock all at the same time. I lay there writhing on the floor. I have no idea when he left. But I was told I would do better next time and I am not allowed to cum until he tells me to. I was commanded to clean this mess up and then leave. I did as I was told carefully cleaning the torture items making sure the bed was clean and made backup. I went to the bathroom to clean it up and relieve myself, oh god how it burned! They had burnt the head of my cock slightly with the electricity today. I would not soon forget this lesson or surprise. I locked the door behind me and headed for the car.

As I was climbing in my car, the cell phone rang. I answered it and, “Luke you can cum now!” Was yelled into my phone. I involuntarily came in my pants all over myself. The control he has over me. I hate it and yet I love it and know I will be back again, hopefully soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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